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The Richest Man in America, Down Home


... Only by rewarding success can you bring out the best in your employees. ... Li Ka-shing has given away over $500 million to support education and health care ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Richest Man in America, Down Home

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Unit 2 The Richest Man in America, Down
  • Students will be able to
  • grasp the main idea and the structure of
  • the text
  • appreciate the use of indirect description in
    portraying a person
  • grasp the key language points and
  • grammatical structures in the text
  • conduct a series of reading, listening,
  • speaking and writing activities related
  • to the theme of the unit.

Warm-up Activities
Rich People I Know
Collect stories, news reports, pictures,
books, or video clips of rich people. Form groups
of three or four to share what you have collected
and discuss what values these rich people hold
Whos Who
Look at the following pictures. Who are they?
Robin Li
  • Li was born in Yangquan, Shanxi, China, where he
    spent most of his childhood. Both of his parents
    were factory workers. Li was the fourth of five
    children, and the only boy among the five.
  • He chose Peking University for college where he
    studied information management for four years and
    received a Bachelor of Science degree.
  • In the fall of 1991, Li went to SUNY-Buffalo in
    the US to study computer science towards a
    Doctoral degree. He received his Master of
    Science degree in 1994 after he had decided to
    discontinue his PhD program work.

Robin Li
  • Robin has turned the company into the largest
    Chinese search engine, with over 70 market
    share, and the third largest independent search
    engine in the world. In 2005, Baidu completed its
    successful IPO on NASDAQ, and in 2007 became the
    first Chinese company to be included in the
    NASDAQ-100 Index.
  • Quotations

Li Ka-shing
  • Nicknamed Superman, Asias richest and most
    influential billionaire.
  • Once a poor immigrant, got his start selling
    plastic flowers in Hong Kong in the 1950s.
  • business centered on the conglomerate Hutchinson
    Whampoa (telecom, port services, real estate),
    now spans 41 countries and accounts for 13 of
    Hong Kongs stock market value.
  • has invested more than 7 billion in Chinese
    mainland and built 400 miles of roads and

Li Ka-shing
  • has given away over 500 million to support
    education and health care facilities in Asia.
  • Quotations
  • ???????
  • ?????,??????

Bill Gates
  • the richest of the rich.
  • has topped the Forbes 400 list for nine
    consecutive years since 1994 and is most likely
    to remain to be the richest in the world in the
    years to come.
  • born in 1955 in Seattle, Washington.
  • had been shy and awkward, rarely ventured out to
    parties even when studying at Harvard University.

Bill Gates
  • founded the Microsoft Corporation (1974), a
    computer software firm, with Paul Allen.
  • MS-DOS (Microsoft Disk Operating System) and
    subsequent programs (including the Windows
    operating systems) made Microsoft the worlds
    largest producer of software for microcomputers.

Bill Gates
  • Quotations
  • There are people who dont like capitalism, and
    people who dont like PCs. But theres no one who
    likes the PC who doesnt like Microsoft.
  • Your most unhappy customers are your greatest
    source of learning.

  • Do you know any stories of rich people?
  • How did they become rich?
  • What values in them are the most important
    factors contributing to their success?

