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CELEBRATING OUR LATEST NEWS SHOBNALL PRIMARY SCHOOL Dear Parents We have pleasure in presenting the Spring Newsletter which brings you the latest information and the ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes



pleasure in presenting the Spring Newsletter
which brings you the latest information and the
range of activities which have been happening
within the School during the first half of the
Spring Term 2014/15
Sensory Room
New Curriculum
The school is very proud to announce that a new
area is being specially created to enhance
pupils social and emotional support
Teachers have been working passionately on
delivery of the new curriculum to make your
childrens learning exciting and fun
Forest Schools
The school is having great fun developing the
childrens love of the outdoors through its
status of the Forest School
Fantastic News A new group of parents have
volunteered to support the school with PFA
Watch this space!!
The children have regular opportunities to
achieve and develop confidence through hands-on
learning in a woodland environment.
The children in the Nursery began this term by
learning about Winter, we went for a Winter walk
around school and talked about the clothes we
need to wear to keep us warm. The children used
their creative skills to draw snowmen using white
chalk and black paper. They were amazing!!
In PE the children are learning how to throw and
catch balls. They have worked very hard. We
continue to follow activities of Phase 1 of
Letters and Sounds on a daily basis. The children
also have a shared reading session every other
week. A gentle reminder to please name your
childs clothing and shoes so there will be no
confusion after PE. Thank you.
The children have been busy using their ICT
skills to sequence the building of a snowman on
the computer and to programme a programmable
toy. We have also been thinking and learning
about Superheroes. The children have talked about
the different powers Superheroes would need and
how they might use them. The role play area has
been set up as a Headquarters with Superhero
dressing up clothes in for the children to get
into the part.
This half term children have been enthused by our
Superhero topic and have taken an active part in
class discussion and role play around this theme.
Children have designed their own Superhero
costumes and vehicles and have listened to a
range of music, exploring different ways to move.
They have needed to solve problems and
investigated different materials to make a
costume for a flexible Superhero as well as
trying to free people from ice blocks which Mr.
Freeze created! It has been not stop learning
but so much fun!
We have read Superhero Books, such as Traction
Man and this led to the children using their
mark making skills to write about their favourite
Superhero. In mathematics the children have been
ordering numbered snowmen and matching numerals
to quantities. They have also been working very
hard to count a number of items saying one number
name for each item. The children used their
observational skills to match patterned hats,
scarves and gloves and to spot the differences
between snowmen.
The children have really embraced the daily
phonic time which has had a huge impact on the
childrens progress in both reading and writing.
The children are using their blending skills to
read words, as well as building up their
recognition of key words and are now progressing
with writing, trying very hard to construct their
own sentences.
Our classroom is a showcase of their efforts,
which they are all so proud of.
In Year 1 this term, we have been learning about
stories with repeating patterns and instruction
writing. All the children thoroughly enjoyed
reading counting stories and produced their own
counting book. One of the childrens favourite
stories was Dont Let the Pigeon Stay up Late.
The main themes for this term were different
stories by the same author and explanation texts.
In particular year 2 have been looking at the
author, Julia Donaldson
During this unit of work the children have been
writing shouting sentences and have used
exclamation marks effectively. During this half
term the children have been making their
sentences more interesting by adding in wow words
and captain connectives. The children have been
continuing to read and spell the high frequency
words and are making excellent progress.
Year 2 have been using number lines to work out
written calculations and focused on practical
investigations. This term we have also looked at
fractions by cutting up pizza slices!
In science the children will be learnt about
electricity, its uses and dangers and made simple
circuits involving light bulbs and buzzers.
We also looked at the Great Fire of London this
term, developing our understanding of life in
that era. The children also created some
fantastic diary accounts in the style of Samuel
In Numeracy, we have been practising counting
forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s. Our
curricular target has been to halve small
numbers. The children have also been learning how
to add and subtract 10 on a hundred square.
