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DSS New Hire Training


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: DSS New Hire Training

DSS New Hire Training
  • Welcome!

DSS-Company History
  • A start up company in 1992, DSS, Inc.
    grew out of the basement and back bedroom in the
    Byers household in Broomfield, Colorado.  The
    original intent of DSS was to use new technology
    to create a Document Imaging product for
    electronic storage.  In the fall of 1997 DSS
    moved from Aurora, Colorado to Palm Beach
    Gardens, Florida. After many twists and turns
    and through the persistence of many dedicated
    employees, partners and founders, DSS grew from a
    company of eight employees in 1997 located in a
    small office off of A1A to the company we are
    today of approximately 200 employees.

  • Our Mission is to provide tools, services and
    education to advance the flow of information in
    the electronic healthcare workplace.

DSS Offices and Departments
  • There are eight departments and almost 100
    employees in the Juno Beach Office, which is DSS
  • Atlanta
  • Tampa
  • Minneapolis (Sage)
  • Salt Lake City (ILC)
  • Remote employees

Administration Department
  • The Business Administration Department and
    administrative assistants are responsible for all
    accounts receivable and payable, all banking
    operations, expense tracking and reporting,
    payroll, tax reporting, all health and business
    insurances, the printing and shipping of
    documentation, and all other matters which enable
    DSS to conduct business in a professional and
    ethical manner.
  • The DSS HR department is part of the
    Administrative Department and is responsible for
    recruiting new employees and monitoring and
    assisting with all employee needs.
  • Training and education on corporate policies and
    procedures are planned, maintained and executed
    through the Administrative Department.

  • The Research and Development Department started
    in 1995 and has a staff of over 30 software
  • Software engineers interface with Technical
    Support, QA, Product Line Managers and
    Sales/Marketing to report, define, analyze and
    track any bugs/issues encountered in the field.
  • The software engineer receives prioritized list
    of enhancements and bugs and works with the
    Product Line Manager to correct the issues and
    deliver a quality product. Before releasing any
    product to QA, the software engineer performs
    thorough testing to guarantee the product is as
    defect free as possible and meets all of the
    specified requirements as defined by the product

  • Manager Chuck Meyers
  • PMP
  • The installation department is responsible for
    all government applications purchased that need
    to be installed within a Federal Government
    facility.  The installation departments prime
    customer is the Veterans Administration with over
    150 main facilities. 
  •   Once a PO (Purchase Order) is received, the
    installation department will coordinate the
    complete installation and testing of the DSS
    marketed products in preparation for training. 

Departments-IT Support
  • IT Support is responsible for the following
  • Analyzing and auditing our systems and software
  • Applying operating system updates, patches and
    configuration changes
  • Ensuring that the network infrastructure is up
    and running
  • Assist employees with technical inquiries
  • Installing and configuring new hardware and
  • IT Manager Brian Visser
  • Chris Sindone (Senior Systems Administrator)
  • John Beasley (ASP Administrator)
  • Carlos Serpa (Linux Systems Administrator)
  • Jeff Rossi (Systems Administrator and IT
  • Nicholas Monsour (Applications Administrator)

Departments-Technical Support Services
  • Manager- Richard Lea
  • Technical Support Services (TSS) supports our
    products that are deployed in the VA by
    telephone, email, remotely and in some cases, on
    site presence.
  • The Technical Support Specialist is typically
    the first point of contact when a customer is
    experiencing difficulties with our products.
    Coverage is provided Monday-Friday between the
    hours of 8AM EST and 7PM EST except for holidays.
    After hours coverage is provided as needed for
    critical issues through the use of on-call

  • The Publishing Department, managed by Edwin
    Barreto, is responsible for the following
  • Creation/revision of all user guides, technical
    and administrative manuals
  • Visio flowcharting software/network diagrams
  • Adherence to Class 1 compliance
  • Adherence to VA documentation standards
  • Creation/revision of help files for software
  • Work with trainers and QA staff during revisions

