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Title: Microsoft%20Consolidated%20Campus%20Agreement

Microsoft Consolidated Campus Agreement
  • MCCA 2015 Renewal

Microsoft Account Team
Microsoft volume licensing options
  • Select Plus
  • MCCA
  • Annual subscription licensing running from July 1
    June 30 each year
  • Standardize licensing for all users
  • License your entire FTE faculty staff count and
    deploy the software to all users and computers
  • Software Assurance is included
  • Upgrade rights for all products
  • Home use rights for Office
  • VDI rights for Windows
  • E-learning Self-guided online training
  • License mobility for servers
  • Perpetual licensing
  • Acquire software licenses as needed
  • Office and Windows products require that you
    license each computer
  • CALs provide the option to license devices or
  • Software Assurance is optional

Calculating FTE
  • Employee Count
  • Full-time faculty 15
  • Part-time faculty 15
  • Full-time staff 50
  • Part-time staff 20
  • Total employees 100
  • FTE Count
  • Full-time faculty 15
  • Part-time faculty 15 3 5
  • Full-time staff 50
  • Part-time staff 20 2 10
  • FTE employees 80

Desktop package options
Desktop with Core CAL
Office Professional Plus 2013 / Office for Mac
2011 Windows 8 Professional / Enterprise
Upgrade Windows Server 2012 CAL Exchange Server
2013 Standard CAL SharePoint Server 2013 Standard
CAL Lync Server 2013 Standard CAL System Center
Endpoint Protection 2012 System Center
Configuration Manager 2012 CML System Center
Virtual Machine Manager 2012 CML
Windows 2012 Rights Management Services
CAL Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise
CAL SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise CAL Lync
Server 2013 Enterprise CAL System Center
Operations Manager 2012 CML System Center Data
Protection Manager 2012 CML System Center Service
Manager 2012 CML System Center Orchestrator 2012
CML System Center App Controller 2012
CML Exchange Online Protection Exchange Online
Archiving for Exchange Server
Product Offering classification
  • Each product has an Offering classification of
  • Faculty/Staff requires ordering for entire FTE
  • Student requires ordering for entire student
    FTE count
  • Additional Product ordered as needed
  • Products with both Faculty/Staff Additional
    Product classifications

Part Product Name UC Price Offering Pool Breakeven
B21-00326-A MapPoint (32-bit) 14.00 Additional Product Applications gt36 of FTE
B21-00326-F MapPoint (32-bit) 5.00 Faculty/Staff Applications Purchase for all FTE
H30-00237-A Project Professional w/1 Project Server CAL 53.00 Additional Product Applications gt11 of FTE
H30-00237-F Project Professional w/1 Project Server CAL 6.00 Faculty/Staff Applications Purchase for all FTE
359-00765-A SQL Server CAL 15.00 Additional Product Servers gt33 of FTE
359-00765-F SQL Server CAL 5.00 Faculty/Staff Servers Purchase for all FTE
D87-01057-A Visio Pro 46.00 Additional Product Applications gt11 of FTE
D87-01057-F Visio Pro 5.00 Faculty/Staff Applications Purchase for all FTE
EJF-00358-A Windows MultiPoint Server CAL 7.00 Additional Product Servers gt71 of FTE
EJF-00358-F Windows MultiPoint Server CAL 5.00 Faculty/Staff Servers Purchase for all FTE
6VC-01251-A Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) CAL 7.00 Additional Product Servers gt71 of FTE
6VC-01251-F Windows Remote Desktop Services (RDS) CAL 5.00 Faculty/Staff Servers Purchase for all FTE
SQL Server licensing Server CAL vs Per Core
  • Server CAL
  • Ideal for non-critical environments with basic
    workloads and relatively few users
  • All SQL Servers (physical virtual) need a SQL
    Server license
  • All users and/or devices that access SQL server
    directly or access applications that house data
    in a SQL database will need a SQL Server CAL
  • Per Core
  • Ideal when
  • There is a large number of users
  • The users are uncountable (external facing
  • You need highly available mission critical
    workloads (SQL Server Enterprise)
  • Physical SQL Servers require that you license all
    cores with a minimum of 4 cores licensed
  • Virtual SQL Servers requires that you license all
    virtual CPUs with a minimum of 4 cores licensed
  • Gain unlimited virtualization rights by licensing
    all cores on a physical host server through MCCA

SQL Server Edition Licensing Options Licensing Options
Server CAL Per Core
Enterprise ?
Business Intelligence ?
Standard ? ?
New products available through MCCA
Part Number Product Name UC Price Offering Purchase Unit
GG7-00005-A Dynamics AX Core Server 4,410 Additional Product 1 Year
GD7-00011-A Dynamics AX Enterprise CAL 717 Additional Product 1 Year
GF4-00011-A Dynamics AX Functional CAL 276 Additional Product 1 Year
GF9-00009-A Dynamics AX Self Serve CAL 22 Additional Product 1 Year
GG3-00005-A Dynamics AX Server 1,183 Additional Product 1 Year
GG6-00005-A Dynamics AX Store Server 189 Additional Product 1 Year
GG4-00011-A Dynamics AX Task CAL 79 Additional Product 1 Year
UTD-00017-A SQL Parallel Data Warehouse - 2 Core License 3,498 Additional Product 1 Year
MCCA 2015 Renewal timeline
Next steps in renewing MCCA
  1. Review and update your FTE counts
  2. Choose the appropriate Desktop package
  3. Add additional products (servers, CALs,
    applications, tools, etc) and update quantities
  4. Submit your order by April 24

