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PRESENTATION BEFORE SECRETARY (Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation) – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation)
  • Optimum and sustainable utilization of Water
  • Mission
  • To develop and implement policies, programmes
    and practices, which would enable the efficient
    and effective use of the countrys water
    resources in an equitable and sustainable manner
    with active involvement of stakeholders as also
    enable the management of floods and to
    disseminate information, skills and knowledge,
    which would help in capacity building and mass

  • Rejuvenation of River Ganga and its tributaries
  • Implementation of National Water Policy, 2012
  • Sustainable Ground Water Management its
  • Development of water resources data base and
    Flood Management / flood forecasting
  • Creation of irrigation potential and Reducing Gap
    between the Irrigation Potential Created (IPC)
    Irrigation Potential Utilized (IPU) .
  • Nurturing excellence Innovation through
    Research Development and Capacity Building. .
  • Promotion of increase in water use efficiency and
    awareness for water conservation.
  • Planning Integrated implementation of measures
    for management of floods and bank erosion.
  • National Water Mission with its 5 goals

National Water Policy
  • Adopted by National Water Resources Council
    chaired by PM in December, 2012. It takes
    cognizance of the existing situation, proposes
    plan of action with a unified national
    perspective, emphasizing inter-alia water demand
    management and adaptation strategies to address
    issues of climate change etc.

(No Transcript)
Spatial variation of rainfall
Temporal variation of rainfall
Per Capita Water Availability
Water Scenario in India contd..
Reducing per capita water availability
Per capita water availability in m3 /year
Water stress 1700 m3/capita/year
Water scarcity 1000 m3/capita/year
Water Scenario in India
1123 BCM Annual Average Availability of Water
Billion Cubic Metres
  • Water Use Efficiency low 35 - 45
  • against 50 - 60 in developed countries

Evolution of Ministry of Water Resources
  • August 1952 Ministry of Irrigation and Power
  • November 1974 Separate Department of Irrigation
    (Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation)
  • June 1980 Full fledged Ministry of Irrigation
  • January 1985 Ministry of Irrigation and Power
  • September 1985 Ministry of Water Resources
    created by upgrading Department of Irrigation.
  • July 2014-Renamed as Ministry of Water Resources
    ,RD GR

Constitutional Provisions on Water
  • In the Constitution, water is a matter included
    in Entry 17 of List-II i.e. State List. This
    entry is subject to the provision of Entry 56 of
    List-I i.e. Union List.
  • Entry 17 of List II (State List) of the 7th
  • Water, that is to say, water supplies,
    irrigation and canals, drainage and embankments,
    water storage and water power subject to
    provisions of entry 56 of List I.
  • Entry 56 of List I (Union List) of the 7th
  • Regulation and development of inter-state rivers
    and river valleys to the extent to which such
    regulation and development under the control of
    the Union is declared by Parliament by law to be
    expedient in the public interest.

Constitutional Provisions on Water contd
  • Art. 262 Disputes relating to Water -
    Adjudication of disputes relating to waters of
    inter-State rivers or river valleys
  • Parliament may by law provide for the
    adjudication of any dispute or complaint with
    respect to the use, distribution or control of
    the waters of, or in, any inter-State river or
    river valley.
  • 2. Notwithstanding anything in this Constitution,
    Parliament may by law provide that neither the
    Supreme Court nor any other court shall exercise
    jurisdiction in respect of any such dispute or
    complaint as is referred to in clause (1).

Inter State Water Disputes Act, 1956 provides for
setting up of Tribunals (Draft Bill for Amendment
along with the Note for the Cabinet, as vetted by
MoLJ is under consideration in the office of
Honble Minister, WR,RD GR before its
circulation to concerned Central Ministries and
Mandate of Ministry
  • Development, conservation and management of
    water as a national resource.
  • Overall national perspective of water planning
    coordination in relation to diverse uses of water
    and interlinking of rivers
  • Water laws and legislations.
  • NGRBA including the Mission Directorate, NMCG
    other related matters of Ganga Rejuvenation.
  • Conservation, development, management and
    abatement of pollution in river Ganga and its
  • Addressing inter-State and trans-boundary issues.
  • Bilateral and multi-lateral cooperation.
  • Matters relating to rivers common to India and
    neighboring countries.
  • General policy, guidelines and programmes for
    development and regulation of countrys water
  • Water resources assessment.
  • Water quality assessment