Departments-Quality Assurance
  • The Quality Assurance Department was implemented
    in 2002 and has a staff of 20 QA Analysts
  • The Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst is responsible
    for ensuring our applications execute correctly
    and accurately through testing to track and
    report any product defects.
  • The QA Analyst interfaces with Technical Support,
    Developers, Product Line Managers,
    Sales/Marketing and Customer Support to report,
    define, analyze and track any bugs/issues that
    are encountered.
  • The QA Analyst may need to interface directly
    with DSS clients/customers/end users as

Sales and Marketing
  • The Sales Department markets our products and
    services to the VA, DoD, IHS and the private
    sector as well.
  • VP of Sales and Marketing Joe Byers
  • Sales Director Rodney Neal
  • Strategic Account Manager Jim Trompeter
  • Inside Sales Coordinators
  • Jeff Bechtel
  • Michelle Zabella
  • Account Managers
  • Kevin Guiles
  • Rob Gill
  • Hardy Faison
  • Stephanie Binch
  • Nichole Price
  • Alyssa Tsai

Marketing Department
  • Manager Mike Ginsburg
  • Marketing Specialist Alyssa Stanley
  • SEWP Administrator Kelly Kavooras
  • (Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement)

  • vxVistA is an open source, enhanced version of
    VistA for use in non-VA settings, as well as a
    complete suite of add-on modules that improve the
    capabilities of VistA. The company provides
    software, integration, installation, project
    management, training, support and development for
    VistA and vxVistA. DSS is also a supporter and
    founder of www.vxvista.org, a collaboration
    environment supporting the adoption of VistA and
    vxVistA, as well as thought leadership and best
  • Hugh Creedon is the manager of vxVistA

The Veterans Administration
  • DSS has had a relationship with the VA for over
    17 years
  • We currently have five nationally purchased
    products in the VA
  • The VA is broken down into VISNs. There are 21
    VISNs in the Continental United States (CONUS)
  • There are over 150 Veterans Hospitals in the
    Continental US (CONUS) and close to 1500
    Community Based Outpatient Clinics (CBOCs)

The Veterans AdministrationVISN MAP
The Veterans Administration
  • The Goal of the Veterans Administration
  • Our goal is to provide excellence in patient
    care, veterans' benefits and customer
    satisfaction. We have reformed our department
    internally and are striving for high quality,
    prompt and seamless service to veterans. Our
    department's employees continue to offer their
    dedication and commitment to help veterans get
    the services they have earned. Our nation's
    veterans deserve no less.

DSS Products
  • RTV (Real Time Vitals Avery Bar Code)
  • This application directly imports patient vitals
  • VistA /CPRS by a scan of the patients
  • Doc Manager
  • DSS Doc Manager allows the user to scan and
  • both clinical and administrative documents.
  • users within the facility or VISN, may access
  • documents simultaneously.

DSS Products-continued
  • MHS (Mental Health Suite)
  • DSS Mental Health Suite is the second generation
    of MHTP (Mental Health Treatment Plan). The
    application automates the intake documentation
    process and production of patient treatment
  • PAMS (Patient Accounts Management System)
  • PAMS was created to help hospitals and
    clinics administration in their billing processes
    and claim reconciliation. PAMS reporting and
    historical data allows supervisors to easily find
    and create reports.

DSS Products-continued
  • TRM (Telecare Record Manager)
  • DSS TeleCare Record Manager is a complete
    telephone liaison care management system. TRM is
    integrated with the DSHI Veterans Heath Gateway
    (VHG) algorithmic triage protocol system.
  • CNTS (Clinical Note Templates)
  • DSS Clinical Note Templates (CNTs) automate
  • entire process of producing an accurate,
  • and compliant progress note.

