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Public Library Management New Trends P. Jayarajan – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Public%20Library%20Management

  • Public Library Management
  • New Trends
  • P. Jayarajan

What is happening to public libraries?
  • Public libraries in many countries are going
    through a major transformation,
  • to keep pace with the changing economic, social,
    and technological aspects of the society.
  • more as a strategy to survive!
  • Libraries are demonstrating that they can
    provide a useful service to almost every segment
    of the population.
  • Libraries have been stretching the traditional
    definition of library successfully.

The transformation process
  • This process is known by different names
  • Reinventing
  • Revamping
  • Re-engineering
  • Modernisation
  • . Change, Big change!

  • Range of new services on offer
  • providing space, materials, technology for
    collaborative learning and creating eg access
    to 3D printers, laser cutters, milling machines,
    audio and video editing facility, etc known by
    different names makerspace,makerlab etc
  • Exclusive area for teenagers with lounges,
    restaurants, studios, game rooms, digital labs,
    software and equipments to record music and
    create comic books.
  • Community collaboration space
  • Lending out musical instruments to plot of
  • Offer of space for meetings, classes, night-time
    parties, even for weddings and as location for
    photo and video shooting.

  • Range of new services on offer
  • Basic IT training programmes, including,
  • internet access
  • use Skype
  • use social networks
  • Jobs-related services
  • help to find job vacancies
  • training on resume writing
  • help in applying for jobs
  • training on interview process
  • Help to book online tickets
  • for travel
  • concerts, movies and other activities

  • Helping children
  • to play educational games
  • to do homework and creative projects
  • Helping to buy goods online
  • Specially designed IT training for the aged
  • taxpayers like these changes!

Public library transformation
  • Some stories

Public libraries in US
  • The Boston Public Library (1848), the oldest
    public urban library in the US, has transformed
    itself into a bustling community centre.
  • A new section called Teen Central has become
    a favourite place for teenagers. It includes
    lounges, restaurants, game rooms, digital labs,
    plus software and equipment to record music and
    create comic books.
  • The librarys new lobby has an open lounge area
    featuring new books, casual seating, and retail
    space, which could sell anything under the sky!

Public libraries in US
  • The new Madison Central Library offers a variety
    of innovative ways to connect people
  • Media Lab a state-of-the-art digital facility
    where citizens can learn to edit videos, design
    video games.
  • The Bubbler the librarys makerspace provides
    space, materials and instruction on all kinds of
  • Artist-in-residence who works on projects and
    take classes.
  • Space for night-time parties, meetings, classes,
    even weddings
  • location for video photo location

Public libraries in US
  • The Library Farm an organic community garden on
    one and half acre of land is owned by the Public
    Library in Cicero, New York.
  • Anyone can borrow a plot!
  • Members can learn organic farming practices in
    the borrowed plot .
  • The purpose of the Library Farm is to provide a
    place for the community to grow, share and learn
    about food literacy, and organic, sustainable

Public libraries in US
  • San Francisco Public Librarys outreach program
    to homeless users, is staffed by a full-time
    psychiatric social worker and includes the
    services of five peer counselors, all of whom
    were once homeless themselves.
  • Since its launch four years ago, it has become a
    model for other public libraries across the

Public libraries in US
  • the worst is over!
  • no more threats of closures and budget cuts!!
  • . and no major complaints about the new

Public libraries in UK
  • Since 2000, new state-of-the-art library
    buildings have opened in many cities
  • While cuts and closures are affecting library
    services, the past decade has seen
    a transformation of public libraries
  • All libraries are reporting record numbers of

Public libraries in UK
  • In 2011, it was revealed that more than 400
    libraries were under threat of closure due to
    budget cuts
  • This forced citizens to form the Save Our
    Libraries Campaign.

Public libraries in UK
  • Many major writers reacted strongly against the
    planned closure of 11 branches out of a total of
    18 in Liverpool they called it a massacre.
  • The authorities responded by saying no library
    in Liverpool will be closed.