Background Information
(No Transcript)
If judged by appearance, Sam Walton was a very
ordinary man. Sam Walton, an American retailing
executive, was born in 1918 in Oklahoma. He was
raised in the Depression years, and served in the
army during World War II. After 17 years of
operating franchise retail stores, he opened the
first Wal-Mart Discount City in Arkansas, in
1962. Walton had a passion to compete and an
appetite for adventure. He devoted his life to
expanding and improving upon this concept. He was
also a good motivator of people, because he
practiced what he preached.
Walton developed Wal-Mart into a chain of
massive, centrally controlled stores that were
typically sited in small towns and rural areas.
The stores featured heavy discounting, smaller
profit margins than usual coupled with
higher-volume sales, and a customer-oriented
staff. Wal-Mart flourished, went public in 1970,
and by 1991 had become a multibillion-dollar
business and Americas largest retailer with
1,700 stores. Walton, who stepped aside as CEO of
the company in 1988 but remained active in its
management, was by 1985 the wealthiest person in
the United States.
He remained guided by the old-fashioned
principles of hard work, honesty, neighborliness
and thrift. Even after his death in 1992, those
principles continue to guide the company as it
expands into other countries and cultures. After
his death, his widow Helen and four children are
doing well on their own. With a collective net
worth of over 100 billion, they are ranked 7 to
11 in the Forbes Worlds Richest People in 2003.
(No Transcript)
Wal-mart is now ranked world NO.1 retailer,
followed by Carrefour. It was founded in 1962
with opening of first Wal-Mart store in Rogers,
Ark. by Sam Walton. In 2000, this supermarket,
with its annual turnover of US 160 billion, was
listed second in Fortune's top 500. Today, it has
more than 4,000 chain stores throughout the world.
With its slogan "fair prices every day" and
"satisfactory service," Wal-mart has won a large
number of Chinese customers. Its first Chinese
store opened in Shenzhen in 1996. During the
following four years, it opened more stores in
Dongguan, Dalian, and Kunming. Compared with
Carrefour's daring move of opening 23 chain
stores in succession, Walmart appears
comparatively cautious.
Three Basic Beliefs in Wal-mart Sam Walton built
Wal-Mart on the revolutionary philosophies of
excellence in the workplace, customer service and
always having the lowest prices. Today's Wal-Mart
facilities are still driven by the Three Basic
Beliefs that drove the very first store
Respect for the Individual Service to Our
Customers Strive for Excellence
(No Transcript)
Forbes is an American publishing and media
company. Its flagship publication, the Forbes
magazine, is published biweekly. Its primary
competitors in the national business magazine
category are Fortune, which is also published
biweekly, and Business Week. The magazine is
well-known for its lists, including its lists of
the richest Americans (the Forbes 400) and its
list of billionaires. The motto of Forbes
magazine is "The Capitalist Tool." Its
editor-in-chief is Steve Forbes.
In its November 27, 2000 edition it published one
listing the 50 ichest businessmen and women in
China, headed by Rong Yiren of CITIC with 1.9
billion dollars, followed in second place by Liu
Yongxing of the Hope Group with 1 billion
dollars. The richest businesswoman on the list
was Yang Lan of Sun Television, with 63 million
Warm-up Questions
Imagine you are a rich man ,or if you win a
lottery ticket---5000000 Yuan, how will you spend
all this money? If you should become the richest
man or woman in China, what kind of life do you
think you would live? Some people believe, There
is only one success to be able to spend your
own life in your own way. Do you agree? Give
your reasons.
Text Organization
Is there any natural dividing lines separating
the text into parts?
The text can be divided into three parts.
  • The natural dividing lines the text can be
    divided into 3 parts according to the blank lines
    between each parts
  • Part one
  • The waiter was disappointed to find that the
    Richest Man in America led so simple a life.
  • Part two
  • Being friendly, easy-going and never flashy,
    Walton carries on like plain folks and never
    wants any special treatment.
  • Part three
  • With the Wal-mart team in mind, Walton devotes
    himself heart and soul to making the business a
    great success.

Main Idea
Despite his wealth, Sam Walton remains down-home
and devoted to his team.
  • Scan Text A and underline all the names
  • Tell who these persons were and mark the words
    they said.
  • The quotations are chosen to serve certain
    purposes. What do you think they revolve around?