Organizational Chart of MoWR,RD GR
Minister (Water Resources, River Development and
Ganga Rejuvenation) Sushri Uma Bharati
Minister of State (Water Resources, River
Development and Ganga Rejuvenation) Prof.
Sanwar Lal Jat
Secretary Shri Shashi Shekhar
Mission Director (NWM) (Addl. Secretary Rank)
Additional Secretary Dr. Amarjit Singh
ADG (Stat) (Mr. Sarvesh Kumar)
Joint Secretary (Admn GW) Dr. Amita Prasad
Joint Secretary (Policy Planning) Dr. B.
Joint Secretary MD (NMCG) Mr. T.V.S.N. Prasad
Joint Secretary Financial Advisor
Commissioner (FM) Shri N.K.Mathur
Commissioner (BB) Shri T S Mehra
Commissioner (Indus) Shri K.Vohra
Commissioner (State Projects/CAD) Shri Pradeep
Commissioner (Peninsular Rivers)
Adviser (Tech.)-NWM Sh. Joginder Singh
Economic Advisor Shri K.M.M. Alimalmigothi
Advisor (CM/NWM) Dr. M.SatyaNaryana
Organizations Under Ministry
  • Attached Offices
  • Central Water Commission, Delhi
  • Central Soil and Material Research Station, Delhi

Organizations Under Ministry
  • Subordinate Offices
  • Central Ground Water Board, Faridabad
  • Central Water and Power Research Station, Pune
  • Ganga Flood Control Commission, Patna
  • Farakka Barrage Project, Farakka
  • Sardar Sarovar Construction Advisory Committee,
  • Bansagar Control Board, Rewa
  • Upper Yamuna River Board, Delhi
  • Polavaram Project Authority

Organizations Under Ministry
  • Statutory Bodies
  • Brahmaputra Board, Guwahati
  • Narmada Control Authority, Indore
  • Betwa River Board, Jhansi
  • Tungbhadra Board, Hospet
  • Godavari River Management Board
  • Krishna River Management Board
  • Autonomous Bodies
  • National Water Development Agency, Delhi
  • National Institute of Hydrology, Roorkee

Organizations Under Ministry
  • Public Sector Enterprises
  • WAPCOS Limited, Delhi
  • National Projects Construction Corporation
    Limited, Faridabad

Rs. in crore
Category XI Plan Outlay Expenditure in XI Plan XII Plan Outlay (2012-17) Actual Exp. 2012-13 Actual Exp. 2013-14 Actual Exp. 2014-15 BE for 2015-16
Central Sector Schemes 3246 2556.40 18118.00 510.36 498.32 1629.25 1607.00
State Sector Schemes 47015 37571.40 91435.00 6503.61 3813.84 3261.05 2000.00
Total 50261 40127.80 109553.00 7013.97 4312.16 4890.30 3607.00
(Rs. in Crore)
S. No. Scheme Outlay of 12th Plan CCEA/EFC status Exp in 12th Plan up to March 2015 B E 2015-16
1 Development of WRIS 2247 Approved 159.77 81.00
2 Flood Forecasting 794 2nd EFC mtg held and approval is awaited 77.31 50.00
3 Hydrology Project-II III 120 II-Completed and III under appraisal 103.53 10.00
4 Ground Water Mgmt Regulation 3319 Approved 314.30 163.00
5 Research Development 360 Approved 94.18 30.00
6 HRD/Capacity Building 610 Approved 67.24 29.00
7 Infrastructure Development 337 Approved 36.31 17.00
8 River Basin Management 1280 Approved 439.19 119.00
(Rs. in Crore)
S. No. Scheme Outlay of 12th Plan CCEA/ EFC status Exp in 12th Plan up to March 2015 BE 2015-16
9 River Management Activities Works related to Border Rivers 763.00 Approved 136.80 102.00
10 Farakka Barrage Project 558 Approved 242.72 100.00
11 Implementation Of National Water Mission(NWM) 1390 Approved 2.00 20.00
12 Irrigation Mgmt Prog 6000 under process. 0.24 1.00
13 Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) 120 Approved during XI Plan 18.86 29.00
14 Bodwad Prisar Sinchan Yojana 0 CCEA approved in 2012 66.67 1.00
15 AIBFMP (Impact Assessment Study) 0 0 0.03 5.00
(Rs. in Crore)
S. No. Scheme Outlay of 12th Plan CCEA/ EFC status Exp in 12th Plan up to March 2015 BE 2015-16
16 Polavaram Multipurpose Project 0.00 Approved 250.00 100.00
17 National River Conservation Plan 0.00 Approved 342.40 550.00
18 National Ganga Plan (not included in Budget of Ministry) 0.00 Approved 0.00 2100.00
19 DPR for interlinking 0.00 Approval under process 0.00 100.00
20 Ghat works for beautification of river fronts 0.00 Approved 0.00 100.00
21 Water Projects of NCT 0.00 Approved 320.00 0.00
  Total 18118 - 3671.45 3707.00
Exp. 2015-16 up to 2.6.2015- Rs.46.49 cr Exp. 2015-16 up to 2.6.2015- Rs.46.49 cr Exp. 2015-16 up to 2.6.2015- Rs.46.49 cr Exp. 2015-16 up to 2.6.2015- Rs.46.49 cr Exp. 2015-16 up to 2.6.2015- Rs.46.49 cr Exp. 2015-16 up to 2.6.2015- Rs.46.49 cr
Rs. in crore
S.No. Scheme XII Plan Outlay CCEA approved amount Exp in 12th Plan up to March 2015 BE 2015-16
1. AIBP and National Projects 55200.00 55200.00 12547.51 251.00
2. CADWM 15000.00 15000.00 745.16 397.00
3. Flood Management 10000.00 10000.00 208.90 151.00
4. Repair, Renovation and Restoration of water Bodies 6235.00 6233.00 893.08 201.00
5. GW Development in Eastern and North Eastern Region 5000.00 EFC Note under preparation 0.00 0.00
6 Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojana 0.00 Under Approval stage 0.00 1000.00
Total 91435.00 - 14394.65 2000.00
Growth of Irrigation Potential Created
(Cumulative) -Major and Medium Irrigation Sector
Minor irrigation projects
Flood Management(Area in Mha)
  • Total max. flood affected area 49.815
  • Area that could be provided with 39.852
  • reasonable degree of protection
  • Area protected against floods 18.78
  • (March 2013)

