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Create Convert Edit and Share


Create Convert Edit and Share Better PDF for Government – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Create Convert Edit and Share

CreateConvertEditand Share
Better PDF for Government
Your 3 Take-aways for Today
  1. PDF Converter Enterprise 6 - why your customers
    will want to hear about it from you right now.
  2. Nuance PDF6 as the definitive replacement to
    Adobe Acrobat.
  3. Its going to make you lots of money!

Nuance Overview
  • Headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts with
    more than 4,200 employees in 35 offices
  • Leading provider of solutions for
  • Enterprise speech and customer care
  • Mobile devices and networks
  • Healthcare dictation and transcription
  • PDF and document conversion
  • Approximately 1,000 issued and pending patents
  • Current market capitalization of approximately
    4.0 billion
  • Publicly traded on NASDAQ (NUAN)

Nuance The Productivity Experts
8,000 healthcare
Mobile solutions in over 3 billion phones, cars
and navigation systems
Unlocking the potential of systems, servicesand
Over 21 million registered imaging application u
More than 8 billion customer care interactions in
over 3,000 call centers
IntroducingBetter PDF for Government
PDF Converter Enterprise 6
  • Compatible A true replacement for Adobe Acrobat
    that offers enterprise-class PDF functionality at
    a price that is up to 66 less.
  • Collaboration An easy way to work with PDF, XPS
    and Office file formats. Save time with
    paper-to-PDF, PDF editing, document assembly, and
    PDF to Office conversion.
  • Complete Valuable for the enterprise and the
    Green Office with PDF portfolios, ECM
    connectivity, XFA support, true paper-to-digital
    conversion, and enterprise-level support.
  • Better PDF for Government A better Product for
    Government, better pricing and licensing for
    Government, a better company to do business with.

Better PDF for Government
  • A complete PDF solution offers
  • Fast and simple creation
  • Conversion from PDF to a variety of other useful
  • All of the comment mark-ups you need to
    effectively share your thoughts
  • And other powerful features that will allow you
    to truly collaborate while dramatically
    increasing your productivity.
  • Better PDF for Government delivers a complete PDF
    solution that is
  • Powerful without being bloated
  • Affordable without being cheap
  • And backed by an established company that
    understands the value of productivity

PDF Usage within an Organization
The Challenge
Cost Issues
  • Complete Solutions are often costly and therefore
    too expensive for a corporate-wide rollout
  • Companies adopt a piece-meal approach, giving
    various levels of functionality to only certain
    employees, to stay within budget

Problems Created by Piece-meal Approach
  • How to effectively track who has what application
    in order to stay within licensing agreement and
    maintain predictable budgeting?
  • Who gets what functionality?
  • How to handle users who that need to upgrade
  • How to effectively manage multiple PDF
    applications and different desktop images?

Typical PDF Investment
Limited Deployment of Complete Solutions In
order to maintain cost-efficiency, a small number
of employees aregiven complete PDF solutions
enabling them to
  • Create PDF
  • Convert PDF to other formats
  • Edit and annotate PDF

Mix of PDF Products Deployed Company-wide
  • Some employees using Standard product, such as
    Adobe Acrobat, others using Professional version
  • Majority of remaining employees using a PDF
    reader such as Adobe Acrobat Reader

This solution creates as many problems as it
The Resulting PDF Problem
Pockets of PDF users with different capabilities
  • Slows down users with complete solution, forcing
    them to address needs of coworkers with basic
  • Slows those without complete solution
    capabilities by forcing them to hunt down
    co-workers that can help
  • Creates a productivity bottleneck, hindering

Right Sizing Your PDF Investment
What does Right Sizing your PDF Investment
  • Finding a PDF solution that fits the size of your
    organization one size does NOT fit all
  • Only paying for features which your company needs
  • Avoiding the management trap of enabling only
    pockets of users
  • Predictable budgeting, not worrying about
    unexpected overages or seat counting

Solutions for Requirements Publishing
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Originally designed for Document exchange
  • Took a major step early on towards Publishing
  • Focus on Professional printing tools
  • Pre-flighting, Ink Mgmt, Color bleeding, Printer
    Marks, etc.
  • Complex User Interface
  • Usability Emphasis on Constant Users (primary
  • Other Factors
  • Adobe trying to re-level their customers
  • - Migrate customer base to higher price products
  • - Push for LiveCycle workflows
  • - Add complication to current business process

Solutions for Requirements Better PDF for
  • Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise
  • Originally designed for Government Users
  • Focus on the most commonly used tools
  • Creation, Conversion, Editing, Annotating, etc.
  • Simple User Interface
  • Most commonly used tools at your fingertips
  • Usability Emphasis on Frequent Users
  • We Dont Try to Change Your Business
  • Concentrate on PDF Capability Government Users