LL. 7880 The reason for our success is our
people and the way theyre treated and the way
they feel about their company. They believe
things are different here, but they deserve the
Sam founder of Wal-Mart, the discount king
Jamie waiter at Sam Walton's birthday party
L.13It was a real disappointment.
L.19 He doesnt want any special treatment.
Johnny night manager at the local Wal-Mart
LL. 4344 the only thing strange about Sam
Walton is that he isnt strange.
Mayhall local barber
Jim Gremp corporate affairs director
LL. 2224 He is the same man who opened his dime
store on the square and worked 18 hours a day for
his dream.
Richard Mayor of Bentonville, Arkansas
LL. 3132 He doesnt have a set place. At a
church supper the other night, he and his wife
were in back washing dishes.
Gordon pastor of the local church
LL. 7477 Hed say, That fellow worked hard,
lets give him a little extra. I had to change
my way of thinking when I came aboard.
Ferold retired president of Wal-Mart
Jim Hendren company lawyer
Fill in the following table
what Jamie Beaulieu imagined to see what Jamie Beaulieu actually saw

nice house, but not palace
a mansion/a palace
an old pickup truck
a Rolls-Royce
dogs with diamond collars
a muddy bird dog
servants everywhere
no servants
Complete the summary
According to Jamie Beaulieus imagination, Sam
Walton, the richest man in the world, should lead
a life. What he
saw, however, proved that he was wrong. It turned
out that the billionaire, who acquired his wealth

, carried on in a very
starting with a little dime store that grew into
a discount chai
In part 2 and part 3, we can see a character
sketch of the richest man in America. List some
of his character traits and the details that
reveal those traits.
Character of traits Details
Free of importance waits in line like everyone else to buy shells at the local Wal-Mart has no reserved seat in church
friendly and easy-going asks his employees to call him by his first name
never flashy steers clear of reporters, dreamers, and schemers manages to keep himself off the front page
generous attends sales meetings, the executive pep rally
generous set up a college scholarship fund and a disaster relief fund
Language Points
title down home synonyms para 5 carry on like
plain folks para 6 folksy ways para 7
friendly, cheerful, a fine neighbor
who does his best to blend in,
never flashy, never throwing his
weight around para 11 not a front-page person
Line 2 He imagine what surely awaited refer to
CD-ROM Line 3 mansion synonyms
house, building, chamber, villa, etc.
  • Line 5 Line 8 Then he was
  • off to the house, wheeling past the sleepy town
    square in Bentonville, a remote Arkansas town of
    9,920, where Sam Walton started with a little
    dime store that grew into a 6 billion discount
    chain called Wal-Mart.
  • Sentence Structure

  • wheel
  • ---She wheeled the bike/car into the garage.
  • ---He was wheeled by the nurses into the room.
  • --- It is against the rule for anyone at/behind
    the wheel to call or receive a phone call.
  • ---??, ??
  • front wheel, rear/back wheel

  • sleepy town
  • remote ?? ????? ????
  • control future country
  • discount ??????? ????8.5?
  • Some online bookstores offer/give 15 discount
    on their books.
  • chain
  • store hotel/restaurant food
  • smoke/smoker

line 10 It was nice, but no palace no here is
to emphasize that the opposite of a particular
description is true. ---- If he has to do it all
by himself, it will be no bad thing (a good
thing). ---- She is no fool. --- He is no friend
of mine. Also refer to CD-ROM
  • line 12 He never spotted any servants.
  • refer to book1, unit 7, text A
  • line 14-line 15 Only in America can a billionaire
    carry on like plain folks and get away with it.
  • Only at the beginning introduce an inverted
  • ---?????,?????????????????????????
  • Only at low temperature can bird flu virus remain
    alive. So it is safe to eat well-cooked poultry

  • folk (usu. pl) people in general
  • ---??????????
  • They are the best folks on earth.
  • songs, music, dance, tales, etc.
  • get away with do sth. wrong or risky
  • without being caught or punished
  • ---????????? ??????????
  • The child ought to be punished. You shouldnt let
    him get away with telling lies.

