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Tenses of Verbs


Tenses of Verbs Tense ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Tenses of Verbs

Tenses of Verbs
??????,?????????????? ??????? ??????
???? 1. The simple present tense do / does
is , am, are 2. The present continuous tense
is, am, are doing 3. The present
perfect tense have, has done
4. The present perfect continuous tense
have, has been doing
5. The simple past tense did
was, were 6. The past continuous tense
was, were doing 7. The past perfect
tense had done 8. The past
perfect continuous tense had been
9. The simple future tense will, shall,
be going to, be to , be about to do 10. The
future continuous tense will, shall be
doing 11. The future perfect tense
will, shall have done 12. The future perfect
continuous tense will,shall have been
13. The past future tense would,
should, was/were going to do 14.The past
future continuous tense would, should
be doing 15. The past future perfect tense
would, should have done 16. The past
future perfect continuous tense would
,should have been doing
??? ??? ???  ?????
have been studying
have studied
be studying
was/ were studying
had studied
had been studying
will be studying
will have been studying
will have studied
will study
would have been studying
would have studied
would study
would be studying 
  • The Usage of the Tenses
  • 1. The simple present tense ?????
  • ???????????????????
  • eg. My partner is very diligent.
  • B. ????,??,????
  • C. ???????????
  • eg. His neighbor gets up early every day.
  • D.???????????????,????????????,??????????????
  • We knew that the earth turns around the sun.

E. ??????????? eg. If it rains tomorrow, I
wont leave. F. ???????????????????,(????????????
??????????????? )????????????????????????????????
??????????????? Eg. No. 14 train leaves at
900 this afternoon. Tomorrow is
Christmas Day. G.(????)?????????? eg. I hear
that your father has written another book.
2. The Simple past tense A. ???????????????????
???????, ?????????????, ?yesterday, three days
ago, last night ... ? The tourist got there at
8 oclock. An accident occurred on my way to
school this morning. He was an ordinary worker
last year.
B. ??????????????would/ used to
do?????,????????????The old man would sit on a
bench in the quiet park and look at others for
hours without doing anything or talking to
anybody. He used to visit his mother once a
week. C. ??????????,????????????????????I
wanted to ask you if I could borrow your car?
Would you mind my sitting here?
3. The present continuous tense ?????
?????????????????????, ???????? now, at the
moment, at present eg. What are they doing now?
The principal is speaking to the students at
present. The students are practising typing
4. The past continuous tense ????? A.
?????????????????????, ?????????????,?at 800
last night, this time last Sunday eg. They were
having an English evening at 800 last night.
The cooks were preparing dishes for the guests
yesterday. B. ??when, while??????????????????????
???,??????????????eg. I was washing my hair
when you knocked at the front door. (????????????)

?????????????? eg. It rained last
Saturday. It was raining last Saturday.
(??????) I wrote an application letter
yesterday. I was writing an application
letter yesterday. (???)
5. The present perfect tense
????? A.?????????????????????already,just, yet,
recently, lately, before so far, up to now,
since then, these days, in the past/last three/
few years, Eg.I bought a new house, but I
_________ my old one yet, so at the moment I have
two houses. A.) didn't sell B) sold C)
haven't sold D) would sell B.??????????,????????
C. ???????,?????????????????????,?arrive, begin,
find, give, lose?? eg. John has broken his left
leg. The cat has pushed the door open.
( The door is still open. ) They
have gone to New York. They have been to
New York.
D.?this is the first/ second/ third time
that?????????? This is the second time
that the products of our company have been shown
in the International Exhibition. E. ??It is/
has beensince???????????? Eg. It is/ has
been 10 years since I last saw him.
?? 1. ?????????????? eg. I have closed the
window. (still closed) I closed the
window. (maybe open again) 2.
???????????????? eg. I have read the detective
story. I have been reading the detective
story. He has taught physics for ten
years. He has been teaching physics for
ten years.
6. The past perfect tense ?????
?????????????????????????,????????,?? by the
end of ????, by the time clause (did), by
then, by 10 oclock eg. Mr Zhu had translated
five English novels into Chinese by the end of
last year.
By the time the teacher came in, we had finished
it. By the time the doctor came, the man was
able to sit up. ??????????????
(???????) eg. He had turned off the light
at (by) eleven oclock. He turned off the
light at eleven oclock.
  • A.???????? B. ????????
  • ????? (7???), ?????(3???)
  • ?????,????? (2???)
  • ?????(5???),????? (2???)
  • ???????????
  • hope, wish , expect, think, intend,
  • Eg. We had hoped that you would come, but you
  • She had intended to pay us a visit, but was
  • intended to have paid

