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^4. basketBall


^ 4. basketBall 2. 5. she done went monday Kat – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ^4. basketBall

  • 4. basketBall
  • 2. 5. she done went
  • monday

DLA 1-3-13
  • We have 63 days until spring
  • Break, and theres so much too do!
  • 2. What r u doin this Weekend, are
  • there any good movie out?

Reading DLA 1-3-13
  • Whats the main difference in a
  • simile and metafor what about
  • personfication?
  • 2. What are the top 3 things you like or
  • dont like about Poetry?

DLA 1-4-13
  • She nearly went to the hospital,
  • because she stayed up for 5 days straight
  • 2. the man who won the lottery was
  • fourty-seven the man was from
  • Tennessee

Reading DLA 1-4-13
  • Do you like poems that have Free
  • Verse or end rhyme more better?
  • 2. How many onomatopoeias can you
  • name in one minute, who thinks they
  • can does the most?

DLA 1-8-13
  • It was hard for the family to except
  • the gift but it was theyre only way to
  • obtain food
  • 2. Whose the biggest aponent in your
  • favorite book and, what is their name?

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook
  • Composition book
  • Glue stick (grab from the back drawer)
  • Have these materials at your desk by the time the
    bell rings ?

Reading DLA 1-8-13
  • The man with the white green and
  • red shoes bought nearly 1,000 in
  • merchandise
  • 2. We thought Mary Martin must know
  • her material well, she made a 42 on the
  • test

DLA 1-9-13
  • Its not healthy to have an
  • obsession, but, whats your top three
  • most favorite television show?
  • 2. Even though she ran her hardest she
  • loses the race by less than .5 second.

Reading DLA 1-9-13
  • After Silverstein and prelutsky we are
  • covering edgar allen poe his poems are very
  • dark scary.
  • 2. The dark dreary grey day caused the
  • picnic to be canceled but the students
  • still had a good day

DLA 1-10-13
  • The optomitrist quickly informed his
  • patience that there prescriptions had
  • been switched
  • 2. After she realized, she won the
  • scholarship, hundreds of tears fell to the
  • floor.

Reading DLA 1-10-13
  • Whats the main conflict in the raven
  • so far is the narrator gets to scared to
  • easily? Hears a terrifying tapping sound.
  • 2. youre projects are due in 2 weeks
  • but, they arent hard at all

DLA 1-11-13
  • The containers opaque cover made
  • it very difficult to see its contents.
  • 2. Which poets use end rhyme in their
  • poems? What effect does it have on
  • the poem?

Reading DLA 1-11-13
  • Weve studyed poe dickinson
  • silverstein and prelutsky, who was the
  • most sad?
  • 2. Between annabel lee and the raven
  • which poem has better end rhyme?

Reading DLA 1-14-13
  • We finish with Langston Hughes and
  • Robert frost today and then we will
  • talk about our projects
  • 2. Their due next wednesday january
  • 16, the time will fly by!

DLA 1-15-13
  • The basket-ball team were a phenomenon,
  • they won 78 straight games and four
  • championships.
  • 2. they nearly died laughing, after watching the
  • comedians routines because, he was very
  • talented

Reading DLA 1-15-13
  • The weather dropped to nearly four
  • degrees, theyre teeth constantly
  • chatters
  • You need to sign up for your poet
  • make a foldable and take your quiz

DLA 1-16-13
  • NO DLA Library ?

Reading DLA 1-16-13
  • The rain pounded the roof ground and cars
  • In the parking lot it sounded like marbles
  • Crashing down
  • 2. Although the test was difficult he grinned
  • like a champion upon receiving his grade

DLA 1-17-13
  • Items that are not perishable include cereal
  • soup granola crackers peanut butter and pasta.
  • 2. After working 29 straight hours she plunked
  • down into her recliner, and immediately falls
  • asleep.

Reading DLA 1-17-13
  • NO DLA Computer Lab ?

DLA 1-18-13
  • His legs were on fire after finishing the
  • marathon his face was as red as an apple
  • 2. On extreme home makeover they
  • completely redid the perimeter of the house,
  • and happily bought the family a car.

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook
  • Composition book
  • Half sheet of paper
  • Full sheet of paper

Reading DLA 1-18-13
  • How many facts do we have to have about
  • our poet for hour project, how many terms do
  • we have to find.
  • 2. Why are we out on Monday she asked is it a
  • holiday?