  • blend in/into mix harmoniously
  • --- What he said reinforced my determination to
    blend in with/blend into my surroundings.
  • --- ??????????????????
  • Some new building in the south campus of Zhongda
    could not very well blend in.
  • --- Please blend the sugar, eggs, and flour.
  • ---- This is an excellent team, with a nice blend
    of experience and youthful enthusiasm. n.

line 31 Look, he is just not that way. He
doesnt have a set place. refer to CD-ROM
line 36-37 It buried the Forbes list at the
bottom of page 2 refer to CD-ROM line 45 hold
to keep to ---After considering various
alternatives, we decided to hold to our original
line 48 on the run continuously active and
moving about try to avoid being captured ----
He has to be on the run from one office to
another to get the permit to open a take-away
restaurant. --- ???????????? He is on the run
from the police.
line 48 steer clear of keep away from ---
General conversation should steer clear of topics
such as income and age. --- ???????,??????,???????
???? To our amazement, he is heading for the
finishing line, steering clear of all the other
runners behind.
line 53 But the real story in his mind is ---
But what is always on his mind is --- line
54 make up form the whole of (sth.) ---??,???????
??? Now three campuses make up zhongda.
(Zhongda is made up of three campuses now.)
line 55 --- for Friday sales meetings, --- ---The
use and sale of marijuana remain illegal. --- We
did not reach our summer sales targets. ---- She
is the sales manager here. --- She found a job in
sales. sale when you sell sth.
sales the total number of products sold during a
particular period of time / the part of company
that deals with selling products .

  • line 59 No one admits to feeling the least bit
  • admit to doing
  • the least bit refer to unit 1
  • ----???????????

line 60 ---as laid down --- as established lay
down officially establish a rule, or
officially state the way in which sth. must be
done --- The school authorities have issued a new
booklet laying down regulations for students.
  • line 61 get ideas into the system from the
    bottom up
  • paraphrase the sentence
  • system 1)set of ideas, theories, principles,
    etc. according to which sth. is done
  • --- Most of the teachers are doing research work,
    trying to find a good system of teaching English.

2) group of things or parts working together as
a whole --- Manned space vehicles have
life-support systems designed to meet all the
physical needs of the crew. line 62 cut prices
and margins to the bone refer to
foot-note on page 35
line 63 Employees with one year on board
refer to foot-note on page 36 line 77 come/get
aboard (AmE, infml) join ---- This is her second
promotion since coming aboard.
  • line 63 option 1) (in business) an agreement or
    contract that gives sb. the right to buy or sell
    sth. such as property or shares at a future date
    --- With cash, stock options and the
    promise of vast resources, Microsoft has
    attracted faculty elites to its research centre.
  • 2) sth. you can choose to do --- she has
    the option of entering graduate school or
    starting her professional career.
  • optional course compulsory course

line 72 --- , and the like
and other things of the same sort --- Many
students are also keeping fit through jogging,
weight training, and the like. --- Always carry
your passport, money and the like with you while
you are traveling abroad.
  • line72-73 He believed in cultivating ideas and
    rewarding success.
  • believe in
  • --- They believe in Christianity.
  • --- She believes in eating only one thing
  • in each meal.
  • reward
  • --- If you do well in the final exam, I will
    reward you with a trip to Tibet.
  • --- It is rewarding for a teacher to his/her
    students making progress.

  • cultivate
  • --- You should cultivate the habit of
  • listening to what you are told.
  • --- He cultivates the sort of people who
  • can be useful to him in his business.
  • --- The remote area has barely been
  • cultivated for decades.

line 75-76 --- who was stunned at such
generosity after the stingy employer he left to
join Wal-Wart refer to CD-ROM line 79 the way
theyre treated how theyre
treated When the way is followed by a
defining relative clause, this clause can be
either a that clause or a clause beginning with
in which.
  • For example, you can say the way she told the
    story, the way that she told the story, or
    the way in in which she told the story. There
    is no difference in meaning.
  • --- The information highway will have an
    unimaginable impact on the way people communicate
    with each other.
  • also do ex. on p.47

  • line 80 ---but they deserve the credit.
  • deserve
  • --- They deserve a better salary for the job they
  • --- Mary deserves a reward for her efforts.
  • credit
  • --- They claim all the credit for themselves and
    shift all the blame on others.
  • --- You have to earn enough credits to graduate.
  • --- credit card

