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8/26 Bellwork


8/26 Bellwork 1. What is the independent variable in this data table? Amount of Time Distance Track Trials 8 sec 10m Classroom floor 1 12 sec 20m Classroom floor – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: 8/26 Bellwork

8/26 Bellwork
Trials Track Distance Amount of Time
1 Classroom floor 10m 8 sec
2 Classroom floor 20m 12 sec
3 Classroom floor 30m 19 sec
4 Classroom floor 40m 26 sec
5 Classroom floor 50m 33 sec
1. What is the independent variable in this data
2. What is the dependent variable in this data
  • Measurement Tools

  • Length- is the distance between two points.
  • We use a metric ruler to measure length.
  • The standard unit of length we use is the meter

What is Volume?
  • Volume is the measure of the capacity of a
  • It is the measure of how much a container of a
    particular shape will hold - liquids, dry
    substances, etc.
  • Tool- graduated cylinder
  • Standard unit is Liter (L)

Measuring Mass
  • Mass is the amount of matter in an object
  • Matter is some thing that has mass and takes up
  • Mass is measured in grams (g) and kilograms (kg)
  • 1 paper clip 1 gram
  • 1000g 1kg

Tools for measuring Mass
  • The triple beam balance

How to use a triple beam balance
  • 1) Make sure that the balance scale is at zero.
  • 2) Place object on balance and move the largest
    rider one notch at a time until the beam drops.
    (100s spot) Move the rider back one notch (make
    sure it locks in place)
  • 3) Move the next largest rider until the beam
    drops (10s spot). Back it up one notch.
  • 4) Move the smallest rider (1s spot) until the
    beam swings equally above and below the zero
  • 5) Add up all the numbers to find the mass!

Calculate The Mass
Spring scale- a balance that measures weight by
the tension on a helical spring A spring scale is
used to measure force such as weight. Unit
Mass Vs Weight
Weight depends on gravity Weight equals Mass X
gravity The weight of an object changes if the
pull of gravity changes
Mass does not depend on gravity The mass of an
object always remains the same
We use a thermometer to measure temperature.
While we are use to measuring temperature in
Fahrenheit, the rest of the world uses Celsius.
Kelvin is another unit for temperature.
  • The quantity of something per unit measure,
    especially per unit length, area, or volume.
  • Units grams per cubic centimeter or g/cm3
  • Formula densitymass/volume or dm/v

  1. Frank has a paper clip. It has a mass of 9g and a
    volume of 3cm3 . What is its density?
  2. Frank also has an eraser. It has a mass of 3g,
    and a volume of 1cm3 . What is its density?
  3. Jack has a rock. The rock has a mass of 6g and a
    volume of 3cm3 . What is the density of the
  4. Jill has a gel pen. The gel pen has a mass of 8g
    and a volume of 2cm3 . What is the density of
    the rock?
  5. Alicia has a watch. It has a mass of 4g and a
    volume of 2cm3 . What is the density of the
  6. Mia has a wallet. It has a mass of 15g and a
    volume of 5cm3 . What is the density of the
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