Thrust Areas - XII Plan
  • Revamping of AIBP by merger of AIBP and CADWM
  • Aquifer mapping of entire country within the
    12th and 13th Five Year Plans
  • National Water Mission - one of the eight
    National Missions of National Action Plan for
    Climate Change (NAPCC) to address issues
    relating to climate change
  • Up-gradation of the National Research
    Institutions to International standards

Thrust Areas - XII Plan contd
  • To strengthen Indias capacity to provide
    technical assistance to other developing
    countries at par with the developed countries
  • To strengthen State level institutions like
    WALMIs to cater training and awareness building
    at the grass root level to support the National
    Water Mission
  • For promoting basin level integrated water
    resources management, Central Water Commission
    (CWC) is being restructured to strengthen its
    capacity etc.

Ganga Rejuvenation
  • Structural Reorganization
  • Integrated Ganga Conservation Mission Namami
    Gange announced and budget allocations made
    (July 2014) Gazette Notification - 1st of August
    2014, for Ministry of (WR, RD GR).
  • NGRBA reconstituted (29th Sep 2014), meetings
    held ( 27th of October 2014 chaired by
    Minister, WR, RD, GR and 26th of March, 2015
    chaired by Honble PM)
  • Stakeholder Consultations
  • Ganga Manthan National level stakeholder
    consultation (7th of July 2014)
  • Website of NMCG launched with platform for
    suggestions (12th of September 2014),
  • Suggestions from considered regularly
  • Consultation workshop with Industries ( 19th
    September/ 8th October 2014)
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Constitution of Group of Secretaries to finalize
    the action plan for Ganga Rejuvenation- 6th June
    2014, Submission of the report (28th of August
  • Review by Honble PM on 8th September, 2014 and
    6th Jan 2015
  • EFC meeting held on 30th Dec 2014
  • High Level Task Force (HLTF) constituted chaired
    by Cabinet Secretary, 2 meetings held 13th Feb
    5th May 2015

Ganga Rejuvenation - 2
  • Cabinet approves Rs 20,000 Cr for Namami Gange
    for 2015-20 on 13.05 2015
  • Projects ongoing in 50 towns (Rs 5900 crores)
  • Additional projects worth Rs. 1700 Cr slated for
  • Last Mile Projects (100 Town coverage of sewage
    treatment taken up/ongoing)
  • Allahabad Varanasi Haridwar (Preparations for
    upcoming Ardh Khumbh - Chandighat construction)
    Garhmukteshwar (Pilot Livelihood project for
    boatmen) Patna River Front Development
    Sahibganj Bhatpara, Kalyani, Gayespur, Halisahar
  • Kanpur Jajmau tannery cluster, under process

