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WWI 1914-1918


WWI 1914-1918 The War to End all Wars The Great One – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: WWI 1914-1918

WWI 1914-1918
  • The War to End all Wars
  • The Great One

  • Militarism countries in Europe were creating
    massive armies, larger than the world had ever
    seen before
  • Imperialism Europe was overtaking weaker
    countries all around the world for resources,
    these were hostile take over's and the people
  • Unchecked Alliances nations were forming
    friendships with other nations at an alarming
    rate, many of these were alliances that didnt
    make any sense and screamed something is wrong
  • Nationalism European nations were swept with
    intense feelings that people from their
    particular nation were the best and everyone else
    was below them or weaker

  • Assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand Franz
    is the next in line for the thrown of Austria and
    is killed by members of the Black Hand terrorist
    group while touring Europe, his death is deemed
    an act of war and countries start to take sides
  • Sinking of the Lusitania A British cargo ship
    carrying many passengers was sunk by Germany off
    the coast of Ireland, onboard were American
  • The Zimmerman Telegram English spies intercept
    a telegram from Germany to Mexico offering them
    all land in America as their reward at the end of
    the war, if Mexico will attack and destroy America

The Assassination
  • Franz Sophia
  • The Black Hand

  • The Triple Entente
  • The Alliance (The Axis)
  • The United Kingdom
  • France
  • Russia
  • The United States
  • Portugal
  • Many from Africa
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Austria-Hungary
  • The Ottoman Empire
  • Bulgaria
  • Many from the Middle East

Key People
  • The Axis
  • The Entente
  • Germany Kaiser Wilhelm II
  • Italy Vittorio Orlando
  • Austria Hungary Kaiser Franz Joseph I
  • Bulgaria Tsar Ferdinand I
  • Ottoman Empire Sultan Mehmed V
  • Main Generals
  • Paul Von Hindenburg
  • Erich Ludendorff
  • England - King George V
  • France Raymond Poincare
  • Russia Tsar Nicholas II
  • America Woodrow Wilson
  • Main Generals
  • John Blackjack Pershing
  • Douglas Haig
  • Ferdinand Foch

The Two Fronts
  • The Western Front
  • The Eastern Front
  • Most of the war is fought in France
  • Trench warfare is used (modeled after how Grant
    attacked Petersburg in the Civil War)
  • Trenches were dug on both sides for over 300
    miles, the land between the trenches is called
    no mans land because no man, animal or plant
    could live in this area
  • This area of fighting stretches from the Baltic
    Sea to the Caspian Sea in what is mostly Poland,
    Ukraine, Russia in todays world
  • This was more of a traditional total warfare
    style of combat

The Two Fronts
  • The Western Front
  • The Eastern Front

The Schlieffen Plan
  • Because Germany is surrounded on all sides by the
    Entente, it will create a massive army and move
    towards Russia, after the enemy sees this
    movement and sends all their troops to Russia to
    help, Germanys army is actually twice the size
    anyone thinks it is and whats headed towards
    Russia is only less than half of its total
    strength, the main army will actually sneak
    through Belgium and capture Paris France ending
    the war, this plan works off deception and

Key Battles
  • 1914
  • 1915
  • Mons 1st major battle
  • Tannenburg causes the Eastern Front
  • Marne taxis save Paris and trench warfare
  • 1st Ypres Race to the Sea begins
  • The Christmas Truce
  • Gallipoli Turkey enters the war and crushes
    the entente, sometimes called Battle of the
  • 2nd Ypres 1st time gas is used in war, chemical
    warfare begins
  • Sinking of the Lusitania America now begins
    giving aid to the Entente instead of the Alliance

Key Battles
  • 1917
  • 1916
  • Zimmerman Telegram captured message between
    Germany and Mexico draws America into the war
  • 3rd Ypres Also called Battle of Passchendale,
    3 month long battle, rained so heavy the mud
    swallowed soldiers, horses and trucks whole
  • Caporetto After Italy switches sides, Germany
    and Austria crush them causing them to leave the
    war all together
  • The Russian Revolution Nicholas II and his
    family is killed by a new political party that
    will become the communist party, Russia has to
    leave the war completely
  • Verdun Longest battle of the war, over 1
    million die, Germany creates Phosgene Gas which
    puts hydrochloric acid in your lungs
  • Somme 1st tanks used in battle, Little
    Willie, over 750,000 dead in one battle

Key Battles
  • Dough Boys
  • 1918
  • America enters the war for the Entente
  • Flu epidemic of 1918 the flu kills over 100
    million people world wide
  • The March Offensive Germanys last chance to
    win the war, sometimes called the 2nd battle of
  • Battle of Chateau Thierry sometimes called the
    Argonne Offensive, America fights for 7 months in
    the woods of France, bloodiest battle for America
    during WWI
  • Armistice Day The war officially ends at 11
    oclock on the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918

The Russian Revolution
  • Tsar Nicholas II drew Russia into World War I in
    the summer of 1914.
  • The war was a disaster for Russia it caused
    inflation, plunged the country into a food
    shortage, and ultimately cost the lives of nearly
    5 million Russian soldiers and civilians, as well
    as a series of humiliating military defeats.
  • The war was the final straw for the Russian
    people. Within three months, Russia would be
    without a monarch for the first time in its
    history with the assassination of the Romanov
    family. You know this as the story of Anastasia.
  • The legend of Rasputin begins with his death and
    the murder of the Romanov Family
  • The revolution is led by Vladimir Lenin and the
    new political party he creates becomes the
    Communist Party

Wilsons 14 Points of Peace
  • As the tide of war begins to turn, America
    unveils its plan for the end of the war,
    including the creation of a League of Nations to
    oversee world affairs
  • It is quickly declined by almost all Entente
  • Instead the Treaty of Versailles is signed
    officially ending the war
  • The 14 points will eventually lead to the
    creation of the The United Nations after WWII
  • The Treaty of Versailles is extremely tough and
    strict, it so poorly ends the war that 20 years
    later it will help cause WWII
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