DSS Products-continued
  • CIS-DataBridge (CIS Clinical Information
  • An interface that facilitates the communication
    between commercially developed products and VistA
    .The 3 major components are
  • SAVLink (Surgery Anesthesia Link)
  • ICULink (for use in critical care areas)
  • DataLink (for use in the VA Data Analytics
  • HB Mobile
  • HB Mobile is a Home-Based Health Software system
    that is fully integrated with VistA.  This
    integration allows providers the ability to
    quickly and efficiently record patient
    information while on patient visits, for
    subsequent uploading into VistA, via a tablet
    device.  The HB Mobile system has been developed
    and refined using the experience and practical
    knowledge of project team members and
    stakeholders from RNs, LPNs, and IT

DSS Products-continued
  • EOB (Explanation of Benefits)
  • Facilitates insurance payment information. When
    a company submits payment to the facility, they
    can provide an EOB which explains which
    treatments received payment and any that were
  • VACC (VA Chart Complete)
  • Produces a list of required documents to be
    included in a patients record upon admission.
    Continuously reviews the record and notifies the
    user of incomplete documentation. This is very
    important for auditing and billing purposes.

DSS Products-continued
  • TheraDoc
  • An infection control monitoring product used to
    provide clinical staff with proper information
    and tracking of the care of patients with
    contagious diseases.
  • VCM (VistA Chemotherapy Manager) formerly known
    as IntelliDose
  • Cancer treatment planning and information
    tracking product used within the Oncology
    departments. Allows clinical staff to write
    prescriptions and send them directly to the
    pharmacy departments, making cancer care
    virtually a paperless process.

DSS Products-continued
  • Medflow
  • DSS builds the interface for this partner
    product. Medflow is an eye care treatment,
    planning and tracking product.
  • PocketMD
  • DSS builds the interface for this wireless hand
    held patient record product.
  • Radwise
  • DSS builds the interface for this radiology
    decision support system.

National Products
  • ROI (Release of Information)
  • The DSS Release of Information software is
    designed to automate the entire process of
    managing the electronic medical record release of
    information requests.
  • DRM Plus (Dental Record Manager Plus)
  • Dental Record Manger Plus uses a simple
    graphical interface allowing the user to enter
    diagnostic findings, treatment plan procedures
    and charting.

National Products
  • ICB (Insurance Capture Buffer)
  • The ICB module is an insurance card scanning and
    VistA Buffer File update management system
    designed to enhance the insurance data collection
    and verification processes for the VA Hospitals.
  • FBCS (Fee Basis Claims System)
  • Fee Basis Claims System (FBCS) is designed
    to improve Fee Basis claims management and
    adjudication. It will bring efficiencies to the
    processing of claims as well as provide a
    knowledge base of information needed to
    strategically guide the decisions made about
    Non-VA care.

National Products-continued
  • EPS (DSS/QuadraMed Encoder Product Suite)
  • Encoder Product Suite (EPS) for VA Medical
    Centers provides VistA integrated software
    solutions to improve compliance, workflow
    efficiencies and revenue enhancement.
  • EPS is made up of the following components
  • Compliant Coding Module (CCM)
  • Audit Compliance Manager (ACM)
  • VIP Workplace (VIP-W)
  • VIP Director (VIP-D)

DSS Partners and Subsidiaries
  • Partners
  • QuadraMed (EPS VACC)
  • VRS- VistA Revenue Solutions (FBCS and ICB)
  • CMS- Complete Medical Solutions(FBCS)
  • DSHI Systems- (TRM)
  • DSS Subsidiaries
  • Sage
  • Informatix (ILC)
  • HB Mobile

WHOS WHO Company Officers
  • Mark Byers Joe Byers
  • President /CEO VP Sales and Marketing

WHOS WHO Company Officers
  • Robert Missroon Jay Flejter-VP
  • VP Finance/CFO Product Development

WHOS WHO Company Officers
  • Joe Alvaro - VP Jerry Wachsman-VP
  • IT, Tech Support, Quality Assurance
  • Install Services

