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Fort Hunt U-19/High School Rugby Spring 2012


Fort Hunt U-19/High School Rugby Spring 2012 Agenda Overview Purpose/Philosophy Leaders/Personnel Fort Hunt Rugby Organization Fort Hunt Rugby History Fort Hunt Rugby ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fort Hunt U-19/High School Rugby Spring 2012

Fort Hunt U-19/High School RugbySpring 2012
  • Overview
  • Purpose/Philosophy
  • Leaders/Personnel
  • Fort Hunt Rugby Organization
  • Fort Hunt Rugby History
  • Fort Hunt Rugby Future
  • Schedule
  • Expectations/Ground Rules
  • Health and Safety
  • Injuries
  • Fees/Registration
  • Fundraising/Sponsorship
  • Equipment
  • Locations
  • Times
  • Communications
  • Opportunities to Volunteer
  • Beyond Rugby Mentoring and Development
  • Q A

  • In Spring 2012 (February-June), Fort Hunt Rugby
    will compete in the Rugby Virginia high school
    competition with boys and girls teams.
  • Teams are not tied to any school, and are open to
    any player age 14-19 who is an active student in
    high school.
  • Registration opens in January 2012, practice
    starts in February, and matches begin in March,
    with matches ending in early June.

  • Teach competitive, high-level rugby to high
    school-age youth
  • Compete in the Rugby Virginia league
  • Emphasize player
  • Development
  • Teamwork
  • Discipline
  • Sportsmanship
  • Respect for teammates, opponents, coaches and
  • Foster a love for the lifetime sport of rugby,
    and its unique culture and traditions

  • Teamwork is critical, in rugby and in life
  • Team unity, on and off the field
  • There is no place for ego values/principles
    override personalities
  • There is never a reason to cheat
  • Player of the Match is the player who is the best
    overall team member, not necessarily the best
  • The rewards of making yourself part of something
  • Do nothing to bring discredit or shame upon
    yourself, your family, or your team
  • Respect for teammates, opponents and officials
  • Winninggiving 100 and learning
  • All else comes as a consequence of these two
  • Accept defeat with dignity, take victory with
  • Respect for those players, coaches and supporters
    who have gone before you
  • Rugby is a way of life, and makes lifelong
  • Love of the game a passion that inspires all
    player, coach, ref, administrator and
    supporter/spectator actions

  • Rugby is a full-contact sport, not a collision
  • Constant, close-in contact with teammates and
  • Players must have physical maturity
  • Engage in proper, safe contact
  • Remember to avoid illegal, unsafe contact
  • Players must have emotional maturity
  • No ego, no gloating
  • No anger over hard play from an opponent
  • Players who cannot adjust will not play

  • Club goals
  • Maintain competitive boys and girls HS-level
    teams that compete fully in the Rugby Virginia
    Spring 2012 season
  • Establish HS coaches and leaders for future years
  • Create a cadre of dedicated players and parents
  • Team Goals
  • Fully trained and integrated teams, ready to take
    the field and play
  • Winning seasons
  • Individual Goals
  • Players fully conversant will all basics of rugby
  • Players fully aware of basics of their position
  • Players fully aware of basic Laws of the Game

Fort Hunt Rugby Organization
Summer Touch
U-19/High School
Match Secretary
Summer Tackle
  • Andy Vonada, FHYAA Rugby Commissioner
  • John Dacey, Head Coach
  • Dale Roach, HS Boys Coach
  • Bill Galway, Assistant Coach
  • Chris Murray, Assistant Coach
  • Joseph Caridi, Assistant Coach
  • Andy Vonada, HS Girls Coach
  • Allie Bowman, Assistant Coach
  • Katrina Romain, Assistant Coach
  • Vivian Cocca, Assistant Coach

Fort Hunt Rugby History
  • Fort Hunt Rugby, a sport supported by FHYAA since
  • 11 players in 2006
  • 18 in 2007
  • 53 in 2008
  • 74 in 2009
  • 93 in 2010
  • 128 in 2011
  • July 2010, first-ever club tour to Canada
  • In 2011, fielded teams in boys/girls high school,
    U-9 touch, U-11 touch, U-13 boys tackle,
    U-15/U-17 boys tackle, U-17 girls tackle

Fort Hunt Rugby Future
  • Planned high school tours (destination TBD) for
    Summer 2012
  • Future tours in 2014, 2016, 2018
  • Boys middle school (7/8th grade) boys tackle
    program, Spring 2012
  • Possible boys U-15 tour to France/Scotland in
    August 2012
  • Possible addition of U-13 tackle for Spring 2012

2012 High School Rugby Schedule
  • February 2012, practices begin
  • Early April, scheduled matches begin
  • Scrimmages begin in mid-March
  • Possible weekend trips for tournaments
  • Early June, matches conclude