  • Key words, phrases, and structure
  • Words and phrases
  • p.43, words and phrases to drill
  • Structures
  • Inverted sentence beginning with only
  • Clause introduced by the way

  • Text Analysis
  • The author adopts the use of indirect
    description in portraying a person to make the
    character portrait convincing.
  • 1. Quotation
  • lines 78-80 the reason they deserve the

From townsfolk and colleagues Jamie Beaulieu
waiter at Sam Waltons birthday party Jonnie
Baker night manager at the local Wal-Mart
Richard Hoback Mayor of Bentonville,
Arkansas Gordon Garlington pastor of the local
church John Marshall local barber Jim Von Gremp
corporate affairs director Ferold F.Arend
retired president of Wal-Mart Jim Hendren
company lawyer
2. anecdote This is how the text
begins. Waiter Jamie Beaulieu had anticipated a
lavish mansion at the Waltons, only to find an
ordinary-looking household. This lures readers to
go on. other anecdotes Sam Walton forgot his
wallet and insisted on fetching it to pay the
local barber he lost 4 straight games after a
Wal-Mart employee asked him a question about
3. examples Sam Walton is a folksy guy
He is a generous employer 4. contrast Jamie
Beaulieus anticipation and the reality he later
found out reveal Sam Waltons down-home
Keys to the Exercises
Parts Paragraphs Main Ideas
Part one Paras 1-4 The waiter was disappointed to find that the Richest Man in America led so simple a life.
Part two Paras 5-13 Being friendly, easy-going and never flashy, Walton carries on like plain folks and never wants any special treatment.
Part three Paras 14-22 With the Wal-Mart team in mind, Walton devotes himself heart and soul to making the business a great success.
  • Character Traits
  • free of self-importance
  • friendly and easy-going
  • never flashy
  • hard working
  • generous
  • Details
  • waits in line like everyone else to buy shells at
    the local Wal-Mart
  • has no reserved seat in church
  • asks his employees to call him by his first name
  • steers clear of reporters, dreamers, and
  • manages to keep himself off the front page
  • attends sales meetings, the executive pep rally
  • set up a college scholarship fund and a disaster
    relief fund

  • Vocabulary
  • 1.
  • 1) local 2) headlines
  • 3) deserved 4) folks
  • 5) system 6) steer clear of
  • Remote 8) get away with
  • 9) open up 10) hold to
  • 11) retire 12) rally
  • 13) reserved 14) qualify
  • 15) cultivate

  • 2. 1) These serious problems deserve careful
    consideration in restructuring our educational
  • The college is liable to stop her scholarship
    because of her failure in the final examination.
  • San Francisco is, by all accounts, a city easy to
    fall in love with.
  • Snow White received such bad treatment from her
    step-mother that she had to flee from her home.
  • The United States, Canada, and Mexico make up
    North America.

  • 3. The principal's daughter didn't receive
    special treatment from her teachers. She was re-
  • warded for her excellent performance. When she
    graduated from high school in 1998, she had
    straight A's and scholarship offers from some of
    the most famous universities in the country.
  • Our boss is fully aware that his employees feel a
    lot of loyalty to the company because they are
    treated right. Besides a handsome pay check and a
    stock option, he has laid down a system under
    which employees are granted stock for their
  • You are liable to be offered a discount or a
    reduction on things you buy at the local
    supermarket on weekends.

  • II. Collocation
  • 1. about 2. for
  • 3. at/on 4. into
  • 5. with 6. to
  • 7. from 8. with

  • III. Usage
  • 1. a savings account 2. arms race
  • 3. a goods train 4. communications
  • 5. a sales tax 6. a customs officer
  • 7. a current affairs program 8. a clothes

  • Structure
  • 1. 1) Only by rewarding success can you bring out
    the best in your employees.
  • Only by working at evenings and weekends was Mary
    able to complete the report by the deadline.
  • Only when I myself became a mother did I realize
    the value of my parents' advice.
  • Only after they had finished watching the
    football game did they begin to prepare for the
    math examination.

