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Goal 1 Key Vocab


Goal 1 Key Vocab Established the lower Federal Court system Washington s foreign policy During the French Revolution Presidential advisors 2 things Washington warned – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Goal 1 Key Vocab

Goal 1 Key Vocab
Established the lower Federal Court system
Washingtons foreign policy During the French
Presidential advisors
2 things Washington warned against in his
Farewell Address
Failed treaty the British did not leave the
Northwest Territory
Treaty that allowed the US to navigate the
Mississippi River the right of deposit at the
port of New Orleans
Violated the 1st Amendment illegal to speak
negatively about the govt. harder to become a
US citizen
  1. Create a National Bank
  2. Pay state national debts
  3. Tariffs Excise taxes

Events that proved the Federal Govt. was strong
enough to enforce the laws prevented Another
Shays Rebellion
Case that established Judicial Review
Part of the US Constitution Hamilton claimed
gave him the authority to create the National Bank
1st two political parties
Written to protest the Alien Sedition Acts
Tax on foreign product goal is to protect
American industry
Name given to federal judges appointed at the
last minute by John Adams
Decided the winner of the 1800 election
1st election with 2 political parties
Said the states had the right to void out
Federal Laws that violate the US Constitution
Type of person who had the most political
rights in the early 1800s
Who asked her husband to Remember the ladies?
The Supreme Court can declare Federal Law
Goal 1 Key Vocab
France demanded a bribe to talk things over
British policy of boarding US merchant ships
forcing the sailors into the British Navy
Last battle of the War of 1812 occurred after
the peace treaty
Reason Jefferson wasnt sure About buying
Louisiana from France
Chief Justice whose ruling Strengthened the
power of the Federal Government
Passed by Jefferson to force England to respect
US shipping rights FAILURE hurt the US
Political party that wanted a strong central
government, supported by the wealthy wanted a
loose interpretation of the Constitution (Hamilt
ons party)
Most controversial part of Hamiltons financial
Treaty that ended the War of 1812
Amendment passed changing How we vote for Pres.
VP Result of the 1800 election
Tax placed on specific Domestic products, like
Bought in 1803 gave the US Ownership of the
Mississippi River the port of New Orleans
Brings an end of the Federalist Party because
they were Against the War of 1812 Threatened
to succeed from the Union
Battle that ended Native American resistance in
Political party that wanted a strong State
government, support by Farmers, wanted a
strict Interpretation of the Constitution (Jeffer
sons party)
Political party that wanted to Pay both state
Federal debts After the Revolutionary War
Belief that the Constitution must Be followed
exactly Jefferson Believed in this
Gave Southern states more of A say in politics
because the Capital of the US was to be Moved
Wanted the economy of the new Country to be
based on industry
Jeffersons platform
Treaty that opened the Ohio Territory to
American settlers
Goal 2 Key Vocab
Belief that it was our God-given Right to
expand west (coast to Coast)
Religious group that headed West settled in
Main migration route west
War over land between the USA Mexico
Treaty that gave the US Florida
To Take how the US acquired Some territory
in the early 1800s
President who promised land Did it!
Divided the Louisiana Purchase Into free
slave (36-30 line) Maine Missouri
Established a way for territories To apply for
statehood Become equal states in the Union
(Success of the AOC)