DLA 1-22-13
  • The large blue heavy quartz weighed over
  • 1,000 pounds, it was large one discovered
  • 2. the award-winning quintet played a concert
  • last night all five members went to the same
  • High School.

Reading DLA 1-22-13
  • Which teams are going to the super
  • Bowl he asked who do you thinking is
  • going to win?
  • 2. We are reading the poem the names
  • today and, finishing, our homework in class.

DLA 1-23-13
  • 1. I am starting to feel badder she said I
  • shouldnt have aten all those quesadillas
  • the quaint community was rocked by
  • an earth-quake in march, theyre town
  • was nearly destroyed.

Reading DLA 1-23-13
  • What all do we have to say for our project
  • she asked I cant remember the third thing!
  • 2. The book harry potter and the goblet of fire
  • is over 400 pages long, and is the forth in the
  • series.

DLA 1-24-13
  • 1. Does anyone have a question the teacher
  • asked some of you look two afraid to ask.
  • 2. the class groaned loudly when the teacher
  • explained the assignments, it had to be four
  • quatrains long

Reading DLA 1-24-13
  • Im so confused he said I tried to give her a
  • complement and she got mad for no reasons!
  • 2. Do The poems Bleezers Ice-Cream, The
  • Weary Blues, and the Road Not taken all have
  • end rhyme the teacher asked?

DLA 1-25-13
  • 1 . Why did you try to quell the fight? She
  • shrieked. You couldve gotten hurt in trouble.
  • 2. after being rescued from the sinking
  • sailboat the reporter stated the elderly man
  • began to shiver uncontrollably

Reading DLA 1-25-12
  • No reading class today due to the two hour delay.

DLA 1-28-13
  • 1 . Do anyone know how to find the radius of
  • a circle the teacher asked it is on youre test
  • 2. after realizing the waiter wouldnt fix his
  • receit she grabbed everything accept her purse
  • and turned over the table

  • You need the following
  • - reading textbook
  • - reading composition book
  • - one sheet of paper

Reading DLA 1-28-13
  • 1 . How many lines are in a haiku she asked
  • does it matter how much syllables are in it?
  • 2. She was a lightning bolt she passed all the
  • runners and she easily won the race her coach
  • gave her many complements

DLA 1-29-13
  • 1. the man was reluctant too go to
  • theyre party she said theres a biggest math
  • test tomorrow
  • 2. the new York times found that he cheated
  • in both championships so the player was
  • forcing to resign

Reading DLA 1-29-13
  • 1 . John ryan and philip went to the theater the
  • hobbit was sold out so they saw identify thief
  • instead
  • 2. Our Poetry test is tomorrow she said but we
  • have to do the study guide, and check it first.
  • How long is it he asked

  1. She has her three daughters health to think
  2. The boxes lid was nearly taped shut.
  3. It was someone elses idea to change the plans.
  4. The bird ruffled its feathers.
  5. The fungis smell was nearly unbearable.
  6. The axes blade was very sharp.

Reading DLA 1-30-13
  • What is your Favorite Thing to read, do you
  • Like mystery or comedys or scary books? Whose
  • youre favorite author?
  • 2. Which of the Literary Terms is on our test she
  • asked there are so many of them!

DLA 1-31-13
  • 1. This is ridiculous she shrieked youre
  • restaurant serving me cold food and I want my
  • money back?
  • 2. on a recent episode of hoaders a womans
  • house was repulsive she had nearly 200 rats

Reading DLA 1-31-13
  • The tornadoes tore through 3 citys, and 2
  • within an hour, everything looks destroyed the
  • reporter stated
  • 2. What did you think of yesterdays quiz was it
  • she asked there was I didnt understand 3 of the
  • questions

DLA 2-4-13
  • 1. He was once the most rotundest man I knew
  • she said but now he has lost nearly 150 pounds
  • and run four times a week
  • 2. her wedding included roses tulips
  • rhododendrons and petals from other types of
  • flowers

Reading DLA 2-4-13
  • After we do a fact and opinion review she
  • explained we are going to complete our
  • propaganda poster
  • 2. You need to understand you cant dessert
  • your team, he said. They all really need you to
  • win

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook
  • Reading composition book
  • If you havent already, turn in your poster to
    the 7th period drawer.

Reading DLA 2-5-13
  • We are starting Literary Genres today she
  • said what does that mean he quickly asked
  • 2. He turned as red as a tomato I was just trying
  • to pay you a complement he yelled so you
  • dont have to get so angry!

