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New England Swimming STARTING Philosophy & Protocol – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


New England Swimming
  • Philosophy Protocol

  • General Overview consistent fair starts every
    heat of every event
  • Specific Training go to session early observe
    starters notice whistle protocol play with
    equipment (or at least the mic) hear your voice,
    etc. Let the referee know that you are new start
    backstroke events in your first session. Work
  • You must be comfortable to be good!
  • Recertification
  • Every 3 years(clinic, Re-Cert test) background
    check every 2 years Athlete Protection - every
    2 years?
  • Service 4 Sessions per year

Presentation Outline
  • Philosophy
  • Pre-race Preparation / Pre-session Preparation
  • Awareness
  • Timeline not your job referee should have the
    swimmers up early enough so you will not have to
    rush starts
  • Protocol
  • Forward Starts
  • Backstroke Starts
  • False Starts you go to the referee with the
    designation of the lane/heat
  • Positioning of the Starter Referee
  • Disabled Starts
  • Final Comments
  • Video and Discussion

Starting is an art
  • Good Eye and instincts
  • Natural Reactions
  • Patience
  • Consistency
  • Ability to Evaluate Situations
  • Developed with Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Prior to Start of Session
  • Check all Starting and Timing Equipment
  • Pads, Buttons, Blocks, Sound, etc.
  • Timers Briefing
  • Start watch on strobe view of wall for touch
    recording times pace of session, etc.
  • During the Session
  • Ensure a fair start
  • Order of Finish
  • Counting for distance - Bell lap
  • Thank the timers at end of session!
  • Awareness
  • Sense the pulse of the meet and deck
  • Be proactive
  • Timeline
  • Purpose - Guide to aid coaches in swimmer

  • Preparation
  • Establish relationships with officials
  • Assist other starters OOF Counting Chief
  • Step in for deck ref
  • Understand referees expectations
  • Remember that the referees job during a race is
    to watch the pool your job during a race is to
    watch behind the blocks. Look for possible empty
    lanes, late arriving athletes, goggle or cap
    problems or anything else that the deck referee
    should know about prior to a start.
  • Give timers time to prepare within reason
  • Wait for an out-of-position official
  • Provide a second set of eyes for Referee
  • Arrive early to check equipment
  • Placement
  • Working Condition
  • Check and test the microphone, key, start button
  • Pads and Backup buttons for each lane
  • Back-up equipment
  • Starting Blocks

  • Positioning of the Starter Referee
  • Same side of pool
  • Rationale
  • Forward Starts
  • Watch the athletes as they approach
  • Series of short whistles
  • Introductions (Championships)
  • Long whistle
  • Check foot position
  • Referee extends arm
  • Let the swimmers settle
  • Take your mark using a conversational tone
  • Unusual technique considerations
  • Sling shot start
  • Grab Start
  • Slow responding start

Protocol (cont.)
  • Backstroke Starts
  • Series of short whistles
  • Introductions (Championships)
  • First long whistle (swimmers enter water)
  • Second long whistle (swimmers return to wall)
  • Check the ready position
  • Referee extends arm
  • Check for swimmers readiness
  • Take your mark
  • Backstroke Comments
  • Minimize grip time
  • Allow time to get set

Protocol (cont.)
  • False Starts
  • What is a False Start?
  • Movement from a stationary position prior to the
    start signal
  • Dual, independent confirmation protocol - (make
    notation show deck referee)
  • Preventing False Starts
  • The Take Your Mark command
  • The Stand command
  • When to use
  • Protect swimmers doing it right
  • Dont force starts rewind-start over
  • Point of no return
  • Committed to the start
  • Mentally and physically
  • Relief of false starts
  • Unsteadiness, Confusion, Distraction, Equipment
  • Multiple circumstances
  • Stand or recall
  • Allow swimmers to refocus
  • When to re-swim

Protocol (cont.)
  • Disabled Starts
  • General
  • Rule 105
  • Coach / athlete responsibility
  • Hearing impaired
  • Strobe
  • Hand or arm signals
  • Forward Start
  • Short whistle - hand shoulder height wave
  • Long whistle - arm up
  • Take your mark - arm at shoulder height
  • Start signal - drop arm
  • Mentally or Physically impaired
  • Assistance to blocks, deck or in water
  • Use common sense
  • Assistance
  • Tappers

Final Comments
  • Ensure a fair start each and every time
  • Practice to get experience
  • Be patient
  • Mistakes will happen
  • Expect the unexpected
  • Adapt to changing philosophies
  • Be professional
  • Be courageous
  • Perform as if it is your last opportunity

