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AT&T and Education From Program to Promise May 18, 2012 – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: AT

ATT and Education From Program to Promise
May 18, 2012
  • Background
  • Why Elevate Education?
  • The Opportunity
  • Enter a soaring market
  • Build our brand
  • Secure our future
  • Why ATT?
  • Market Analysis
  • ATTs Strategic Education Platform
  • Goals Next Steps

Helping others succeed in learning
in and out of the classroom
is an enduring part of who we are
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sheets throughout.
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Nearly 100 years in...
923 million to education and counting
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the same distance away from the side and bottom
if possible
Our investments made a difference
1 million high school students impacted
200,000 employee volunteer hours
211 Cities
21st Century skills
We see limitless possibilities ahead...
Why Elevate Education?
256,000 reasons why
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we are to use bullets like this. what did we use
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As one of the Nations largest employers, we rely
on a highly skilled workforce Nearly one fourth
of all students and and nearly 40 percent of
African-American, Hispanic and Native American
students fail to graduate with their class By
2016 America will face a talent gap of 7 million
skilled workers
Our customers care
64 of Americans are worried that high school
graduates are unprepared for college or
career Just 18 of Americans surveyed gave their
kids schools a grade of an A or a B, down from
30 in 2005 90 of consumers want to know what
companies are doing to support causes they care
about, yet most dont know where ATT stands
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Big change is underway
Education is having its internet moment.
People are talking about this being an
inflection point.
Rob Stavis, of venture fund Bessemer Venture
Elliot Soloway, of The University of Michigan
School of Education
Our schools remain the last holdout from the
industrial revolution.
Rupert Murdoch
Driven by a confluence of variables
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Increasing spectrum and download speed
High drop out rates
Overwhelming penetration of mobile and internet
Lack of effective STEM education
The Learning Opportunity
Unprepared youth
Cost affordability of devices
Incentives and VC interest in new education models
New generation of digital natives

Technology trends
Educational trends
Trends that are relevant to ATT
50 of K-8 teachers say they use digital games
with students
80 of teens own their own cell phone
84 of 8-18 year olds have internet access
Education is the 4 category on the iTunes app
1.5 million iPads are in use in schools
12 of 2-4 year olds use a computer once a day
The Learning Opportunity
26 of 1-8 year olds watch education TV shows
46 of Americans use a smartphone
65 of Americans will own a smartphone or tablet
by 2015
48 of PreK-12 students will take online class by
44 of textbooks will be e-textbooks by 2017
Technology trends
Educational trends
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notes like this.
The Learning Opportunity
Top three reasons why ATT should lead the
education revolution
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Reason 1
Growth across the board
Enter a soaring market
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schools BOLD is this a AT font? make consistent
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EduTech is a 15 billion market. Investments
have tripled in past decade
Learning by phone, tablet, or laptop is expected
to grow 31 by 2020
67 of teachers use technology in every class and
85 use it everyday
ATT projections reflect this growth
Enter a soaring market
Education sales revenues and projected growth
2011 - 2015 Investment in disruptive new
services or bundled offerings (Data forthcoming
from client)
Reason 2
Build Our Brand
There is no knowledge of CS efforts or what the
company stands for...ATTs greatest opportunity
to distinguish itself is through its commitment
to education and learning.
Heart Research Associates February 2012
ATT Education Brand Trajectory
Build Our Brand
Build Our Brand
Purpose has successfully humanized similar
Target Brand Trajectory
Build Our Brand
Cheap Chic
Expect More
Purposeful Brand
Give More
Giving 1 billion for education and bright
futures by 2015.
CS Strategy
Pepsi Brand Trajectory
Build Our Brand
Something for Everyone
Refresh Everything
Purposeful Brand
Pepsi Refresh
CS Strategy
1.4 million lives improved. 189 schools
refreshed. 1,000 grants rewarded.
CS Strategy
Walmart Brand Trajectory
Build Our Brand
Low Prices
Live Better
Purposeful Brand
Helping people save money while they help their
families, and the world, live better.
CS Strategy
Education resonates
Build Our Brand
We will never stop developing groundbreaking
technological advancements and meaningful
solutions that unlock the potential in all of
usand expand what humanity is capable of. Its
what drives our curious, open, inventive and
purposeful brandand gives us our creative
resolve.Lets bring tomorrow closer. Lets invent
for peoples sake. Lets shake things upwardAnd
create the world we imagine. ATT brand center
Reason 3
Secure Our Future
Subpar public schools threaten recruiting Jobs
go unfilled even amid high unemployment in
positions requiring scientific and high-
technology expertise.
US Public Education Taskforce January 2012
More investment more growth
Secure Our Future
Broadening our customer base and employee
pipeline 77 of jobs will require technology
skills in the next decade An extra year of
school is associated with more than a 30 percent
increase in per capita income
Why ATT?
We are uniquely positioned to lead
Heritage and history in education Alignment with
current brand positioning A brand embedded in our
lives (ubiquitous) Mobile and technology
leadership Network LTE Platforms Mobile/wireless
As a company we stand for whats needed in
Exponential change and innovation Game-changing
approaches Human potential Optimism
How does ATT enter a highly competitive
Market Analysis
The education space is crowded

