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CFC Application Training


CFC Application Training Northern New England Combined Federal Campaign 2015 Local Charity Federation Applications Certification #1 For Local Federations 2015 only ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: CFC Application Training

CFC Application Training
Northern New England Combined Federal
Campaign 2015 Local Charity Federation
  • Introduction
  • CFC Information
  • Application Information
  • Applications
  • Appeals Process
  • Questions
  • Conclusion

CFC Information
  • CFC Mission To promote and support philanthropy
    through a program that is employee-focused,
    cost-efficient, and effective in providing all
    Federal employees the opportunity to improve the
    quality of life for all.

CFC Information
  • Established in 1961, the CFC is the only
    government-authorized solicitation of employees
    in the Federal workplace on behalf of charitable
    organizations. Largest workplace fundraising
    campaign in the world.
  • In 2014, NNE CFC raised almost 1.2 million and
    served the 40,000 federal employees of the
    states of New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, and
    Greater Albany New York.

CFC Information
Local Federations Local Independents
Partners in Local Campaign
Manages Campaign
Application Information
  • Application Deadline
  • April 1st, 2015 5 p.m. EST
  • Review Process
  • April 30 LFCC will notify local charities of
  • Appeals Process
  • June 5 LFCC will complete the appeal review
  • July 31 OPM will complete the appeal review
  • Campaign Dates
  • Sept 1 Dec 15th Campaign runs
  • March/April 2015 Charities are notified
  • of designations and disbursement of funds begins
    April 1

Application Information
  • Federation Legal name of the applicant
    organization. If the name of the organization
    differs from the name that appears on the IRS
    determination letter, IRS Form 990, or audited
    financial statements, official Doing Business As
    (DBA) documentation from the IRS or state
    government authorizing use of this name must
    accompany the application. The EIN must be
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN) The
    nine-digit EIN that appears on the IRS
    determination letter and the IRS Form 990
    submitted with this application.

Application Information
  • 5 Digit CFC Number The 5 digit number assigned
    to the organization. Organizations that did not
    previously participate in the CFC should leave
    this field blank.
  • Mailing Address A physical mailing address must
    be provided - Post Office Box addresses will not
    be accepted.
  • Telephone Organizations telephone number.

Application Information
  • Contact Person The contact person is the
    individual to whom the CFC will direct
    communications. This may be any individual in
    the organization.
  • Contact Address Contact persons physical
    mailing address if different than the
    organization's address. Post Office Boxes may be
    used. Participation decision letters and other
    CFC communications will be sent to the contact
    person at this address.
  • Contact Telephone Contact persons
  • telephone number, if different than the
  • organizations telephone number.

Application Information
  • Fax Contact persons fax number.
  • Contact E-Mail Contact persons electronic
    mail address. Applicants are encouraged to
    provide more than one email address.
  • Website Address List the complete Internet
    address of the applicant organization (no e-mail
    addresses). This information is required, if the
    organization has an Internet address.
  • This will be used as the point of contact for
    all 2015 correspondence. Please ensure that the
    information remains valid independent of possible
    staffing changes.

Application Information
  • Disbursement Address List the address where
    paper checks will be sent, if different from
    mailing address. Post office boxes may be used
    for the disbursement address.
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) List the
    Routing and Account numbers, along with the name
    of the financial institution, where funds should
    be disbursed. This is an optional method for
    receipt of CFC contributions. NOTE Some
    campaigns may elect not to disburse funds

Certification 1For Local Federations
  • New for 2015 Local Charities only
  • In past years, local charities interested in
    participating in the CFC were required to submit
    an application to each campaign region where they
    qualified. This placed a large burden on
    charities to apply to multiple CFCs.
  • With the implementation of Universal Giving,
    donors can now contribute to any participating
    charity nationwide.
  • This year, the adjacent and statewide presence
    options have been removed from the charity
    applications. Each participating charity must
    document that it has a substantial local presence
    in the campaign region to which it is applying,
    and may apply to only one CFC.
  • Each Federation may only include member
    organizations that meet the local presence
    criterion for the campaign to which it is

Certification 1For Local Federations
  • 2015 only 15 Member Requirement Waived
  • During this transition year, OPM will permit
    local federations to continue to provide
    administrative services to member organizations,
    including fiscal services, even if the federation
    does not meet the 15 member requirement in a
    campaign zone.  In these cases, the federation
    must have a signed agreement with the charitable
    organization authorizing it to act on its behalf,
    including granting the federation authority to
    handle financial distributions.

Certification 1For Local Federations
  • Federations MUST submit full applications for all
    members who did not participate in the 2014
  • See Individual/ Federation Member Application
  • Instructions

Certification 2For Local Independent
Organizations For Local Federations
  • Federations and Individual Charities
  • Must be recognized by the Internal Revenue
    Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization
  • Units of government are not eligible
  • OPM will verify applicants current 501(c)(3)
    status with the IRS

Certification 2Attachment BFor Local
Independent Organizations For Local Federations
  • Must submit a copy of most recent IRS
    determination letter. (If the name of the
    applicant organization differs on the IRS
    determination letter, the IRS Form 990, or
    audited financial statements, documentation from
    the IRS or state government authorizing this name
    change must accompany the application)
  • Federal Tax ID number must be included.