Everyone has been practising their number bonds
to 10 and are getting much quicker at recalling
these facts. We have been learning about the
value of different coins and have put coins in
order starting with the smallest amount up to the
largest amount.
The standards of skills that the children are
producing are developing well, and I am thrilled
with the confidence in the children. The focus
for our PE lesson has been gymnastics. We have
been fortunate enough to continue to have the
assistance of Mr. Atwood, who helps the children
to develop super co-ordination and gross motor
control. We also used the large apparatus,
focusing on different ways of traveling on them.
We have been learning about a variety of
different light sources. This unit has developed
the children's understanding of the need for
light in order to see objects. Year 1 have been
learning that darkness is the absence of light
and enjoyed learning about reflective material.
They understand that in the absence of sunlight
other light sources are seen more easily.
Literacy The children have been following the new
National Curriculum for Year 4. We have been
studying various elements of different genres of
writing, beginning with narrative stories based
on familiar stories such as the Horrid Henry
books. The children have been writing their own
Horrid Henry style story!
Literacy The children have been exploring a
variety of Greek myths. They have enjoyed
discovering the various features and mythical and
had a wonderful time creating their own mythical
creatures using lots of descriptive language.
They have also used their imaginative skills to
describe what would be in their own Pandoras Box
which resulted in lots of exciting ideas. The
children have developed their story writing by
planning and completing their own myth quest. Im
very proud of all of the children for editing and
improving their work to produce fantastic myth
Numeracy The topics we have looked at this spring
term are Place value and the ordering of
decimals, rounding numbers to the nearest ten or
hundred, reading numbers from scales, properties
of numbers and number sequences, mental
calculation strategies, pencil and paper
procedures, using money, making decisions and
checking results, problems involving measuring,
shape and space, fractions, problems involving
time and data handling.
Numeracy This half term the children have been
learning about different measurements and have
had the opportunity to take an active role by
estimating and measuring objects using various
metric units. They have also been confidently
subtracting larger numbers using number lines.
They have been successful in identifying a range
of strategies to complete addition problems and
have used these to solve a variety of word
problems. They will continue to develop their
knowledge and understanding of these throughout
the term.
Computing The children have been learning about
how Wiki Pages are created and have had the
opportunity to create their own page about the
Vikings. This was done through the use of the
schools iPads and other computing facilities
Science We have been looking at Teeth and the
Digestive System
Science The children have enjoyed identifying
the various nutritional content found in a range
of foods and recognised how this can benefit both
humans and animals. They have enjoyed creating
meals for a variety of diets and used their
knowledge of the food groups to support this. The
children have been fascinated by the functions of
the human skeleton and have enjoyed making
comparisons with those of animals. They will
continue to develop their understanding of humans
by focusing on muscles and joints for the
remainder of the half term.
Mr Yates has a close friend who works in dental
technology who agreed to come into school and
share his expertise with the class. This
involved practical activities designed to inform
the children about the different roles each type
of tooth plays
Art This term, we are studying Van Gogh. We are
exploring how his use of colour is unique to his
Literacy In Literacy, we have been writing diary
entries from the point of view of two different
characters. Our curricular target has been to use
a wide range of punctuation and, as well as
revising basic punctuation, children have also
learnt to use more sophisticated types of
punctuation, such as colons and semi- colons.
Art For Arts Week, in Year 5 we investigated
Venetian masks. We looked at a wide range of
Venetian masks and then designed a mask of our
own. Finally, we made our own Venetian masks,
using a papier mache mask that we decorated with
paint, glitter gel, feathers, gems and ribbon..
