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EVERLINE LED Fixtures & Retrofit Kit Distributor Salesperson Training Presented by: Your Name HERE – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Distributor Salesperson Training

EVERLINE LED Fixtures Retrofit Kit
  • Distributor Salesperson Training
  • Presented by Your Name HERE

Opportunity Overview
Big opportunities exist in the luminaire
business. All segments in North America are
undergoing rapid transition to LED technology.
Meeting the shifting needs of the marketplace
continues to be a high priority for Universal.
According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE),
LED lighting is expected to represent 36 percent
of the lumen-hour sales for the general
illumination market by 2020.
According to the 2013 NEMA data through 3rd
quarter, the building wall-mount is one of the
most widely used lighting fixtures on todays
Linear fluorescent technology represents an
estimated 80 of the installed equipment and 72
of total annual energy consumption for commercial
Intro to Luminaires
What is a Luminaire? A light fixture (also called
luminaire) is a complete lighting unit,
comprised of a light source, together with the
parts that distribute the light, position and
protect the light source, and connect the light
source to the power supply. To put it simply, the
luminaires function is to produce, control and
distribute light. Luminaire design can control
how people perceive the spaces they live, work,
learn and play in.
  • Luminaire Components Include
  • Optical control device to distribute the light,
  • Components to produce light and connect to the
    electrical power source,
  • The mechanical components required to support or
    attach the luminaire,
  • Various electrical and electronic components to
    start, operate, dim, or otherwise control and
    maintain the operation of the lamps or LEDs.

Lighting Fixture Types
Just as there are a variety of lamp types, there
are also a variety of lighting fixture types.
There are many ways to categorize luminaires,
such as by application (e.g. indoor, outdoor,
etc.). Typically luminaire types are grouped by
mounting type and location (e.g. ceiling-mounted,
suspended, recessed, architectural, wall-mounted,
and exterior).
LEDs are particularly appealing for the outdoor
lighting applications because of long life,
energy efficiency, durability, low need for
maintenance, superior low temperature operation,
and relatively high lumen packages.
LED Benefits Technology Transition
The new EVERLINE replacement fixtures come at a
time of steep transition for the North American
lighting industry, as it continues to move from
fluorescent and HID lighting to solid state LED
lighting technology. Universal's objective is to
offer value-driven alternatives to historical
sources through superior energy efficiency,
system life, quality of light, and control
capability. Additional considerations include
Entering the Replacement Market
Universal (a member of the Panasonic Group)
leverages a 70 year history of innovation with
in-house design and manufacturing expertise in
lighting and controls. We are a recognized
global leader of the shift to LED. In fact,
Universal's optically and thermally optimized LED
modules and drivers have been at the heart of
many leading OEM luminaires for over 5 years
now. Utilizing our technology and market
position, we are broadening our offering to give
the distribution channel more replacement options
than ever before.
Universals EVERLINE Distribution Fixtures
In addition to our already comprehensive line of
products, Universal is pleased to add lighting
fixtures to the product line -- to create
distribution channel (replacement and new
construction) opportunities
Universal makes it easy to upgrade to LED
technology with our complete in-house design
(electronic, thermal and optical) including
EVERLINE matched modules and drivers.
For Fluorescent Replacement
For HID Upgrades
For Tough Environments
Featuring Universals EVERLINE Matched System
  • Features Benefits
  • Kits available for 2 ft. and 4 ft. fixtures.
  • Each kit consists of (2) LED Lensed modules, (1)
    LED driver, hardware and installation
  • Contains high performance EVERLINE LED modules,
    drivers, optics and thermal management
  • Fast and easy to install. Just replace the
    existing lamps and ballasts with the new LED
    drivers and lamps.
  • Make the best use of your current lighting
    system. No redesign or revised layout is needed.
  • Reduce electrical demand and energy consumption
    compared to conventional fluorescent lighting
  • Environmentally friendly Cut waste and landfill
    overflow by reusing fixture housing, RoHS
    compliant, no lead or mercury, and no UV.
  • Less maintenance vs. traditional fluorescent lamp
  • Excellent optical performance broad distribution
    angle eliminates dark zones.
  • Careful attention to binning maintains color
    accuracy and consistency.
  • CCT options include 3500K, 4000K, 5000K.
  • CRI is 82 or better.
  • All kits are equipped with 0-10V dimming LED
  • Aesthetically pleasing design - a truly modern
  • FCC Part 15 Compliant.
  • UL Classified 1598C.
  • 3500K 4000 K models are DesignLights
    Consortium qualified. Consult www.designlights.org
    /QPL for the most current list of QLP.

The EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit serves as a
fluorescent lighting replacement kit, reducing
energy consumption and maintenance costs. The Kit
includes a two or four foot options, both
consisting of two LED Lensed Modules, one LED
Driver and a harness packaged together with
replacement instructions. Available color
temperature options are 3500K, 4000K and 5000K.
The LED Retrofit Kit makes it fast and easy to
transform traditional fluorescent lighting to
efficient LED technology with simple installation
and the in-house electronic, thermal and optical
design of the complete EVERLINE matched system
of modules and drivers.
Featuring Universals EVERLINE Matched System
  • Features Benefits
  • Universal offers 4 and 8 luminaires
  • Contains high performance EVERLINE LED modules,
    drivers, optics and thermal management
  • Reduced energy consumption versus traditional
    fluorescent (40 vs. traditional system).
  • All versions are equipped with 0-10V dimming LED
  • Capable of being connected to photocells or
    building management systems for additional
  • Broad, uniform light distribution.
  • IP65 Rated.
  • Optional 3A internal fuse.
  • Optional tamper resistant, stainless steel
  • Flexible Quick Connector option available for up
    to 80 faster installation of ½ conduit
  • Excellent lumen maintenance provides long life.
    Long LED life ensures reliable lighting, enhanced
    safety and low maintenance.
  • Excellent temperature performance compared to
    conventional fluorescent systems. LEDs are
    brighter at colder temperatures.
  • Four foot models have six light output options,
    from 3300 to 9800 lumens.
  • Eight foot models have an additional six light
    output options, ranging from 7,000 to 19,800
  • CCT options include 3500K, 4000K and 5000K
  • CRI is 82 or better.
  • Consult www.designlights.org/QPL for the most
    current list of QLP.

The EVERLINE Vapor Tight fixture line features
four foot and eight foot products for replacement
and for new construction. These products provide
equivalent lumen packages as current fluorescent
solutions at significantly higher efficacy and
reduced cost of ownership. Standard gasketed seal
and IP65 rating along with optional tamper
resistant hardware offer an ideal light source
for harsh environments. These rugged LED fixtures
are DesignLights Consortium (DLC) qualified.
Featuring Universals EVERLINE Matched System
Universals EVERLINE Wall Pack luminaire is
perfect for HID upgrades. The 13-inch Wall Pack
has a dark bronze, die cast aluminum base with a
seamless gasket creating an IP66 ingress
protection rating. Additionally, the Wall Pack is
equipped with optics which provides a Long Type
III distribution or a Very Short Type IV with the
full cutoff shield accessory. Wall Pack options
include tamper-resistant lens hardware and button
photocells for 120 and 277 application.
  • Features Benefits
  • Contains high performance EVERLINE LED modules,
    drivers, optics and thermal management
  • Maximum energy savings (up to 50 savings vs.
    standard HID).
  • Long LED life ensures low maintenance costs as
    well as enhanced safety. No lamp replacement at
    12,000 hours.
  • Excellent lumen maintenance for bright lumen
  • Instant-on at full intensity. Not subject to HID
    restrike or CFL warm-up times
  • Excellent cold temperature performance. LEDs are
    slightly brighter at cold temperatures.
  • CRI is 82 or better.
  • IP66 Rated.
  • Full cut off accessory is available to reduce
    side glare and uplight.
  • Options include photocell. Automatically turns
    lights on at dusk and off at daylight.
  • Optional tamper resistant lens screws.
  • Five light output options, from 1000 to 3300
  • Common commercial temperatures CCT options
    include 4000K and 5000K.
  • Consult www.designlights.org/QPL for the most
    current list of QLP.