54-40 or Fight refers to this territory
Reason many Southerners Disagreed with the
Missouri Compromise
Failed law that stated all land From Mexico
would be free
Pride in ones region splits People/country
Pride in ones country unites People/country
Led the Mormons west to Utah
Invention that expanded the use Of slavery
created by Eli Whitney
  1. California free state
  2. No slave trade in DC
  3. NM UT pop. Sov.
  4. Fugitive Slave Act

How the Comp. of 1820 Promoted nationalism
Three parts of the American System
Part of the American System That caused the
most controversy
Invention that made the transfer Of goods more
efficient Faster travel
Goal 2 Key Vocab
Invention that improved Communication during
the Early 1800s
Practice of giving friends jobs In the
government even if Theyre not qualified
Nickname of the 1824 Election Looks like a
secret deal btwn. Adams Clay
Message to Europe to stay out Of the Western
Hemisphere (the Americas) created Spheres of
Sup. Ct. case that protected The Cherokee nation
Won the Election of 1828 Started the Era of
the Common Man
Sup. Ct. case that prohibited states From
taxing Federal property
SC threatened to do this as a result of the
tariff of abominations
Belief that state govts. should Be more
powerful than the Fed. Govt. (long term cause
of the Civil War)
How the American System Contributed to
State banks created by Jackson
Jackson ignored this group Sent the Cherokee
to Oklahoma On the Trail of Tears
Most controversial part of the Comp. of 1850
Treaty that ended the Mex.-Am. War declared
the Rio Grande As the Southern border of Texas
Difference in the economies of the North
Movement to ban alcohol
Political party created in Response to
Jacksons Presidency against an overly Powerful
Northern laws passed in Response to the
Fugitive Slave Laws
Meeting of women to gain more Rights supported
by many abolitionists
Movement to end slavery
Wanted to reform prisons Options available to
the Mentally disabled
Goal 2 Key Vocab
Created painting of the American landscape to
promote nationalism
Abolitionist who wrote The Liberator
Father of Transcendentalism
Revival of religion in the early 1800s
First true American novel Written in the new
American style
Former slave who wrote the Abolitionist
newspaper The North Star
Father of Revivalism
Guidelines for women in the Early 1800s to
live by.
Style of writing that puts Emphasis on emotions
Country we took Oregon from
Social impact of the industrial revolution
Economic impact of the Industrial Revolution
Early 1800s slave rebellion that Contributed to
sectionalism N Supported rebellion S Blamed
North for rebellion
Jacksons response to SC During the
Nullification Crisis
Idea of Stephen Douglas allowed States to vote
on the issue of slavery
2 inventions that helped farmers
2 events that forced the USA to Begin
production of finished products
Different way the US acquired Land during the
early 180ss
Political party created in Response to the
1824 election Jackson was their 1st
President Still around today.
Law requiring citizens to return Any runaway
slave to its owner
Invention that led to the mass Production of
textile materials
Goal 3 Key Vocab
Written by Harriet Beecher Stowe exposed the
horrors Of Southern slavery
Law repealing the Missouri Comp. by granting
territories Pop. Sov.
Failed slave rebellion led by Gods Angry
Man John Brown
Sup. Ct. case the declared the Comp. of 1820
unconstitutional Decision based on
property Rights protected by the Constitution
Immediate cause of the Civil War
Long term cause of the Civil War
Name given to the Southern states That left
the Union
SCs response to the 1860 election
Winner of the 1860 Election
Main Union commander during The Civil War
President of the South during The Civil War
Platform of the Republican Party
Name of the Union plan of attack
Constitutional right suspended By Lincoln to
prevent spies
Main Confederate commander During the Civil
Declaration by Lincoln which Gave the war a
moral cause
Battle that introduced a ironclad Warships
led to the creation Of the modern navy
Three parts of the Union plan
Turning point of the Civil War
What Lincolns war aim changed To in the
middle of the war
Lincolns goal at the beginning Of the Civil
Goal 3 Key Vocab
Where Lee surrendered to Grant ends the
Civil War
Advantages of the Union during The Civil War
Advantages of the Confederacy During the Civil
Assassinated Lincoln at Fords theater
Battlefield dedication to remind People why we
were fighting The Civil War
Helped establish the Red Cross
Period of rebuilding after the Civil War
Group of politicians who Convinced Lincoln to
make the War over slavery
Why the Confederacy believed England would
support them During the Civil War
Abolished slavery
Military Reconstruction South Divided into
military districts
Difference between the Presidential
Congressional Plans for Reconstruction
Political party associated with The KKK
Southern segregation laws
2 ways southerners economically Limited the
rights of freed African Americans
Helped newly emancipated Slaves find jobs, get
foods, Clothing, education, etc.