DLA 2-7-13
  • In many countrys food water and shelter are
  • scarce he quietly explained we are lucky to live
  • where we do
  • 2. The cars speedometer had to be re-called, it
  • never did say how faster he was going

Reading DLA 2-7-13
  • Whats the bigger difference between prose
  • and poetry he asked theres too many
  • differences
  • 2. The councilor decided she said that the town
  • didnt need a new Wal-Mart they are moving it
  • to the capitol.

DLA 2-8-13
  • I am advising you to not to not have a
  • sarcastic tone he said because you may get in
  • trouble for it by teachers, and your parents
  • 2. how do you simultaneosly not do youre
  • homework yet make As he said

Reading DLA 2-8-13
  • How many types of nonfiction did we talk
  • about yesterday she said what about types of
  • poetry?
  • 2. Your currently surrounded by spiders, and
  • scorpions, he whispered do you remain
  • stationery or quickly run?

DLA 2-11-13
  • 1. Is it supposed to rain tomorrow she said I
  • hope not, because the plans will be ruined I
  • dont know he replies
  • 2. how many movies are in the lord of the
  • Rings trilogy, did they win any-thing he asked

Reading DLA 2-11-13
  • whats a difference between nonfiction and
  • fiction he asked which one is true are theyre
  • similarities?
  • 2. After we talk about, traditional literature,
  • are going to do a walk around activities then
  • practice questions, she responded.

DLA 2-12-13
  • The mountain was to treacharous to climb it
  • is very dangerous, and desserted the guide
  • explained
  • 2. the artist created nearly, one-thousand
  • trapezoids on the wall, it was stunning she said

  • You need the following
  • - reading textbook
  • - reading composition book

Reading DLA 2-12-13
  • Whats cause and affect she asked we never
  • done that before and its confusing to me
  • 2. He said that more than 2 million people will
  • attend the parade and, 44 million will watch it
  • on television, I advice you to get there early
  • said

DLA 2-13-13
  • We unfortunately had to terminate for
  • positions she stated because funding was not
  • sufficient
  • 2. the transient man moved to every state
  • accept rhode island she said he never stays
  • very long

DLA 2-14-13
  • The worlds largest thermometer is one
  • hundred, and thirty four feet tall, it is over
  • twenty years old
  • 2.since you deciding to taunt youre classmate,
  • he said you have three weeks of detention

Reading DLA 2-14-13
  • The epic Beowulf is famous violent and very
  • long she explained so thats why were only
  • reading part of it today
  • 2. The internal conflict a very large struggle
  • proved to be to much for the character to handle
  • he said

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook (yes, READING textbook)
  • One sheet of paper
  • Have your homework on your desk.

DLA 2-15-13
  • Is it tangible she asked or do you not have a
  • chance of reaching it youve got to keep trying
  • you want to reach your goal
  • 2. theirs got to be a mistake she shrieked I know
  • I layed my project down on this table!

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook
  • Reading composition book
  • One sheet of paper
  • Have your Beowulf sheet (lines / what I think) on
    your desk.

Reading DLA 2-15-13
  • What super hero is most like Beowulf he
  • asked theres most options! What would be his
  • better super power
  • 2. A blonde-headed teen the boy won many
  • awards for his stationery bicycle invention last
  • year she explained

DLA 2-19-13
  • When she finds out she won the lottery he
  • explained she fell unconscious for nearly two
  • hours it really effected her
  • 2. when she worked at the capitol she
  • developed a large, ulcer and it made her
  • stomach constantly ache he said

Reading DLA 2-19-13
  • What stories is an example of a legend she
  • asked I never cant think of that many how do
  • you know its a legend?
  • 2. Mark your calendars they shouted the
  • championship will occur on march 23 2013 at six
  • o clock it will be a game to remember?

DLA 2-20-13
  • No DLA Library ?

DLA 2-21-13
  • After walking in the cold unshod the doctor
  • explained her feet felt froze and she quickly
  • developed a worst cold
  • 2. the stars were shocked to see the grammy
  • award winner a young singer appear unkempt
  • during her latest television appearance he said

Reading DLA 2-21-13
  • After reading her article I think the book
  • Holes would be very good to read she
  • recommends it he explained
  • 2. Which character in the story is more naïve she
  • said do any of them fall for anything they
  • hear?