Ganga Rejuvenation- 3
  • Partnership launched with all 118 towns on the
    main stem
  • Ganga PIU being established in all 118 towns with
    rolling fund and dedicated staff under the Nirmal
    Ganga Sahbhagita scheme
  • Similar exercise with all 1649 Gram Panchayats
  • Project sponsoring facility launched with
    Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs /CSR funding
    to incubate innovation and expedite projects
  • Notices issued to all Municipalities(118
    ULBs)/687 Grossly polluting industries follow
    up on action plans

Ganga Rejuvenation- 4
  • Bidders conference held with MoUD empanelled
    consultancy firms for DPRs and city plans
  • Market conference held with domestic/international
    sewage treatment industry- 268 participants
  • Conferences scheduled with District Magistrates
    of Ganga districts in May /June
  • Partnership with Ministry of Youth
  • Projects formulated for tackling Ghat and river
    surface pollution- Aerators/trash skimmers/Solid
    waste collection
  • Eco-Task Force being operationalized

National Hydrology Project
HP - I (1995-2003)
HP - II (2006-2014)
  • 9 States
  • 6 Central Agencies
  • 13 States
  • 8 Central Agencies

Pan-India Cost Rs 3640 crore
  • NHP proposes
  • Establishing and upgrading Hydro-met network in
    all the river basins
  • Bringing the entire hydro-meteorological data on
    a standardised central database for easy storage,
    validation and dissemination
  • Development of Decision Support Systems for flood
    forecasting, reservoir operations, water
    resources planning management, conjunctive use
    etc. following a river basin approach
  • Enhancing capacity of the States and increasing
    collaboration between Centre States and amongst
    the States themselves.

Water Quality Assessment Authority
  • WQAA was constituted under the Environment
    (Protection) Act, 1986 for uniformity in water
    quality monitoring and directing the concerned
    agencies to take effective measures for
    mitigating the contamination of the surface and
    ground water.
  • WQAA functions under the Chairmanship of
    Secretary, MoE, F CC. It has 16 members.
    Joint Secretary (A), MoWR, RD GR is the Member
    Secretary of WQAA. The secretarial services to
    WQAA is being provided by the Water Quality Cell
    of MoWR, RD GR.
  • The Authority has been vested with the powers
    under Section 5 of the Environment (Protection)
    Act, 1986 for issuing directions and for taking
    measures with respect to matters referred to in
    clauses (ix), (xi), (xii) and (xiii) of
    sub-section 2 of Section 3 of the Act.

Aquifer Mapping Management Project Activities
  • Scientific data generation through Surveys,
    Investigations, Field studies and drillings.
  • Use of digital satellite data for capturing data
    on geomorphology, land use, vegetation, soil
    moisture to generate various thematic
  • Develop Aquifer Response Models for sustainable
    usage of ground water resources.
  • Prepare Aquifer Management Plans for different
    aquifers and implement through participation of

Project Objectives
  • Aquifer Maps on 150,000 110,000 scales in
    3Dimensions (3D)
  • Target Area 23.25 Lakh Km2 in XII and XIII
    Plan, 8.89 lakh in XII Plan alone
    (150,000) Priority Over-Exploited, Critical
    and Semi-critical areas as well as water quality
    and other vulnerable areas.
  • Regulate and control development and management
    of ground water resources.
  • Capacity building of Government officials,
    functionaries of Panchayati Raj Institutions and
    grass root workers Enhanced coordination among
    stakeholders, particularly, concerned Central /
    State Government Organizations.

National Water Mission
  • a. Comprehensive water data base in public
    domain and assessment of the impact of climate
    change on water resources
  • b. Promotion of citizen and state actions for
    water conservation, augmentation and
  • c. Focused attention to vulnerable areas
    including over-exploited areas
  • d. Increasing water use efficiency by 20
  • e. Promotion of basin level integrated water
    resources management

I. Water Disputes Tribunals Awards finalized
  • Godavari Water Disputes Tribunal (July, 1980)
  • Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal I (May, 1976)
  • Narmada Water Disputes Tribunal (Dec., 1979)

II. Existing Water Disputes Tribunals
  • Ravi-Beas Water Disputes Tribunal
  • (Final award awaited. Presidential
    Reference pending before Supreme Court, as such
    matter is sub-judice)
  • Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal
  • (Award published on 19th Feb 2013. Hearing
    on Further reference is going on . Meanwhile,
    Special Leave Petition (SLP) filed by party
    States in Honble Supreme Court pending and as
    such the matter is sub-judice. )
  • Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal (KWDT) II
  • (Final award notification stayed by Supreme
    Court. Term extended till
  • 31st July, 2016 as per Section 89 of
    Andhra Pradesh Re-organisation Act, 2014)
  • Mahadayi Water Disputes Tribunal (under
  • Vansadhara Water Disputes Tribunal (under

Inter-state Dispute resolution
  • Tamil Nadu and Karnataka
  • The award of the Cauvery Water Dispute Tribunal
    (2007) on the dispute related to distribution of
    Cauvery water amongst party States including
    Tamil Nadu and Karnataka has been published on
    19.02.2013 and pro tem Supervisory Committee
    has been set up for implementation of the same.