Additional Information
Online Services
  • Online Services are ordered on their own
    agreements outside of MCCA
  • Contact Jeff Williams ( to

Azure Pass for Researchers
  • Microsoft Research is offering grants valued up
    to 40,000 to universities and non-profit
    research labs
  • More info _at_
  • Grant application http//

storsimple for Hybrid Cloud Storage
  • Purchase 60k in Azure Monetary Commitment get
    the 8100 FREE
  • http//

StorSimple Appliance 8100 8600
Usable Local Hard Drive Capacity 15TB 40TB
Usable SSD (eMLC) Physical Capacity 800GB 2TB
Effective Local Capacity 15-75TB 40-200TB
Max Capacity (including cloud) 200TB 500TB
MSRP 100,000 170,000
Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Intune
  • Azure Rights Management

Azure AD Premium
  • Extend Active Directory to the cloud to simplify
    user access to any cloud app
  • Consistent identity
  • Single sign-on to over 2500 SaaS applications
  • Protect sensitive data and applications
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Machine learning-driven security reports for
    visibility and threat management
  • Reduce calls to the Help Desk by enabling
    self-service for your employees
  • Self-service password reset
  • Self-service group management

for mobile device management
  • Remote management of mobile devices and computers
    even those not joined to the domain
  • Provide employees with self-service enrollment
    from the devices of their choice
  • Deploy certificates, WiFi, VPN, and email
    profiles automatically once a device is enrolled
  • Enforce password protection and encryption of
    mobile devices and computers
  • Install corporate applications from the
    self-service Institution Portal
  • Secure institutional data through policies that
    prevent data leakage
  • Remote wipe data from lost/stolen devices
  • Gain insights with hardware and software
    inventory reporting
  • Monitor mobile devices and computers for problems
  • No infrastructure required Intune is a cloud
  • Integrate with existing System Center
    Configuration Manager (SCCM) deployments

Azure Rights Management
  • Safeguard sensitive information with easy-to-use
    policy templates
  • Company Confidential Read Only
  • Do Not Forward
  • Persistent protection of files
  • Files are encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Set document and email expiration dates
  • Access rights protected files from Windows
    computers and mobile devices
  • Windows Phone, iOS, and Android

EMS Pricing
Part Number Product Name UC Price Offering Purchase Unit
3R3-00001-A Azure Active Directory Premium - Per User 6.00 Additional Product 1 Year
U7U-00001-A Intune Add-on for Core CAL/ECAL/Desktop Subscribers - Per User 4.80 Additional Product 1 Year
SE2-00002-A Azure Rights Management - Per User 6.00 Additional Product 1 Year
  Total 16.80  

AAA-10728-F Enterprise Mobility Suite - Per User 11.64 Faculty/Staff 1 Year
Visual Studio w/MSDN
  • Per-user license for development and testing
  • Install and use as many instances of the software
    as needed

Software for Development Testing MSDN Operating Systems MSDN Platforms Visual Studio Pro with MSDN Visual Studio Test Pro with MSDN Visual Studio Premium with MSDN Visual Studio Ultimate with MSDN
Toolkits, SDKs, Driver Development Kits ü ü ü ü ü ü
Windows, Windows Server ü ü ü ü ü ü
Windows Azure 100 monthly credit 50 monthly credit 50 monthly credit 100 monthly credit 150 monthly credit
Microsoft SQL Server   ü ü ü ü ü
Microsoft Office       ü ü
Microsoft Dynamics   ü     ü ü
All Other Servers (SharePoint, Exchange, Lync, etc.)   ü     ü ü
Windows Embedded   ü ü    ü ü
Additional Benefits          
Technical Support Incidents 2 2 2 2 4 4
E-Learning Course Collections 1 2 1 1 2 2
Visual Studio TFS 2013 CAL ü ü ü ü ü
Visual Studio Online services ü ü ü ü ü
Load Testing Virtual User Pack ü
Visual Studio Deployment Standard 2013 ü
MCCA 2015 Price 89 120 54 92 250 545
Academic Part Number (SKU) G71-03031-A 3VU-00043-A 77D-00110-A L5D-00161-A 9ED-00071-A 9JD-00050-A
Upcoming End of Support Dates
Product Lifecycle Start Date Extended Support End Date
Operations Manager 2005 11/24/2004 1/13/2015
Systems Management Server 2003 1/20/2004 1/13/2015
Forefront Client Security 8/2/2007 7/14/2015
Windows Server 2003 5/28/2003 7/14/2015
Windows XP Embedded 1/30/2002 1/12/2016
Internet Explorer 8 1/12/2016
Dynamics CRM 3.0 12/1/2005 4/12/2016
SQL Server 2005 1/14/2006 4/12/2016
System Center Data Protection Manager 2006 10/22/2005 4/12/2016
Visual Studio 2005 1/27/2006 4/12/2016
BizTalk Server 2006 6/23/2006 7/12/2016
Microsoft Windows Server 2003
  • Microsoft support ends July 2015
  • Sites requiring continued support will need to
    contract with MS for continued support
  • It would be advantageous to negotiate with MS for
    coverage of all required UC sites at a reduced