Reading DLA 2-22-13
  • What was the difference she asked between
  • direct, and indirect characterization which one
  • is easiest to find?
  • 2. I cant remember it she loudly groaned what
  • comes before falling action, and after rising
  • action?

DLA 2-25-13
  • Once thought to be a vicious animal the dog
  • ended up saving the young girl from drowning
  • the reporter explained
  • 2. the roast is the baddest smell ever he shouted
  • your going to have to ventilate the kitchen all
  • afternoon

Reading DLA 2-22-13
  • How long do you think she asked it takes to
  • write an autobiography how many pages would
  • it be?
  • 2. Ugh! This bag ways a ton she loudly groaned
  • because I have every textbook in it, its like
  • carrying bricks!

DLA 2-26-13
  • 1. The two editor in chiefs of the Daily News
  • Journal won three awards for theyre vigilant
  • documentation of the crime he explained
  • 2. the vermin the larger and most rare ever
  • found is typically found in south America she
  • explained

  • You need the following
  • Two sheets of paper
  • Notes
  • Language textbook
  • Put your homework in the top right-hand corner of
    your desk.

DLA 2-27-13
  • 1. The teacher asked the class a vital question,
  • he explained but she did not answer they
  • didnt understand
  • 2. the vociferous athlete a man known for
  • bragging was the slower of the entire
  • competition

Reading DLA 2-27-13
  • How was eleanor roosevelts childhood she
  • asked was she sad happy did she get to do a lot
  • things? How big was her family.
  • 2. How did she meet her husband wasnt he she
  • responded her cousin! That dont seem normal

Reading DLA 2-28-13
  • Some characteristics of a winner may include
  • determination skill, and heart she explained
  • of these is more important?
  • 2. Why did lance armstrong a well known popular
  • athlete completely lose all of his tour de france
  • titles the student asked he won seven total

DLA 3-1-13
  • 1. Whose the villainous character youve seen
  • in movies the critic asked what traits made
  • them the antagonist?
  • 2. the project requires that you be specific she
  • explained and make good points make sure you
  • arent to vague

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook

DLA 3-4-13
  • You have library on Wednesday she
  • explained and youre going to have a mini
  • lesson, with mrs leeman
  • 2. after four feet of snow fell in Michigan it
  • a wondrous sight but it made driving most
  • difficult the reporter asked

Reading DLA 3-4-13
  • Did nike still sponsor lance Armstrong she
  • asked after he admitted his mistake is it the
  • wrong choice if they still does?
  • 2. Do you think he has to deal with more
  • internal, or external conflict she asked do you
  • think he regrets it?

DLA 3-5-13
  • When she heard the test was 100 questions
  • and hard her confidence began to waver she can
  • still get a good score
  • 2. dont feel wearisome about your project the
  • teacher explained you have three weeks, and
  • computer lab time to complete it

Reading DLA 3-5-13
  • How were women treated in the 1800 she
  • asked did they have the same rights, what were
  • theyre jobs?
  • 2. The main difference in a dictionary she reply
  • and a thesaurus is that one focuses one
  • definitions, the other on synonyms

  • Answer in complete sentences.
  • 1. What is the difference between an
    autobiography and a biography?
  • 2. How do you know that Its Not About the Bike
    is an autobiography?
  • 3. How do you know that Eleanor Roosevelt is a

DLA 3-7-13
  • The storms wrath violent damaging and
  • relentless caused almost forty million dollars
  • damage the man stated its been a nightmare
  • 2. I caught a whiff of her cooking he explained
  • and I felt like I was back home, I cant wait to
  • visit for the summer

  1. The terms of service for using Facebook
  2. An almanac
  3. A pamphlet explaining effects of cigarette smoke
  4. A bumper sticker warning people to Click It or
  5. A story of a teacher who helps troubled students
    go to college
  6. The lyrics to Michael Jacksons song Thriller
  7. Comically written directions on how to get to The

Reading DLA 3-7-13
  • Should good behavior be rewarded she asked
  • even though it is expected Im not sure he
  • replies.
  • 2. What is the best character trait of captain
  • neal, what is his true viewpoint of clara she
  • asked is it truly fair?

DLA 3-8-13
  • The home-run derby champion a baseball
  • legend managed to wallop the ball out of the
  • park eighteen times in seven games
  • 2. when the temperature soared to over 100
  • degrees the animals begin to wallow in the
  • water the farmer said

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook
  • - Have last nights homework (the Clara paper)
    on your desk.