Whos Who
  • Product Line Managers
  • PL1-EPS
  • Anne Marie McLaughlin
  • PL2-ROI, vxROI, TRM
  • Lisa Martinez

Whos Who
  • Product Line Managers
  • PL 3-Commercial
  • Deanne Clark
  • PL4-VACC, RTV,
  • Paul Mann

Whos Who
  • Product Line Managers
  • PL5-DRM
  • Vicky Byers
  • PL6-ICB,EOB,DocManager
  • Frank Martinez

Whos Who
  • Product Line Managers
  • PL7- FBCS
  • Kipp Clemmons (Training Mgr- Amber Holmes)
  • PL8-TheraDoc
  • Deanna Benz

Whos Who
  • Product Line Managers
  • PL9-Medflow,CIS-DataBridge
  • Erin OBrien
  • PL10-Pocket MD,CNT,HB Mobile
  • Julie Yost

Whos Who
  • Product Line Managers
  • PL11-MHS, Radwise
  • Kent Demonbreun (Training Mgr-Melisa
  • PL12-VCM (VistA Chemotherapy Manager)
  • Kent Wilson

Whos Who
  • Implementation Manager
  • Andrea Rucker

Product Line and Training Managers Job
  • Product Line Manager
  • Works with the development team, installation
    and quality assurance to ensure the full
    functionality of the end product as well as with
    the customer on any product issues or enhancement
  • Training Managers
  • Schedules classroom training and or product
    implementations as well as performing product
    line training and development assistance for the

Administration Department
  • Jan Byers Office Manager
  • Cindy Knapp Human Resources
  • Administrator
  • Joan Kavooras Accounting/Admin
  • Supervisor

Administration Department-Administrative Support
  • Janet Marino Becky Galinis
  • Kim Young Ana Maria Martinez
  • Sherrie Facchine

Administration Department
  • Donna Alvaro CISO
  • (Company Information
  • Security Officer)
  • Gail Barton Payroll Processor

Other DSS Staff /Department Heads
  • Kent Wilson Manager of
    Operations, Government
  • Product Lines
  • Bob Pedraza
  • Manager of Partner Relations
  • Karen Fried
  • Corporate Trainer

Other DSS Staff/Department Heads
  • Doug Virgilio Controller

DSS Website
DSS Sharepoint Site
  • Sharepoint is our internal website designed to
    help employees find shared files, relevant
    information, travel and expense related forms
    and corporate announcements.

DSS Sharepoint Site
  • http//sharepoint.dssinc.com/

Travel Policies and Procedures
  • Guidelines for Travel Expenses
  • Government Per Diem Rates
  • Travel Reimbursement Expense Reporting
  • Returning Early/Staying Over a Weekend
  • Travel Itineraries

Guidelines For Travel Expenses
  • Per Diem
  • Per Diem is paid to employees traveling away from
    their home on company business. (Per Diem rates
    are set by the US government and are strictly
    adhered to by DSS.) The day you leave your home
    and the day that you return to your home,
    regardless of time, are paid out at 75 of the
    daily total per diem. Per Diem rates are found
    on the GSA website at www.gsa.gov/perdiem.
    Cities/counties traveled to that are not listed
    on the Per Diem rate sheet allow the 2010 CONUS
    rate of 46 per day.
  • Employees training locally (less than 60 miles
    from their home) and returning home each evening
    will not receive Per Diem. Employees traveling
    greater than 60 miles each way that choose to
    return home each evening will receive Per Diem at
    the travel day rate of 75 each day traveled.
  • Hotel
  • Employees traveling away from home greater than
    60 miles are authorized for a hotel each night of
    stay at an amount not greater than the government
    Per Diem rate, also found on the GSA website (see
    above). Cities/counties traveled to that are not
    listed on the Per Diem rate sheet may not exceed
    70 (the 2010 CONUS rate) unless emailed approval
    from immediate manager is received.
  • Choose hotels that offer free internet Hampton
    Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Fairfield Inn are just
    a few that offer free internet to their guests.
    Hilton Honors members must select Free Internet
    for their benefit under My Way gt Choose Your On
    Property VIP Benefits. Do not choose Free
    Breakfast as this is paid with your per diem.