Recently, we have been learning about different
types of genres of writing. We have read several
of the stories from the book Short by Kevin
Crossley-Holland, and this has helped children to
develop their understanding of the key features
of different genres of writing. We have now moved
on to writing mystery stories of our own
Numeracy In Numeracy, we have continued to follow
the objectives set out in the new National
Curriculum. Our curricular target has involved
learning to read and write Roman numerals. We
have learnt about place value in 6 digit numbers,
as well as numbers with two decimals places. We
have developed strategies for addition and
subtraction, including adding and subtracting
decimal numbers. We have also learnt about
negative numbers and finding the difference
between these.
Also in art, we have been learning about the
artist, William Morris. Mrs Taylor, Chair of
Governors, has shared her expertise in art in
these lessons. William Morris is famous for his
symmetrical designs and repeating patterns. We
designed our own patterns and then transferred
them onto polystyrene tiles. We then printed our
designs onto paper, experimenting with different
coloured paper and ink.
Science In science this half tem, we have been
learning about the properties of materials. We
have learnt about the properties of solids,
liquids and gases, including how the particles in
these different materials behave. We will
continue our study of the properties of materials
after half term.
History Our history unit for the whole of the
Spring Term is the Victorians. We have learnt
about where the Victorians appear on a historical
timeline, as well as the names of other monarchs
that have ruled England. We will continue to
investigate the changes that occurred during the
Victorian period and how these events have shaped
Britain today.
Swimming Year 5 children are reaching the end of
their swimming lessons- the swimming session is
in the last week before half term..
The children have been attending weekly swimming
sessions at the Meadowside, and have been working
hard to develop their swimming skills and are
working towards achieving swimming certificates
Geography The class has started a new geography
topic this term, looking at rivers and have
enjoyed watching short video clips, identifying
some of the worlds greatest rivers and how they
are used by the people living near to them.
SATS The pace is gathering in the year 6 class in
the build up to the SATs preparations. It is
amazing how quickly this time of year seems to
come round once again and the children are
working incredibly hard with a particular
emphasis on literacy and numeracy
Literacy The children have had the opportunity of
writing their own Science Fiction story since
returning from the Christmas holidays and some of
the work produced is absolutely fascinating. The
children continue to display a creative spark
whilst also managing to show off their talents
with so many examples of effective punctuation.
Art The art work completed has certainly tested
the childrens drawing and creative skills as we
have been working with Mrs Taylor on producing
out Toby Jugs. The children have selected a
prominent figure from the 20th Century before
recreating this person into the style of a
caricature. This image was then transferred onto
clay and at the time of writing, the children
have managed to roll the clay into a cylindrical
shape before adding the detail to the face on the
Numeracy The children have been testing their
skills with past papers and have certainly found
this challenging. However, these papers have
certainly enabled all children to realise that to
achieve a good level, effective techniques need
to be employed. We have spent so much time
ensuring that the children read questions
carefully, move on if they experience
difficulties, making time to revisit it later and
many other strategies
Arts Week Year 4   During Art Week Year 4 have
been studying two artists in particular. As part
of our Art unit we have continued to study Van
Gogh and have looked at two paintings in detail
Starry Night and Olive Trees. The children have
attempted to replicate how Van Gogh painted his
Sun and Moon scenes. The work the children have
produced has helped create a wonderful new
display in the Year 4 classroom complete with
some accompanying poetry. In addition to this
the class have been examining paintings by
Picasso as our class topic for the forthcoming
Multi-Cultural Week is Spain. The children have
created a portrait using Picassos style of
distorting the features of the face and by using
bright opposing colours.
The week beginning Monday 9th February the whole
school part in an internet safety week. Each
class completed three different activities during
the week. At the start of the week KS1 and KS2
had an assembly on Internet safety. Please find a
list of useful websites for tips to keep your
child safe while using the internet.
k/webwise/0/21259413 https//
parents/ http//
During Art week, Year 1 completed lots of
different activities to help them find out facts
about Japan. The children answered the register
in Japanese. Here are some simple phrases. Good
morning ohayou gozaimasu Good afternoon
konichiwa Good evening konbanwa
The children found out how to count in Japanese.
