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Welcome to Kindergarten!


Welcome to Kindergarten! Mrs. Eubanks Funky Flamingos Murdock Elementary School Our School Theme is Come Together The Common Core Rationale is to make all ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Welcome to Kindergarten!

Welcome to Kindergarten!
  • Mrs. Eubanks Funky Flamingos
  • Murdock Elementary School

Our School Theme is Come Together
The Common Core
  • Rationale is to make all students college/career
    ready by grade 12
  • Emphasis on student-centered learning where the
    teacher is serving as the facilitator
  • Deeper understanding which sets a firm foundation
    for students (It may seem slow at times,
    however, every step of learning is essential to
    proper development. In the past, students have
    had gaps in their learning due to a weak
  • Stressed importance on listening/speaking by
    having meaningful conversations

All About Mrs. Eubanks
  • Born in Cobb County
  • Graduated from Wheeler High School
  • Earned Bachelors and Masters Degrees from
    Georgia State University
  • Married to husband Joe for 29 years
  • Has 3 daughters- Caroline, Sammi, and Rachel
  • Has 2 chocolate labs Libby Bailey
  • 23 years in teaching, 15 years at Murdock

All About Mrs. Moulds
  • Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois
  • Married to Bruce for 30 years
  • Has 3 children a daughter-in-law Steven,
    Lauren, Rae Lynn Ashley
  • Has 2 Bassett Hounds - Lola Summer
  • Has taught at Murdock for 18 years

Our Goals
  • To provide a safe, comfortable learning
  • Students will grow socially, emotionally, and
  • To have fun while learning!

  • All children can learn.
  • Children learn differently.
  • Teachers facilitate learning.
  • During instructional time, students are the

Murdock Goals
  • Reading and Writing Achievement
  • Math Achievement
  • School Performance Goal School, Family and
  • Involvement

MESF supports a full year of science and
technology programming as well
as a new iPad initiative.
  • PTA supports after school clubs and activities
  • students and staff.

What we believe
  • Everyone can learn.
  • Learning is our priority.
  • Our job is to make our classroom a safe and happy
    environment that is conducive to learning.
  • Everyone is special and will be treated with
    compassion and respect.
  • Educational excellence is everyones

Flamingo Schedule
  • 725 755 Morning Routines
  • 755 800 Announcements
  • 800 815 Calendar Morning Message
  • 815 930 Shared Reading Guided Writing
  • 930 1030 Centers/Guided Reading
  • 1030 1040 Authors Chair/Prepare for lunch
  • 1040 1110 Lunch
  • 1110 1115 Restroom Break
  • 1115 1140 Recess
  • 1140 1230 Math
  • 1230 115 Specials Mon Art, Tues P.E.,
    Wed Music, Thurs Fitness, Fri P.E.
  • 115 130 Snack Pack
  • 130 200 Rest and Individual Assessment
  • 200 225 Math Journals Read Alouds
  • 225 Dismissal
  • Science, Health and Social Studies standards are
    embedded within Writing, Centers, and Read

Flamingo Class Rules
  • Follow directions.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to
  • yourself.
  • Raise your hand before you talk
  • during lessons.
  • Ask an adult before leaving the
  • classroom.
  • Always do your best.

Attendance Policy
  • Funky Flamingos should be here before 750 a.m.
    This is when our morning announcements and Pledge
    of Allegiance begin.
  • If your favorite Funky Flamingo is absent, please
    send in a written excuse.
  • The more they are here, the more they will learn!!

Emergency Information
  • Please let the school office know if any of your
    contact information changes.
  • If your little one has any allergies, please let
    us know on the emergency card.
  • Any medication needs to be brought to school by
    you and given to Nurse Jeannie.

When Visiting Us
  • Please enter at the front office and sign in.
  • Please wear your visitors sticker.
  • When picking your little one up early, please
    sign him/her our through the front office.
  • When eating lunch with your little one, please
    sign in and you both may sit at the visitors
    table in the lunchroom. Send in a note when
    joining your child for lunch.

  • Please, please make sure that your little one
    knows how he/she is going home each day.
  • If you ever need to make any changes, please put
    them in writing signed/dated in your daily
    folder. A form must be printed from Murdocks

Funky Flamingos Birthdays
  • We love to celebrate birthdays!
  • Please let me know a couple of days ahead of time
    when you would like to send in treats for your
    little ones birthday celebration.
  • Donuts, mini cupcakes, brownies, cookies or ice
    cream sandwiches, etc. are easy to serve and eat.
  • Please remember that we are not allowed to
    distribute invitations to parties at school.

Dress Code
  • Please do not send your child to school in flip
    flops, clogs or crocs. We go out to the
    playground every day and these shoes are
  • Girls who wear skirts or dresses must wear shorts
    underneath every day.
  • Please label all coats and jackets.

  • If you do not wish for your childs photo to be
    published (in the hallway, on the class blog,
    etc), please write a letter stating that to our
    principal, Mrs. Lynn Hamblett or our assistant
    principal, Mrs. Kimberly Custance.

F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O. BooksFantastic Lists And
Materials I Need to Get Organized
  • Behavior Calendar Please sign and discuss
    behavior with your child daily.
  • Zippered Pouch This is where lunch money or
    notes from home should be placed. PLEASE label
    any money with your childs name.
  • News From School All of our important
    information will be in this red folder.
  • Work to Keep at Home This is where you will
    find your childs wonderful work ? Please empty
  • Popcorn Words Beginning in September, students
    will be assessed on popcorn words once a week.
    Students must know all of the words on one list
    before being given the next list. There are 30
    lists in all.
  • It is important to check your childs backpack
    and F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O. binder daily for classroom
    and school information. It may be helpful to set
    up a daily routine for your child to share the
    information. F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O. binders should be
    returned to school each day. Please help your
    child to keep his/her backpack clean as well.
    Thank you for your support and for doing your
    part to stay informed about your childs school

  • Please send in a healthy snack with your child
    each day. Place it in a bag that is separate
    from the lunchbox.
  • Students may bring water to drink.
  • No colored liquids please.

  • We ask that you read with your child 15 minutes a
    day. Reading logs will be sent home each month.
  • Family Art Projects are assigned most months and
    can be completed by the entire family!

Popcorn Words
  • Students will be assessed on popcorn words each
    Friday. Please help your child practice these at
    home using flash cards, etc. The more words they
    know, the easier it is for them to read!

How to Contact Me
  • Email amy.eubanks_at_cobbk12.org
  • Blog http//murdock10.typepad.com/eubanks/
  • Phone (770) 509 5071
  • Note in F.L.A.M.I.N.G.O. book

How Can You Help?
  • Volunteer at special centers.
  • Volunteer in the Science Lab.
  • Send in wish list items
  • Volunteer to create our end-of-year video.
  • Volunteer to color, cut and assemble learning
    materials at home.

Information regarding volunteer opportunities
for this year will be sent home in the FLAMINGO
How can you help your little one get ready for
  • Read to your child every day! You might also let
    your child look at the pictures in a book and
    make up a story about it.
  • Read a story to your child and stop in the
    middle. Let your child tell you how the story
    will end, then finish the story.
  • Read a story and let them draw a picture of their
    favorite part or their favorite character.
  • Ask your child to retell the story to you. Work
    on sequencing what happened first, next and
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