Special Committee on ILR
  • Four meetings of the Special Committee for
    Interlinking of Rivers (ILR) have been held so
    far. The meeting has been attended by the State
    Irrigation/Water Resources Ministers of various
    States along with their Secretaries.
  • MoWR,RDGR has constituted the Task Force on
    Inter linking of Rivers and four other
    sub-committees to look in to issues of the
    Inter-linking of rivers.

Interlinking of rivers
Status of preparation of Detailed Project Reports
for Inter Basin Water Transfer Links of NPP
Inter Linking of Rivers (ILR)- Details/Status of
preparation of DPR for Intra-State Links
  • Pakistan (Indus Waters Treaty 1960)
  • A Commissioner from each country is appointed to
    implement the Treaty. The two Commissioners
    together form the Permanent Indus Commission
  • Tours of PIC in Indus basin to ascertain
    developments/ facts.
  • Meeting of PIC at least once a year.
  • Exchange of daily river flow data of rivers in
    Indus basin every month (India-280 sites
    Pakistan 345 sites)
  • Advance flood messages to Pakistan during monsoon
    (July 1st to Oct 10th ) every year.
  • Nepal
  • Pancheshwar Mutipurpose Project (5600 MW)
  • Sapta Kosi High Dam Multipurpose Project
    Sunkosi cum Diversion Scheme (3300 MW)

  • China
  • Flood related information on Indus and
    Brahamputra is received
  • Bhutan
  • 32 Hydrological Stations maintained for flood
    related information.
  • Bangladesh
  • Flood data of Trans-boundary river provided to
    Bangladesh, during monsoon, for flood forecast .
  • Joint River Commission, headed by Honble Water
    Resources Ministers of both Countries, set up in
    1972, to address issues relating to water sector.
  • Japan
  • MoU signed with JICA and GOI on 30.3.2015 to
    provide 33,959 million yen for the Rengali
    Irrigation Project Phase-II (Odisha)
  • Australia
  • MoU signed between Governments of Australia and
    Bahrain and India in the field of water resources

  • Web based water resources information system on
    GIS platform India-WRIS was maintained.
    Unclassified data of CWC and CGWB placed on
    portal for public access.
  • A Web based portal for monitoring and release
    under AIBP proposals is being started. The portal
    has been circulated to States for its testing.
  • A web based application for issuing NOC for
    ground water extraction by industries /
    infrastructure / mining projects launched by
    Honble Union Minister on 28th January, 2015.

Information, Education Communication
  • IEC component is the largest component of Human
    Resource Development and Capacity Building Scheme
    with an estimated allocation of Rs.151 crore
    during the XII Five Year Plan.
  • Its main function is to Create awareness about
    importance of development management of
    water resources in holistic manner.
  • Major Activities of IEC
  • Electronic print media campaign
  • Three tier Painting Competition
  • Organisation / participation in workshops /
  • Organisation/participation in fairs, exhibitions
  • Organisation of India Water Week
  • Jal Kranti Abhiyan was launched on 5.6.2015.

Pending Assurances as on 31.5.2015
S.No. Wing Number of pending Assurances Number of pending Assurances Total
S.No. Wing Lok Sabha Rajya Sabha Total
1. State Projects 17 11 28
2. Policy Planning 3 1 4
3. FM 9 17 26
4. SJC(BM) 4 6 10
5. Pen. River 4 3 7
6. BB 2 6 8
7. NMCG 4 8 12
8. INDUS 1 - 1
9. Advisor(NWM) 1 - 1
10. Ground Water 1 2 3
Total 47 54 101
  • Grievances received during 1.4.2014 to 31.3.2015
    - 2750
  • Grievances disposed during 1.4.2014 to 31.3.2015
    - 2127
  • As per the CPGRAMS website, Overall disposal rate
    of grievances of Ministry as on 31.5.2015 is 86.