  • 2. 1) The young woman described to the policemen
    the way the man ran up to her and grabbed the
  • bag from her hand.
  • All the people working for Sam Walton admire the
    way he manages Wal-Mart and the way he treats his
  • The neighbors were disgusted at the way he talked
    to his old father.
  • It's amazing the way the eight-year-old boy
    managed to stay so calm when he faced the

  • I. Cloze (A)
  • 1. cheerful 2. threw his weight
  • 3. executive 4. treatment
  • 5. reward 6. cultivate
  • 7. loyalty 8. stock
  • 9. qualified 10. scholarships
  • 11. folks 12. local

  • (B)
  • 1. from 2. their
  • 3. spent 4. away
  • 5. Through 6. to
  • 7. built 8. who
  • 9. led/lived 10. it
  • 11. millionaires 12. then
  • 13. answer 14. wealth
  • 15. by 16. character

  • II. Translation
  • George was on the run since the moment he came
    aboard. He was always cheerful and devoted
    himself heart and soul to his work. Because of
    his excellent performance he was promoted to
    CEO. From then on he tried hard to blend in with
    the workers and never threw his weight around. He
    also laid down/ introduced a reward system to
    encourage the workers to work hard. He believed
    that loyalty and hard work would greatly
    contribute to the success of the company. By all
    accounts he was an outstanding chief executive

(No Transcript)
Text B
  • New Words
  • additional a. added extra ???,???
  •  e.g. An additional charge is made for heavy bags
  • call in ask to come to help in a difficult
    situation ???,??e.g. We must confront the
    future with optimism.

  • confrontvt. face (sth.) and try to deal with it
    ?????,??   e.g. We must confront the future
    with optimism.
  • factorn. fact, circumstance, etc. that helps to
    produce a result ??   e.g. His friendly manner
    is a factor in his rapid success.

  • in one's opinionit's one's view ???,??   e.g.
    In the financial controller's opinion, a raise in
    salary will increase the total cost.
    naturallyad. ???,???   e.g. She was naturally

  • project n. (plan for a) scheme or undertaking
    ??????   e.g. The government has begun a
    project to increase the size of the harbor.
  • relatevt. connect, associate ?????   e.g. I
    related his bad mood to a lack of sleep.

  • resolvevt. find a solution to (sth.) ??
      e.g. They have resolved most of their
  • take onundertake decide to do ??,??   e.g. He
    agreed to take on the new job.

  • appeal to be attractive or interesting to (sb.)
    ????,????   e.g. The book will appeal only to a
    very limited public.
  • conduct v. undertake, carry out ??,????
      e.g. She's conducted the firm's financial
    affairs for years.

  • crisis (crises) n. time of great danger or
    difficulty ??   e.g. We hope we can survive
    this time of crisis.formera. of an earlier time
    ???   e.g. She's back to her former self again.

  • involve vt. cause (sb.) to take part in sth.
    include ???,?????   e.g. Several high ranking
    officials were involved in the scandal.
  • of one's choice?????   e.g. You may either
    accept or reject his proposal, anyway it's all of
    your own choice.  

  • range n. ???????   e.g. The subject is
    outside my range.
  • replacevt. provide a substitute for (sb./sth.)
    ??   e.g. These tires are badly worn and
    should be replaced.
  • selectvt. choose ??   e.g. Which of them did
    you select for the job?

  • tremendousa. very large or great ???,???
      e.g. The storm caused a tremendous amount of

Comprehension Check
  • l.c 2. b 3. a 4. d 5. d
    6. c
  • Language Practice
  • 1. Replace 2. take
    ... on
  • 3. Selected
    4. involved
  • 5. Conducted 6. range
  • 7. additional
    8. tremendous
  • 9. confronted 10. call...
  • 11. crisis
    12. naturally
  • 13. resolve
    14. related
  • 15. appeals to 16. former
  • 17. In the opinion of 18. of their
  • 19. Factors 20. project

  • Thank You
  • and
  • Good Bye