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Young people


Young people s views on the role of the designated teacher Aim: The aim of this presentation is to talk about our views on what makes an effective designated teacher – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Young people

Young peoples views on the role of the
designated teacher
  • Aim The aim of this presentation is to talk
    about our views on what makes an effective
    designated teacher

Warm up game!
This game focuses on making changes and relates
to our objective For you to identify ways to
make positive changes in your role
Taking the time to know the young person
  • Getting to know the young person is important so
    that you can identify what they want and need
    one young person might want a regular meeting
    whilst others might not want to appear different
    from their peers.
  • The designated teacher should be a reliable
    person as young people looked after often have
    many adults who come and go in their lives, they
    have no consistency. Therefore the designated
    teacher would be one of the few constants in that
    young persons life.
  • It also means that the young persons voice will
    be heard and expressed by someone who knows them
  • Sometimes the young person will choose another
    individual who they relate to who can act in a
    mentoring role, rather than the person who is
    appointed as designated teacher, a person they
    can trust and express their feelings to.

On your tables, work together to link the
statements in the left column with the follow up
statements in the right column
  • 1) We feel that an open door policy is more
    beneficial than inflexible meetings.
    E)So the designated teacher can support young
    people as a problem arises.
  • 2) A designated teacher should listen to a young
    persons struggles and jointly plan how they are
    going to resolve any issues or provide support.

    B) Joint decision making can then
    empower the young person rather than taking the
    decision out of the young persons hands.
  • 3) Regarding communication with carers and
    social workers, whilst it is important to have
    this good link, we feel that not everything needs
    to be discussed outside of school. D)
    Things can be blown out of proportion and
    sometimes easily dealt with in school.
  • 4) The designated teacher would ideally show
    that they are actively listening to the young
    person but not show sympathy.

    C) But Showing
    empathy and understanding is important to be
  • 5) It is important to be sensitive to certain
    triggers which may be sensitive to the young
    person. The designated teacher can communicate
    these triggers to teachers whilst being sensitive
    to confidentiality.

    A) The teachers
    do no need to know everything about the young
    persons situation or past.

Provides Subtle Support
  • It is important for any support to be subtle
    because young people do not always want others to
    know they are in care, to be identified as
    different from their peers.
  • Regarding any meetings held in school, the young
    person should know about this before the lesson
    they will be taken out of, so its their
    responsibility to leave the class, rather than an
    adult coming into class to get them, this can be

Has my best interests at heart
  • The designated teacher should be an advocate for
    the young person, flights their corner and always
    has their best interests at heart.
  • On occasion, teachers feel that the kindest thing
    to do is to put the young person in a lower
    group, in the hope that the young person will not
    feel too under pressure with the other struggles
    in their lives. It is important to be aware that
    many of us like challenges and high expectations
    of our abilities, not the expectation that we
    wont cope.
  • Being flexible is also important. When a
    particular strategy is not working the designated
    teacher should be flexible in their approach to
    try other things and not give up on the young

  • Keeping numbers down is key. On occasion, there
    are too many unwanted people present. This is
    the young persons meeting and therefore too many
    adults makes the young person intimidated and
    unable to express their feelings.
  • When targets are regularly discussed and progress
    is encouraged, young people feel that their
    achievements matter. Otherwise the pep can seem
    like a tick box exercise.
  • It is important to celebrate the positives in
    peps and not focus on the negatives which can
    de-motivate and demoralise the young person.

A worrying statistic... play your cards right
  • Around 30 of 19 year olds in the average
    population go into higher education. But what
    percentage of looked after children go into
    higher education?

85 of all young people enter education training
and employment compared to what percentage of
leaving care?
Around 65 of the general population attain 5
good GCSEs compared to what percentage of looked
after children?
3 of all young people have a statement for SEN
compared to what percentage of looked after
As a designated teacher you can make positive
changes for the young person ensuring they have
the best possible opportunities in education. Its
time to make a change....because were worth it!
Positive change
On your post it, please take a moment to write
down two key things that you would like to change
in order to make positive changes in your role as
Designated Teacher