Guidelines For Travel Expenses
  • Rental Car
  • Employees traveling away from home greater than
    60 miles are authorized to rent a car. Rental
    car rate must not exceed the Thrifty/Dollar
    Corporate rate of 41 per day unless emailed
    approval from immediate manager is received.
    Employees are not authorized to purchase
    additional insurance coverage, GPS navigation or
    other additional expenses when renting a car.
  • Fuel option may be used only if employee is
    traveling less than 75 miles or will use an
    entire tank of fuel (and only if the option is
    offered and acknowledged by the rental car
    company at the time of pick up). If Thrifty is
    not available in location traveled to, daily rate
    must be comparable or emailed approval from
    immediate manager is required.
  • Please refer to the Travel and Auto Related
    Policy for additional information.

Guidelines For Travel Expenses
  • Airfare
  • Airfare must be purchased as far in advance as
    schedule will allow but not more than three weeks
    prior to trip. Airfare must not be purchased
    until trip is confirmed. Any airfare exceeding
    500 (including tax) must receive emailed
    approval from manager.
  • Delta Airlines- the DSS Corporate SkyBonus
    number (US431575286) is to be entered into the
    employees profile section of the Delta home
  • Mileage and Parking
  • Employees may collect mileage from their home to
    the airport when traveling on company business.
    Mileage is paid at the current IRS rate. If
    spouse or family member drives employee to the
    airport and picks employee up, then round trip
    reimbursement is collected each way in lieu of
    parking expense. Employees are authorized to use
    long term parking at the airport.

Per Diem Request Guidelines
  • Per Diem is used to pay for all meals and
    incidentals while traveling on company business.
  • First and last day of travel is paid at
    75,regardless of the time. First day of travel
    is defined as the day you leave your home and
    last day is defined as the day that you return to
    your home.
  • Per Diem is paid from your invoice when travel
    has been completed.

Reimbursement Guidelines
  • Employees will be reimbursed for any out of
    pocket expenses (other than meals) while
  • Employees will be paid mileage for traveling to
    and from the airport at the current IRS regulated
  • Reimbursements will paid from the invoice once
    travel has been completed.

  • Invoices along with receipts for all reimbursable
    items are to be submitted to FBCS Contractor
    Reimbursement every other Monday beginning
    4/26/10. Once hours have been approved by
    Training Manager, invoice will be paid.
  • Receipts for air fare, hotel, rental car, fuel
    for rental car, parking and any other expenses
    must be sent with your invoice via mail, scanned
    and emailed or faxed 561-220-0208 . If faxing,
    please fax to the attention of Karen Fried.
  • Reimbursements will be paid when invoice has been
  • If receipts are not received, it may result in
    your reimbursement being held up the following
    pay period.

Sample Invoice
Instructions for Invoice
  • Invoices are to be filled out completely and
    emailed to FBCS Contractor Reimbursement every
    other Monday
  • Tab through each field
  • Mileage is paid for miles driven in personal
    vehicle only

Travel Itineraries
  • All employees traveling on DSS business must fill
    out a Travel Itinerary
  • Itinerary is to be filled out once air travel and
    hotel has been arranged
  • Itinerary is to be emailed to FBCS Contractor
    Reimbursement group