1st time African Americans voted
Gave African Americans Citizenship equal
Law placing the Fed. Govt. in Charge of
southern elections
Gave African American males suffrage
2 ways Southerners limited suffrage of
African Americans
Goal 3 Key Vocab
Law that allowed poor, illiterate Southern
whites the ability to vote
Draft during the Civil War
Nickname given to Southerners Who wanted to
industrialize the south
3 parts of the Comp. of 1877
Officially ends Reconstruction
Nickname given to Northerners Who moved from
the North to The South after the Civil War To
fix it
Goal 4 Key Vocab
Territory purchased from Russia For 7.2
million Sewards Icebox/Sewards Folly
Promised 160 acres of free land In the west if
you farmed it for 5 Years Lincoln was
spreading Union influence west
Name given to African Americans who were
leaving the South after the Civil War
Reasons why people leave an Area Ex
Unemployment bad Economy no freedoms, etc.
New farming technique of using Shallow fields
a new way of Irrigating crops learned from
Mexican farmers
Set aside land for agricultural Colleges to
help farmers in the West become successful
Immigrants responsible for Building the
transcontinental railroad
Meeting place of the railroads
2 companies that built the Transcontinental
Invention that ended the open range
Invention that helped farmers Break up the
tough sod of the Great Plains
Trade route in the Southwest
Goal 4 Key Vocab
Law passed in an attempt to Assimilate Native
Americans Promised 160 acres of land if They
gave up traditional life Began farming
Most important animal to Native Americans
Custers last stand 1st battle Of the Indian
Main problem facing farmers in The west
Written by Helen Hunt Jackson Exposed the
broken promises treaties with Native Americans
US military slaughters 300 Native Americans,
mostly Women children last battle Of the
Indian Wars
Reason why farmers love the railroads
Political party organized to Fight for the
rights of farmers
Early farmers organization Created for social
Professional purposes founded By Oliver Kelly
Main goal of the Populist Party
1877 law the regulated the railroads
Reason why farmers hated the railroad
Democrat/Populist candidate For the 1896
Gave citizens the power to Introduce ideas for
laws to Congress
Idea that the people can vote on a Law
proposed by the govt.
Land where Native Americans Were forced to live
Famous speech given by William J. Bryan in
support Of bimetallism against the Gold
Winner of the 1896 election
Reasons that attract people to A specific
area Ex free land, more jobs, better Economy,
more freedoms, etc.
Compared to Harriet B. Stowe For bring
attention to the issues Facing Native Americans
Area of the country most Impacted by western
Goal 5 Key Vocab
New Immigrants
Old Immigrants
E. Coast processing station for European
immigrants coming Into the USA
Established Chicagos Hull House
Massive build up of cities
W. Coast immigration station for Asian
immigrants coming into The USA
Process of making steel from iron Led to
new inventions like the plow Barbed wire,
skyscrapers, etc.
2 new inventions that created More jobs for
Wrote How the Other Half Lives exposed the
problems facing The urban poor
Name given to the period of Corruption during
the 2nd Industrial Revolution
Infamous NYC political machine
Wrote the Gospel of Wealth Stating that those
with money Have an obligation to help the poor
Survival of the fittest in business
Reform movement that Promised salvation for
helping The poor
Refers to the many different Religions
brought to the USA by immigrants
Different ways in which unions Fought for
workers rights
Labor union that wanted skilled unskilled
Only one company produces Sells a product to
cut down on Competition prices usually high
2 causes of urbanization
Group of immigrants leaving Russian due to
religious Persecution came to the USA Seeking
religious freedom
Created the railroad monopoly
Goal 5 Key Vocab
The fastest way to assimilate immigrants
Created the steel monopoly
Led to movement to end child labor
Urban centers in poor Communities that offer
services To the poor
3 problems caused by rapid urbanization
Leader of the American Federal of Labor (AFL)
Socialist union leader that ran for President
Leader of the Knights of Labor (KOL)
Purpose of labor unions
Created the oil monopoly
Name given to monopolists who Used cut throat
Main goals of labor unions
Person who coined the phrase The Gilded Age
Infamous leader of NYCs Political machine
Tammany Hall
2 ways in which big business Limited unions
Name given to Republicans who Resisted govt.
