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Maple Intermediate School


Maple Intermediate School 2014-2015 Syllabus – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Maple Intermediate School

Maple Intermediate School
  • 2014-2015 Syllabus

  • Meet Mrs. Meng and Mrs. Wilding
  • Classroom Schedule
  • Classroom policies
  • Q A

Mrs. Meng
  • Bio
  • Veteran of the United States Army
  • Started in North Olmsted in 1998 after graduating
  • from Cleveland State University with a BS in
  • MA Ed. in Administration from Baptist Bible
    College in PA
  • Additional 45 Graduate Level Credits
  • Successfully completed Master Teacher Portfolio
    2012-2013 School Year
  • State Certified Teacher Mentor
  • Love to read and spend time with my family and


Mrs. Wilding Bio --Graduated from Youngstown
State University with bachelor and Masters
degrees in Education --Began teaching gifted
students for Columbiana County ESC --Taught
both 4th and 5th grades at Pine Intermediate
for eight years prior to coming to Maple --Love
cooking, reading, entertaining, and spending
time with family
Class Schedule
817-835 Homeroom

8351005 L.A.
1005-1045 S.S./ Science
1045-1130 Recess/Lunch
1130-1215 Intervention
1215-140 Math
140-220 Science/ S.S.
220-312 Specials/Dismissal

Classroom Textbook Textbooks Our science
program does not have a textbook, therefore
students are encouraged to take good notes and
keep their binders very organized. The binder
will serve as a textbook when it is time to
prepare for quizzes and tests. All main
textbooks (language arts, math, and social
studies) are expected to be covered with paper or
cloth covers. Do not use contact paper or sticky
book covering materials. Although they say that
they do not stick and damage books, they have in
FOLLOWING DAY. Be aware that the Math and
Reading Texts are available on line Book
Adventure Silent Reading Book Your child should
always have at least one silent reading book in
their desk to read during BA Reading and free
Classroom Supplies CORE SUBJECTS Each core
subject is to be color-coded the following
way RED- Language Arts YELLOW- Math GREEN-
Science BLUE- Social Studies PURPLE or ORANGE-
Take Home Folder Please make sure that your
child is always prepared with necessary supplies.
They should always have plenty of paper and at
least two pencils ready each day. It is a great
idea to periodically ask your child if they need
to replenish any of their supplies. Keep in mind
that Maple has a Student Council-run school store
open daily each morning.
Behavior Policy
  • Follow Maples 3Rs of
  • Good Behavior at all times
  • 1. Follow all directions the first time given.
  • 2. Raise hand and wait for permission to speak.
  • 3. Remain seated unless you have permission to do
  • 4. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  • 5. Respect others and classroom equipment

Behavior Policy
  • If You Choose to Break a Rule...
  • First Time Verbal Warning
  • Second Time Student will move name card to
    Yellow Face row of character chart
  • Third Time Move name card to Red Face row of
    character chart and earn Detention and Parent
  • Fourth Time/Severe Disruption Office Referral

Behavior Policy
  • Detentions
  • Any student receiving a detention will serve that
    day or the day that follows.
  • Parents will be notified by way of detention
    stamp in the agenda, the agenda must be signed
    and returned the following day.
  • Detentions are served during recess.
  • Every 4th detention will be an office referral to
    Mr. Alexandrou. At this point, he will contact
    parents to arrange for a 30 min. or 45 min. after
    school ADP (detention).
  • Emergency removals from the classroom will be
    automatic referrals to Mr. Alexandrou.

Homework Policy
  • Homework will be assigned NIGHTLY. The time it
    takes to complete will vary per student based on
    their skill level. This does not include
    practicing math flashcards, and reading each
  • Daily work not finished in class is to be taken
    home as homework. It is to be completed and due
    the next morning.
  • If it is not finished the next day a grade of
    zero will be earned.
  • Each homework assignment must be checked,
    corrected with parents help, and signed by
    parent to be considered completed If these
    steps are not taken a detention will be served
    even though assignment may have been turned in
  • Late work will not be accepted unless it is due
    to illness or a death in the family

  • Absent Work Policy
  • If your child is absent from school, it is his/
    her responsibility to meet with the teacher upon
    return. All of the worksheets for the day(s)
    missed will be provided.
  • Work is to be made up at home or during recess if
    desired. The number of days your child was absent
    will be the number of days that he/she has to
    complete the work. If work is provided in
    advance, it is expected to be completed and
    returned the first day back at school.
  • Please check the online grade book on a weekly
    basis for missing assignment grades and to
    monitor your childs progress
  • No notice will be sent home about missing
    assignments because of the availability to
    parents to check online