7. The present perfect continuous tense
???????????????????,???????. eg. I have been
waiting for you all the morning. ??1)????????????
????????,???????????????? ??I have worked here/
have been working here for three years. I
have written/ have been writing a
book. ??2)????????????????finish, marry, get
up, come, go
8. The past perfect continuous tense
????????????????????????????? eg. Tom said that
he had been reading English.
(??????? 7.????????)
  • The Simple future tense ?????
  • A. ?????
  • eg. I shall/will be 20 years old next Monday.
  • Do you think it will rain tomorrow?
  • I / He wont do that. (???)
  • B. be going to do ???????????
  • eg. Im going to see a film tonight.
  • Its going to rain.
  • ????????????,?????be going to do.

C. be to do ????????????????(??????should,
must, ought to, have to),?????????????eg. The
two leaders are to meet in Washington On May 20.
He is to have arrived by now but there is no
sign of him yet. You are to go to bed and
keep quiet, kids. Our guests are arriving in less
than 5 minutes.
D. be about to do ??????????,????????? eg.
Every day you are about to leave for school when
your mother stops you, saying Behave yourself
and study hard. E. ????????????(come, go,
start, leave, arrive, begin, return, depart,
stop, be) eg. They arrive at 10 oclock
tomorrow morning. The plane departs at 7
this evening.
F. ????????????(come, go, start, leave, arrive,
begin, return, have, work, stay, do) eg. How
are you going, by boat or by plane? We are
having a get-together tonight. G.
?????????????????? be on the
point of doing?eg. The coach is on the point of
giving up the game because our team has been
scored 7 points.
  • H .???make sure, see to it , be sure ??that
  • Make sure (that) all the windows are closed
    before you leave.
  • See to it that you arrive at the station on time.

10. The past future tense ????? A.
??????????????????????? would /should do was
/ were going to do, was/ were
to do was/were abut to do eg. The experts
said that they would discover the gene in the
near future. B. was/ were to do
???????????????,????????,????????????? I felt
nervous because I was soon to leave home for the
first time.
11. The future perfect tense ?????
?????????????? eg. By the end of this semester,
we will have finished all the lessons. 12. The
past future perfect tense??????? ?????????
???????????? The teacher said that we would
have finished all the lessons by the end of this
13. The future continuous tense?????
?????????????? eg. You will be majoring in
some subjects in some university this time next
year. 14. The past future continuous
tense??????? ?????????????????????? eg. The
boy knew that he would be working as a dustman in
the future for his father,who is a dustman, is to
resign from the post.
1._____/________ (be) over200 years since The
Boston Tea Party happened. 2. Dont interrupt
him while he __________ (lie) in bed. 3. Is it
the first time that your uncle ____________
(come) to visit Shanghai? 4.Our geography teacher
told us that the River Nile _______ ( flow) into
the Mediterranean. 5.Those roses ___________ (not
smell) wonderful. 6.For the last two years, he
______________ (write) a history of the American
Civil War. 7. A great deal of water ___________
(need) in large cities. 8. Mary as well as her
classmates _______ (like) pop music very much.
9.Did you hear the woman _________ (cry) in the
room last night? 10.The students _________ (be)
busy preparing their lessons since the beginning
of the term. 11.The test was more difficult than
the students ____________ (expect). 12.Up till
now, we ___________ (plant) 2000 apple trees. 13.
I couldnt enter the room because I __________
(lose) my key. 14. Dont sit on the bench. It
___________ (paint) a moment ago. 15. We do hope
that we _______________ (succeed) in our entrance
1. 16.Since 1992, great changes ____________
(take) place in Shanghai. 17.It is said that his
new novel ________________ (translate) into
English. 18.Lets go out to meet him as soon as
he _________ (arrive). 19. When he went to Japan
he ________ (study) Japanese for three years.
20.Great as Newton was, many of his ideas ___
today and are being modified by the work of
scientists of our time.A) are to challenge C)
have been challengedB) may be challenged D) are
121. It _______(say ) that a store ____ (break)
into last night. 22. The way he thought of
_______ (accept) at last. 23 She said that they
____________ (marry) for more than twenty
years. 24. ----When _______ these novels
_________ (write)? ----During so-called the
Great Cultural Revolution. 25.The Senior Three
students _________ (review) their lessons these
days. 26.In another year or so, you _____(forget)
all about it 27.He returned the books that he ___
(borrow) from the school library. 28.She
finished her meal,_____(rise) from the table and
went out.
Homework 1.?????????,?????2.
??????????(???????) 3.??????(,??????????)
Homework Aug.
8th 1.?????????,????? 2.????? 3.??????(,?????31-
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