reform in the late 1800s
New law aimed at ending the Spoils system
applicants must Take a test to prove they
are Qualified to do the job
Major railroad scandal during Grants
Immigrants with common Backgrounds living in
the same Area Ex Chinatown, Little Italy
Political cartoonists who Exposed Boss Tweed
Govt. form of local govt. NYCs Tammany
Hall is an example
Goal 6 Key Vocab
Stronger nations take over Weaker nations
must be Supported by the military
4 reasons the US becomes imperialistic
Most important reason why the US became
Led the Rough Riders at the Battle of San
Juan Hill
4 things Mahan said the US Needed to become
Book written by Alfred T. Mahan
Policy stating the US would not Annex or get
involved in Cuban Affairs after the
Spanish-American War
Economic theory meant to Increase the wealth
of a nation
Infamous letter that called Pres. McKinley
Extended the Monroe Doctrine Granted the US the
right to Intervene in Latin America to Protect
US interests
Island nation the US annexed In 1898
Name of the anti-imperialistic Rebellion in
US Naval ship sunk in Havana Harbor, Cuba
How many justified Americas imperialism
TR negotiated peace between Japan Russia
4 causes of the Spanish- American War
Leader of the US Naval Forces in the
Philippines During the Spanish-American War
Reason the US was interested In Cuba
New policy giving the US the Power to get
involved in Cuban Affairs contradicts the Platt
Terms of the Treaty of Paris, 1898 (ends the
Spanish- American War)
TR policy of threatening to use The military
to carry out US Foreign policy in Latin America
Goal 6 Key Vocab
Main cause of the Filipino- American War
Leader of the Filipino rebels
Allows all countries free trade With China
One country has natural Influence over other
countries Near it
Gained after the Spanish- American War, this
territory Played a major role in the Pacific
Theater in WWII
Naval base built in the Pacific Plays a major
role in WWII
Goal 7 Key Vocab
Progressive Governor of Wisconsin who wanted to
get Rid of business involvement In the govt.
New law requiring food drugs To be labeled
changed the Processing techniques for
food Result of The Jungle
Main goal of the Progressive Movement
Main goal of Progressive Election reforms
Gave citizens the right to elect Their own
Senators idea of the Populists
Law that lowered tariffs during the
Progressive Era
Ida Tarbell exposed the oil Industry by
writing this book
Wrote The Jungle to expose the Meatpacking
Leaders of the Womens Movement
Name given to women who Publicly fought for
womens rights
Amendment that banned alcohol
Roots of the Progressive Movement
Goal 7 Key Vocab
Leader of the Temperance Movement had a
Gave citizens the power to Propose laws idea
of the Populists
3 Progressive Presidents
Segregation by law
Name of Wilsons platform
Name of TRs 3rd party
TRs platform
Meeting of the African American Community to
discuss specific concerns
Sup. Ct. Case that legalized Southern
Inventions that led to the Expansion of cities
the Creation of the suburbs
Established with the help of WEB DuBois to help
protect the Rights of African Americans Other
Law passed by Wilson to Regulate the banking
industry Still around today
Showed the possibility of Peanuts to help the
South end Its dependence on cotton
Segregation by choice
2 ways which limited the economic Rights of
African Americans
Law passed by Wilson Protecting labor unions
their Right to strike
Amendment that instated the Graduated income
Encouraged African-Americans To compete with
whites Economically socially
2 TR laws that further limited the railroads
Wilsons triple wall of privilege He
attacked these 3 things
Amendment that granted Women suffrage
Goal 7 Key Vocab
Name given to investigative Journalists who
exposed the Problems of society
1890 attempt to regulate the Railroads weak
at 1st, but TR Made it strong
Wanted African Americans to Compete with white
2 yellow journalists who Competed to sell
newspapers Began competition during
the Spanish-American War
Symbols of a rich successful society
Chain stores that sold many of The same