Reading DLA 3-8-13
  • Before she entered the stage for the talent
  • show the director shouted break a leg your
  • going to do wonderful
  • 2. Her eyes were diamonds he remarked when
  • she saw her brother after two years it was a
  • great moment

  • Answer in complete sentences!
  • At the end of the play, why is Captain Neal not
    reluctant to ask Clara for help?
  • Is Neals belief that Clara is inferior justified
    due to the time period?
  • Why would this play be called a historical drama?

DLA 3-11-13
  • This youngster through a football over the
  • building he reported hes in trouble but it was
  • impressive!
  • 2. valued at over 4.2 million the mans yacht was
  • on travel channels show extreme boats last
  • february she explained

Reading DLA 3-11-13
  • No DLA Computer Lab ?

DLA 3-12-13
  • No DLA Computer Lab ?

Reading DLA 3-12-13
  • No DLA Computer Lab ?

DLA 3-13-13
  • The dog after receiving his vaccination shots
  • let out a quick yelp the veterinarian explained
  • but she is fine now
  • 2. the person who created the Xerox brand he
  • said must be extremely wealthier he created the
  • first copy company

Homework Options Any Six
  1. Clothing
  2. Sports
  3. T.V. Shows 9. Celebrities
  4. Hobbies 10. Music
  5. Mathematics 11. Video games
  6. Science
  7. Language Arts
  8. Geography

DLA 3-13-13
  • Whats the difference between fact opinion
  • and false premise she asked which one is easier
  • to prove?
  • 2. We watched Wreck It Ralph with my youngest
  • niece she said and then we went to the park, to
  • play softball

  • Fact, opinion, noun, adverb, preposition,
    quotation marks, third person omniscient,
    underlining, external conflict, internal
    conflict, rising action, climax, falling action,
    first person POV, resolution, exposition,
    testimonial, mudslinging, loaded words, direct
    characterization, chronological, third person
    limited POV, sequential, cause/effect,
    problem/solution, end rhyme, consonance,
    assonance, alliteration, free verse, synonym,
    antonym, onomatopoeia, punctuation, theme

DLA 3-15-13
  • stop acting like a younger, your nearly 14 his
  • mother said and you start high school in the fall
  • Youre behavior is unacceptable
  • 2. she receive a full Music Scholarship for
  • xylophone she will be at UT this august the
  • teacher explained

Reading DLA 3-15-13
  • What was the Black Plague the student asked
  • how many people did it effect, was it easy to
  • transfer to people?
  • 2. Over 100 million people, she explained, died
  • from it, there was no cure at the time, so
  • people, felt really, hopeless

DLA 3-18-13
  • If you didnt do any homework all year you
  • wont learn zilch about the subject she explained
  • you have to do the work
  • 2. Her zeal a passion for volunteering resulted
  • her recording over 300 hours of service this past
  • year the mayor stated

DLA 3-19-13
  • While on a safari with his wife, and family
  • the man was nearly attacked by a zebu he
  • accidentally startled it
  • 2. This food the critic remarked is full of great
  • zest and flavor, Id recommending it to everyone

Reading DLA 3-19-13
  • If the rats had never arrived in europe would
  • the plague have been that bad he asked was
  • the rats the main cause of the problem?
  • 2. I cant believe she said that Wednesday is the
  • first day of spring, this year has gone by so
  • its almost april!

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook
  • Composition book
  • One sheet of paper
  • Put questions 1-9 (the half sheet) in the drawer.
    Keep A-G at your desk.

Reading DLA 3-20-13
  • Whats the easier way to find out he asked if
  • a source is the most reliable what are some
  • Examples.
  • 2. Should we spend money on space programs
  • he asked when there are many other things that
  • need funding?

  • You need the following
  • Definitions (if you have them)
  • Notes

DLA 3-21-13
  • A tourist town with much zing nashville is
  • commonly voted one of the top 25 most
  • popular citys he explained
  • 2. Was Zeus the god of mt. olympus ever
  • defeated in battle the student asked was their
  • anyone who challenged him.

  • You need the following
  • Reading textbook
  • Last nights homework
  • You KEEP last nights homework.

Reading DLA 3-21-13
  • 1. Is there more advantages, or disadvantages
  • to travelling in space the professor asked does
  • costs to much money?
  • 2. After realizing he left his project at home he
  • quicker called his mom but she wasnt home the
  • teacher explained
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