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Welcome To The Tomball College Math Lab


Welcome To LSC-Tomball Independent Study Math Course Yes, it really is an independent study course! MATH 0308 Section 3017 6W2 Beginning Algebra Orientation – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Welcome To The Tomball College Math Lab

Welcome To LSC-Tomball Independent Study Math
Yes, it really is an independent study course!
MATH 0308 Section 3017 6W2 Beginning Algebra
Theresa Fritzel Online at home or at one of the
Lone Star College campuses
Is Independent Study Right for you?
  • Benefits
  • You set your time to study
  • You determine the pace HOWEVER
  • must show progress
  • must finish course within the semester
  • Disadvantages
  • Much harder than a lecture course
  • Must have a basic working knowledge of computers
  • Must take exams at an approved testing center
  • Need transportation
  • Testing centers have varying hours of
  • No face to face lecture time
  • You teach yourself
  • Textbook
  • Online resources
  • Webpages I created
  • Easy to procrastinate and fall behind
  • Might not be right for you if you
  • Have taken the course multiple times

What Materials do I need?
  • A computer with internet access
  • A valid, working email address
  • MyMathLab Student Access code for the following
  • Essential Algebra Skills by Elayn Martin-Gay,
    Custom Edition for Lone Star College, Pearson
    Publishing Inc.
  • This code and workbook are good for 0306, 0308
    and 0310
  • Current combo text has a Mustard and Red cover
  • Previous (but acceptable) combo text has a Blue
    and Red cover
  • You are purchasing an access code and getting a
    free workbook/text that cannot be returned
  • Campuses that will have this bundle in their
  • LSC Tomball
  • LSC UP
  • LSC North Harris (possibly)
  • Any other campuses will NOT have the correct
    bundles/texts/MML access
  • NOTE Because this is a custom text, we use a
    special custom version of MyMathLab access. You
    CANNOT purchase MML only access from a bookstore
    OR online. You MUST purchase this bundle.
  • Supplementary materials
  • Calculator (not required for 0308, required for
  • TI-84 plus, TI-84, TI-83, TI-83

How Much Time?
  • 64 total hours
  • OR
  • 4 hours (or more) each week in Fall and Spring
  • 7 hours (or more) each week for 9 wk Summer
  • 10 hours (or more) each week for 6 wk Summer
  • Reading your book/course materials
  • Working odd problems in the book
  • in MyMathLab (MML)
  • Working assigned graded - homework (at home)
  • Taking tests (at testing center)
  • in Desire 2 Learn (D2L)
  • Studying materials (at home)
  • Taking the final exam (REQUIRED at testing
  • in math center for tutoring help (if needed)
  • 2 hours study/1 credit hour
  • 4 credit hour class at least 8 hours of study
    each week

How often?
  • Online Flexibility
  • Every day
  • Three times a week
  • Twice a week
  • Weekends only
  • Minimum required but no maximum
  • Accrue time at your own pace
  • Must finish all materials by the last day of
  • Online requires Discipline
  • Procrastination is a factor and a danger in
    online courses. You should attempt to make time
    to work on math a little every day so your dont
    fall behind.

When are things due?
In D2L, there will be a printable schedule as
well as start dates listed in the D2L Calendar
tab under Resources
  • Homework assignments
  • All sections are open from Day 1 in the class
  • Due before their corresponding exam opens in MML
  • Exam start dates posted inside D2L and MML to
    help you plan accordingly
  • Worked in MyMathLab (MML) from home
  • Test dates
  • Start date is posted to keep you on track
  • Due dates discussed/posted in D2L and exam
    start/due dates listed in MML
  • Major exams worked in MML at testing center
    closest to you
  • For out of state or overseas students, email me
    externally or contact me in D2L after the class
    begins for information on setting up a testing
    center for you.
  • Final exam worked in D2L at testing center
    closest to you
  • Withdraw date
  • Holidays

What will we be covering?
  • We will be covering the following in 0308
  • Chapter 8 Real numbers and Intro to Algebra
  • Chapter 9 Equations, Inequalities and Problem
  • Chapter 10 Graphing Equations and Inequalities
  • Chapter 11 Systems of Equations
  • Chapter 12 Exponents and Polynomials
  • Chapter 13 Factoring Polynomials
  • Chapter 14 Rational Expressions
  • Review materials posted in D2L in the Content
  • Do assigned homework in MyMathLab (MML) at home
  • Work the practice exams posted in MML or D2L
  • Tested on concepts, definitions, and processes

MyMathLab Resources
  • Chapter Contents Section
  • Complete textbook
  • Student Solutions Manual
  • Worked problems for every chapter
  • Word Problem Workbook
  • Further explanations on word problems that are
    seen in this course
  • Student Organizer link
  • Printable pages that help you organize your
    notes, study plan, and
  • Tools for Success
  • Basic Math and Algebra Review cards
  • Graphing Calculator help
  • Study Skills Builder pages from the text
  • Guided help links in the homework area
  • Help me solve this link
  • View an example link
  • Lecture video link
  • Ask my Professor link sends me a message and
    I reply to you.
  • Make sure you can also work problems without
    these aids as they will NOT be available to you
    on exams.

