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MEDICAL TOURISM HOSPITAL & EXECUTIVE RETREAT KOCHI WHY MEDICAL TOURISM ? Medical Tourism Scenario IT Revolution Recession in the West Affects IT Exports from India $ ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes


Digital Hospital Nationwide Clinics and SPAs
Integrated Multi-Sector Project
Health Care IT Tourism
Theme Holidays Dynamic Holidays Business Holidays
Telemedicine Net Medical Call Center
If 20th Century Brought Software Revolution in
India Software Cost 1/5th of that of USA 21St
Century - Medical Tourism Revolution in India
Medical Cost 1/5th of that of USA
Medical Tourism Scenario
  • IT Revolution
  • Recession in the West Affects
  • IT Exports from India 50 Billion
  • IT - 5 GDP in USA
  • Medical Tourism Revolution
  • Recession Proof- Recession reinforces need for
    cost cut in Health care
  • Health Outsourcing from USA 60 Billion
  • Health care -16 of GDP

Health Care in India
2001 2004 2012
Health Care Rs86000 Crores Rs200000 Crores
Medical Tourism Rs1518 Crores Rs10,000 Crores
Road Blocks to Medical Tourism in
India Developing Country - Negative perception
about India-poor Hygiene and sanitation Low
Penetration of Medical insurance Flight
connectivity and infrastructural problems lack of
knowledge among foreigners - world of mouth or
internet savvy lack of trust - no personal or
local contacts lack of follow up No Follow up
and Suffering from Complications lack of Medical
liability No Integrated Medical tourism project
- Top hospitals me too approach . Depends on
government initiatives
Achievements in Medical Tourism in India
  • 2 lakhs foreign patients visit India/year for
    medical tourism , compared to the potential of 20
  • Profile of Patients
  • Heart Related - 30
  • Bones Joint - 15
  • Renal,Eye ,Kidney Etc - Balance
  • Profile of Countries
  • Middle East - 40
  • South Asia - 35
  • US UK - 25

Potential Medical tourists
  • 47 Million Americans not Health Insured
  • Consultation cost in USA 50 to 150 for
    insured and 250 to 450 for non insured
  • Diseases for which no Allopathy treatment is
    available Ayurveda, Homeo, Holistic treatments
  • For Infertility treatment. For Infertility
    Treatment In UK Rs. 8 Lakhs with 8 months waiting
    period India Rs. 1 Lakh no waiting period
  • Egg donors and surrogate mothers readily and
    economically available in India
  • Patients from 160 Countries can take Ayurvedic
    and Holistic treatments

World Medical Tourism Destinations
  • Florida Miami (USA)
  • Thailand
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • Jordan
  • Philippines
  • Can Kerala be the No 1 Medical Tourism
    destination in the world ?
  • YES !!

Health wonders of Kerala
  • Kerala Achieved the same health index as western
    world - Infant Mortality 12,Maternal mortality
    2/1000 , Life Expectancy 75 Years , Compared to
    Keralas Per Capita Income 355 (0.38 of that
    of New York 93377 )
  • Abundant Trained Health Manpower
  • NRK population as Kerala Ambassadors in 160
  • IT advantage and Tourism advantage - Two Under
    water cable terminate at Kochi Skilled IT / IT
    ES Personnel Kerala has become one of the world
    tourism destinations

Health Wonders of Kerala
  • Medical Tourism Cost at Kochi 30 to 50 of that
    in Thailand .If Integrated treatment Approach is
    adopted the cost will be 10 to 20 of Cost
  • Americans Spent 25 Billion on CAM Therapies Last
    Year . This can be Increased to 100 Billion if
    we globalize and Modernize Ayurveda
  • Worlds No 1 Medical tourism Hospital ,BUMRUNGRAD
    International Hospital ,Thailand tried to
    takeover ,Lakeshore Hospital ,Kochi Two Months
    back ,showing the Importance of Kochi in World
    Medical Tourism .

