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Empire of the Great Khan


Empire of the Great Khan Chapter 12 sect. 3 Pages 299 - 302 Main Idea & Why it Matters Now Kublai Khan rule China and encouraged foreign trade, but Yuan Dynasty was ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Empire of the Great Khan

Empire of the Great Khan
  • Chapter 12 sect. 3
  • Pages 299 - 302

Main Idea Why it Matters Now
  • Kublai Khan rule China and encouraged foreign
    trade, but Yuan Dynasty was beset by problems.
  • The influence of Chinese ideas on Western
    civilization began with the Mongols
    encouragement of trade.

Kublai Khan Conquers China
  • Took 3 generations of Mongol leaders to complete
    the conquest of China begun by Genghis Khan
  • China sometimes lost territory to nomadic groups,
    but foreigner had ever ruled the whole country
    until Kublai Khan

Who is Kublai Khan
  • Grandson of Genghis Khan
  • Named himself Great Khan in 1260
  • The first Great Khan was Genghis son Ogadai

Beginning A New Dynasty
  • Kublai Khan founded the Yuan Dynasty, but it
    lasted less than a century.
  • This dynasty was important for many reasons
  • United China for the first time in 300 years
  • Opened China to greater foreign trade

Failure to Conquer Japan
  • After 53 days of fighting, a huge typhoon
    (hurricane) came threw wiping out the Mongols and
    Japan was successful in fighting them off.
  • After uniting all of China, Kublai set his sights
    on Japan tried twice to take over Japan
  • 1274 and 1281
  • In 1281, Kublai sent the largest seaborne
    invasion in world history until World War II to
    take over Japan.

The Mongols and Chinese United
  • Mongol rulers had little in common with Chinese
  • Because of this Mongols lived apart from the
    Chinese and obeyed different laws.
  • Kept the Chinese out of high government offices,
    but used them on the local level.

Encouragement of Foreign Trade
  • During the Mongol peace made the trade route safe
    and Kublai Khan established mail routes which
    greatly improved trade.
  • Invited foreign merchants to visit China.

Marco Polo at the Mongol Court
  • Marco Polo the most famous European to visit
  • He traveled the Silk Roads and arrived in 1275.
  • He could speak several Asian languages and helped
    Kublai Khan on government missions throughout

The End of Mongol Rule
  • During Kublais last years he sent his armies and
    navies on several expeditions to try and expand
    the empire.
  • His military was defeated and were very costly to
    his economy.

Yuan Dynasty Overthrown
  • Kublai died in 1294
  • Mongol rule weakened after his death
  • Yuan Dynasty remained in power but struggled with
    who would rule.
  • Chinese had long resented their Mongol rulers so
    they rebelled.

Chinese Rebellion
  • Chinese rebelled because of
  • Years of famine
  • Floods
  • Disease
  • Growing economic problems
  • Official corruption

Decline of the Mongol Empire
  • By the end of the Yuan the entire Mongol empire
  • The only Mongol empire that survived was the
    Golden Horde which ruled Russia for 250 years
    until Ivan III inserted Russian independence from
    the Mongols in 1480.
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