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Struggle in Latin America


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Struggle in Latin America

Struggle in Latin America
  • Chapter 12.1

Focus Question
  • How did Latin Americans struggle for change in
    the early 1900s?
  • Do not forget to answer. D

Causes of the Mexican Revolution
  • Mexicos President of 35 yrs., Porfirio Diaz,
    had allowed foreign investors develop mines,
    railroads, and drill for oil.
  • On the surface Mexico was growing in Prosperity,
    but it really benefit a few.
  • Most Mexicans were Indian Peasants who lived in
    desperate poverty

Causes of the Mexican Revolution Cont.
  • Most peasants worked on Haciendas controlled by
    the elite.
  • Others worked in mines, factories, railroads
  • In 1910 unrest boiled over when Francisco Madero
    demanded free elections
  • Diaz step down as president in 1911 due to the
    threats of Rebellion

Revolution Leads to Change
  • 1917-Venustiano Carranza is President
  • The Constitution of 1917
  • addressed 3 issues land, labor, and religion.
  • The constitution allowed for government control
    over the economy and nationalization
  • Church land became property of the state
  • Established a minimum wage right for workers to

Revolution leads to change
  • The PRI Controls Mexico
  • 1920 Carranza is overthrown
  • 1929 the government organized into the
    Institutional Revolution Party (PRI)
  • The accommodated many groups business, military
    leaders, peasants, and workers
  • They carried out many needed reforms and brought

Brain Break
  • Summarize your notes so far in 3 words. Write
    those 3 words with each hand.
  • Left Hand Right Hand

Reforms materialize
  • The constitution by 1920s-30s is finally being
    carried out.
  • The government helped Indian communities regain
    lands taken from them
  • Schools and libraries were set up
  • Mexico became the 1st Latin American country to
    persue real social and economic reform
  • Nationalized Mexicos oil fields in 1938

Nationalism at Work in Latin America
  • After World War I the trade with Europe dropped
    off .
  • When the Great Depression hit it spread
    throughout Latin America
  • The prices for Latin American goods dropped and
    imports to high.
  • Economic nationalism began the governments rose
    tariffs, entrepreneurs opened factories

Nationalism at work in Latin America
  • Political Nationalism
  • The Great Depression triggered political changes
    in Latin America
  • Stronger authoritarian governments formed
  • The people hoped these governments would
    control, direct, and protect each country better.

Nationalism at work in Latin America
  • Cultural Nationalism
  • 1920s brought about artists who portrayed
    cultural in art
  • Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Ororco, David Alfaro
    painted murals portraying the mexican struggle
    for liberty

Nationalism at work in Latin America
  • Good Neighbor Policy
  • After WWI U.S. investments in Mexico soared.
  • Franklin Roosevelt in the 1930s established the
    GNP which strengthened Latin American nationalism
    and Our relations with them

  • Provide a 2 to 3 sentence statement telling me
    what the notes are about.