Luminaire Applications
Given that lighting accounts for approximately 36
percent of all electricity used in commercial
buildings, it only makes sense to lower the
electric bill with technology-based lighting
controls and comprehensive product solutions like
LED. Just about every application will be
interested in the comprehensive lighting
solutions offered by a full light fixture system.
Retrofit Kit Universals EVERLINE LED Retrofit
Kit simplifies the transition from fluorescent to
LED. Consider applications such as retail
stores, corridors, lecture halls, lobbies,
restaurants, exhibition halls, shopping malls,
healthcare spaces, hotel ballrooms, entertainment
venues, airports, conference centers, auto
dealerships, movie theatres, private offices,
etc. Vapor Tight Universals EVERLINE LED
Vapor Tight luminaires are commonly used in
environments like foundries, tunnels, railway
depots and harbors which benefit from lighting in
tough conditions. Parking Garages, Light
industrials, warehouses, outdoor canopies,
construction site temp lighting, outdoor retail,
healthcare, stairwells, loading docks, airport
support, pedestrian tunnels, retail, elevator
pits, mechanical rooms, strip mall store fronts,
carports, etc. The long life of EVERLINE LED
Vapor Tight luminaires is a great alternative to
fluorescent in these hard-to-maintain
applications. Wall Pack Universals EVERLINE
LED Wall Pack luminaires replace less efficient
technologies like metal halide and high pressure
sodium lamps with an LED light source improving
quality of light, welcoming, secure atmosphere
after dark. Wall Pack luminaires are used in just
about every application including commercial
warehouse, office, school, church, parking
garage, retail stores, light industrials,
warehouses, schools, civic buildings, hotels,
shopping malls, healthcare, convention centers,
entertainment venues, airports, restaurants, auto
dealerships, sports facilities, movie theatres,
office buildings, etc.
Ingress Protection Ratings
  • The IP rating designates the amount of dust or
    fluid an electronic/electrical enclosure allows
    to pass through into the product.
  • The first number indicates the size of foreign
    body which will enter the enclosure, that could
    possibly damage the components inside.
  • The Second number indicates the level of
    protection from fluid or water.
  • First Number Second Number
  • IP 0x - No Protection IP x0 - No Protection
  • IP 1x - Objects gt 50mm IP x1 - Vertically
    Dripping Water
  • IP 2x - Objects gt 12mm IP x2 - 75 to 90
    Degrees Dripping Water
  • IP 3x - Objects gt 2.5 mm IP x3 - Sprayed
  • IP 4x - Objects gt 1 mm IP x4 - Splashed
  • IP 5x - Dust Protected (Vacuum) IP x5 - Water
  • IP 5x - Dust Protected (Non-Vacuum) IP x6 -
    Powerful Water Jets
  • IP 6x - Dust Tight IP x7 - Effects of
  • IP x 8 Effects of Prolonged Immersion
  • IP66 (Common Rating)
  • IP6X - This indicates the enclosure is dust tight
    to any ingress of dust complete protection
    against contact.
  • IPX6 - High pressure water jets directed against
    the enclosure from any direction shall have no
    harmful effects (water can enter the enclosure
    but shall not contact any unprotected electrical

Energy Savings - Example
Energy Savings Converting T12 to EVERLINE LED
Retrofit Kit
Fixture Life (Hours) Wattage Cost/Year at 0.12 kWh Total Energy Cost per Fixture Savings per Fixture
Retrofit KitLRK24-60L840-U 140,000 61.8W 61.8 X 10hrs / day X365 days / 1,000 27.07 28.12
Fluorescent 3x F40T12 24,000 126.0W 126 X 10hrs / day X365 days / 1,000 55.19 -
Additional savings associated with replacement
lamp life not reflected in calculation above.
Linear fluorescent technology represents an
estimated 80 of the installed equipment and 72
of total annual energy consumption for commercial
lighting making it the perfect candidate to
upgrade to LED with a retrofit. Universals
EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit simplifies the
transition from fluorescent to LED. LED
technology reduces electrical demand and energy
consumption compared to conventional fluorescent
lighting systems, and also offers
controllability, light uniformity, and less
maintenance. The EVERLINE LED Retrofit Kit
redefines reliability with complete in-house
design (electronic, thermal optical) plus a
matched system of EVERLINE drivers and
modules. All Kits are equipped with 0-10V dimming
EVERLINE LED drivers. Its Simple Upgrade and
Complying with Todays Lighting Regulations
New building energy regulations continue to grow
stricter, demanding not only energy efficiency,
but also higher levels of controllability. This
perfect storm of federal and state regulations
paired with new lighting programs require
lighting professionals to pay close attention.
Universal makes it easy with DesignLights
Consortium which provides solutions to energy
code requirements such as ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1
and California's Title 24.
DesignLights Consortium DesignLights Consortium
(DLC) members include utility, state and regional
energy efficiency programs from over 30 states in
the U.S. and three Canadian provinces. DLC is the
defacto standard for rebate utility programs. If
a product is DLC compliant it can be a big
selling advantage if the end user wants a rebate.
Lighting fixtures are quite often a rebate
driven decision at the end user level. Consult
www.designlights.org/QPL for the most current
list of QLP. Title 24 Californias Title 24
Part 6 is Californias energy efficiency code.
Luminaires must be capable to reduce the lighting
power by at least 40, or provide continuous
dimming through a range that includes 40-80 when
vacant switch on automatically when the area
becomes occupied with the exception of pole
mounted fixtures in certain wattage ranges.
ASHRAE/IES 90.1 As of Oct. 2013, all states
must certify they have a commercial building
energy code in place at least at stringent as
ANSI/ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1 or justify why they cannot
comply. Fixtures are part of this code and must
See this flyer on our website for more
information http//unvlt.com/pdf/literature/CA_Ti
Support Additional Resources
A variety of documents and information are
available to support your sales efforts.
  • EVERLINE Retrofit Kit Brochure
  • EVERLINE Wall Pack Brochure
  • EVERLINE Vapor Tight Brochure
  • Retrofit Kit Installation Video
  • Specification Sheets
  • Installation Guides
  • IES Files
  • Application Guides
  • Q A Documents
  • Customer eBlast
  • Samples via request to RSM
  • Pricing via request to Pricing
  • Distributor Merchandising via request to
    Marketing (see True Blue Program)

Thank you
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