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Andrew Jackson


Andrew Jackson s life and Presidency United States History Must Do: Write down one word that you would use to describe the boy below and explain why: At age 13 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jacksons life and Presidency
  • United States History

Must Do
  • Write down one word that you would use to
    describe the boy below and explain why
  • At age 13, he joined the Patriots but was
    captured by the British. When a British officer
    ordered the young prisoner to clean his boots,
    the boy refused.

Andrew Jackson- Background
  • Born in a log cabin on the frontier
  • His parents were immigrants from Ireland
  • They died by the time he was 15
  • He grew up tough

A Military Man
  • Joined American Revolution at age of 13
  • Creek War Victory
  • Indian battle during the War of 1812
  • War of 1812
  • Victory at Battle of New Orleans
  • 1818 Seminole Victories
  • Helped regain Florida

Nicknames for Jackson
  • Old Hickory
  • Given to him by soldiers he commanded
  • Meant he was as tough as the wood on a hickory
  • King Jackson
  • Given to him by his political opponents
  • They thought he was trying to take over the
  • Sharp Knife
  • Given by Native Americans
  • He was ruthless in dealing with them

Election of 1824
  • As voting membership increased to include all
    white males, participation in local, regional,
    and national politics increased.
  • Political discussion rallies, and organized
    groups ushered in a new political climate in the
  • Corrupt Bargain
  • John Quincy Adams, (N) Democratic Republican
  • Andrew Jackson, (W) Democratic Republican
  • Henry Clay (W), Democratic Republican
  • William H. Crawford (S) Democratic Republican

Voting Requirements in the Early 19c
Voter Turnout 1820 - 1860
The Reign of King Mob
Jacksons Presidency 1828-1836
  • Read Andrew Jacksons First Inaugural Address to
    the country and outline his primary goals as
  • Executive Control
  • Veto Power
  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Spoils System
  • Bank War
  • Nullification
  • Indian Removal

1828 Election Results
Veto Power
  • Jackson viewed his presidency as representing the
    interest of the common man and using his
    executive power he used the veto more than all
    the presidents combined prior to his tenure.

Kitchen Cabinet

Daniel Webster
John C. Calhoun
  • Jackson relied heavily on the advice and counsel
    of his friends from Tennessee and the West,
    rather than eliciting advice from his legally
    appointed Cabinet members

Indian Removal Trail of Tears, 1830
"What good man would prefer a country covered
with forest and ranged by a few thousand savages
to our extensive republic, studded with cities,
towns and prosperous farms and filled with all
the blessings of liberty, civilization and
religion? Andrew Jackson
Indian Removal
  • Jacksons Goal?
  • 1830 ? Indian Removal Act
  • Cherokee Nation v. GA (1831) domestic
    dependent nation
  • Worcester v. GA (1832)
  • Jackson John Marshall has made his
    decision, now let him enforce it!

Final Evaluation
  • Based on the Power Point Presentation, documents,
    and background knowledge you have on Andrew
    Jackson rate the man, his ideologies, and his
    Presidency. Rate Jackson using complete
    sentences, details, analysis, and evidence.