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Savings and Investment


Bull Market - When the stock market rises steadily over a period of time Bear Market - When the stock market falls for a period of time Investment ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Savings and Investment

Savings and Investment
Why do we invest?
If we have money we can...
  • Spend It
  • Save It
  • Put It In The Bank
  • Invest It

What are the Advantages/Risks of each option?
Investment - redirecting resources from being
consumed today so that they may create benefits
in the future
If you had 1,000
Spend it now, take advantage of the utility and
value of your money.
Or, invest your money now in order to receive
benefits in the future.
You Could...
  • Return - the money an investor receives above and
    beyond the sum of money initially invested.

Ways to Invest - Save money in a bank and
collect interest - Buy Stock - Buy Bonds
Ways to Invest
  • Savings in the Bank
  • Bonds - Government, Municipal, Corporate
  • Shares of Stock

Saving in Bank
  • Rather than save money hidden in your house, you
    can save your money in a bank, where it is still
    easily accessible if you need it, but safe,
    insured, and collecting interest.
  • Interest gained on money saved in the bank is
    based on an Annual Percentage Rate (APR).
  • Typically, the interest percentage an individual
    earns on savings accounts is about 2
  • The catch is that you have to leave your money in
    the savings account so that the bank can use it.

How You and Banks make Money
  • You open a savings account at the bank.
  • The bank pays you interest on the money that you
    deposit and leave in that account.
  • The bank then loans that money out to other
    people, only they charge a slightly higher
    interest rate on the loan than what they pay you
    for your account.

  • Bond - A formal contract to repay borrowed money
    with interest at a fixed intervals
  • Essentially a loan taken out by a government,
    municipality, or company, that is funded by the
    buyers of bonds.

Generally considered a long-term investment, but
bonds can mature in various time periods, from
months to over ten years.
Types of Bonds
  • Government Bond - Issued by a government in order
    to acquire money to pay their bills and finance
    programs. The more stable the issuing government,
    the less risk in the investment.
  • Municipal Bond - Issued by a state, city, county,
    or district, in order to raise funds and finance
    projects such as hospitals, power plants,
    streets, schools, or airports.
  • Corporate Bond - Issued by businesses to help pay
    expenses or fund growth. Risk is determined by
    the stability and future of the company

Buying Stocks
How do you buy stocks?
  • Stockbroker - someone who brings together buyers
    and sellers of stock to make a trade.
  • Brokerage Firms - Brokerage firms are companies
    that specialize in trading stocks and employ

Stock Exchange
  • Stock Exchange - A market for buying and selling
  • NYSE - New York Stock Exchange. The countrys
    largest and most powerful exchange. NYSE handles
    transactions for only the largest and most
    established companies.

Does the Performance of one companys Stock
Represent the Health of the Economy? How Can We
Determine the Health of the Economy through the
Stock Markets?
  • Dow Jones Industrial Average - Tracks the
    performance of stock from 30 of the countrys
    largest companies in various industries. Used to
    measure the health of the countrys economy as a

How might we more accurately analyze stock
performance and the economy?
Is This Analysis Accurate?
S P 500 - Standard Poors 500 gives a
broader picture of stock performance. Tracks 500
companies and measures overall stock market
Bull Market - When the stock market rises
steadily over a period of time
Bear Market - When the stock market falls for a
period of time
Investment - Risk and Advantages
Long Term Less Risk Short Term Greater
Risk Long Term Smaller Returns Short Term
Chance of Greater Returns
As a general rule
Long Term Investments also have less
liquidity Short-Term Investments have greater
liquidity as their resources more easily accessed.
Its all about Trade Offs
How can we Minimize Risk in Investment?
The strategy of spreading out investments to
reduce risk.
If I wanted to invest my money I could...
Buy Stock In British Petroleum Royal Dutch
Shell Chevron
Buy Stock In British Petroleum Microsoft Target
Buy British Petroleum Stock A Government
Bond Money in Savings Account