A new public library in Birmingham
  • A new public library was opened recently in
  • 186m was spent
  • Probably will be the largest public library in
  • The library expects to attract 10,000 visitors a

Another landmark library
  • Finlands new Central Public Library in Helsinki
  • To be opened in 2018
  • Coinciding with the100 years of Finlands
  • State of the art library
  • 18,000 sq metres
  • 10,000 visitors daily

Central public library, Helsinki
First floor multipurpose hall
Middle floor Studios
Top floor Childrens area , Citizens balcony
Top floor . and Books
Innovation Story from Singapore
  • Public-Private-People Partnership model public
  • Building constructed by a leading construction
  • IT systems and other infrastructure provided by
    an IT company
  • Library managed by trained volunteers
  • NLB only overseas the functioning and controls

Innovation Story from Singapore
Innovation Singapore Memory Project
  • Launched in 2011, this project aims to collect 5
    million personal memories as well as a
    substantial number of published materials on
    Singapore by 2015.
  • Members of the public are invited to submit
    their memories, eg family photos

Public libraries in Singapore
Public libraries in Singapore
Revamping Story from Ukraine
  • Public libraries in Ukraine went for a massive
    revamping with support from various agencies
  • the International Research and Exchanges Board
  • the United States Agency for International
    Development (USAID),
  • the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine
  • the Ukrainian Library Association
  • Supported by a 25 million grant from the Bill
    Melinda Gates Foundation.
  • In addition, Microsoft donated an estimated 9
    million in software
  • The programme was called Bibliomist

Story from Ukraine
  • Under the Bibliomist project, about 2,000 public
    libraries were modernised
  • Two major components of the modernisation
    programme were
  • Introduction of computers and internet access
  • Library innovation trainings for librarians
  • . now offers a variety of services for the
    community, most IT based

Story from Ukraine New services
  • The quantitative analysis of the data collected
    from the new libraries demonstrated that
  • Public libraries not only provide information
    services but also positively influence the
    economic needs of users, communities and even the
    whole country
  • Social Economic Value of Libraries
  • Ukrainian public libraries from 2010 to 2013

The story so far
  • Similar stories coming from many more countries,
    eg Greece, Jamaica, Netherlands, Denmark, Haiti,
    Uganda, Turkey etc etc
  • do we have a story??

The story so far The new trends?
  • Community engagement
  • Partnership and collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Change
  • books get a seat!

The story so far Impact of the new changes
  • improved perceptions of libraries
  • Significant increase in library usage
  • more visits to libraries
  • improved confidence in the libraries
  • feeling good about the library
  • .. effective support from public

The Critics!
  • Why should libraries undertake such non-library
  • Once a sanctuary of silence, modern library has
    become noisy
  • Librarians accused of encouraging activities in
    bid to entice more visitors
  • this is not librarianship!
  • .. campaign has been launched to get UK's
    libraries back to what they were!!

Public libraries in India
  • Do we have story ?

Public libraries in India
  • Continue to be a neglected lot
  • Indifferent stakeholders
  • Low priority for government(s)
  • Silent citizens
  • Library profession not doing enough
  • major change

NMLa missed opportunity?
  • In 2012 The National Mission on Libraries was
    constituted, with a High Level Committee.
  • NML has been discussing various projects and
    programmes eg National Virtual Library, Capacity
    building, Model public libraries, Public library
    survey etc.
  • Nothing visible has happened so far.
  • The current term of NML expires soon, hope the
    term will be extended.

New opportunities
  • Vanche Bharat
  • 100 Smart cities project
  • Model village project
  • Public Libraries in CSR subject list
  • NML 2.0

The wish-list
  • A few state-of-the-art model public libraries in
    every State
  • Government(s) making determined and conscious
    decision to invest in public libraries
  • High profile public library campaign
  • Flow of CSR funds to public library development
  • Creation of a Public Library Development Fund
  • Library profession taking a proactive role.

  • Thank you

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