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Imperialism The push for territory Imperialism What is imperialism? The extension of a nation s power over other lands. Not a new idea. Europe had set up colonies ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Imperialism

  • The push for territory

  • What is imperialism?
  • The extension of a nations power over other
  • Not a new idea.
  • Europe had set up colonies and trade posts in
    North America, South America and Africa long
    before the 1800s
  • Now seeking more then just trading and limited
    control, New Imperialism meant that strong
    nations now wanted direct control over the weaker

Five Motives of Imperialism
  • Economic Capitalists wanted both a market to
    sell goods and a market to control the harvest of
    raw materials
  • Political/Military Steam- powered ships for navy
    and trade need areas for a port to re-supply coal
    and other necessities. Need allies and territory
    if a war breaks out
  • If one country expands, the surrounding areas
    are taken and controlled by rivals in order to
    prevent further expansion of another nation, or
    to strength/ expand their own control

Five Motives continued
  • Religion Countries wanted to spread their
    religious beliefs, medicine, and law. Morally
    civilize primitive people.
  • Exploratory want to explore new lands and new
    raw materials
  • Ideological Social Darwinism, survival of the
    fittest. European nations were the strongest and
    the best, need to take-over and knock out the
    weaker species
  • Can lead to racism and race wars

Types of Imperialism
  • Critics democracy at home, undemocratic abroad..
  • Colonies- people from the imperial nation sent to
    control and transform the new colony to what the
    imperialist nation is
  • Use indirect and direct rule
  • Indirect- Native officials run the colony the way
    the imperialists want
  • Direct- Imperialist officials run the colony

Types of Imperialism
  • ProtectorateA political unit that depends on
    another government for protection. Native, local
    rulers kept. Advised by European Imperialists on
    how to run trade, industry, or missionaries.
  • Sphere of Influence Imperialist nation claims an
    area exclusive to them for trade or investment to
    avoid conflict

Western Upper Hand
  • Strong economy supported by modern industry
  • Had the newest technologies and medicine
  • Steamship- faster more efficient trade and
  • Machine Gun- Quicker shot to put down resistance
  • Telegraph- Means to communicate with home while
    setting up colony
  • Factory- mass produce goods
  • Railroad- quick, steady, strong way to transport
    goods on land
  • Natural resources- had the materials at home to
    build the product
  • Had a well established government and military to
    run the show

Major Areas for Imperialism
  • Asia
  • -India, China, Japan
  • Africa
  • -North, South, East and West
  • Latin America
  • Hawaii
  • Middle East
  • -Iran, Iraq, Egypt

Homework for Thurs
  • Look over road map and material from today
  • Answer Skills one in your road map