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The Holy Spirit in Matthew through Acts


... Men received Holy Spirit indirectly, by laying on of apostles hands ... in the N.T. letters this ties in with the receiving of spiritual gifts Rom 1:11; ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: The Holy Spirit in Matthew through Acts

The Holy Spirit in Matthew through
Acts Introduction In our Old Testament study, we
saw the Holy Spirit revealing Gods will,
equipping men for service, facilitating Gods
work, providing signs, and pouring out blessings.
We will see that He continued to do the same
work in the New Testament. As we will study the
Holy Spirit in the gospels and Acts, we will see
His involvement with John the Baptist, with
Jesus, with the Apostles, with those whom the
Apostles laid hands on, and with all Christians
of all times. Along the way, we will discuss
some topics that always are of particular
interest regarding the Holy Spirit, the blasphemy
of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of the Holy
Spirit, the gift of the Holy Spirit, and being
filled with the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist -
empowered for work Lk 115-17 - his testimony
about the Christ Lk 315-17 Jn
129-34 Jesus - conceived of the Holy Spirit
Lk 134-35 - Holy Spirit came on Him at His
baptism just prior to His ministry Lk 321-23 -
led around by the Holy Spirit to be tempted Lk
41-2 Mk 112 (impelled) cp. other facilitating
Acts 829,39 166-7. - began His ministry
empowered by the Holy Spirit Lk 414-15 Jn
334-35 Acts 1038 Mk 322-30 To attribute
the Holy Spirits work to an unclean spirit
blasphemy. This is unforgivable because the
speaker has considered the evidence for
Jesus and its source (the Holy Spirit) and has
attributed the Spirits power to Satan. This
person will remain in their sins. But a person
may ignorantly speak against Jesus and then
change their mind about Him when presented
with the evidence, obey Him, and be forgiven
(Saul 1 Tim 112-13). Apostles - Jesus tells
them how the Holy Spirit will help them after He
goes to heaven Jn 1426- teach all things
(1612-15), bring to remembrance all that Jesus
said testify about Him 1526 - Jesus promises
to baptize them with the Holy Spirit to empower
them as His witnesses- Lk 2449 Acts 15,8 -
Jesus baptized them with the Holy Spirit as
evidenced by what was seen and heard in Acts
21-4 1) empowering them for the work of
witnessing, 2) signifying the time of the
outpouring of blessings (cp. Isa 443) on all
mankind had arrived Acts 216-21 (Joel
228-32 Rom 1012-13) and 3) signifying that
Jesus was on the throne- Acts 233.
One other case of Holy Spirit directly falling on
men by Jesus baptism Cornelius (Acts 10-11) -
only point of reference for what happened that
day- just as He did upon us at the beginning
(Acts 1115-16)- shows that Jesus was not
baptizing all Christians with the Holy Spirit. -
sign that God would save the Gentiles 1044-48
1117-18 158-9 (cleansed by faith shown by
repentance and baptism) Men received Holy Spirit
indirectly, by laying on of apostles hands
(miraculously empowered them) - converts in
Samaria Acts 86-8 14-20 Simon saw the Spirit
was bestowed is further explained in Acts 19. -
converts in Ephesus Acts 191-7 shows this was
common practice and that miracles resulted. - in
the N.T. letters this ties in with the receiving
of spiritual gifts Rom 111 2 Tim 16 (cp. his
commissioning by the elders 1 Tim 414 with
Moses commissioning Joshua- Num 2718-19) 1 Cor
124-11 (gifts enumerated) Gift of the Holy
Spirit Receiving the Holy Spirit -by laying on
of apostles, Spirit fell, men received the
Spirit and the gift of God - Acts 814-20 2
Tim 16 -by Holy Spirit baptism, Spirit fell,
the gift of the Holy Spirit was poured out on
men who received the Holy Spirit Acts
1045, 47 1116-17 158 -He is the gift
received by all Christians of all times Lk
1113 Jn 737-39 Acts 238-39 532 -solution
for the varied answers? Holy Spirit, who is the
Giver is pictured also as the gift (by
metonymy) Receiving the gift of the Holy
Spirit and receiving the Holy Spirit are one and
the same. Receiving the Holy Spirit is a
strong figure of speech indicating that this
Divine person (with all His power and ability to
bless) is given to the believer. The specific
blessings the Holy Spirit gives vary according to
the purpose of God (as is reflected in each
context) Filled with the Holy Spirit - in
context of being filled miraculously Acts 24
48 (fulfilling Mk 1311) 755 917 (cp. Gal
116-18) 139-12 - in context of being filled
with the Spirits influence (notice effects
mentioned in each case)Acts 63,5 1124 1352
cp. Eph 518 Col 316 to see how He influences
the Christian. Invitation You must be born
again (from above) of the water and the Spirit
Jn 35-8 1 Pet 122-25 Eph 526 Tit 35
See Mk 426-29 for the Holy
Spirits invisible work in a persons heart from
conversion to maturity.
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