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Early Civilizations of Ancient Greece


Early Civilizations of Ancient Greece SS.A.2.4.1-4; SS.B.2.4.1-3; SS.B.1.4.1-4 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Early Civilizations of Ancient Greece

Early Civilizations of Ancient Greece
  • SS.A.2.4.1-4 SS.B.2.4.1-3 SS.B.1.4.1-4

The First Greek Civilizations
  • Most city-states in ancient Greece were located
    in valleys and flat plains nestled between the
    peninsulas many mountain ranges.
  • Because of their relative isolation, these
    city-states developed independently of one
    another with different cultures, traditions and
    ways of life.

Geography in Greece
  • The independence of Greek city-states often lead
    to wars between them, in turn, devastating Greek
  • The isolation, and small size of Greek
    city-states also cultivated an atmosphere of
    heavy civic involvementalmost everyone was
    interested in the politics of their city-state or
  • Greeces position on the coast, encouraged Greek
    exploration, and lead to Greeks colonizing areas
    across the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black seas.

Map of Greece
The Minoan Civilization
  • 2800 B.C. A Bronze Age civilization flourishes
    on the island of Crete (SE of the Greek
    mainland)named after famous King Minoswith a
    capital at Knossos
  • 2700-1450 B.C. Minoan civilization flourishes
    and establishes a sea empire based on trade.
  • Sudden collapse of Minoans around 1450, usually
    linked to a Mycenaean invasion.

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The Mycenaeans
  • 1600-1100 B.C. Civilization named for city-state
    of Mycenae in southern Greece
  • Indo-European people, who entered Greece from the
    north around 1900 B.C.
  • Mycenaeans were a warrior culture, and held high
    ideals of heroism and honor
  • Mycenaean city-states were monarchies

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Mycenaean Influence
  • Mycenaean influence spread, by way of trade,
    throughout the Mediterranean world
  • Mycenaeans traded goods in places like Egypt,
    Syria, Sicily and Italy.
  • Mycenaeans also conquered Crete and other islands
    in the Aegean Sea
  • The Greek poet Homer, wrote about a war between
    Mycenae and Troya city-state in Asia Minor

The Trojan War
  • King Agamemnon of Mycenae, leads a Greek force
    against the city-state of Troy
  • The Trojan prince, Paris, took Agamemnons
    wifeHelenback to Troy, and Greeks want her back
  • Greeks sneak in to city, with a trick, and
    destroy Troy
  • By 1100 B.C. Mycenae is conquered by other Greeks
    from the north

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The Trojan Horse
The Greek Dark Age
  • 1100-750 B.C. Greece suffers from loss of
    population and declining agriculture
  • Many Mycenaean Greeks left Greece for Ionian
    Greece, coastal regions of Asia Minor (todays
  • Iron weapons replace Bronze weapons as war
    between remaining cities increases
  • Adaptation of the Phoenician alphabet

From the Dark, Into the Light
  • Two other groups of Greeks begin to establish
    city-states in different regions of the Greek
  • Aeolian Greeks settle in northern and central
    Greece including Athens
  • Dorian Greeks settle on the island of Crete,
    other Aegean islands and the Peloponnese
    including Sparta
  • The poetry of Homer also dates to the end of the
    Dark Age

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The Poetry of Homer
  • Epic Poems long poems telling of deeds of a
    great hero
  • Homers two famous epics the Iliad (tells the
    story of the Trojan War) and the Odyssey (tells
    of Odysseus voyage home from war)
  • Arete the ideals of courage and honor, taught as
    something all young Greek men should strive for.

Home Learning
  • Write three (3) paragraphs on how geography
    affected the development of Greek city-states,
    politics and culture.
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