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Adding Virtue to our Faith


Adding Virtue to our Faith – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Adding Virtue to our Faith

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2 Peter 15Adding Virtue to our Faith
Add Virtue
  • ARETE Used 4 Times in NT
  • 2 Pet. 15 - translated goodness (NIV) or
    moral excellence (NASB)
  • ...who called us by glory and virtue - 2 Pet.
  • ...that you may proclaim the praises
    (excellencies) of Him - 1 Pet. 29
  • ...if there is any virtue Phil. 48

Add Virtue
  • Definition
  • ARETE had broad meaning
  • Excellence whether in mental, physical, or
    moral realm.
  • Abbott-Smith properly, whatever procures
    pre-eminent estimation of a person or thing.
  • Liddell-Scott Excellence of any kind. in moral
    sense, goodness, virtue.

Add Virtue
  • Definition
  • The derivation of arete is from the word Ares,
    the Greek God of war.
  • To the Greek, manliness was best exemplified by
    the soldier. It was in the thick of battle,
    arrayed against the enemy and facing injury and
    death, that true manliness and valor and courage
    showed itself.

Add Virtue
  • Definition
  • Thayer on 2 Pet 15 take it here
    specifically, moral vigor.
  • Bengel moral power, moral energy, vigor of the
  • Youngs Concordance force, strength (of mind
    or body).
  • Liddell-Scott in Homer, like Latin virtus
    (from vir), manhood, prowess, valour

Add Virtue
  • Definition
  • James Hastings (on arete in 2 Pet. 15)
  • Virtue, to the Latins, meant, thus, the
    quality of manhood, or heroism. Virtue and
    manliness were almost synonymous words. To be
    manly was to be virtuous to be virtuous was to
    be manly. And it is in this sense that the word
    is used in our text. For the Greek word conveys
    just this conception of manly virtue.

Add Virtue
  • Definition
  • Virtue is not just moral excellence in general
    it is the strength and courage needed to make
    brave choices in service to Christ.

Add Virtue
  • The Virtuous Man - Jesus
  • Behold, the man. John 195
  • Jesus was indeed the man the perfect man of
    moral strength and bravery.
  • Heb. 121-3 looking to Jesus His virtuous
    faith is summed up in the cross, but His whole
    life was one of moral courage.

Add Virtue
  • Virtuous Faith in Hebrews 11
  • Abraham went out, not knowing
  • Moses parents not afraid of the kings
  • Moses forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of
    the king
  • Daniel stopped the mouths of lions

Add Virtue
  • Applications
  • Arete must be a primary trait of the faithful
    soldier of Christ.
  • Fight the good fight of faith 1 Tim. 610
  • Put on the whole armor of God Eph. 610-17

Add Virtue
  • Fight the Good Fight of Faith
  • What good are convictions (faith) if there is no
    willingness to put them into action in the face
    of adversity (works)? Without the moral courage
    to act rightly, conviction is meaningless (dead).
    (cf. James 214-26)
  • Under adverse conditions, virtue is making the
    choice (by faith) to do what is right (simply
    because it is right), regardless of the

Add Virtue
  • Choices in Meeting Responsibilities
  • Choices in Honesty
  • Choices in Viewing Sensuality
  • Choices in Dress
  • Choices in Peer Pressure
  • Choices in Standing for the Truth
  • Choices in Attendance
  • Choice in Bible Study Prayer
  • Choices in Sacrificing Time for Others
  • Choices in Honoring/Loving Spouse
  • Choices in Raising Children

Add Virtue
  • 1 Cor. 1613-14
  • Be on the alert, stand firm in the faith, act
    like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done
    in love.

Add Virtue
  • Moral Courage
  • Virtue calls for repentance.

Will You Become A Christian?
Hear the Gospel (Rom. 1017) Believe that Jesus
is the Son of God (Mk. 1616) Repent of Your Sins
(Acts 1730) Confess Jesus as Lord (Rom.
109-10) Be Baptized for Forgiveness of Sins
(Acts 238) Live Faithfully until You Die (Rev.
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