Sample Itinerary
Returning Early/Staying for Weekend
  • These guidelines are to be used when the
    following circumstances arise
  • Returning home earlier than originally scheduled
  • If you are scheduled on site from Monday
    Friday and as mandated by the site, youre to
    come home Thursday, you may do so under the
    following condition it will not cost the company
    more than 100.  This means that the change in
    airfare is not more than 100 over what you will
    save in a nights hotel and that extra day of per
    diem. Example Hotel Room is 129 per night and
    Per Diem is 49 per day 178.  If you were
    scheduled out until Friday evening and come home
    Thursday evening, 178 less is charged to the
    company. If your flight change is going to be
    200 total, then come home. If it is going to be
    350 then please stay that extra night.  
  • Most of the airlines charge a change fee
    of at least 150 when you are changing your day
    of travel.
  • Same Day Travel
  • Flights are booked as late as possible on the
    last day of training/installation so if you are
    able to leave the site earlier than expected
    (same day travel), you may take an earlier flight
    as long as it will not cost more than 50.  Delta
    will let passengers fly within three hours of
    their original flight time for 50 (free for gold
    and platinum), as will Continental, USAir, and
    AA. United charges 75. Each airline has
    different policies so check before you book as
    well as clearing with your supervisor.
  • Staying over a weekend before or after a
    scheduled Trip
  • If you are scheduled to be on the West Coast
    for training more than one week at a time and it
    more cost effective to stay the weekend, the
    company will pay for your hotel and per diem for
    the weekend (and car) in lieu of your flying back
    and forth again.  

Change Fees
  • As of June 1, 2009 the following fees apply
  • Change fee to a non-refundable ticket
  • 150 American, Continental, Delta, United,
  • Same Day Confirmed
  • 50 American, Continental, Delta,USAir
  • 75 United
  • Fare Difference only Southwest
  • For all other airlines, please check.

Other fees
  • Most airlines charge extra to book via telephone.
    Please book your flights from the internet
    directly from the airlines website
  • 25 Delta, United, USAir
  • 20 American
  • 15 Continental
  • Baggage fees All airlines except Southwest
    charge passengers for checked baggage (Fliers
    with status are exempt from these charges)
  • Bag charges vary per airline starting with 20
    for a first checked bag up to 35 for a second.
    All airlines charge more to check the bag at the
    airport versus checking it on line.
  • Overweight bags (over 50 lbs) are charged an
    additional 90-175 so make sure your bag does
    not exceed 50 lbs. Overweight bag fees must have
    managers approval.

Odds and Ends
  • Delta SkyBonus Number
  • Please enter this number in the Additional
    Information section of the Delta Profile tab.
  • US431575286

Policy- HIPAA Guidelines
  • Understanding HIPAA
  • The Health Insurance Portability and
    Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted by the
    U.S. Congress in 1996. According to the Centers
    for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website,
    Title I of HIPAA protects health insurance
    coverage for workers and their families when they
    change or lose their jobs. Title II of HIPAA,
    known as the Administrative Simplification (AS)
    provisions, requires the establishment of
    national standards for electronic health care
    transactions and national identifiers for
    providers, health insurance plans, and employers.
    It helps people keep their information private.
  • The Administration Simplification provisions also
    address the security and privacy of health data.
    The standards are meant to improve the efficiency
    and effectiveness of the nation's health care
    system by encouraging the widespread use of
    electronic data interchange in the U.S. health
    care system.

Policy- HIPAA Guidelines
  • Standard Operating Procedure for DSS Employees in
    regards to HIPAA
  • Purpose
  • This procedure defines DSS company policy
    regarding the use of Patient/Provider/Physician
    Data Names and Social Security Numbers as they
    relate to the government mandated Health
    Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of
    1996 (HIPAA). This policy applies to testing,
    company documentation and presentations of DSS
    products/vendor-partner products or any other
    documents prepared for public use or display
    (such as web pages)

Policy- HIPAA Guidelines
  • Policy
  • QA Department Responsibility
  • The Quality Assurance Department (QA) shall be
    responsible for creating, tracking and
    maintaining HIPAA compliant data names/Social
    Security Numbers (SSNs) used by DSS.
  • HIPAA Required Components
  • HIPAA components shall be tested, tracked and
    maintained by the Quality Assurance Department
  • Please refer to handout for full HIPAA
    Compliance Guidelines.

