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Science Fiction Introduction to the genre: History and Beginnings Science Fiction film is a genre that incorporates hypothetical, science-based themes into the plot ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Science Fiction

Science Fiction
  • Introduction to the genre History and Beginnings

  • Science Fiction film is a genre that incorporates
    hypothetical, science-based themes into the plot
    of the film. Often, this genre incorporates
    futuristic elements and technologies to explore
    social, political, and philosophical issues. The
    film itself is usually set in the future, either
    on earth or in space. Traditionally, a Science
    Fiction film will incorporate heroes, villains,
    unexplored locations, fantastical quests, and
    advanced technology.

The Beginnings
  • Science fiction has been popular since 1902 with
    George Melies Journey to the Moon.
  • The ideological messages of Sci.Fi. Appeared
    early and reflect the concerns of society at the
    time of the production.

  • Sci Fi stems from our want to see beyond our
  • To know what will happen in the future
  • Or more importantly what could happen.

1927 - Metropolis
  • Concerns
  • The impact of new technology
  • The dehumanising and exploitative potential of
    the machine age.
  • Introduced the iconography of the genre- robots
    mad scientists.
  • Began with the idea of Frankensteins monsters

1950- Invasion Science Fiction
  • Reflect USA Concerns
  • Invasion by aliens a mirror of the Cold War
    anxieties - communist spies nuclear

1960s The Space Odyssey
  • Optimism and spiritual development with the
    exploration of new worlds.
  • The iconography of highly technical space craft,
    dangerous, self aware computers (HAL) and the use
    of inter-linked images and music to enhance the
    grandeur of space

1980 Dystopian Views
  • Films reflect a world that is disillusioned,
    pessimistic and decaying.
  • A world in which nothing could be trusted and
    where everything and everybody had a price.

1990 Technology issues
  • Matrix Bladerunner reflect
  • Concern about the relationship of man and
  • Cyborgs and the combination of human intelligence
    with virtual reality cyberspace.

1990 Invasion Problems
  • The return of the alien invasion theme.
  • America combines against overwhelming enemy and
  • Good versus Evil.
  • Patriotism rules.

1990 beyond post-modern issues
  • Bladerunner Matrix reflect
  • A post modern world where the distinction between
    real and virtual are blurred.
  • Raise the Frankenstein question What is the role
    of man in the new scientific age and what are the
    dangers inherent in acting as God?

Elements of Sci Fi
Central plots
  • A conflict between Them and Us.
  • The positive negative aspects of science
  • The future possibilities created by social or
    technological advances.

Advanced Technology
  • Robots and Androids- Data, C3PO
  • Ray Guns - Star Trek
  • Teleportation Devices - Star Trek (A hypothetical
    method of transportation in which matter or
    information is dematerialized, usually
    instantaneously, at one point and recreated at
  • Space Ships- Star Wars, Serenity

Futuristic Setting
  • Outer space
  • Subterranean earth
  • Post-Apocalyptic- Following a large-scale
    disaster in which civilization has been destroyed
    or has regressed to a more primitive level (of a
    story) having such a setting.Alternate
    Timelines/ Parallel Universe

Space Travel
  • Time Travel- Traveling from one time period to
  • Wormholes- shortcut connection between the two
    distinct regions of space-time.
  • Faster-than-light Speed- arriving at a
    destination faster than a beam of light traveling
    the same distance
  • Aliens- A being from another planet.
  • Paranormal Abilities- an ability to perceive
    information hidden from the normal senses

Themes in Science Fiction
  • Unexplained Phenomena- Stories featuring UFOs,
    pyramid power, paranormal abilities, telekinesis,
    ESP, and other psychic possibilities and how
    those talents affect humans. (Super 8,
    Independence Day)