Certification 2Attachment BFor Local
Independent Organizations For Local Federations
  • An organization that is part of a group exemption
    or bona-fide chapter or affiliate of a national
    organization acting as a single corporate entity,
    must provide a letter from its affiliated
    national organization with its IRS determination

Certification 2Attachment BFor Local
Independent Organizations For Local Federations
  • Common Errors
  • Typographical Errors in Employer Identification
    Number (EIN) provided
  • Proper Legal Name not provided (insufficient
    Doing Business As (DBA) documentation)
  • Governmental entity without 501(c)3 recognition
  • Charity moved (or address changed) and IRS
    was not notified
  • Merger with another organization EIN changed
  • IRS Form 990 was marked Final Return

Certification 3For Local Federations
  • Must certify that it is a human health and
    welfare organization providing services,
    benefits, or assistance to, or conducting
    activities affecting human health and welfare.

Certification 4For Local Federations
  • Applicants must choose from one of the following
    two options
  • Has been operating for more than one year.
  • Has not been operating for more than one year.

Certification 4 (Cont.)For Local Federations
  • Option 1 Operating more than 1 Year
  • Organization accounts for its funds on an accrual
    basis in accordance with Generally Accepted
    Accounting Principals (GAAP)
  • Organization has been audited in accordance with
    Generally Accepted Auditing Standards (GAAS) by
    an independent CPA in the immediately preceding
  • Include as Attachment C a copy of the audited
    financial statement for a fiscal period ending on
    or after June 30, 2013.

Certification 4 (Cont.)For Local Federations
  • Option 2 Operating Less than 1 Year
  • Organization accounts for its funds on an accrual
    basis in accordance with Generally Accepted
    Accounting Principals (GAAP)
  • Federation has been operating for less than one
    year and therefore is not required to submit
    audited financial statements.

Certification 4Attachment CFor Local
  • The audit must cover the fiscal period ending on
    or after June 30, 2013.
  • Audit period should match submitted IRS 990
  • The audit must state the organization accounts
    for its funds in accordance with GAAP and it was
    audited in accordance with GAAS.
  • The audit must be signed, dated and be on the
    audit firms letterhead.
  • If it is a consolidated audit (covers a National
    Organization) there must be a separate audited
    section on this applicant.
  • Except for statements may cause denial.
  • Federations must have a statement in the audit
    stating honors designations made to each member

Certification 5For Local Federations
  • Applicants must choose one of the following
  • Organization is required to prepare and submit to
    the IRS an IRS Form 990.
  • Organization is not required to prepare or submit
    to the IRS an IRS Form 990.

Certification 5 (Cont.) For Local Federations
  • Option 1 Organization submits IRS Form 990
  • Submit a copy of the complete, signed IRS Form
    990 for a period ending no later than June 30,
    2013 as Attachment D.
  • Option 2 Organization does not submit IRS FORM
  • Submit a pro forma IRS Form 990 as Attachment D.
    See instructions.

Certification 5Attachment DFor Local
  • Attachment D Tips
  • All supplemental information must be included.
  • A signature in the box marked Signature of
    Officer is required. The preparers signature
    alone is not sufficient.
  • IRS forms 990EZ, 990PF,and comparable forms are
    not acceptable substitutes. Smaller
    organizations that file a IRS Form 990EZ may
    submit it with the appropriate pro forma documents

Certification 5Attachment D (Cont.) For Local
  • Organizations that submit a pro forma IRS Form.
  • Can be downloaded from
  • Organizations that submit a pro forma revised IRS
    Form 990 must complete Page 1, Items A-M Part I
    (Summary), Lines 1-4 only Part II (Signature
    Block) Part VII (Compensation section A only)
    Part VIII (Statement of Revenues) Part IX
    (Statement of Functional Expenses), and Part XII
    (Financial Statements and Reporting)

Certification 6For Local Federations
  • Calculate the Federations APR (annual for
    admin/fundraising expenses)
  • Regulatory Formula
  • In Part IX (Statement of Functional Expenses),
    ADD Line 25, Column C to the amount in Line 25,
    Column D. Divide the sum by Part VIII (Statement
    of Revenue, Line 12, Column A (Total Revenue).
  • The regulatory formula must be used.
  • No other calculations/methods are allowed
  • All percentages must be listed to the tenth of a
    percent (XX.X).

