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The Muscular System


Cardiac Muscle Smooth Muscle Skeletal Muscle We are doing our project on the muscular system. There are three different types of muscles in the human body, there is ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Muscular System

The Muscular System
Cardiac Muscle
Smooth Muscle
Skeletal Muscle
By Rebecca Pallhorn And Romina Jurdi 5/6T
  • We are doing our project on the muscular system.
  • There are three different types of muscles in
    the human body, there is the cardiac muscle,
    skeletal muscle and smooth muscle.

What organs make up the muscular system?
  • The main organs that make up the Muscular system
    are the Cardiac muscle or the heart and the
    skeletal muscle.

Here is a picture of the skeletal muscle
What are each organs function in the muscular
  • There are two main organs in the muscular system.
  • The skeletal muscles the skeletal muscles main
    function is to allow the human body to move.
  • The cardiac muscles the cardiac muscle is
    actually the heart and we need the heart because
    it pumps all the blood around our body and allows
    us to breathe.

How does the muscular
system perform it's functions?
  • We perform these functions by doing anything like
    walking, running, jumping, playing sport etc.

Where is the muscular
system located?
  • The muscular system is practically located
    everywhere in the human body, here is a picture
    to show you where

Why is the muscular system so important to the
human body?
  • The muscular system is very important to the
    human body because without our muscles we
    wouldnt be able to move anything!

What is the main function
of the muscular system?
The main function of the muscular system is to
move our bodies, they also help move food from
one organ to another.
What is the muscular systems role?
  • The muscular systems role is to control all our
    movements that we make, muscles are often called
    the machines of our bodies!

What can go wrong
with the muscular system?
  • There are a few things that can go wrong with the
    muscular system like, a hamstring injury, if you
    do sport and you haven't stretched right you
    could tear your muscles and they can get
    stretched to far, etc.

could a person survive without
the muscular system?
No, no one could because in order to breath you
need muscles, in order to move you need muscles,
the heart is a muscle and you couldnt live
without it and they also help move food from
organ to organ.
Information about the different types of muscle
Cardiac Muscles -The cardiac muscle is only
found In the heart. -It can stretch like smooth
muscles and contract like skeletal muscles. -The
cardiac muscle only does short and single
Skeletal Muscles -There are roughly 650 skeletal
muscles in the human body. -skeletal muscles are
attached to the skeleton. -skeletal muscles work
in pairs, one muscle moves the bone in one
direction and the other moves it back again.
Smooth Muscles -Smooth muscles are actually
found in out internal organs our digestive
system, our bladder and our blood vessels. -We
dont have to think about contracting our smooth
muscles because they are automatically controlled
by the nervous system.
  • MUSCULAR DYSTROTHY Muscular Dystrophy (MD) is a
    disease that makes the muscle fibers become
    damaged easily and it and it makes your skeletal
    muscles weaken. There are over one hundred
    different types of diseases that are very similar
    to Muscular Dystrophy. There are currently no
    cures for Muscular Dystrophy.
  • MYOPATHY Myopathy is a muscular disease that
    makes your muscle fibers not work, which makes
    most of your muscles weaken.

blue blood vessel
Smooth Muscle
Muscle fibers
Cardiac muscle
Skeletal Muscle.
Cardiac Muscle
Muscular system
Did You Know?
  • When you smile you use seventeen muscles and when
    you frown you use forty two!
  • Muscles weigh about forty percent of your body
    weight and sometimes when we exercise or train we
    put on weight rather than losing it, because we
    put on muscle weight!
  • Muscles cant push, they can only pull!

We hope you enjoyed it!!!
By Romina 5/6T and Rebecca 5/6T