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Candidate 2017 Finland


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Title: Candidate 2017 Finland

  • Candidate 2017 Finland

ESOC EYSOCApplication for the year 2016,
  • Federation The Finnish Orienteering Federation
  • Contact person Mika Ilomäki
  • Contact details 358-45-77310310,
  • Local applicant SK Vuoksi
  • Executive summary
  • ESOC and EYSOC would be held at city of Imatra,
    which offers excellent terrain, sports
    infrastructure, and lodging. The city of Imatra
    and the adjacent Ruokolahti community are poised
    to support the event also economically. Local
    organizer is well-known orienteering club SK
  • Facilities for the event are conveniently located
    within a 3-kilometer radius
  • An ideal terrain for ski-orienteering (with a
    network of ski rails already in place),
  • Competition centre with ski stadium, sport hall,
    and ice arena,
  • Eevent centre with accommodations (Scandinavia's
    largest tourist centre is under construction).
  • Finland wants to organize especially WMSOC in
    conjunction of some other major IOF ski-o events
    of 2017. ESOC and EYSOC would fit greatly
    together with WMSOC.
  • Running several competitions at once adds to the
    gravity of the event, making it more interesting
    to the public and the media. The veterans
    competition is expected to draw a record number
    of participants because of Imatra's proximity to
    major ski-orienteering centers (Finland, the
    Baltic, North-western Russia).

  • 1.The Assets of Imatra and Finland
  • Organisation
  • Event program (proposed)
  • Weather and snow conditions
  • Timing of the event
  • Competition centre and terrain
  • Event centre and accommodations
  • Transportation
  • Marketing, publicity and finance

Imatra has long been known as a hospitable
tourist attraction. The cascading waters of the
Imatra rapids have attracted visitors for over
200 years.
As early as 1846 a tourist inn was erected by the
rapids. Today's Jugend style hotel was built in
The Imatra area will feature Scandinavia's
largest concentration of tourist services. Most
of it, including two spas, is already completed
and in operation.
Imatra Spa
Accommodations of various kind (hotel, vacation
home, cottage, group housing) are abundantly
available in the area. Over 3500 people can be
housed within 4 km of the planned meet
Competition area
Holiday Club Saimaa
The proximity of Saint Petersburg and a border
crossing attract many tourists and shoppers to
the area from Russia. Stores carry a wide
selection goods and employ people fluent in
Russian. Business is booming.
Sport hall
C o m p e t i t i o n t e r r a i n
The city of Imatra favors tourism that promotes
physically active lifestyles. In the vicinity of
good lodging are a sports arena and newly
completed sport hall, ice arena and tennis hall .

Skiing stadium
Ice arena
A revamped network of cross-country ski trails
serves both competitive and recreational skiers,
and a new cross-country ski stadium will be
completed in about a year's time.
The event centre and the surrounding community
offer ample opportunity for leisure-time
activities. Residents of the even centre can
enjoy its baths, gym, and fitness programs. The
pool under winter skies is a wonderful place to
relax after a day of skiing.
The banquet at the end of the week will have room
for everybody.
The Imatra rapids in floodlight make for a
memorable show.
  • Travel to Imatra is easy. The nearest
    international airport in Lappeenranta is less
    than 1/2 hour by car. Most international flights
    go to Helsinki, which is 2 1/2 hours from Imatra
    by train, with trains running every 2-3 hours.
    There is a bus connection from Imatra railway /
    bus station to the event centre every 1-2 hours
    (4 km).
  • Saint Petersburg (210 km) is located even closer
    than Helsinki (260 km), and the border crossing
    is a mere 6 km from the center of Imatra.

  • Organisation
  • SK Vuoksi was formed in 2003 by a merger of the
    area's two long-standing o-clubs. It has 370
    members. Other sports clubs of the area and
    neighbour orienteering clubs assist on in the
    organizing of events if needed.

