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Influencing your vote Interest groups: are political organizations that have a particular goal or idea in mind Examples are NRA, United Auto Workers (UAW), NEA ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Interest%20Groups

Interest Groups
The Influence of Lobbyists
  • Who are the Lobbyists?
  • A person or persons employed by and acting for an
    organized interest group or corporation to try to
    influence policy decisions and positions in the
    executive and legislative branches.
  • What do Lobbyists Do?
  • Engage in activities aimed at influencing public
    officials, especially legislators and the
    policies they enact. Lobbyists primarily provide
    money for campaigns.

The Iron Triangle
The Influence of Lobbyists
  • Who Are the Lobbyists?
  • Lobbyists are former public servants.
  • Lobbyists are experienced in government.
  • Lobbyists often go to work for one of the
    interests they dealt with while in government.
  • What Do Lobbyists Do?
  • Many lobbyists participate in issue networks or
    relationships among interest groups,
    congressional committees, subcommittees, and
    government agencies that share a common policy
  • Interest groups provide money for incumbents or
    people already in office.
  • Interest groups provide information of two
    important types.

The Influence of Lobbyists
  • What Do Lobbyists Do? (cont.)
  • Interest groups sometimes attempt to influence
    legislators and regulators by going directly to
    the people and urging them to contact public

Money and Politics
  • Interest groups seek to influence politics and
    public policy by spending money on elections in
    several ways.
  • to candidates for their election campaigns,
    especially in contested races.
  • to political parties.
  • to other interest groups.
  • to the members of their group, including

Regulation of Lobbying
  • -Past activities of lobbyists have been
  • Congressmen taking bribes, people not getting
    their rights
  • -government regulation
  • -stop bribery
  • -special interest groups
  • -reporting lobbying activities
  • -effects of Lobbying
  • Have been successful historically of influencing

Money and Politics
  • The Growth of Political Action Committees PACs
  • PACs Political Action Commitee-the political
    arm of an interest group that is legally entitled
    to raise funds on a voluntary basis from members,
    stockholders, or employees in order to contribute
    to favored candidates or political parties.
  • Types of PACs
  • Corporations
  • Trade and health organizations
  • Labor unions
  • Ideological organizations

PAC Contributions to Congressional
Candidates 19982008.
Contributions to Candidates for U.S. Congress,
19752008 (in Millions).
Influencing your vote
  • Interest groups are political organizations that
    have a particular goal or idea in mind
  • Examples are NRA, United Auto Workers (UAW), NEA-
    National Education Association (teachers)
  • https//

Major Organized Interest Groups
Other Techniques
AARP The Nations Most Powerful Interest Group
The National Rifle Association
  • 36 million members
  • Offers a wide array of material benefits like
    insurance and magazines
  • One of the most influential lobbying groups in

Other Interest Groups - Some Environmental
Groups and How They Do Business
Public Opinion
  • -Public Opinion
  • Generic term for what the majority of the public
    may believe about an issuecan be very misleading
    as a majority may represent only 51
  • Opinions about government officials, candidates,
    and issues
  • -Often misleading
  • Can manipulate questions to get the answers they

Forming Opinions
  • -Many Factors Influence Opinions
  • -Mass Media
  • TV, radio, newspapers, Internet
  • Provides powerful images to the public
  • -Public Officials
  • Voters elect those they trust to public office
    voice of the people
  • -Special Interest Groups
  • Persuade people to their point-of-view

Measuring Opinion
  • -Public Opinion Polls
  • Individuals answer questions to see how the
    general public feels
  • -Random Samples
  • -poll methods where attempts are made to include
    a wide segment of the population in the poll
  • Reflect the entire population
  • -Effects of Polls
  • Make public officials respond to what the people
  • Set the public agenda

Interest Groups
  • -Interest Groups
  • Believe that by putting together time, money, and
    resources, they can influence decision-makers
  • -Bias
  • -term that refers to a one-sided opinion on an
  • Interest groups usually biased
  • -Impartial
  • -having no opinion on an issue

Role of Media in Politics
  • Each news station has political opinions that
    favor certain people.
  • Fox News- Conservative republican
  • CNN- impartial opinion
  • MSNBC- More liberal democrat

Types of Groups
  • -Economic Groups
  • Business Organizations
  • Professional Associations
  • Labor Unions
  • -Particular Groups of People
  • Ethnic NAACP (National Association for the
    Advancement of Colored People)
  • Age AARP (American Association of Retired
  • Sex NOW (National Organization of Women)
  • -Particular Causes
  • ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union)
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