Globalization of Ayurveda
  • Kerala Ayurveda Worlds Best Ayurveda Brand
  • But It confines to Musculoskeletal Diseases
  • Kerala Ayurveda Vedic (North Indian) Ayurveda
    Metabolic Diseases Musculoskeletal Diseases
    A Total System of Medicine
  • Homeopathy is only 230 Years old , but it is
    catering to patients to 152 Countries from India
    (Dr Rajesh shah and Dr
    Batras Positive Homeopathy , Dr Bakons
    Homeopathy etc)
  • Ayurveda is 5000 Yrs old Waiting for
    Globalization to 160 Countries through a
    Telemedicine Net

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  • .Brief Description About the Project Setting up
    a Medical Tourism Hospital in the periphery of
    kochi with specialized departments like 1)Heart
    Surgery 2)Joint Replacement, Microdesectomy
    Spinal Fusion 3)Cosmetic Surgery 4)Eye
    Surgery(Lasik, Cataract, Glaucoma, Refractive
    Surgery, Vitreoretinal Surgery) Ear(Cochlear
    Implant) 5)Major Surgeries Organ Transplants
    6)Infertility Treatment ,Fibroid and Womens
    Disease 7)Obesity Treatment Interventional
    Cardiology 8)Comprehensive Health Check Up
    9)Rehabilitation, Psychology Geriatrics 10)
    Ayurveda, CAM Therapies Non-Cured Diseases
    11)Multi specialty Dental Clinic 12)Anti Aging
    Clinic and European Spa.
  • This Hospital will be connected to Medical
    Tourism Super Clinics in 60 cities in India and
    places like Gulf(Dubai, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar,
    Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait) Maldives, Colombo,
    Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines,
    Dhaka, USA, UK, etc,. Further it will be
    connected to Medical Tourism Spas in tourism
    centers like Kovalam, Fort Kochi, Mahabalipuram,
    Bangalore, Goa, Mumbai, Jaipur New Delhi. So
    also, 36 disease management clubs like Diabetes
    club, Heart Club etc., will be conducted on an
    all India basis through Tele-medicine and Medical
    Call center at Kochi. A Multi-Cuisine Health food
    court , Digitized Business center and Digitalized
    NRI Center will be attached to the hospital.
    Chief Executives who are under going Rejuvenation
    in this hospital can control his organization
    from the hospital,similarly,NRIs can be digitaly
    connected to there relatives in India.

  • First Hospital It will be the first Medical
    Tourism hospital in India with departments which
    cater to Medical Tourism.
  • Unique Marketing a) Medical Tourism Clinics
    and Medical Tourism Spas all over India will
    bring large number of Medical Tourists to Kerala.
    b) A Medical Tourism Club will be promoted on
    time share basis all over India and abroad in
    which there will be a facility for members to
    come to Kerala every year and enjoy 15 days free
    stay for treatment chargeable).
  • Centers of Excellence All the departments of
    the hospital will be the centers of excellence as
    the best doctors from different parts of India
    Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata,
    etc,.) will be taken on visiting basis in
    addition to the core team at the hospital. b)
    Through the Tele-Medicine net the tourist can
    consult the best doctors in different parts of
    India, with whom hospital will have contract

  • Technological Excellence a) As far as possible
    the best medical equipments on lease will be
    installed and every 5 years there will be
    replacement of better technology equipments. b)
    Medical Automation It will be fully Digitalized
    hospital with facilities like pharmacy Robot,
    Robotic Surgery, Fully Automated Laboratory,
    Picture Archive Communication Systems(PACS), 4D
    Ultra Sonography, Wi-Fi connection, 128-bit
    CT-Scan, Pet Scan MRI, etc.,
  • Minimum Cost a) All the rooms and suites will
    be given on time share basis to NRIs, Foreigners
    and High Networth Individuals (HNI)s. Every year
    they can use the facility free for 15 days, for
    their parents or for friends. If they do no avail
    the facility the hospital will rent to other
    patients and 50 of room charges will be given to
    the owners and hospital will guarantee return not
    less than the prevailing bank interest.b) Non
    core activities will be given on contract to
    reduce the operational cost.c) As it is 100
    digital hospital, there will not be any paper
    work and cost of operation will be minimum.d)
    All Medical Tourism clinics in 60 cities in India
    and Medical Tourism Spas will be run on franchise
    basis which will reduce the cost of investment
    operation cost.
  • Tele-Medicine Net A Tele-Medicine net
    supported by Medical Call Center not only will
    make the operation of hospital online but also it
    will enable NRIs to see their parents online when
    they are in hospital or in their house.