There are corporate supporters

And disruptive innovators

Disruptive innovators liberate education, playing
to peoples thirst for knowledge.
Provides free online learning videos in an
informal and individualized format viewed by up
to 3.5 million people each month
Pairs extraordinary educators with talented
animators to produce a new library of exceptional
educational videos to ignite curiosity worldwide
same as previous requests / consistencies left
jsutify font an ATT font?
Provides public access to a Harvard and MIT
education through free online courses, building a
global community of learners
Offers the first ever complete online game based
high school course (in association with Florida
Virtual School)
Corporate leaders bring new models to scale,
leveraging their reach and proprietary assets.
Builds demand for its platforms through
partnerships, open sourcing and contests that
generate grassroots momentum and meaningful
Uses its huge network to level the playing field
for students around the world, offering the
worlds largest classroom.
Puts education technology in the hands of
students, teachers and citizens worldwide. Works
with governments to make technology more
Provides classroom tools and apps, such as Google
docs, that enable collaboration and better
organize information.
What sets corporate strategies apart?
Four distinct, yet complementary approaches

Quick Wins
Quick Wins
Social Innovation
Ad-Hoc Donations
Strategic Philanthropy
Four distinct, yet complementary approaches

Quick Wins
Social Innovation
Long hanging fruit initiatives that offer
significant business value but limited social
Innovative solutions that target social problem
while building business value
Business Value
Strategic Philanthropy
Ad-Hoc Donations
Philanthropic initiatives that lack alignment
with broader mission or core competencies
Effective, goal-oriented, and socially meaningful
Impact and Scalability
Varying degrees of scale and impact

