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AS / A2 Physics


AS / A2 Physics. You are about to embark on the AS Physics course at Shelley College. ... Teaching. You will have 2 teachers next year from Ms James , Mr Beaumont, ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: AS / A2 Physics

AS / A2 Physics
  • shelley college

AS / A2 Physics
  • You are about to embark on the AS Physics course
    at Shelley College.
  • This presentation will help you understand what
    the course will entail and what will be expected
    of you over the course of the next year.
  • Shelley College Physics department aim to make
    all the Physics that you study as relevant and as
    contextual as possible.

AS / A2 Physics
  • The course itself has fundamentally changed.
  • There is far more emphasis on acquiring the
    skills to get you as higher grade as possible.

AS / A2 Physics
  • How the course runs.
  • There are 3 modules
  • Module 1, Module 2 and Module 3
  • Module consists of these units
  • Higher, Faster, Stronger - The Physics of Sport
  • Good Enough to Eat - The Physics of the food
  • Spare Part Surgery - Medical Physics, how
    materials are designed for replacement limbs

AS / A2 Physics
  • Module consists of these units
  • Technology In Space  How space stations
  • Sound Of Music  How musical instruments and CD
    players work
  • Digging up the Past Archaeology and Dating

AS / A2 Physics
  • Module is assessed completely on the
  • You will have to produce just 1 written document
    that incorporates a case study and a related
  • Module 3 makes up 20 of the entire AS
    examination grade.
  • To help you get the best possible marks on the
    coursework aspect of the course you will be given
    writing frames and guidance to help you structure
    you report.

AS / A2 Physics
  • Teaching
  • You will have 2 teachers next year from Ms James
    , Mr Beaumont, Miss Marchesini, or Mr Bardsley. 
  • Each of the units that you learn will be
    available on the Moodle that you will be able to
    access from your network area and from home using
    the Internet.

AS / A2 Physics
  • You will be expected to achieve the grade
    calculated from you average points score from
    your GCSE grade.
  • You will not be able to access the lesson if you
    do not do your homework.  If you struggle with a
    set piece of homework then you must seek the help
    of your teacher before the lesson.
  • The R's of Physics!
  • evision, evision, evision
  • You will be entered into the January exam for
    module 1.

AS / A2 Physics
  • Lets do some stuff
  • This experiment is taken directly from the Good
    Enough to Eat and Spare Part Surgery units and is
    concerned with the material properties of sweets.
  • We are going to use 8 words to describe the
    properties of sweets.
  • You will be given a bag of sweets
  • Take eat a sweet and grade it from 1 to 7 on each
    of the 8 properties.
  • Put a small cross on the line of each properties
    for your grading.
  • Using a coloured pencil join up the crosses to
    form a star diagram.
  • Put the name of your sweet on the top of the
    sheet and put it at the back of the room in the
    correct place.

AS / A2 Physics
AS / A2 Physics
  • Compare the differences in spider diagrams from
    each person for the same sweet
  • What conclusion can you draw from this?
  • The issue we have with testing material
    properties is that they can be subjective, i.e.
    they are reliant on the person doing the test.
  • This means we have to have some kind of
    description of material properties

AS / A2 Physics
  • We are now going to perform a simple experiment
    to investigate the behaviour of strawberry
    bootlaces under tension.
  • Set up the apparatus in a way that will allow you
    to measure the extension that a strawberry
    bootlace will undergo when subjected to a force.
  • You will be given the following equipment
  • Clampstand
  • Clamp
  • Boss
  • Strawberry bootlace
  • Masses
  • Ruler

AS / A2 Physics
  • Plot a graph of your results with extension on
    the x-axis and force on the y-axis.
  • Find the gradient of the graph
  • This gradient you have calculated is called the
    stiffness of your strawberry bootlace.
  • What do we mean by stiffness?
  • Why do you think you have all got different
    answers what might the stiffness depend upon?
  • Your bootlace however may display elastic
  • What do we mean by elastic?

AS / A2 Physics
  • Holiday Work
  • 1. Answer the past paper questions
  • 2. Complete booklet about measurements
  • 3. Research the life of a given physicists,
    include the following
  • Date and place of birth
  • Education
  • Major Achievements in Physics
  • How their achievements are used today
  • NOTE for this task you can find some information
  • DEADLINE First week back!
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