Goal 8 Key Vocab
US foreign at the start of WWI
4 long term causes of WWI MAIN
Immediate cause of WWI
WWI draft
Merchant ships travel with Military escorts
for protection
German submarines
Wilsons 1916 campaign slogan
German policy of sinking ships
Infamous German telegram Trying to get Mexico
involved In WWI by attacking the US
The Central Powers/Triple Alliance
The Allies
3 causes of US entry into WWI
Goal 8 Key Vocab
British liner that was sunk by German u-boats
killing 128 Americans
Led US troops in Europe Insisted we fight
under out own flag
Treaty that ended WWI
Germany must pay these to the Allies for war
Name of Wilsons peace plan For after WWI
Turning point of WWI
Movement of African Americans to The North
from the South
Main reason Congress rejected The Treaty of
Germany is forced to take Full responsibility
for WWI
How Wilson controlled the Economy during WWI
Wilsons 14th Point
How the US raised money for WWI
Established the maximum Number of immigrants
allowed In the USA after WWI
Laws making illegal to talk Negatively about
the war effort Or interfere with the war effort
Role of women during WWI
Scandal involving the illegal Sale of the
Navys oil reserves
1920s law which attempted to Make offensive
war illegal
Payment plan for Germany to Pay back war debts
- failed
Court case establishing clear Present
danger your freedom Of speech can be limited
during war
Italian immigrants executed After WWI making
an example Out them
Weak international peace Keeping organization
created After WWI
Goal 8 Key Vocab
Year the US entered WWI
Wilsons war aim once the US Got involved in
New WWI weapons which Increased the death toll
Goal 9 Key Vocab
Tradition of have different rules for Men
Gave women more control over Their own lives
by opening the 1st birth control clinic
Amendment which made Alcohol illegal
Most power communication tool In the 1920s
Name given to 1920 authors Who disagreed with
the new American lifestyle left to live In
Music associated with the 1920s
Leader of the UNIA
Court case that outlawed the Teaching of
evolution in public Schools (Tennessee)
Young women of the 1920s who Broke traditions
smoked, drank Short hair, etc.
Piloted the 1st transatlantic flight
Group of Americans who did Not share in the
wealth Prosperity (boom) of the 1920s
Goal of the UNIA
Buying on Margin, Easy Credit, Overproduction,
Uneven Distribution of wealth, etc.
Stock Market Crash Beginning Of the Great
2 phases of the business cycle Where the US
was during the 1920s
Goal 9 Key Vocab
Attitude of the Federal Govt. Presidents
toward businesses During the 1920s (Hands-Off)
Group of WWI veterans who Marched in
Washington, DC Demanding their bonus
Drought in the Great Plain that Made farming
nearly impossible Huge dust storms caused by
Hoovers election day promise
2 phases of the businesses Cycle where the US
was during The 1930s
Hoovers belief that people Should help
themselves not Rely on the govt. for help
Reason FDR declared a bank Holiday
FDR assembled this group to Help give ideas
on how to get Out of the Great Depression
FDRs platform focused on Relief, recovery
Amendment that moved the Presidential
Inauguration from March to January
Bank inspections that only Allowed safe banks
to reopen
FDRs weekly radio addresses Explained what
he was doing why he was doing it
New Deal program that acted As a yard stick
for measuring Fair electrical prices
provided Many jobs electricity to many states
New Deal program that Protected bank
deposits still Used today
Main goal of the New Deal
1st female cabinet member
New Deal program that Required business to
report Accurate stock information
New Deal agency aimed at Supervising the stock
Reason FDR attempted to pack the Supreme
Helped organize the Black Cabinet bring
attention to African American issues
New Deal critic who promised To share the
Goal 10 Key Vocab
Leader of Nazi Germany
Leader of Fascist Italy
Leaders of the USA
German-Italian alliance
Area Japan invades to gain Control of natural
Prime Ministers of England
US foreign policy at the beginning Of WWII