  • Rule Book
  • Video and Discussion

  • ARTICLE 101
  • 101.1 STARTS
  • .1 Equipment A loudspeaker start system
    conforming to 103.16, with or without an
    underwater recall device, and an electronic
    strobe signal visible to all manual timers for
    forward and backstroke starts, shall be the
    preferred starting device. 
  • .2 The Start
  • A. At the commencement of each heat, the
    Referee shall signal to the swimmers by a short
    series of whistles to remove all clothing except
    for swimwear, followed by a long whistle
    indicating that they should take and maintain
    their positions on the starting platform, the
    deck, or in the water. In backstroke and medley
    relay events, at the Referees first long
    whistle, the swimmers shall immediately enter the
    water and at the second long whistle shall return
    without undue delay to the starting position.
  • B. When the swimmers and officials are ready,
    the Referee shall signal with an outstretched arm
    to the Starter that the swimmers are under the
    Starters control.
  • C. On the Starters command take your mark,
    the swimmers shall immediately assume their
    starting position, in the forward start, with at
    least one foot at the front of the starting
    platform or the deck. Swimmers starting in the
    water must have at least one hand in contact with
    the wall or starting platform. When all swimmers
    are stationary, the Starter shall give the
    starting signal.
  • D. When a swimmer does not respond promptly to
    the command "take your mark," the Starter shall
    immediately release all swimmers with the command
    "stand up" upon which the swimmers may stand up
    or step off the blocks.

  • 101.1.3 False Starts
  • A. Any swimmer starting before the starting
    signal is given shall be disqualified if the
    Referee independently observes and confirms the
    Starters observation that a violation occurred.
    Swimmers remaining on the starting blocks shall
    be relieved from their starting positions with
    the "stand up" command and may step off the
  • B. If the starting signal has been given before
    the disqualification is declared, the race shall
    continue without recall. If the Referee
    independently observes and confirms the Starters
    observation that a violation occurred, the
    swimmer or swimmers who have false started shall
    be disqualified upon completion of the race.
  • C. If the recall signal is activated
    inadvertently, no swimmer shall be charged with a
    false start and the Starter shall restart the
    race upon signal by the Referee.
  • D. A swimmer who would otherwise be charged
    with a false start may be relieved of the charge
    if the false start was caused by the swimmers
    reaction to the stand up command.
  • E. A swimmer shall not be disqualified for an
    illegal starting position at the start if the
    race is permitted to proceed. Enforcement of the
    correct starting position is the responsibility
    of the Starter.
  • F. Declared false start swimmers reporting to
    the Referee prior to the start of their race and
    declaring their intent not to compete will be
    disqualified except as noted in 207.12.6D(1).
    (Finals in a Trials/Finals meet)

  • 101.1.4 Warning Signal With the exception of
    relays, in events 500 yards or longer, the
    Starter or a designee shall sound a warning
    signal over the water at the finish end of the
    lane of the leading swimmer when that swimmer has
    two lengths plus five yards or five meters to
    swim. As an alternative, a bell warning signal
    may be given over each lane by a lane judge or
    timer for that lane.
  • .5 Deliberate Delay or Misconduct
  • A. The Starter shall report a swimmer to the
    Referee for delaying the start, for willfully
    disobeying an order or for any other misconduct
    taking place at the start, but only the Referee
    may disqualify a swimmer for such delay, willful
    disobedience or misconduct.
  • B. The Referee shall disqualify a swimmer who
    fails to appear at the starting platform ready to
    swim in time for the initial start of his/her
  • C. Such disqualification shall not be charged
    as a false start.

  • 101.4 BACKSTROKE / (Medley Relay Start)
  • .1 Start The swimmers shall line up in the
    water facing the starting end, with both hands
    placed on the gutter or on the starting grips.
    Standing in or on the gutter, placing the toes
    above the lip of the gutter, or bending the toes
    over the lip of the gutter, before or after the
    start, is prohibited.
  • 102.12 STARTER
  • .1 Preparation The Starter shall stand within
    ten feet of the starting end of the pool and upon
    signal from the Referee, shall assume control of
    the swimmers until a fair start has been
  • .2 Optional Instructions The Starter may
  • A. Announce the event.
  • B. Advise the heat when a swimmer will be
    attempting to achieve a time at an initial
  • C. For backstroke starts, give the command,
    "Place your feet."

Whats Next
  • Take on-line test multiple choice and rule book
  • http//
  • Email results will go to Bob
  • There is no official Apprentice period
  • Let the referee know that you are a new starter
  • Work as often as you can
  • Enjoy yourself

  • Officials Chairs
  • Paul Memont
  • Ken Galica
  • Facilitator
  • Name
  • Phone
  • E-mail

Carol Healy New England Swimming 47 May
Street Needham, MA 02492
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