Training Basics Preparation
  • Pre-Site Preparation
  • Travel Arrangements (shop for best price in
  • Introduction call or Pre Train Call
  • Trainer Checklist
  • Site Preparation
  • Trial Run to site the day prior
  • Ask hotel staff about any traffic situations
  • Leave early to arrive on time!
  • Make sure youre comfortable (clothing, shoes and
    with your material!)

Training Basics-Introduction
  • The introduction is a fundamental part of your
    training. An introduction can set the tone for
    the entire presentation. Be warm and
    informative. Make sure you cover the following
    points in every introduction
  • Your name
  • DSS and location of DSS
  • Relationship with VA for 17 years
  • Specialize in Dental and Medical software
  • Many national contracts in the VA  (mention Fee
    Basis is the latest to go national)
  • Today we are covering
  • What time would you like to take lunch?
  • Well take a morning break and afternoon break as
  • make mention that we have several partners that
    we work with, QuadraMed on EPS, VRS for FBCS)

Training Basics-Introduction
  • Introduction
  • My name isI am with DSS which is
    headquartered in Juno Beach, Florida. We have had
    a relationship with the VA for over 17 years. DSS
    specializes in the computerization of patient
    medical and dental records. We have many national
    contracts here with you folks and this (FBCS) is
    just one of them.

Training Basics-Professionalism
  • DO
  • Dress professionally
  • Introduce yourself
  • Give an introduction of DSS
  • Clearly state the objectives of your class
  • Present an agenda (may be verbal)
  • Use appropriate humor
  • Put cell phone on silent
  • Use participants names
  • If you smoke during a break, wash and rinse
    before resuming!

Training Basics-Professionalism
  • Dont
  • Be late!
  • Use cell during class
  • Participate in discussions involving politics,
    religion, other employees-DSS or VA
  • Tell jokes that have any reference to race,
    religion,politics or any other inappropriate
    subject matter
  • Be afraid to say I dont know
  • Give incorrect information
  • Chew gum or eat in class
  • Use ice breakers

Training Basics-Dress Guidelines
  • Professional attire is expected at all times when
  • front of the customer, whether we are performing
  • classroom training or mentoring one on one.
  • General Guidelines
  • Pressed Dress slacks (dress or dress skirt for
    women), pressed shirts
  • Shirts should be long enough and pants high
    enough to cover backside
  • Clothing that is excessively tight or shows
    excessive cleavage is inappropriate.
  • No visible tattoos or piercings (other than ears)
  • No jeans, warm ups or tank tops
  • No casual sandals or flip flops or sneakers

Training Basics-Obstacles
  • Overcoming Nerves/Anxiety
  • Even the most skilled Trainers may experience
    anxiety before beginning their session. To
    overcome anxiety, try some of these tips
  • Master relaxation tips (head and shoulder rolls,
    dangling arms)
  • Isometric exercises (tightening various muscles,
    curling your toes or squeezing a rubber ball)
  • Practice deep breathing (in through the nose, out
    through the mouth)
  • Arrive early to familiarize yourself with the
  • Introduce yourself and mingle before training
  • Practice in the mirror and/or with colleagues
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

Training Basics
  • What to Bring on Site
  • Completed installation report
  • Completed Pre Train call (Amber)
  • Trainer checklist
  • Directions to and from points of origin
  • Hotel and rental car information
  • Sign In sheets (Amber)
  • Training Certifications (Amber)
  • Your laptop

Training Basics-The 7 Sins
  • Starting late and wasting time
  • Being poorly prepared and lacking content
  • Displaying distracting habits
  • Ignoring participants needs and interrupting
    their questions
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Reading from a script
  • Neglecting to tell participants -whats in it for

  • My contact information
  • Office phone 561-847-2888
  • Cell phone 561-212-1187
  • Email kfried_at_dssinc.com
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