European policy of giving up Principles to
pacify an Aggressor (Hitler)
Invasion of this country began WWII
The rehearsal for WWII
England agreed to give Hitler The Sudetenland as
long as he Promised to stop invading Other
countries example of appeasement
German puppet govt. in South France
Prelude to WWII
US foreign policy of giving old Battleships to
England in Exchange for bases in the Caribbean
Allied Powers during WWII
Pacific strategy of moving from Island to
island in order to get Closer to Japan
Axis Powers during WWII
US policy that banned the US From trading
military supplies To any country making war
A date which will live in infamy
Turning point in Europe
Soviet tactic of burning Everything as they
Goal 10 Key Vocab
Turning point in the Pacific
June 6, 1944
Purpose of taking over islands In the Pacific
American project to create The Atomic bomb
Leader of Allied troops in Europe
Leader of US troops in the Philippines
Night of Broken Glass Nazi Storm Troopers
attack burn Jewish homes, businesses
Leader of the Manhattan Project
Where the US dropped A-Bombs
US President who made the Decision to drop
the A-Bomb
Secret meeting between FDR Churchill to
discuss the end Of WWII established the
Foundation of the UN
Nazi law that required Jews Other
undesirables to wear Identify stars on their
WWII Draft
5 members of the UN Security Council
Purpose of the UN
Nickname of women in the workforce
Govt. limitations of what Civilians could
Organization established to Oversee economic
transition From peacetime to wartime production
Sup. Ct. case that legalized Internment camps
during times Of war
US officially enters WII
Conference which divided Germany in 4 zones
Stalin Promised to allow free elections In E.
Goal 10 Key Vocab
Post WWII law that provided Returning vets
with loans for Education, housing businesses
Stalin changed his mind does Not allow free
elections in Poland as promised sure sign Of
problems in the future
African American leader who Threatened a march
on DC During WWII if blacks were not Allowed to
work in the war industry
Name given to the increase in The birthrate
after WWII
Quick cheap housing Available after WWII
all houses Look alike building up of the suburbs
Officially ended the Great Depression
Goal 11 Key Vocab
US policy of providing military Aid to any
country in the Middle East fighting Communism
US policy to stop the spread of Communism
Heightened tensions between The US USSR
after WWII
Symbolized the Cold War Division of Europe
between Communist Democratic
Military alliance against Communist
aggression created In response to the blockade
of Berlin
How the US helped the citizens of W. Berlin
during the Soviet blockade
Belief that if one country falls to Communism,
so will the Surrounding countries
Country divided at the 38th Parallel US got
involved to Prevent the South from falling To
US policy of providing economic Aid to any
European country Fighting Communism
Communist leader of Cuba
US policy of providing military Aid to any
country in Europe Fighting Communism Greece
Turkey were the first to receive
US policy of threatening to use Its entire
military force to stop The spread of Communism
Goal 11 Key Vocab
Communist alliance against Democracy Stalins
response To NATO
Extreme fear of Communism
Investigated Federal employees For loyalty
created by Truman
Competition between the US USSR to build the
most powerful bombs
Most dangerous part of JFKs Administration
the US USSR Almost go to war
Investigated Soviet influence on American
popular culture
1st civilians to be executed for spying
Senator who amplified the Red Scare by
accusing people of Disloyalty without proof
1st Soviet satellite
US President that passed the Most Civil Rights
Non-violent leader of the Civil Rights
US spy agency to investigate Other countries
Group that tested the integration Of
interstate bussing
Famous Malcolm X speech Suggesting peaceful
means Before resulting to violence
Main goal of SNCC SCLC
Examples of Civil Disobedience
Pres. Eisenhowers belief abt. State rights
Sup. Ct. case that overturned Plessy v
