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Kindergarten Back to School Night


Kindergarten Back to School Night Ms. Pitezel ... We work on these books, practice reading them and share them with our first grade buddies. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Kindergarten Back to School Night

Kindergarten Back to School Night
  • Ms. Pitezel

  • Single mom of 8th grader, Andrew
  • Have taught Kindergarten for 23 years, all here
    in Jenks
  • Received my Bachelor of Science in Elementary and
    Early Childhood Education from Northeastern State
    University in Tahlequah
  • Earned my Masters in Reading from NSU Broken
  • Hold a Reading Specialists Certificate

Housekeeping Items
  • Send snack every day, ask your child what they
    want and how much they need
  • Rest towels are sent home on Friday for washing.
    But please remember to send them back on Monday.
  • School starts at 850, any students arriving
    after will be sent to the office for a tardy
    pass. All tardies and absences are recorded.
    Children are not to allowed in the classroom
    prior to 835 and must picked up at 330. Those
    that miss the bus or are late being picked up
    will be in building C.

  • Toys are not to be brought from home unless there
    is a specific homework assignment or their
    assigned show and tell time.
  • Please label all items brought to school rest
    towels. backpacks, lunchboxes, jackets, snack
    containers, etc.

  • We go outside everyday (twice) unless the
    temperature/heat index is above 100 or the wind
    child is below 32 or it is raining/snowing.
  • Make sure your child is wearing appropriate
    clothing for being active and considering the
  • Label all jackets, scarves and hats!

  • Daily Folders go home everyday and should be
    returned the following day. Most district
    correspondence is on Thursday.
  • My newsletter will be sent home on the last
    Thursday of each month (email or paper copy?).
    Curriculum objectives, Trojans of the Week,
    birthdays and other announcements will be on
    there. This is also available on my webpage.
  • Our Library day is Wednesday. The children will
    write (with washable marker) on their hand a
    large B to remember to bring their book back or a
    happy face if they have already brought it back.
    Book checkout will start in a few weeks.
  • Report cards go home at the end of every nine
    weeks. A district progress report will go home
    middle of September.

  • Book orders will be sent home 2-3 times per
    year. There is no obligation to buy but the
    prices and selection are good. You will also be
    able to order online and it will be delivered
    here. If you wish it to be a gift just let me

  • Birthdays are celebrated on their day. When it
    falls on a weekend or holiday I will make
    arrangements with you for a preferred day.
  • A special store bought snack may be sent but it
    is not necessary. If you do, I prefer something
    small and individually prepared (small cookie,
    small cupcake, etc.)
  • Treat bags or other goodies are not appropriate
    for the classroom. Invitations to private
    parties may be given in person to the whole class
    or all boys/girls. If only some children are to
    be invited, the invitation must be mailed.
    Please sign up on the class directory sheet.

Trojans of the Week
  • Each child will have an opportunity to be
    spotlighted for a week, chosen at random.
  • There is a Trojan Assembly with other
    Kindergarten classes where the Trojans receive
    their certificate (Arbys)
  • The Trojan will bring a poster highlighting
    themselves, be an extra helper all week, get to
    bring a favorite book and a show and tell, sit in
    the rocker and bring our mascot, Jolene the
    turtle (stuffed), home for the weekend.
  • The monthly Trojans are announced in the
    newsletter and a reminder is sent home in Daily
    Folders the week before they are the Trojan.

Tea Party with Mrs. McKnight
  • Our Principal, Mrs. McKnight, has a tea party
    with students that exhibit exemplary behavior.
    Students are chosen by me or Mrs. McKnight.
  • The children receive the invitation the day
    before to join her during their lunch time,
    either bringing a lunch from home or purchasing
    one in the cafeteria.
  • She makes fresh cookies to share with them while
    they enjoy each others company. Then the
    children then join their classmates for recess.

District wide Collaboration Days
  • September 29th, October 27th, December 1st,
    January 26th, February 23rd, March 29th
  • Buses will run approximately 1 hour and 50
    minutes later on these dates.
  • Please be out at your bus stop 1 hour and 45
    minutes later than normal on these dates. 
  • School start time will be 1040

  • Click on schools then East Elementary
  • Click on staff then the letter P
  • My classroom management plan, daily schedule,
    newsletters and other information will be posted.
  • Curriculum information will be added soon.