Certification 7Attachment EFor Local
  • Attachment E
  • The organization is directed by an active and
    responsible governing body.
  • The members of this governing body have no
    material conflict of interest.
  • The majority of the members of this governing
    body must serve without compensation.
  • A complete list of the federations board of
    directors and the beginning and end dates of each
    individuals current term of office.
  • A complete list of the boards meeting dates and
    locations of the previous calendar year (2014)

Certification 8For Local Federations
  • The organization prohibits the sale or lease of
    CFC contributor lists.

Certification 9For Local Federations
  • The Organization conducts publicity and
    promotional activities based upon its actual
    program and operations, that these activities are
    truthful and non-deceptive, include all material
    facts, and make no exaggerated or misleading

Certification 10For Local Federations
  • The organization named in this application
    effectively uses the funds contributed for its
    announced purposes.

Certification 11For Local Federations
  • The Federation does not employ, in its CFC
    operations, the services of private consultants,
    consulting firms, advertising agencies or similar
    business organizations to perform the
    policy-making or decision-making functions in the

Certification 12Attachment FFor Local
  • Attachment F
  • Include the federations most recently completed
    annual report as Attachment F.
  • The annual report can end no later than June 30,
  • The annual report must include a full description
    of the activities and services.
  • The annual report identifies its chief
    administrative personnel.
  • The annual report includes the amount raised,
    sources of contributions, cost of fundraising and
    how costs are recovered from donations.
  • The annual report details any membership
  • dues and/or fees received by the federation
    from its
  • members or affiliates as a service charge.
  • A more frequently published document, such as a
    quarterly newsletter, may be submitted as long as
    it meets the same requirements as the annual

Certification 13For Local Federations
  • The organization is in compliance with all
    statutes, Executive orders, and regulations
    restricting or prohibiting U.S. persons from
    engaging in transactions and dealings with
    countries, entities, or individuals subject to
    economic sanctions administered by the U.S.
    Department of the Treasurys Office of Foreign
    Assets Control.
  • The organization is aware that a list of
    countries subject to such sanctions, a list of
    Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked
    Persons subject to such sanctions, and overviews
    and guidelines for each such sanctions program
    can be found at http//
  • Should any change in circumstances pertaining
  • to this certification occur at any time, the
  • organization will notify OPM/CFC Operations
  • immediately.

Certifying OfficialFor Local Independent
Organizations For Local Federations
  • Every application must be signed by a certifying
    official, but we no longer require that each
    application contain the original signature. 

  • Applicants must ensure that their applications
    are complete upon submission. (This includes the
    correct time frames for attachments).
  • All application information must be specific to
    the applicant federation or organization.
    Regional and/or national materials will not be
  • Applications must be kept on file for 3 completed
    CFC campaign periods. This would include 2011,
    2012, 2013.
  • The use of standard formats and checklists is no
    longer permitted to show real services, benefits,
    assistance or other program activities.

How to submit your application
  • Applications are due at the CFC office in
    Portsmouth, NH, or in our email inboxes by April
    1, 2015 at 5pm EST.
  • There are 2 ways to submit your application
  • Paper
  • Northern New England CFC c/o UWGS
  • 112 Corporate Drive, Unit 3
  • Portsmouth, NH 03801
  • Email
  • The Application document and Attachments A-F
    must all be
  • sent as separate PDF attachments in your email
  • Note that we are not using the Charity Nexus
    portal this year

Appeals Process
  • To Local Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC)
  • Denied applicants will be notified via registered
    or certified mail. (Return signed receipt)
  • First appeal to LFCC must be in writing and
    received within 7 business days from the date of
    receipt of the initial LFCC decision or 14
    calendar days from the date the decision is
    mailed-- whichever is earlier.
  • LFCC will consider all timely appeals and notify
    the appealing organization within a reasonable
    time period.
  • All LFCC denials of appeals will be sent via
    registered or certified mail. (Return signed
  • Appeals may not be used to supplement original
    applications missing or outdated materials.

Appeals Process (cont.)
  • To the Office of Personnel and Management (OPM)
  • Appeal must be in writing.
  • Must be received by OPM within 10 business days
    of the date of receipt of the letter from the
    LFCC denying eligibility on appeal.
  • Must include a statement including the reason(s)
    why eligibility should be granted.
  • Must include a copy of the letter from the LFCC
    denying the original application, the
    organization's original appeal to the LFCC and a
    copy of the letter from the
  • LFCC denying the appeal.
  • Appeals may not be used to supplement original
    applications that had missing or outdated

Appeals Process (cont.)
  • No brochures may be printed until all local
    appeals filed with OPM are resolved.
  • OPM issues technical reversals every year for the
  • Reasons for denial change from initial to appeal
  • Organization was not properly informed
    (registered mail)
  • Blanket denial for Federation (Members should all
    be considered individually if Federation is
  • Additional information may be requested by
  • an LFCC but may not be used to determine

Any New Member Application
  • Please refer to the Independent and Federal
    Member Application PowerPoint Presentation

Thank You!
For further questions and assistance contact the
Northern New England CFC Office.