Quick Wins
Social Innovation
Business Value
Pro Leverages core competency Con Lack of
innovation or authenticity
Pro True leadership across business and social
metrics Con Requires appetite to innovate
Ad-Hoc Donations
Strategic Philanthropy
Pro Checks the box for corporate
citizenship Con Lack of scale or differentiation
Pro Significant social impact and reputational
benefit Con Lack of alignment of core
Impact and Scalability
Summary Initiatives generally focus on high
market capture areas and building a better
product the value for Apple is significant but
the potential for greater social impact is high.
Key Activities I-tunes U application,
distributing Apple products to schools worldwide
Enduring Ideas Creative ways to leverage Apple
products to drive education
Unique Value Proposition Apple products are
highly engaging to students and educators alike,
driving motivation and curiosity
Summary Single donation made by Mark Zuckerberg
with little further disclosure of positioning on
education issues
Key Activities Single 100M to Newark schools
Ongoing information available on how educators
can leverage Facebook for learning
same with all these pages
Enduring Ideas None
Unique Value Proposition Social network widely
used among students, educators, and parents
Summary Strategic and well-tracked initiatives
with a focus on creating a brand halo around
community involvement rather than alignment with
core business education is one of many GE
philanthropy programs.
Key Activities Flagship program is GE Developing
Futures in Education program
Enduring Ideas A quality education ushers in a
lifetime of opportunity, which helps build a
strong and diverse citizenry to work and live in
an increasingly competitive world
Unique Value Proposition A systemic and highly
targeted approach to driving up US STEM outcomes
Summary Innovative approaches to delivering
measurable results in the education space while
increasing penetration of Microsoft products and
building the brand
Key Activities Broad variety of tools and
services to help educators connect with each
other, prepare students for tomorrow's careers,
and provide learners with increased access to
technology and training, including Imagine Cup,
Students to Business, and Partners in Learning
Enduring Ideas Allowing people to imagine and
realize their full potential through platforms,
tools and training that promotes 21st Century
Unique Value Proposition Microsoft is a brand
that is well known to and highly valued in the
education space
What is the right strategy for ATT?
Socially innovative companies
AT T doesnt like these check boxes, please make
orange bullets open up the line
spacing consistent type and sizes to previous
High investment High relevance High
involvement High return
See Appendix A for in-depth case studies
Socially innovative companies

AT T doesnt like these check boxes, please make
orange bullets open up the line
spacing consistent type and sizes to previous
High investment High relevance High
involvement High return
See Appendix A for in-depth case studies
A socially innovative ATT
ATT Aspire is taking a socially innovative
approach to education. That means we're going
beyond traditional philanthropy which typically
involves only charitable giving to also engage
people and technology to bring different
approaches, new solutions and added resources to
challenging social problems.

Collective Impact Innovative Partnerships
Disruptive Technologies
Were working to
Bring together education stakeholders to work in
harmony to create a sense of urgency and find
innovative solutions Align with non-profit
groups that develop interactive learning tools
including gamification, web-based content and
social media into educational content to spur
excitement about learning Generate innovative
market solutions to address societal issues and
to benefit American businesses
AT T doesnt like these bullets, please make
small orange circle bullets- use same throughout
doc. open up the line spacing good hang
tabs consistent type and sizes to previous pages
Bridging the gap

corporate supporters
disruptive innovators
Differentiating in a crowded space
Education is mobile Embracing a new reality
In todays ultra-connected global environment,
learning is happening everywhere, all around us,
all the time. Educating based on a linear, K-12
model is no longer enough. Through its core
assets, ATT can empower learners of all ages to
explore and cultivate their unique talents and
interests, in the classroom and beyond.
consistent type sizes and gray color same as
previous pages color palette of birds to lime
Leveraging our core strength
Education is mobile
ATT is mobility
ATTs Strategic Education Platform
Rethink Possible
Rethink Possibilities in Education
Limitless Learning
Limitless Learning
Limitlesslearning ...
knows no boundaries
It happens
anywhere, anytime
It touches people
of all ages
Inside the classroom
and beyond
Its what drives the thirst for human progress
and our purpose as a company
Limitless learning
Limitless boundaries
Limitless Learning
Unleashing a love of learning, Making learning
personal and fun, Helping secure our collective
future, And creating more value than ever before.
How Limitless Learning Creates ValueAcross ATT
It leverages our strengths, connecting the
passion for learning and personal discovery with
what ATT sells. It opens the door to innovative
and profitable new product service
It humanizes our brand, expressing the distinct
personal benefits of our education-related
business and philanthropic efforts. It
illustrates the power of our network and the joy
of learning meaningful new things.
It helps drive the US education agenda, fostering
improved education outcomes that feed ATTs
customer and employee pipelines.
Where Limitless Learning Fits In
Goals and Next Steps
How will we know when we are successful?
Limitless Learning Measures of Success
  • Majority of consumers associate ATT with
  • A critical mass of classrooms in the US have
    launched innovative curricula based on ATT
  • Majority of U-verse families have education-based
    content available through U-verse
  • 10 million students have access to high quality
    educational resources outside the classroom
    through ATT platforms
  • ATT stores become an engagement and learning
    destination, rather than a functional location
  • Employees cite educational initiatives as
    valuable and personally meaningful