We listened to a rap and made up actions to help
us learn to count to ten in Japanese. The
children had the opportunity to make Koi carp
fish using coloured paper. Year 1 also made some
fantastic Japanese fans using paints to create a
cherry blossom tree.
This term, Year 3 and 4 having been doing
Gymnastics in PE with Mr Attwood where they have
been developing their flexibility, strength,
technique, control and balance. In particular
they have been developing sequences which
consists of different types of travelling,
jumping, rolling and balancing on and off
During the week commencing 9th February 2015,
the Travelling Book Fair came to Shobnall Primary
School. It was held during Parents Evening on
Monday 9th February and Wednesday 11thFebruary.
There was a wide range of books on offer, as well
as a selection of stationery, and, a big thank
you to all our parents as it was very well
Grateful thanks to Mrs Dixon and Mrs Howell, who
kindly volunteered their time to run the book club
After school hockey club for years 3. 4. 5. and 6
will restart after half term. Children attending
this club will be hoping to represent the school
in hockey tournaments being held at Shobnall
Leisure Complex in March.  Schools from around
East Staffordshire and Derbyshire will also be
taking part.
A group of Year 3 and 4 pupils have also
successfully completed a Multi-Skills course with
Mr Attwood, where there have been trying out and
learning new sports such as Tag Rugby, Dodgeball
and Benchball.
At the after school club children will be able to
work on their skills and game play and learn
attacking and defending and positional
play. Children will need to bring outdoor PE kit,
training shoes, gum shields and shin pads to take
part and are advised to bring gloves as the
weather may be cold.
The sessions will be held at Shobnall leisure
Complex - children will be walked down after
school and be picked up from the Complex by
parents at 4.30pm.
On Thursday 15th January 2015, Shobnall Primary
School had a representative team playing in the
District Tournament at the Meadowside Centre,
Burton upon Trent. Mr Cruise was unable to
attend the event so Mrs Ellerton and Mrs Dixon
stepped in and attended the event to support and
coach the children. Our team began the
tournament in strong fashion, defeating St.
Modwens 2-0 which boosted the childrens
confidence.  Next we faced our old, strong
adversaries, Thomas Russell and unfortunately, we
faced defeat only narrowly losing the match 2-1
and having seen most of the action in our
attacking end of the court. A win against
William Shrewsbury and we were still in the
running.  We needed to finish in the top spot in
our Group to secure our place in the final and
Oldfields, again strong competition, had beaten
Thomas Russell making it possible for us to close
down that No. 1 spot.
15 Reception children, wrapped up warm, began
their exciting journey into Forest Schools this
term with Mrs. Farrington. We are very lucky to
have access to private woodland near to Hoar
Cross which the children have been visiting on a
regular basis. They have loved exploring this
area and have grown in confidence week by week as
their familiarity with this space grows.
Explorer Ted hides in the woodland each week
and waits patiently for the children to find him,
giving them clues as to what they may be learning
It came right down to the wire our final match
was against Oldfields.  It was crucial that we
won, or so we thought, as we believed them to be
in that No. 1 position.  However, it wasnt to be
and they held them to a draw. The final was just
out of our grasp, we were, in fact, level with
Oldfields in terms of points but they went
through to the final on goal difference 6-5. 
Children have used a range of natural materials
to create shelters for animals, have made a stick
man, artwork and have made music with woodland
resources. Each week the children discover the
delights of what this environment brings whether
it be spotting birds nests, catkins and pine
cones on trees or the evidence of nuts that the
squirrels have been eating. The children show a
great respect for the woodland and are beginning
to love mud and muddy puddles!
The team should be extremely proud of their
efforts and now look forward to the Dove Valley
tournaments where they can once again, get the
chance to show how well they all play. Well done
to Phoebe C, Isabel D, Georgia E, Teal S, Reiss
M, James M and Lucas Y and thank you to Mrs
Ellerton and Mrs Dixon and all the parents who
came along to support our children.  Next
timewatch this space!