The applicant organization, SK Vuoksi, is an
experienced organizer of large national and
international orienteering events in summer and
in winter.
  • SK Vuoksi has organized the following major
  • 2004 Finnish Championship (Extra-Long), 1390
  • 2005 Finnish Ski-O Championship (Middle and
    Relay), 800 participants, 175 teams
  • 2010 Fin5 O-Week (5 days) and Expert League
    (Sprint), 4000 participants
  • 2012 Finnish Ski-O Championship (Sprint and
    Sprint Relay), 518 participants, 182 teams
  • 2014 World Cup Sprint and Sprint Relay

Members' success on the world stage is further
evidence for SK Vuoksi's competence in ski-o.
Consultant of course setters is Anssi
Juutilainen, who has won several gold medals from
WSOC. After winning many medals in WSOC, Virpi
Juutilainen continues to excel in veteran
classes, while the youth is coming of age by
winning 2 golds, 2 silvers and a bronze in
individual contests in World and European
Championship competitions. Also several juniors
have won many medals at EYSOC and JWSOC and even
at ESOC and WSOC.
  • SK Vuoksi's record in ski-o was Finland's best in
    2009, 2010, and 2011, and second best in 2013.
  • In 2010 SK Vuoksi was awarded as the Sport Club
    of the Year.

3. Event program (proposed)
Sunday Arrival (afternoon), training Arrival (afternoon), training  Arrival (afternoon), training  
Monday Arrival Model event (Sprint) Arrival Model Event (Sprint)  Arrival, training   
Tuesday Sprint Sprint  Model event (Middle)   
Wednesday Mixed Sprint Relay Rest Model Event (Middle)  Middle  Distance  
Thursday Middle Distance Middle DIstance  Middle Distance   
Friday Model event (Long) Model event (Long)  Moel event (Long)   
Saturday Long Distance Long Distance  Long Distance  Long
Sunday Relay, Banquet Relay Banquet  Departure / Banquet Middle distance
Monday Departure Departure     
4. Weather and snow conditions
24 hs max and min temperature Highest / average
/ lowest
Snow condition 15.3. and 31.3.
There is a possibility, that too cold weather
prevents the starts in January and early February
especaille before noon.
  • 5. Timing of the event
  • Timing should take into account daytime
    temperatures and lodging rates. Inexpensive
    accommodations will benefit participating teams
    and will increase overall participation in WMSOC.
  • All considered, we propose the week of 5-12
    February as the first choice. Other dates in the
    following order (2) 12-19 February and (3) 5-12
  • 6. Competition centre and terrain

The competition centre will be within 2 km of the
event centre. The Sport Hall and Ice Arena
provide ample space indoors, and the finish line
can be located at the new cross-country ski
stadium. All competitions would take place the
same competition centre. The competition terrain
is a recreational area, 4/5 of which is forested
and 1/5 open (golf course). It has an extensive
network of ski tails and is suited for a race
track that meets FIS requirements (featuring
30-meter relief). The ground and vegetation are
favourable for extending the network of trails as
needed. An area adjacent to the event centre
has a terrain similar to the competition terrain
and can be used for practice.
Planned competition centre
  • 7. Event centre and accommodations

The event centre would be located at the Imatra
Spa, which can accommodate most of the
participants in hotel rooms and group housing.
Next to the Spa are 1-to-6-person vacation homes.
All occupants (over 500) have free access to the
baths and the gym at the Spa. The event centre
also has the necessary meeting and press rooms.
A sports hotel (85 beds) and vacation homes
(300-400 beds) are located near the event centre.
At the Holiday Club Saimaa, 4 km away, there is
various kinds of lodging for over 1500. The
competition centre an terrain are in the area
between the Holiday Club and the event centre
Imatra Spa, so there is never need to travel
far. For those looking to stay in a place with
special charm, there is the 110-year old castle
hotel in the centre of town, by the Imatra
rapids, 6 km from the event centre.
8. Transportation
The transportation needs during the event are
minimal, because the event entre and other
accommodation are within ½ to 1 ½ kilometres from
the competition centre. Travel to the event
centre is most convenient by car (260 km from
Helsinki and 210 km from Saint Petersburg.) or by
train (2 1/2 hours from Helsinki, with trains
running every 2-to-3 hours) Buses from the centre
of town (4 km away) run at 1-2 hour intervals.
Most international flights arrive at Helsinki,
with some European at Lappeenranta, about 40 km
  • 9. Marketing, publicity and finance

SK Vuoksi has already been chosen to organize the
summer 2014 World Cup, which will be televised.
Marketing of the two events as a package,
particularly among cooperating organizations, is
seen as sensible way to go. Marketing to
potential participants will be based on methods
that were effective with the Fin5 O-Week Over
the Internet, and on site at orienteering
events. SK Vuoksi has visibility in the
surrounding community and enjoys positive
publicity. The local media is very interested in
the plans for this ski-orienteering event. A
budget has been prepared for the week and a
request for financial support made to the city of
Imatra and to the community of Ruokolahti. With
their support, promised already, the Association
will have the resources to organize the event as
proposed herein.
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