PDF Converter Enterprise is answering pain points
SLP removes auditing unpredictability
Adobe pricing and practices
Price allows for enabling more users with
complete capabilities
Productivity bottlenecks
Single application and desktop image to manage
IT Rollout and License Mgmt
Superior conversion to a variety of formats
Document re-creation/ Document Editing
FormTyper functionality
Working with Forms
Business Demands an Alternative
Nuance PDF Converter Enterprise 6
  • The Enterprise solution thats both affordable
    and provides complete PDF functionality
  • The Worlds leading replacement for Adobe for
    PDF desktop applications
  • Clear 1 in PDF conversion-to-office
  • Delivers savings of up to 66 off Adobe Acrobat
  • 1 page site license contract no seat counting,
    no auditing

A Proven Solution for Government
Over 3 million Better PDF seats worldwide
  • A simple to use application designed for the
    Government user
  • Most commonly used functionality at your
  • Smaller footprint (500MB vs 2.13 GB)
  • The flexibility to be format independent
  • Incredible Time-savings
  • With our licensing programs A better company
    to do PDF business with
  • 1 page Site License contract
  • No auditing, No seat counting

A Proven Solution for Government
  • Nuance PDF is already being used by your peers in

VA Medical Center DCMA Lockheed Martin GSA
National Park Service Department of Justice Enterprise Human Services Agency Bureau of Census
FBI US Signal Activity National Cancer Institute Sheppard Air Force Base
US Army National Science Foundation Department of US Treasury National Simulation Center
Department of Veteran Affairs US Air Marshals Naval Oceanic Command USDA
Product Overview
Better PDF for Government
The only complete PDF solution designed
specifically for Government users
Everything You Need to Create, Convert and
Edit PDF files
  • CREATE and share PDF files with any PDF
  • CONVERT PDF files into editable, fully-formatted
    Microsoft Office and Corel WordPerfect files.
  • EDIT directly within a PDF file, adding copy,
    rearranging words and even changing graphics

The mission for PDF 6 is to deliver significant
time savings back to the users
A note about Microsoft and Nuance - Conversion
  • Through a collaboration with Microsoft, Nuance
    invented the PDF conversion category in 2003
  • Broke new ground by turning PDF into
    fully-formatted and editable Microsoft Office
  • Close Microsoft-Nuance collaboration continues
  • PDF Converter Professional 6 expands Microsoft
  • Creation and Conversion from within Office
  • SharePoint integration
  • Improved archiving to PDF from Outlook
  • Convert attachments to PDF before sending in

Beyond Creation, Conversion, and Editing
  • One click and any PDF form is fillable
  • Letting you fill, save and share forms
  • Secure your documents
  • Digital signatures, password security, or
    certificate security with 256-bit encryption
  • Full 508-compliant tagging solution
  • Auto-tag your PDF files and manually touchup
    reading order and alt-text tags to ensure your
    PDF files are 508-compliant

Whats New in PDF Converter Enterprise 6?
  • Scan directly to PDF
  • Rearrange pages with Document Assembly
  • Create PDF Portfolios
  • Convert page areas to editable text
  • Create searchable PDF files on the fly
  • Compare a PDF file with a Word document
  • Batch process PDF files
  • Write anywhere in your PDF with Typewriter
  • Fill out XML-based dynamic forms (XFA)

NEW Document Assembly
  • Build Your PDF Document Faster Easier Than Ever
  • Just like shuffling/reordering pages on your desk
  • Drag Drop Assembly for PDF, Microsoft Office,
    XPS and other file types
  • Insert, Delete, Replace, Split, Renumber,
    Header/Footer management
  • Splitting now includes Split by File Size option

As easy as working with paper.
NEW Support for PDF Portfolios
  • PDF Portfolios are a collection of files of
    various file types (PDF, Office files, images,
    videos, etc.) and folders presented in a
    virtual document set
  • Open, use and modify existing PDF Portfolios
  • Supports Flash cover pages embedded in PDF
  • Compatible with Adobe implementation

How will you use PDF Portfolios?
  • Business collect various file types into a
    Portfolio, with guides on how the document set
    can be viewed/used
  • Government Provide multimedia instructions on
    how to work on a set of documents
  • Marketing Use multimedia PDF to present new
    products and information
  • Legal Create closing binders with all
    necessary documents and signatory instructions

NEW Compare PDF to Word Copy
  • Matching a PDF version to Word version is made
  • Save hours and be more precise in comparing
    content across PDF and Microsoft Word formats
  • Ideal for contract reviews and finding lost
    source documents