Since then we have had five adventures at our
Forest School and you can follow our journey on
our Forest School Blog on our school website at
Thanks to all children who have enjoyed our theme
days we put on. It is an ideal opportunity to
sit down together with all their friends to eat
and be social
Once again Shobnall school will be collecting
Sainsburys vouchers. The vouchers enable the
school to purchase vital equipment for PE, after
school clubs and in recent years cookery
equipment. Without the collecting of the
vouchers the children would not be able to access
the great quality and variety of items that the
school is able to build up through the voucher
Drive Thur
All Day Breakfast
Please support the school in collecting
Sainsburys vouchers and ask friends and family
members to donate any vouchers that they collect.
 The collection box can be found at the office
reception area
At our latest themed lunch, the children imagined
they were in an American Diner as they tucked
into their Drive Thru food. The surprise was that
in some of our dining bags there was a lucky
ticket! The children who were lucky enough to
select a winning bag then received a
corresponding prize
Shobnall Primary School, has once again been in
partnership with the Burton Albion Community
Trust to offer places for our families to join
them for their fantastic Healthy Families
Project.   This project is designed to promote a
healthy family lifestyle and includes a variety
of fun sessions where our families will be
offered advice and support to help the families.
The sessions have included physical activity and
also interactive information on food, budgeting
and cooking.   These lifestyle sessions are open
to the whole family and our parents and
guardians, and even siblings, and join in the fun
too. The programme has been running since 16th
January each week and will culminate in a
presentation to the families during the half term
week. The presentation will take place at Burton
Albions home ground, The Pirelli Stadium. The
third Healthy Families Partnership project will
commence after the half term holidays.
  • Ella Reception Colouring pencil
  • Jasmine Reception Sleepover set
  • Kaydon Yr 1 10 Argos voucher
  • Zeb Yr 1 Robot puzzle
  • Joseph Yr 2 Robot pencils
  • Izaak Yr 2 3D model
  • Zainab Yr 2 1 Voucher
  • Zac Yr 3 1 Voucher
  • Valerija Yr 3 Minnie Mouse felt tips
  • Paige Yr 4 3D Model
  • Trinity Yr 4 Chain set kit
  • Joey Yr 5 10 Argos voucher
  • Jason Yr 6 Felt tip pens

Please feel free to knock at the kitchen door if
you require any inform on school meals
Polite reminder Please could all dinner money be
paid in an envelope with the childs name and
class on Thank You
This half term our wonderful school choir have
been practicing songs from Abba in preparation
for their next Music Share Event. They sound
brilliant during Choir Club as Mr Mansfield has
them belting out songs like Mamma Mia, Super
Trouper and Chiquitita (or Chicken Tikka as they
now jokingly call it!)
It is always a pleasure to welcome parents into
school to share the achievements and progress
made by pupils. We hope that all our parents
found the meetings constructive in that we were
able to give you the strengths of your childs
abilities in addition to areas where we feel they
could improve. Many parents have commented on
the quality of the teachers marking, which
clearly identifies successes in the childrens
work. All these comments motivate the pupils to
work even harder. Well done to all the children
for their ongoing enthusiasm and commitment.
Our eagerly awaited extra-curricular clubs will
restart after the half term break, week
commencing Monday 2nd March with the exception of
hockey which starts on Wednesday 25th February.
Once again we are delighted to offer an extensive
range of clubs including sporting activities as
well as a selection of non-sporting activities as
requested by some parents. Grateful thanks to
staff who give voluntarily of their time for the
benefit of the children.
DIARY DATES School closes on Friday 13th
February 2015 and re-opens to pupils on Tuesday
24th February 2015 at 8.45am School closed
Monday 23rd February Inset Day
On behalf of all the staff at Shobnall Primary
School may I take this opportunity to wish you
all a safe and happy half term break