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Space Time


Adam McDaniel Ms. Anderson s Earth Science I What is Space Time? Space-Time is a theory on how space and time interact. This type of space is known as 3+1 space ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Space Time

Space Time
  • Adam McDaniel
  • Ms. Andersons Earth Science I

What is Space Time?
  • Space-Time is a theory on how space and time
  • This type of space is known as 31 space, due to
    the fact that there are three dimensions of space
    and one dimension of time.

Who Developed the Theory of Space-Time?
  • Albert Einstein created the theory of the
    space-time in his theory of relativity, which was
    one of his most pivotal theories.
  • It is now widely accepted as scientific fact.
  • Einstein based it on Euclidian Space, an old,
    ancient Greek mathematical formula.

What does it all mean?
  • It simply means that large objects generate a
    great gravitational field bend space, and smaller
    objects orbit around the bent space.

What about an example?
  • Imagine you have a round sink.
  • If you roll an object into the sink, it will
    essentially orbit the bottom of the sink, until
    it eventually falls into the bottom.
  • This is an example of the Space Time Continuum,
    because the bottom of the sink is acting as a
    gravity source, and the object you rolled is
    acting as an object being pulled by that gravity

Time Travel
  • It is believed that it is possible for someone to
    move back and forth through time.
  • This process is called Time Travel.
  • Little is known about Time Travel, however, we
    are getting closer to unlocking its secrets.

Problems with Time Travel
  • There are many problems associated with Time
    travel that make many prominent scientists
    discredit it.
  • Paradoxes
  • Corrupting of the timeline of Earth
  • Little evidence to support its existence
  • Materials needed to create a device able to
    transport people through time are exotic and not
    found on Earth in ready amounts

Grandfather Paradox
  • The Grandfather Paradox is one of the more well
    known time paradoxes.
  • It states that if you go back in time, and kill
    your grandfather, you should not exist. But, if
    you do not exist, you never had a chance to kill
    your grandfather, which means you would exist.
    But if the timeline is constant, you would then
    kill your grandfather again, and the process
    would repeat.

Time Corruption
  • If someone went back in time, it is proposed that
    anything he did to change the timeline would
    result in a butterfly effect.
  • A butterfly effect is an effect which ripples
    through space and time, altering time forever as
    each minute passes by. The more the time traveler
    tries to change the time-line, the more corrupt
    the timeline becomes.

Multiple Universe Theory
  • One theory that gets around the Time Corruption
    paradox is the theory that states that there are
    an infinite amount of universes.
  • If you killed your grandfather in this type of
    timeline, you would not corrupt the timeline you
    live in, instead, you would create a new timeline
    diverging from the main one you lived in.

Ontological Paradox
  • This paradox states that if you go back in time
    to try and stop an action you could possibly be
    the cause of the action you were trying to stop.
  • For example, if you went back in time to stop a
    war, you might accidentally do an action that
    would begin the war you were trying to start.
  • You would be the cause of the war.

Space-Time Travel
  • Space-Time Travel is different from normal Time
  • Normal Time travel transports you to the exact
    same geologic point as you started.
  • If you went back in time in San Francisco, you
    would arrive in the place San Francisco would be
    founded on.
  • Space-Time Travel says that you would travel
    through both space and time, and you would arrive
    at the exact position of space that you were in
    when you started.
  • If you went back in time in San Francisco 2000
    years, you would not be on planet Earth, you
    would be in space.

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