Ferguson integrated The public school system
Local govt. position many African Americans
were elected To
1st African American Sup. Ct. justice
Amendment that ended the poll tax
Goal 11 Key Vocab
Law prohibiting discrimination Based on race,
gender, or religion
Law which put the Fed. Govt. In charge of
voter registration In the South ended the
literacy exam
Wrote Silent Spring exposed The impact
chemicals had on The environment
Sup. Ct. case that legalized 1st Trimester
abortions 4th Amend. issue
Native American group fighting To get more
control over their Own affairs
Womens organization to get Equal rights
established by Betty Freidan
Encouraged more women to get Involved in
Helped organize union of Migrant farm workers
Site of nuclear radiation leaks in The USA
Turning point of the Vietnam War series of
simultaneous Surprise attacks on hundreds of US
targets proved we were not winning
Battle that forced the French to Leave Vietnam
Country divided at the 17th Parallel US gets
involved to Prevent the South from falling To
Name of S. Vietnamese Communists
Peace conference that divided Vietnam at the
17th Parallel
Gave the Pres. Authority to declare War
without Congressional approval
Supply line from N. to S. Vietnam
US supported leader of S. Vietnam
Communist leader of N. Vietnam
Law limiting the Presidents Power during
war overturns The Gulf of Tonkin Resolutions
Reason Nixon won the 1968 election
Nixons plan for getting the Vietnamese more
involved in The war so US troops can withdrawal
Goal 11 Key Vocab
Vietnam protesters are shot By the National
Guard America is killing its kids
1st televised Presidential debate
Law guaranteeing women Other minorities
equal access to Opportunities once denied to them
LBJs platform
FJKs platform
JFKs plan to provided economic Aid to Latin
Assassinated JFK
Insurance assistance for the poor
Insurance assistance for the elderly
Leaked information exposing The real reason
the US was Involved in Vietnam
Primary domestic issue while LBJ was President
Investigative committee that Found only 1
person Responsible for JFKs murder
Goal 12 Key Vocab
Amendment that lowered the Voting age to 18
How Nixon gained more Rep. Support in the
Nixons plan to give more power Back to the
state govt.s Attempt to reduce the size of The
Fed. Govt.
Reason OPEC stopped selling Oil to the USA in
the 1970s
High unemployment high inflation
Nixons plan to allow states to Spend Fed.
Money how they Saw fit
Goal 12 Key Vocab
Nixons 1972 election scandal
Nixons foreign policy of political Realism
dealing with powerful countries
2 countries Nixon visited to Ease Cold War
Fords policy aimed at ending Stagflation
didnt work
Treaty between the US USSR Aimed at limiting
the number Of nuclear weapons
Nixons foreign policy of easing Cold War
Newspaper that kept the Watergate scandal on
the front Page to bring attention to it
Sup. Ct. case that forced Nixon To hand over
his White House Tapes Executive Privilege Cant
be used to hide a crime
Fords greatest accomplishment opened more
cooperation Between E. W. Europe
Carters greatest Accomplishment peace
btwn. Israel Egypt peace in the Middle East
Sup. Ct. case that upheld Affirmative action,
but outlawed The quota system
Reason Carter was elected President
Soviet policy of openly talking About
problems in the USSR
US satellite defense system
Most dangerous part of Carters Administration
US citizens taken hostage
1st female Sup. Ct. justice
Positive outcome of deregulation
Reagans economic policy of Cutting taxes
increasing govt. spending
Agreement that limited trade Barriers between
Canada, US Mexico
Official end of the Cold War
Reason the US goes to war With Iraq in 1991
Goal 12 Key Vocab
Republican promise to America If they won
control of Congress
New govt. agency created in Response to the
terrorist Attacks of 9/11/01
Controversial law giving the Fed. Govt. broad
authority to Investigate those suspected to Be
terrorists or aiding them
Terrorist organization that took Responsibility
for 9/11/01
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