Classroom Management Plan
  • Take care of you
  • Hands and Feet to yourself
  • Criss Cross Applesauce
  • Listening ears
  • 1-2-3 eyes on me
  • Follow directions the first time.
  • Soft voices inside, no voices in the hall.
  • Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  • Show me a 3 (hands and feet to self, eyes on me,
    voice put away).
  • Respect others, no mean words or teasing.

  • Actions and Consequences
  • As a class
  • First semester we have a marble jar. The class
    earns marbles for behavior and when it is full we
    have a small celebration.
  • Second semester we will use links that each
    individual student will earn. The may spend
    their links on Fridays at a small general store.
  • Each Child
  • Each child is responsible for their own actions.
    When a child breaks the rules, there are
    warnings given and then time-outs. When
    time-outs are repeated, the parent will be
    called. If the inappropriate behavior continues
    there will be a loss of recess and time-out in
    the principals office.

Daily Schedule
  • 835 - 850 Tub toys or journals, restroom,
    lunch money/homework
  • 850 - 915 Pledge of Allegiance, Mystery Bag,
    Calendar, Morning Message
  • 915 - 940 Group time Story, Reading/Language
    Arts lesson
  • 940 - 1030 Table Time writing, authors
    chair, curriculum review
  • 1000 - 1040 Literacy Centers
  • 1050 - 1110 Recess
  • 1120 1145 Lunch
  • 1150 - 1200 SSR
  • 1210 - 1240 Math/Science
  • 1245 - 115 Rest time and chapter book

  • Reading/Language Arts Fountas and Pinnell,
    Comprehension Tool Kit and the Write Source
  • Math Everyday Math
  • We also have science, social studies and Spanish

Reading/Language Arts
  • Components will be listed on website and report
  • Please review letter names with your children.
  • We are beginning to learn sounds, a review for
    some and sight words begin after labor day. A
    total of 40 sight words plus color words and
    number words.
  • The items learned/reviewed each month will be in
    my newsletter.
  • We will also be learning the components of
    comprehension with non fiction text and
    handwriting will be learned with an in class

  • The most important thing you can work on for math
    is counting. Forward, backward, by twos and
    fives and tens.
  • Other concepts covered include patterning,
    graphing, measurement, time and money,
    addition/subtraction and sets.
  • All math concepts that are covered each month are
    in my newsletter.
  • We will be using our classroom computers and
    laptops for online math games. I will be sending
    home their password for you to use at home.

Other Curricular Areas
  • Science Fall is measurement and Spring is
  • Spanish Video presentations of vocabulary
    (family, calendar, colors)
  • Social Studies Citizenship, My Country, Map and
    Globe skills, Time by the year and Stories of the

  • Occasionally homework will be sent home relating
    to a unit of study in math or reading.
  • Homework is to be returned by the following week.
  • Even if the activity is not a written one, put
    your childs name on the paper and send it back
    with them. This prepares them for the
    responsibility of doing and returning homework.

Other papers
  • Every morning we write a morning message.
    While writing this letter we are learning
    letters, sounds, words and sentence structure.
    There is also punctuation and letter writing. We
    count and compare for a quick math review and
    write addition and subtraction sentences in
    second semester. The children take turns
    circling things they know.
  • Each child will get a chance,on a rotation basis,
    to bring it home.

  • Papers done independently during centers will be
    checked by me, stamped and sent home. The stamp
    means that I have looked at it and had your child
    make corrections if necessary. If I stamp it,
    Im happy with the product.
  • At the end of each nine weeks I will send home a
    baggie of books we have made in class. We work
    on these books, practice reading them and share
    them with our first grade buddies. Please keep
    them as review at home until the next bag of
    books comes home.

  • We cook in our classroom 2-3 times per month.
  • It is single serve cooking, so that your child
    only touches what they make and eat.
  • I sometimes need parent help for the activity so
    the homeroom parents will be calling to see if
    you are available to be here or possibly send the
    supplies. There is a sign up sheet for those
    interested in helping.

  • There are sign ups for Fall Conferences.
  • The evening of October 18th and the morning of
    October 19th.

Other sign ups
  • Dynamic Dads
  • Thursday helpers
  • Playdough
  • Consumables
  • Wish List

  • Thank you for being here!!!
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