Next Steps
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table) make type have larger margins in boxes,
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Limitless Learning Activation Roadmap
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with gradient and reverse gray boxes/white type
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Appendix Competitive Case Studies
Case Study Apple
  • Business Value for Apple HIGH
  • Establishing Apple tools as fundamental for the
    next generation of education breakthroughs
  • Increasing penetration across consumers and
    within schools
  • Creating a new and highly compelling reason to
    buy for families with children
  • Impact and Scalability MODERATE
  • Limited to individuals, organizations, or school
    systems that are able to access Apple
  • Larger scale education overhaul caused by
    technological breakthroughs (e.g. textbooks on
    iPad) potentially significant

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Creative ways to leverage Apple products to drive education
Unique Value Proposition Tools and products that are engaging to students and educators alike
Key Activities Itunes U application, distributing Apple products to schools worldwide
Public C-Level Engagement? No
gradient boxes gray tables? no lines or less
lines solid boxes that have white space
between? color palette rounded
corners consistenciesleft margin gray gradient
table more line space
Case Study Google
  • Business Value for Google HIGH
  • Increasing penetration of Google Docs and Apps
    use throughout schools, universities, and among
    teachers, school administrators, and nonprofits
  • Impact and Scalability MODERATE
  • Improving the ability of school districts and
    institutions to collaborate, build, and function
    effectively by providing free Google products
  • Improving access to computer, engineering, and
    science education through a variety of programs,
    including CS4HS, BOLD Internship program,
    Computer Science Summer Institute program, Google
    FUSE retreat, and the Google Teacher Academy

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Education is at the core of Googles mission to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible.
Unique Value Proposition Highly relevant tools for collaboration and search which are critical in learning setting
Key Activities Classroom resources related to Google products, training and development, free software and services, competitions, scholarships, and awards for students
Public C-Level Engagement? No
gradient boxes gray tables? no lines or less
lines solid boxes that have white space
between? color palette rounded
corners consistenciesleft margin gray gradient
table more line space
Case Study Facebook
  • Business Value for Facebook LIMITED
  • Donation not closely tied with core Facebook
    value proposition little public dissemination of
    positioning on education issues
  • Impact and Scalability MODERATE
  • One-time donation of 100 million donation to
    public schools in Newark, N.J.
  • Ongoing information available on how educators
    can leverage Facebook for learning

Key Facts
Enduring Idea None
Unique Value Proposition Social network widely used among students and educators how can we leverage the pervasiveness for educational benefit?
Key Activities Large one-time donation, ongoing coaching for social network use in schools
Public C-Level Engagement? No (aside from donation)
same as previous for all these case study
slides make sure alignment is exact placement of
tables bounces around when you go from slide to
Case Study GE
  • Business Value for GE MODERATE
  • Value is tied to creating a brand halo around
    community involvement and reputation the
    education initiative is one of many philanthropy
    programs pursued by GE
  • Impact and Scalability MODERATE
  • Initiatives focused on improving access, equity
    quality of public education
  • Nearly 200 million invested in selected US
    school districts 18 million to support Common
    Core Standards
  • Impacts are strategically tracked and measured,
    improving overall impact and scalability