The IT COE will consolidate all requirements and
negotiate with MS on behalf of the UC Enterprise
if the following information is provided by April
  • How many Windows 2003 server instances will
    you require?
  • How long will you need support beyond July 2015?
  • Instance any version of the server software,
    physical or virtual, that is created, stored, or
    run on a server to which the customer wants to
    deploy a security update for a particular
    product. The total count should equal the number
    of times the security update will be deployed,
    rather than the physical number of servers.
  • Contact Diane Yoder - dianne.yoder_at_ucop.ed

Microsoft Event Calendar
  • Access the calendar here http//
  • Upcoming events

Date Time (Pacific) Subject Location
3/16-19/2015 All Day Microsoft Convergence 2015 Atlanta, GA
3/18/2015 11am - 12pm Identity and Mobility, Driving a Connected School Environment Online
3/19/2015 1pm - 2pm Optimize Your EPIC Solution on Microsoft Cloud Platform Online
3/26/2015 11am - 12pm What's New in Microsoft Azure for Education Online
4/29 - 5/1/2015 All Day Microsoft Build 2015 San Francisco, CA
5/4-8/2015 All Day Microsoft Ignite 2015 Chicago, IL
(No Transcript)
Software Assurance Benefits
Windows Upgrade
Qualifying Operating Systems          
Qualifying Operating Systems New Enterprise Agreement / Open Value Existing Enterprise Agreement / Open Value Select (All except academic) Open (All except academic) Academic
Windows 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)          
Enterprise x x x x x
Pro x x x x x
Windows 8         x
Windows 8 Single Language         x
Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)          
Enterprise x x x x x
Professional x x x x x
Ultimate x x x x x
Home Premium         x
Home Basic         x
Starter Edition         x
Windows Vista (32-bit or 64-bit)          
Enterprise x   x x x
Business x   x x x
Ultimate x   x x x
Home Premium         x
Home Basic         x
Starter Edition         x
Windows XP (32-bit or 64-bit)          
Professional x   x x x
Tablet Edition x   x x x
XP Pro N x   x x x
XP Pro Blade PC x   x x x
Home Starter Edition       x
Windows 2000 Professional x x x x
Windows NT Workstation 4.0 x x x x
Windows 98 (including 2nd Edition) x x x x
Apple Macintosh x x x x
  • Check out the Academic column
  • The Windows upgrade license requires a qualified
    operating system to upgrade from
  • As an EES subscriber, order new computers with a
    lesser, more cost effective edition of Windows
    and upgrade to your standard image

Office 365 Education
Private Social networking between faculty, staff,
and students
Office 365 Education packages
Faculty Staff
Not Available
MCCA Desktop Subscribers
Not Available
Prices shown are UC prices from SHI
Beginning December 1, 2014 all MCCA participating
departments are eligible for Office 365 ProPlus
at no additional cost.
Office 365 Education package details
Free components Paid components
Email, Calendar, Contacts
Exchange Online
IM, Presence, Web Conference
Lync Online
Standard Services
SharePoint Online and OneDrive
Team sites, Video, storage, sharing
Enterprise Social
One tool for eMail and Documents
eDiscovery Search
Edit Office documents in a browser
Office Online
Manage projects
Project Online
Office 365 ProPlus (included if eligible)
Office Pro Plus or Office 2011 for Mac, Office
for iPad
Rights Management Services
Encrypt e-mail, Documents
eDiscovery Hold/Export , DLP
Advanced compliance Legal tools
Advanced Services
BI, PowerPivot, Visio services
Data Analysis
Voicemail support
Unified Messaging in Inbox
Full Voice with PSTN
Replace PSTN
New Services
UC Price Per User/ Month

Yammer Enterprise Yammer Enterprise for Office 365 Free Free Cloud-based enterprise social solution that allows for knowledge sharing and team or organizational collaboration
Power BI Power BI for Office 365 5.44 2.72 Cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution that works from within Excel and Office 365 to analyze and visualize data in a self-service way.
Azure AD Premium Azure Active Directory Premium services 0.50 0.50 Advanced capabilities of Azure AD including login branding, self service password reset, Multi-factor auth for on prem, write back, security reporting, etc.
Visio Visio Pro for Office 365 2 1.5 Subscription version of the advanced diagramming software, including roaming access and click to run
Project Project Pro for Office 365 2 1 Subscription version of Project Professional client software with roaming access and click to run
Project Project Online Free Free Online-only version of project server, delivering enterprise Project, Program and Portfolio Management
Project Project Online with Project Pro for Office 365 2 1.50 Subscription version of Project Professional client with online capabilities of Project Online
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