  • Integrated treatment Any patient can get
    integrated treatment of Allopathy, Ayurveda,
    Homeopathy and CAM Therapies.
  • Immediate Start The project can be started
    immediately without waiting for the construction
    of the hospital using the facilities in other
    super specialty hospitals at Kochi. Thus the
    gestation period of the project will be minimum.
  • International Treatments In Ayurveda and CAM
    Therapy all the holistic treatments as existing
    in Dubai Herbal Treatment center like Ayurveda,
    Traditional Chinese Medicine, Colon Hydro
    Therapy, Chiro Practice, Ozone Therapy, Manual
    Lymphatic Drainage, Taichai, Yoga, Nutrition,
    Beauty Care, etc, will be introduced.

  • Digital Marketing A dynamic web site will be
    developed for the hospital and it will be
    translated into Chinese, Spanish, Japanese,
    German, French, Korean, Italian, Deutsch, Arabic
    and Indian languages like Hindi.
  • Hub Spoke System For Medical tourism
    services to the tourists, for the facilities
    which are not installed in our hospital, we will
    be utilizing the facilities of other hospitals in
    Kerala. Thus we will be able to operate the
    project with minimum capital cost and minimum
    operational cost, which will lead to the high
    profitability of the project.
  • Boost to Kerala Tourism Through our all India
    and International Marketing, we will bring large
    number of Indian International Medical Tourists
    to Kerala. (Only 5 Lakhs Foreign Tourists (10)
    of the 5 Million Tourists Visiting India, Come to
    Kerala ) As our Boarding Lodging Facilities
    are limited, these tourists will be staying in
    other resorts near Kochi. Thus our Medical
    Tourism Project will be a big Boost for tourism
    in Kerala. Similarly, due to operation of
    Executive Retreat, there are possibilities of
    many Professional meetings and Business
    Conventions conducted at Kochi. So this Medical
    Tourism project will give a Boost to MICE Tourism
    and Holiday Tourism in kerala.

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  • .?
  • Cost of Project
  • 1. Land
    3 acres. Rs. 3 crores
  • 2. a) Building
    1,00,000 S.Ft Rs. 10 crores
  • (Construction cost Rs.1000 per/S.Ft)
  • b) Medical Equipments
    Rs. 10 crores
  • c) Telemedicine Network
    Rs. 0.25 crores
  • 3. Working Capital
    Rs. 0.75crores
  • Total Project Cost
    Rs. 24 crores
  • Note
  • Maximum number of equipments will be taken on
  • Working capital required will be much less as
    Medical Tourism clinics and Medical Tourism
    Spas, (all of them will be on franchise basis)
    will be operational before the hospital is ready.

  • Working Results
  • Revenue (On Full Operation)
  • 1. Patients Income (1800 Rs.2 lakhs)
    Rs. 36 crores
  • 2. Medical Tourism clinics Income
    Rs. 9
  • (10 Indian clinics monthly income
    Rs. 5 lakhs
  • 50 Indian clinics monthly income
    Rs.3 lakhs
  • 10 foreign clinics monthly income
    Rs. 10 lakhs
  • Hospital share 25 of income as
    Franchiser )
  • 3. Medical Tourism Spa Income
  • (0.25 x 8 x 6 x 8) (0.25 x 2
    x 6 x 8)
    Rs 1.2 crores
  • 4. Tourism Operation Income (5000 Tourists
    x Rs. 5000) Rs 2.5 crores
  • 5. Medical Tourism club Income (50,000
    members x Rs. 1000) Rs 5
  • -
  • Total Revenue Rs 53.7 crores
  • Expenditure
  • 80 of the Income(Estimated) Rs.
    42.96 crores
  • Profit Rs. 10.74 crores

  • Employment Potential
  • Direct 360
  • Indirect

  • (Other Tourist resorts will be
    taken on management
  • contract to accommodate more
    medical tourists)
  • Land Requirement and Land Available
  • Total requirement

    3 Acres
  • In your possession

  • (An office of 1100s.ft which will act as
    Tele-Medicine Center and Package tour operation
    center at kochi is owned by us. Further space for
    Medical Tourism clinics is available at Mumbai,
    Pune, Coimbatore and Bangalore)
  • To be acquired

  • 3 acres
  • Has any work been started?
  • We are operating Medical tourism clinics and
    Medical Tourism Spas at Mumbai and Kochi.
  • Specify assistance required ? Tie up Needed for
    the project
  • One strategic investor or group of investors to
    contribute 24 of equity and Term loans from
    financial institutions.

We have launched a no of Medical and Dental
Tourism Services through our Portals
Other Relevant Details