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The Fairytale of Elle and Warner


The Fairytale of Elle and Warner By: Brendan Nuse and Ivy Kang Cast List! Bibliography Cast List! Bibliography Once upon a time there was a girl named Elle. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Fairytale of Elle and Warner

The Fairytale of Elle and Warner
  • By Brendan Nuse and Ivy Kang

Once upon a time there was a girl named Elle. She
had a great life. Her sorority Delta Nu was
always behind her, ready to brighten her mood
with weekly mani/pedis. Most important of all was
her boyfriend, Warner. Elle and Warner were very
close. So close, in fact that they were always
together. The girls of Delta Nu noticed that they
were always together. Condensed, you could say.
Then Elle and Warner got even closer. Elle was
sure that they would soon be married. However,
Warner got accepted to Harvard Law School. Elle
was heartbroken when Warner dumped her for law
school, so she decided to make a plan. While she
was busy making her plan, the girls of Delta Nu
had no way to function without their president,
so they broke up.
The girls of Delta Nu were so devastated they
left the school entirely. Meanwhile, Elle decided
to get herself into Harvard Law School. She made
a very appealing video in the Delta Nu hot tub.
Along with her score of 175 on her LSATs and her
4.0 GPA in Fashion Merchandising, she sent in her
video application. The admissions board loved her
application and the diversity her major added to
the school, so she was accepted immediately.
Elle was very excited when she received the news
that she was off to Harvard! She packed her bags
and off she went. When she got there, everyone
thought she was strange. They did not like the
way she dressed, or the way she acted. However,
she was sure everything would be just nifty once
she saw Warner. She headed over to him. Warner
was surprised to see Elle at Harvard. He was also
worried, since he had to tell Elle that he was
engaged!... And not to her. Elle was very upset.
She planned to work so hard that she could prove
to Warner that she was serious enough for him!
She studied and studied. She studied so much that
she managed to get an intern position with one of
her professors, Professor Callahan. Warner and
his fiancé, Vivian, also happened to get
internships. Elle was ecstatic.
On Elles first day at the internship, she
arrived at 8 A.M when she was not needed until
noon, just so she could make sure she was ready
to make a good impression...and she did. However,
the good impression she made was not the kind she
wanted. Although Elle made stunning contributions
to the trial, Professor Callahan did not seem to
notice. Instead of praising her intellect, he
decided to hit on her. Also, Vivian seemed to
hate her more than ever! Hurt and alone, Elle
decided to head back to Malibu.
Just then, Elles friend Emmet stopped her from
leaving. He made her realize how important she
was to the trial. She decided to stay. She went
to the victim of the trial, and told her what
Callahan and Warner had done to her. The victim,
Brooke Windham, decided to have Elle be her
lawyer, and Emmet supervise, since Elle was still
only a student. Then, Brooke kicked Warner and
Callahan out. Warner decided to go back to Malibu
to visit his grandmother. After she won the
trial, Elle realized that she could function
without Warner. She was her own person. She vowed
never to see Warner again.
...and they all lived happily ever after. The End.
WARNING LABEL This story is a
FAIRYTALE. It is FICTIONAL. Do NOT try to send in
a video application of you in a hot tub to
Harvard Law School. Thank you.
Cast List!
__________Elle and Warner Microtubules____________
__________________________________Harvard and
Malibu Nuclear Envelope___________________________
______________The Girls of Delta
Nu Cell___________________________________________
___________Elles State of Mind Spindle
Acceptance to Harvard Law School Kinetochores_____
__________________________________Vivian and
(Interphase- Elle and Warners past
relationship.) Prophase- The break up of Delta
Nu, caused by Warners acceptance to
Harvard. Metaphase- Elles acceptance into
Harvard. Anaphase- Vivian and Emmet  (the
kinetochores) attach and pull Elle and Warner
apart. Telophase- Hatred and tension between
Elle, Vivian, and Warner sets Elle even more
apart she is being pulled away from Warner even
more. (Cytokenisis-  Elle is finally her own
person, and her thoughts and actions are no
longer being influenced by Warner anymore.)
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