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Building a strong and diverse citizenry to work and live in an increasingly competitive world
Unique Value Proposition A systemic and highly targeted approach to driving up US STEM outcomes
Key Activities GE Developing Futures in Education program
Public C-Level Engagement? Yes
Case Study Verizon
  • Business Value for Verizon MODERATE
  • Promoting the use of telecommunications for
    learning (e.g. 4G network in schools)
  • Impact and Scalability HIGH
  • 66M in grants in 2011
  • Thinkfinity website, which won the Award for
    Philanthropy in Public Education from the NEA
    (2009), is a portal for educators, providing free
    ideas for lessons, professional development,
    helpful videos, educational tools, and a social
    network for teachers
  • The Verizon Foundation has donated millions of
    dollars to creating community, national, and
    online literacy programs that help young people
    and adults learn to improve their reading, job,
    and technology skills

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Enabling teachers to deliver on education priorities (including test outcomes, exam preparation, core standards)
Unique Value Proposition Focus on the intersection of technology and critical social issues
Key Activities Thinkfinity, grant-making to literacy, educational, and training programs
Public C-Level Engagement? No
Case Study Intel
  • Business Value for Intel HIGH
  • As a technology innovator and manufacturer of
    incredibly complex products, Intel relies on a
    talented and highly-educated work force.
  • Impact and Scalability HIGH
  • Works in over 70 countries to monitor 200
    different programs aimed at educational reform,
    professional development, and increasing access
    to educational technology. To date, the company
    has donated over 1 billion and close to 3M
    employee volunteer hours.
  • Programs seek to be highly scalable and impactful
    on many levels (policy, research, assessment,
    development, ICT)

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Transforming education for a world of opportunity
Unique Value Proposition A research-based, systemic approach to education
Key Activities Education Reform activism, competitions focused on STEM, technology donations, text-to-speech technology for disabled students, Intel Teach program to help educators learn to leverage technology in the classroom
Public C-Level Engagement? Yes
Case Study Cisco
  • Business Value for Cisco HIGH
  • Building the reach and value proposition of
    Ciscos core product network-based learning
  • Impact and Scalability HIGH
  • Worlds Largest Classroom bringing technology
    education, 21st-century skills, and improved job
    prospects to 4 million students in 165 countries
    since inception
  • Global initiatives focusing on STEM
  • Collaboration with and strategic investments in
    organizations committed to using technology to
    transform education (Teach for America, City
    Year, etc.)

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Creating a connected learning society
Unique Value Proposition Leveraging core expertise in networking technology to improve both the delivery and quality of education
Key Activities Networking Academy, global and regional initiatives, investing in tech-based education innovation
Public C-Level Engagement? Yes
Case Study Microsoft
  • Business Value for Microsoft HIGH
  • Embedding Microsoft tools and platforms
    throughout schools and universities, increasing
    penetration and market leadership
  • Supporting third-party development of innovative
    education solutions
  • Helping NGO partners grow and scale
  • Impact and Scalability HIGH
  • Reached nearly 210 million students and teachers
    since 2003
  • Connected 6M citizens with affordable education
  • More than 380,000 students participated in the
    2011 Imagine Cup

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Allowing people to imagine and realize their full potential
Unique Value Proposition Broad variety of tools and services to help educators connect with each other, prepare students for tomorrow's careers, and provide learners with increased access to technology and training
Key Activities Imagine Cup, Students to Business, Elevate America, DigiGirlz, Partners in Learning
Public C-Level Engagement? Yes
Case Study IBM
  • Business Value for IBM HIGH
  • Leveraging data and analytics as a cornerstone of
    process transformation Creating a 21st-century
    digital curriculum and deploy digital
    instructional tools
  • Impact and Scalability HIGH
  • Well-known and long-standing programs in early
    learning (10M students since 1998), literacy (36
    countries), camps (10,000 students), and teaching
    exploration (100 employees) have had significant
    impact worldwide across millions of people in
    every age group.

Key Facts
Enduring Idea Using technology to make education smarter (Smarter Planet).
Unique Value Proposition Large portfolio of long-running technology-based education programs in many areas of need
Key Activities KidSmart Early Learning, Reading Companion, TranslateNow!, Technology Camps, University Relations
Public C-Level Engagement? Yes
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