  • Planner or Agenda Policy
  • Planners are the responsibility of the student.
    Each day, students are expected to write their
    homework and other important information in their
    planner. Please note teacher will not check
    planners each day to ensure students have written
    in them. Planners are only checked each morning
    for signatures. If a student is missing
    assignments and signature for multiple days, a
    detention will be issued and the parents will be
  • Students should share their planners with their
    parent/guardian and have them sign it each day
    signifying that all of the work has been done.
    Please do not sign the planner unless you are
    sure that all of your childs work has been

  • Reward Policy
  • Following directions immediately
  • Completing assignments on time
  • Hallway praise from adults in the building
  • Moving respectfully through the building and
    classroom while others are working
  • Making good use of time
  • Acts of Kindness
  • Taking good care of work space and supplies
  • Being prepared by having proper materials and
  • Working quietly and not disturbing others that
    are working

  • Reward Policy
  • What Students Get For Filled Marble Jar
  • Extra Recess for 15 minutes
  • Homework Pass
  • Doodle Time
  • 5 filled marble jars classroom party option
  • Popcorn
  • Cookie
  • Pretzel
  • Popsicle
  • Doughnut

  • Reward Policy
  • Eagle Pride-Students earn Eagle Pride each
    quarter. Those students earning less than three
    detentions and with less than five missing or
    late assignments will have their names posted and
    participate in a school-wide reward activity. In
    the past this has involved edible treats, Rockin
    Recess and special assemblies!

Book Adventure
  • Each student is given an ID for the web site.
  • Requires students to read 2 books a month.
  • After reading the students are required to take
    an online quiz. Passing scores are 70 or
    higher. Once a quiz is passed the title can be
    added to the hallway chain.
  • This will count towards a grade in Language Arts.
  • Students will have time during L.A. to read. If
    additional time is needed, students will need to
    read at home.
  • Some books are available in Maples Media Center
    others you will need to go to the public library.

Book Adventure Rewards
  • Book Adventure Prizes -issued by individual
    teacher for classroom milestones (points or books
    read) per quarter
  • 13 book challenge treat in the cafeteria
  • 25 book challenge pizza party at the end of the
    Quarter (Up to 4 pizza parties per year)
  • 100 book challenge Malleys walk for ice cream

Friday Folder Your childs class work will be
brought home each Friday in their take home
folder. There are two sides to the folder Keep
at Home and Sign and Return. Please go through
each paper with your child, reviewing and
questioning them about their work and what
concepts we are/were exploring in class. If
students received intervention on a paper it
might need signed and returned. Sometimes papers
are sent home to be corrected and returned.
Please check carefully and return any papers that
need returned. Some papers will be kept in a
L.A. portfolio to show growth over time. These
items will be shared at conference and again at
the end of the year! This year I will be keeping
math assignments in the math journal book as much
as possible. I will collect the book, mark the
grade, and hand it back to your child. The math
journal will come home on Friday so that you can
see your childs progress and review any concepts
that need reviewed. Please keep the papers in
the journal as the concepts repeat and these
papers may be helpful to figuring out future
assignments and when studying for tests.
  • There are three ways that you can get a hold of
  • email, a letter in the planner, or leaving a
    message with Mrs. May our school secretary.
  • By email.
  • By phone School number is 440-779-3533

  • Check students homework assignments, daily
    schedule, useful websites, and classroom rules
  • Click on any of the tabs and then open the files
    you need to see!
  • It is that easy!!!!
  • You can email me right through this site!!!!

Sign and Return In order to achieve success this
school year we will need to work together as a
team. Please print this form and sign and return
this page after you have read this syllabus and
discussed it with your child. It is your childs
responsibility to return this page to school on
or before August 28th 2014. Student
Agreement Student I have read the policies I
understand them. I will honor them while in all
my classes. Student Signature
__________________________ Date
_________ Parent or Guardian Agreement Parents
I have read and discussed all the information in
this syllabus with my child. My child and I have
discussed the policies I and I will support them.
Parent Signature __________________________ Dat
e _________ Email Address _____________________
Teacher Agreement Teachers I will be fair and
consistent in administering the policies
presented in this syllabus. I am looking forward
to working with all of you and are positive that
together we can build a successful and productive
school year. Teachers Signature Mrs. Meng
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