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T-Ball Regeneration Proposal


... and Ultimate Frisbee The Soccer Program for Junior Kindergarten aged athletes was successfully regenerated 4 years ago The Soccer Program made a move to ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: T-Ball Regeneration Proposal

Spring Sports 2014
  • T-Ball Regeneration Proposal

T-Ball Regeneration Program
  • The current T-ball Program is guided by the
    values and principles of TRUE SPORT
  • The TRUE SPORT principles are Have Fun, Go For
    It, Respect Others, Give Back, Play Fair and Stay

T-Ball Regeneration Program
  • The three spring sports that Bridlewood
    Community Association supports are Soccer,
    Softball (T-ball and Coach Pitch) and Ultimate
  • The Soccer Program for Junior Kindergarten aged
    athletes was successfully regenerated 4 years ago
  • The Soccer Program made a move to develop skills
    through repetition, short sessions and 1 on 1
    attention each child brings an adult (parent,
    older sibling, other family member or friend) to
    work on the drills with them.

T-Ball Regeneration Program
  • The BCA Soccer program for children 4-6
    (Kindergarten) has revised their Soccer Program
    to take into account that young children have yet
    to refine their listening skills in the following
  • following audible instructions without
  • following directions for a short-period of time
  • following direction in a large group

T-Ball Regeneration Program
  • BCA has taken the following action steps
  • Follow audible instructions without replication
  • Repeat it! Do the little things over and over
    and over
  • Follow directions after a short-period of time
  • Change it! Change activities or skills every 10
  • Follow direction when in a group of large
  • Break it down! Provide 1 on 1 instruction.

T-Ball Regeneration Program
Repeat it! Catch Drills For 10 minutes
throw a bean bag back and forth between child and
adult. Ask your child to catch with 2 hands no
glove required! Gloves are big and clumsy and
often dont fit a childs hand and even if it
does, its hard to squeeze!
T-Ball Regeneration Program
Change it! Throw Drills For 10 minutes have
a child throw a Velcro-ball at a Velcro-Dart
Board, bean bags at a target or soft balls to
their adult partner Have child try to throw a
ball through a small hula hoop that the adult
partner is holding
T-Ball Regeneration Program
  • Break it down!
  • Running Drills
  • Run bases forwards
  • Run backwards
  • March around the bases
  • Run bases 1-2
  • Walk bases 2-3
  • Sprint bases 3-home
  • Walk like a duck after all your only in
    Kindergarten ONCE!

T-Ball Regeneration Program
  • Do the little things over and over and over!
  • Batting Drills
  • Little Bats for Little People
  • Whiffle Balls no more bruises
  • Will my child still learn? Yes ?
  • Teach safety skills wear helmet when batting or
    running and always keep your eye on the ball when
    on the field.

T-Ball Regeneration Program
Where do I stand?
Hey am I a bobble-head? COOL...
I have to PEE? Where am I gonna PEE? Whoops!!!
My hands go where?
Why do I have to wear this bobble-head thing?
So I stand behind a Plate?
When is it my turn to hit?
Hmm... Doesnt look like dinner
Pragmatic How does this work?
Station 1 Batting Drills here Enabling use of
Station 3 Catching Drills
Station 2 Throwing Drills in short outfield
Station 4 - Running Drills outside baseline
What to expect each week
  • 2 Teams per field each team has a different
    t-shirt colour and 2 adults per team (coaches)
    will receive t shirts
  • Each team of 8 10 players will be divided into
    2 groups with pinnies making 4 groups while
    rotating through the stations
  • Each child will be accompanied by an adult 1
    adult (coach) will be tasked with warm up drills
    and moving the group from station to station
  • Schedule
  • 600 610 Warm up
  • 610 620 1st Station
  • 620 630 2nd Station
  • 630 640 3rd Station
  • 640 650 4th Station
  • 650 710 Each team regroups and plays 1
    inning of t-ball (1 team will take positions
    in the field while the other team bats and runs.
    Then they switch. Times may vary)
  • 710 Snack the highlight of the evening!

Resources required
  • In order to provide a more meaningful, age
    appropriate and fun T-ball program, we will need
    the following resources
  • Volunteers
  • Develop drills for each station for 8 weeks using
    repetition each week but also adding increased
  • Create new coaching manuals based on the existing
    JK Soccer program
  • Activity leaders at each station (4 per field) to
    provide instruction to the groups on the drills
  • Equipment
  • Pinnies for 2 groups/field
  • Bean bags, velcro balls, wiffle balls, hula
    hoops, extra tees and bats, etc. as determined by
    the drills for each station each week.

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