Math Tutoring available at
  • LSC-Cy-Fair
  • LSC-Fairbanks Center
  • LSC-Greenspoint Center
  • LSC-Kingwood
  • LSC-Montgomery
  • LSC-North Harris
  • LSC-Tomball
  • LSC-University Park

Click here for more information
Resources at LSC-Tomball
Other campuses will most likely have similar
resources. Check out the learning center closest
to you for more information.
  • Supplemental Books and Exercises
  • Use in Math Area
  • May be checked out
  • C230 circulation desk
  • Ask first
  • Free worksheets and handouts
  • Manipulatives for the kinesthetic learner

Preparing for Exams
  • Read your text
  • Review the materials posted by exam in D2L
  • Content tab/Course Content/Modules 1 through 4
  • Work the graded homework in MyMathLab
  • Need Extra Practice?
  • Rework homework problems...they change each time
    you access them
  • Work the odds in your book and check their
  • Work the practice exams in MML (not graded).
    This will populate the study plan.
  • Work the study plan exercises in MML. These are
    NOT graded. They will be similar to the graded
    homework and will show you which areas you need
    more work in.
  • Work the practice exams
  • For chapter exams in MML, the practice exams are
    also in MML
  • The exams are built directly off of the practice
  • For the final, there is a pdf posted in D2L under
    Content/Course Modules/Final Exam Information
  • Not on the practice test? Wont be on the exam.
  • Use Math Center resources
  • Free Tutoring
  • Manipulatives
  • Study Aids
  • Use online resources when doing homework in

Taking the Exams
  • Online in any approved Lone Star College
    Assessment Center
  • Main exams are in MML, Final is in D2L
  • If you are currently out of state or overseas, we
    can set up testing in your location.
  • Contact me in D2L once the course begins for more
  • All of the testing centers in LSCS will have a
    full roster list and passwords so you can go to
    any center that works best for you.
  • Know the hours of operation for your chosen
  • Click here for testing centers and hours
  • Photo ID required
  • I need to know that it is you
  • No id, no test
  • Calculators are helpful and allowed
  • Note cards are not allowed

What will I be graded on?
  • Online homework assignments in MML at home
  • 33 homework assignments
  • 200 points total
  • Chapter tests online in MML at testing center
  • 4 tests, 100 points each
  • 400 points total
  • Final Exam online in D2L at testing center
  • Cumulative, 200 points
  • 800 total points

Grading Policy
  • A 89.5 - 100.0
  • B 79.5 - 89.49
  • C 69.5 - 79.49
  • IP or F lt 69.49
  • IP means you completed the course work but
    didnt make the required 69.5 to pass
  • Reasons for a failing grade
  • No consistent progress
  • Dont log enough hours
  • Dont take the final exam

How do I get started?
  • Even though we will communicate solely inside D2L
    once the course begins, I need contact
    information if D2L is down.
  • Email me with a current email address and include
    the following
  • Your name and course number/section
  • You must "agree" that you understand how an
    independent study online course will be different
    from an in class course
  • list how you think an independent study online
    course will differ from a lecture course
  • Send this note to
  • mymathprof_at_att.net

How do I get started?
  • Because your final will be administered at Lone
    Star College testing centers using D2L and we
    will use D2L email for all communication once the
    semester begins
  • Go to LSC-online to get your D2L login and
    password if you dont already know it
  • Click on the Secure Login link
  • This is a yellow button in the Login to your
    online classes box at the right of the page.
  • Next to the username box, click on the Forgot
    your Username? link
  • Fill out the form with the information requested
    and you be given your D2L login and initial
  • You may be asked immediately to change that
    password for security reasons.
  • Login to D2L and look at the home page.
  • Our course will show up after you take the
    mandatory Orientation provided through the D2L

How do I get started?
  • Third, because your homework and main exams will
    be completed in MML for a grade
  • Returning students
  • If you were in 0306, 0308 or 0310 at Tomball (or
    UP) within the last few years, your account
    should still be active and might already be tied
    to this code.
  • Test it before purchasing a new MML student
    access code.
  • New students
  • Obtain a MyMathLab student access code
  • Purchase from LSC-Tomball or LSC-UP bookstore
  • Using the student code, register for and login to
  • Course id for the Homework Course
  • Please note that this code is my last name
    fritzel followed by 5 numbers
  • FRITZEL85198
  • Enter the course, click on the Installation
  • Prove that you have accessed MyMathLab
  • Send me an email inside D2L and describe how to
    access the graded homework assignments

  • Using your current external email address, drop
    me a note and include the following
  • Name and course/section number
  • "agree" that you understand how the online course
    will be different from an in class course
  • list how you think an independent study online
    course will differ from a lecture course
  • After the class has begun
  • Login to MyMathLab and register for our course
  • Send a message to me through D2L indicating how
    you access the graded homework assignments in

How to be successful in Independent Study Courses
  • Be Goal oriented dont procrastinate, no excuses
  • Verify understanding of concepts with instructor
    or tutor
  • Do your homework BEFORE exams
  • Work graded MyMathLab assignments nightly
  • Extra, non-guided practice - odds at the end of
    each section in the textbook!
  • Practice good study skills
  • MyMathLab now has a section under chapter
    contents called Student Organizer.
  • While you wont have a class to take notes in,
    you can use the organizer in combination with the
    text and help pages in D2L.
  • Two hours of study for each hour of class
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