NEW Direct Connection to Microsoft SharePoint
  • Complete Integration into the leading ECM
    solutions including SharePoint, Open Text,
    Interwoven, and Hummingbird
  • Both Create and Converter Assistants offer Open
    from and Save to Document Management Systems
  • Pro offers complete integration into all 4 ECM

Integration with IBM Lotus Notes
  • Archiving Mail and Attachments - Easier than Ever
  • Archiving
  • Archive select mail messages or entire folders
    of mail from with Outlook or Lotus Notes
  • Create PDF
  • Choose to save file attachments as PDF directly
    from received mail
  • Convert PDF to other formats
  • Convert PDF attachments into editable documents
    directly from the source mail

PDF Converter Enterprise 6
  • Critical Enterprise Features
  • Redaction and Bates stamping
  • Permanently remove sensitive information or add
    Bates numbering and other headers and footer
    schemes to your PDF files.

Licensing Options
  • Site License Program
  • Single up-front purchase A defined site.
  • Delivers the greatest cost savings per seat
  • Eliminates the expenses associated with auditing,
    tracking or compliance.
  • Offered in Corporate, Government and academic
  • Open License Program
  • A set number of seats
  • Delivers modest discount based on the volume
  • Advantage Program
  • Delivers moderate discounts that improve based
    upon volume of products that are planned to be
    purchased over 2 year period.

Is Even Better - Better PDF for Government
  • Even Better Compatibility A true alternative
    that is up to 66 less than Adobe
  • Even Better Office Productivity Save hours of
    effort with paper-to-PDF, PDF editing and
    document assembly, and PDF to Office conversion
  • Even Better Ease-of-use Weve made it easier to
    work with PDF, XPS, Office and other important
    file types
  • Even Better Enterprise Features Adds value to
    existing enterprise investments at a lower price

The Price, Features Performance Needed to put
PDF on Every Desktop!
Channel Ready
Channel Launch Materials
  • Sell Sheets
  • Comparison Charts
  • Data Sheets
  • Fact Sheets
  • Email Copy
  • Scripts
  • Slide Decks
  • Updated All in web site
  • Press Release
  • Price Files
  • Image Flash

Updated All In Web Page www.resellers.better
  • New Collaterals
  • Revised Email Templates
  • Comparison Charts
  • Press Release

Process for Deal Registration 1-Call Email
Your Accounts
To qualify - the customer must have a serious
interest and budget for 50 seats or more, and a
Web based or in person meeting must take place in
cooperation with your Nuance Account Manager.
Its Better PDF for Government.. incredible
savings !!!! Low cost alternative with all the
rich features . unparallel PDF to Word, Excel
and PowerPoint conversion. Ill request a
meeting with Nuance for you.
  • Email and call your contacts
  • Discover interest for 50 seats
  • Explain Nuance PDF value proposition
  • Request a meeting with Nuance

Process for Deal Registration 2- Use these Tools
Leverage the content, sales tools and collateral
available to you at http//
  • Email Templates/Scripts
  • White Paper, Press Release
  • Comparison Charts, Product Info
  • Cost Calculator, Flash Demos

Process for Deal Registration 3- Ask for the
Meeting and Register on-line
  • Ask for the meeting
  • Coordinate with your Nuance Account Manager
  • Register the meeting/opportunity at
  • After meeting takes place, customer is tagged as
    YOUR opportunity!
  • Youll then be notified via email that youve
    earned your meeting spiff of 150 to 250, and
  • That youll receive 20 points of margin on the
    deal when it closes.
  • PLUS you earn cash spiffs on the license portion
    of your deal!

All In Program Summary
  • Heres what you get from Nuance
  • Great Profit
  • We will provide a 20 of additional margin on
    registered deals on top of the normal
    distribution margin
  • Competitive advantage over all other resellers
  • If you register the deal you have a 20pt
    advantage over all your competition
  • Great rep motivation
  • Rich Spiff program motivates your reps to open
    doors and to work with our reps to close deals
  • Great Sales/Marketing Tools
  • We provide everything form email creative and
    fact sheets to customer references
  • Happy Customers that will buy more from you the
    Trusted Advisor

All In Program Summary
  • Heres what we need YOU to do
  • Proactively reach out to all your Adobe,
    Microsoft OLP, Select and Enterprise customers
  • We will supply all the sales marketing
    materials messages
  • Introduce Nuance PDF Converter Professional
  • The Better PDF for Government
  • Co-developed with Microsoft
  • Completely integrated with Microsoft Office
  • Contact Elaine Singer to get connected to our
    Sales team to the customers interested in saving
    money by leveraging our PDF solution vs. the
    higher priced alternative
  • Manage the transactions and book the deals

Better PDF for Government
  • Customers are buying Better PDF for Government
  • Make sure they buy from YOU!
  • Get your prospects registered and get a meeting

Questions? ..