Expectations/Ground Rules
  • Rugby is a spring sport
  • Players are expected to dedicate themselves to
    their team and teammates
  • This is not an after-school or recreational
    program, but a varsity-level program emphasizing
    dedication and competition
  • The best, most dedicated players will start, and
    will play more
  • Players who do not attend training will not
    start, or play as much
  • All players must attend a minimum of 4
    full-contact practices before being permitted to
  • Players must demonstrate proper physical and
    emotional maturity before being permitted to play
  • All players are required to have a personally
    fitted mouthguard for all training and play
  • All training will involve full contact
  • Players, coaches and parents/spectators must
    abide by all respective applicable codes of
  • Players and coaches will sign codes of conduct

Health and Safety
  • Safety is paramount, for players and spectators
  • Weather considerations heat, cold,
  • Field and equipment considerations
  • Accustoming players to a non-pad, full-contact
    sport and its unique aspects
  • Coaches are the final say in whether a player
  • Fitness, field, equipment, weather, player
    readiness, injury
  • Health
  • Codes of conduct prohibit use of alcohol,
    tobacco, illegal drugs
  • This goes for fans/spectators at events (no beer,
    no smoking)
  • Players should be fit
  • Fitness greatly lessens the chance of injury
  • Fit players are more effective
  • Fit players have more fun on the field

  • Players and parents must communicate to coaches
    all relevant players past injuries, and
    proclivities to injury
  • Injuries, in training and in play
  • Post-practice/match muscle soreness
  • Most common bruises, scrapes, scratches
  • Less common stretches/pulls (elbows and knees),
    deep bruises, gashes, sprains
  • Rare broken bone, dislocation, hyperextension
  • Dental injuries (very rare) chipped/broken
    teeth, loose/missing teeth
  • Head Injury/Concussion
  • Coaches are trained in recognition
  • Coaches will defer on diagnosis to
    trained/licensed medical professionals
  • For a concussion diagnosis
  • Automatic, non-negotiable 3-week ban on
    full-contact training and play for any player
    with medically diagnosed concussion or loss of
    consciousness (even without medical diagnosis of
  • This is USA and IRB policy, cannot and will not
    be appealed or circumvented
  • Return to play (after 21 days) with formal,
    written, specific doctor clearance
  • Returning to play
  • Coaches are the final say in whether a player
  • With parent and doctor input
  • Players will not be rushed back into training/play

  • Registration via FHYAA, at
  • Registration opens in 15 January
  • Registration fee is 140
  • USA Rugby registration of 30 is separate, and
    mandatory (and is valid through summer season)
  • Scholarships are available see a coach for

  • We expect to conduct some fundraising
  • Adopt-a-Rugger program
  • Carwash, etc.
  • All FHR gear sales make for the club
  • All donations are tax-deductible
  • We need sponsorship
  • Any amount, any source
  • 500 gets a name/logo on our jerseys
  • PR/sponsorship materials available on request,
    and on the website

  • Team-provided equipment
  • All training gear balls, cones, poles, pads,
  • Water (at matches)
  • Medical supplies (training and matches)
  • Game jerseys (team property)
  • Player equipment
  • Black over-the-calf socks (for matches)
  • Rugby shorts
  • Black required for matches
  • Any color okay for training
  • Black compression shorts (for matches)
  • Personally fitted mouthguard (mandatory for
    training and matches)
  • Water (training)
  • Boots
  • Molded-sole or screw-in studs are okay (football
    screw-in toe stud must be removed)
  • Optional Equipment
  • Gloves (fingerless rugby gloves, not
    football/baseball or other gloves)
  • Scrum cap
  • Padded shirt

  • Training
  • Primary Bucknell Manor Park
  • Secondary Quander Road School
  • Matches
  • Will take place usually on Saturdays
  • Possible during the week or Sundays, but unlikely
  • Home field GW Rec Center
  • Away games
  • Springfield
  • Chantilly
  • Alexandria
  • Fairfax
  • Warrenton
  • Winchester
  • Purcellville
  • Manassas
  • Richmond area
  • Hampton/Norfolk area

  • Training
  • 400-630pm, Tuesday/Thursday
  • Saturday morning training until matches begin
  • Matches
  • Schedule TBD
  • Matches usually on Saturdays, kickoff variable,
    depending on schedule
  • Weekday kickoff usually 600pm
  • Training and matches will take place rain or
    shine, depending on field availability

  • Coach and player-leader (captain) contact
    information provided to all registered players
    and parents
  • Main POCs info always available on website
  • Bulk of team commsofficialwill be via email
  • All important email comms and schedule items will
    be posted to website
  • All email comms also posted to Fort Hunt Rugby
    Facebook page
  • Fort Hunt Boys High School Rugby
  • Fort Hunt Girls High School Rugby

Opportunities to Volunteer
  • We need volunteers!
  • No experience necessary
  • Positions
  • Assistant coaches
  • Registrar/Compliance Officer
  • Match secretary
  • Equipment/Field Manager
  • Social Chairman
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Historian/Statistician

Beyond Rugby Mentoring and Development
  • Mentoring with University of Mary Washington
  • Opportunities for players to discuss college
    life, learn about college rugby
  • Summer internship program
  • Cuisine Solutions, international food service
  • Geared to juniors and seniors
  • 2-4 players, boys or girls
  • See a coach for details