Telekinesis- The ability to move an object with
the power of one's thoughts. (The Fire Starter)
The Individual versus Society- Tales where
the society has certain guidelines for
compatible living, but situations occur that
the rules dont cover. A strong individual
accomplishes daring feats and sometimes this
requires breaking rules. (Hunger Games, The
Giver, Enders Game, I, Robot)
Humans and Technology- Stories describing how
humans interact with computers, nanotechnology,
bioengineering, virtual reality, artificial
intelligences, or other parts of technologically
driven society. These stories often question the
concept of what it means to be human. (I, Robot,
Science Fiction vs. Fantasy
  • Science Fiction- a form of fiction that draws
    imaginatively on scientific knowledge and
    speculation in its plot, setting, theme, etc.
  • Enders Game, Brave New World, The Wanting
    Seed, Hunger Games, Dune, Hitchhikers Guide to
    the Galaxy, I am Legend.
  • It always ties back to science.
  • Fantasy- stories set in fanciful, invented
    worlds, an alternate and more fanciful version of
    our own world, or in a legendary, mythic past.
    Fantasy fiction stories generally involve magic,
    mystical elements, or supernatural creatures.
  • Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings,

Science Fiction Elements
  • Science Fiction films commonly contain the
    following elements
  • Low key lighting
  • Cold dystopic colours (red, green, black, silver)
  • Low angles on aliens, high angles on humans
  • Impressive Special Effects and technology focus
  • Music menacing, threatening
  • Plot - Science fiction plots often express the
    potential of technology to destroy humankind
    through Armaggedon-like events, wars between
    worlds, Earth-imperiling encounters or disasters.
  • Contain a hero who saves the day

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Types of Films
Apocalyptic Film
  • Apocalyptic film is a sub-genre of
    Science-Fiction film. The plot revolves around an
    impending disaster. Within this genre, the
    disaster is usually an alien invasion, a nuclear
    war, a pandemic, or a natural disaster. The
    development of technology plays a large role in
    these films and often serves as the source of
    conflict.  While many films in this sub-genre
    center around the disaster, many focus on the
    post-apocalyptic state of the world.
  • Examples Independence Day, War of the Worlds,

Dystopian Film
  • Dystopian film is a sub-genre of Science-Fiction
    film that focuses on the upset state of the
    world. These films take place in the future and
    feature a world that is overrun with violence,
    oppression, and disease. In other words, a
    Dystopian film explores what it would look like
    to achieve the opposite of an Utopian society.

Dystopian Film
  • This sub-genre often holds the same themes and
    characteristics of a post-apocalyptic film.
    Generally, the common themes within Dystopian
    films include dehumanization, the repression of
    individuality, and uniformity at the cost of
    human rights.
  • Examples V for Vendetta, Mad Max, Blade Runner.

Time Travel
  • As stated in its name, this sub-genre of
    Science-Fiction film centers around the concept
    of time travel. These films can explore
    traditional time travel through futuristic
    devices or space-time travel. The Time Travel
    sub-genre can also explore the concept of
    alternate histories, alternate realities, and
    parallel universes.
  • Examples The Terminator, Back to the Future,
    Star Trek.

Alien Film
  • Alien film is perhaps the most prominent themed
    sub-genre in Science-Fiction film. These films
    can explore the existence of aliens, alien
    invasions, and alien abduction. Often, these
    movies include some sort of government conspiracy
    or cover-up. A common theme in this sub-genre is
    the coexistence between human beings and aliens.
  • Examples Predator, Mars Attacks!, Alien.

Monsters and Mutants
  • Monsters and Mutants is a sub-genre with a long
    tradition within Science-Fiction film. Unlike
    horror films, this sub-genre contains a monster
    or mutant that derives from a scientific
    explanation or origin. These films can contain a
    scientific experiment or accident that produces
    the said monster. In many Science-Fiction films,
    these mutants can be created from technology and
    take the form of robots and technologically
    advanced beings.
  • Examples Godzilla, Cloverfield, Tremors.

Sci Fi Activity Story Building
  • Regardless of the genre and its elements. Ideally
    these are stories.
  • Get together into groups of 5.
  • Using a Story I will give you, you will create a
    sci fi movie out of it and present it to the
  • 20 Mins
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