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Syntax Aka: Sentence structure 5 Kinds of Sentences Declarative--makes statements Ms. Kitchens is a funny dresser. Imperative--makes commands; sometimes contains the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Syntax

  • Aka Sentence structure

5 Kinds of Sentences
  • Declarative--makes statements
  • Ms. Kitchens is a funny dresser.
  • Imperative--makes commands sometimes contains
    the understood you
  • Papers in the tray.
  • Exclamatory--communicates strong emotion or
  • I love Ms. Kitchens!

5 Kinds of Sentences
  • Interrogative--asks questions
  • Why is Ms. Kitchens so strange?
  • Conditional--expresses wishes (ifthen)
  • If Ms. Kitchens gives me an A, I will bring her
    non-fat lattes every Monday and Wednesday.

Loose Sentences
  • A loose sentences expresses the main thought near
    the beginning and is followed by explanatory
  • Ex English is my favorite subject because we get
    to read awesome books, do cool assignments like
    beat poetry and drink milk with cookies.
  • What is the main thought here?

Periodic Sentences
  • The main idea of a periodic sentence comes at the
    end of the sentence (near the period.)
  • Ex In English, we get to read awesome books, do
    cool assignment like beat poetry and drink milk
    with cookies and that is why English is my
    favorite subject.

You practice
  • Heres the main idea
  • All beatniks were not drug addicts.
  • Write a loose sentence using this idea (remember,
    the main idea will come 1st)

  • Now, write a periodic sentence using the same
    main idea
  • All beatniks were not drug addicts

Parallel Sentences
  • A sentence is parallel when words or phrases are
    stated in the same way, usually gramatically
  • Ex. Ms. Kitchens likes to bake apple pie, eat
    with a fork and clean the kitchen.
  • What tense are all the verbs in?
  • What else is similar?

Parallel Sentences
  • Repitition can also lead to parallelism in a
    sentence or a paragraph
  • Ex It was the best of times it was the worst
    of times.
  • Ex I have a dreamI have a dream
  • (This is repeated throughout Kings speech,
    making it parallel.)

Parallel Sentences
  • Write a parallel sentence of your own, either
    using the idea of repitition or grammatical
  • Check your partners paper.

MLKs I Have a Dream
  • Write down what you know about Martin Luther King
    or the Civil Rights Movement

MLKs I Have a Dream
  • One of the most recognized symbols of Civil
    Rights Movement
  • Delivered August 28, 1963
  • Part of March on Washington
  • 200,000 people (listen for them in the
  • Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation

MLKs I Have a Dream
  • Kings speech is full of parallelism and a
    variety of different syntax. Listen through the
    first time, keeping an ear attuned for
  • When were done listening, Ill ask you to find
    loose and/or periodic sentences, plus the 5 types
    of sentences.

Your Dream
  • Heres your chance to emulate Martin Luther King!
  • Using Kings I Have Dream Speech, write your
    own I Have a Dream Speech.

I Have a Dream
  • Your speech must
  • Be at least 3/4 of a page (250-300 words)
  • Use some type of parallelism
  • Employ at least three different types of
    sentences (declarative, interrogative,
    conditional, etc.)
  • Must have at least one periodic sentence and one
    loose sentence

I Have a Dream Analysis
  • What type of syntax does Martin Luther King
    employ in his I Have a Dream Speech and how
    does it further develop his purpose?
  • First, determine purpose
  • Next, figure out what kind of syntax he uses
  • Finally, how does that syntax help his purpose?
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