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2015 Captains Meeting


2015 Captains Meeting – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: 2015 Captains Meeting

2015 Captains Meeting
Arkansas Local League Coordinators

Central Little Rock and any other area not listed Adult - All Programs Holly Haynes leaguetennis_at_arktennis.com 501-227-7611
Northwest Arkansas - Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers Bella Vista Adult - All Programs Allyn Elleman nwarkllc_at_gmail.com  
Western Arkansas - Fort Smith and Van Buren Adult - Combo Barb Griffin BarbGriffin7_at_aol.com 479-459-7569
Western Arkansas - Fort Smith and Van Buren Adult - 18's 40's 55's Stacey Glover sglover_at_fortsmithschools.org 479-462-8477
Western Arkansas - Fort Smith and Van Buren Adult - Mixed Carrie Moore carriemoore_at_cox.net 501-766-5700
Northeast Arkansas - Jonesboro Adult - All Programs Heather Eggers jonesborotennis_at_gmail.com 870-926-5950
Twin Lakes - Mountain Home Adult - All Programs Deanna Garretson deanna_at_arktennis.com 501-681-1934
Southeast - McGehee, Dumas, Lake Village, Monticello Adult - All Programs Crystal Noble crysnoble_at_hotmail.com 870-866-2492
Russellville and Clarksville Adult - All Programs Melissa Oates melissa_at_pom.com 479-857-1841
Hot Springs Village Adult - All Programs Curtis Brandt curt_brandt_at_msn.com  
  • Our purpose is to promote the game of tennis by
    providing successful programs and helpful service
    to the teams in AR.
  • This Spring we have over 370 teams signed up to
    play team tennis! .

How Do You Get One of These?
How Do You Get One of These?
  • Go to your local Revenue Office
  • Transfer your current plate or renew
  • 35 additional fee
  • 25 of each purchase will go to the Arkansas
    Tennis Patrons Foundation and the money will be
    used to refurbish courts around the state.

  • 2015 USTA League Season

Captains Duties Your Roster
  • Team Size Limits
  • 2.0, 2.5, 5.0 12 player max
  • 55 roster max 12 player max
  • Every other team 16 player max
  • Any person who turns 18 or 40 in the calendar
    year of 2015 is eligible for the respective league

Captains Duties Your Roster
  • Players must register for your team before their
    first match.
  • However, players will incur a 5 late fee if they
    register after March 15
  • Players must play in two matches to qualify for
  • Midseason matches do NOT count toward eligibility
  • One default may count toward
  • Retired matches DO count for all players involved

Captains Duties Your Roster
  • In leagues with only two teams, 40 of your
    roster must hold the designated rating of the
  • A player may play on more than one team
  • If they are on two teams that advance to State at
    the same level (but different local leagues),
    they must declare which team they will play with
    prior to the first match at State.

Updated Rule!
  • 18, 40 or 55 players may advance to Sectionals
    with more than one team in the same age group.
    This applies for Mixed doubles as well.
  • The two teams must be different NTRP levels
  • Sectional Tournaments will not make scheduling

Captains Duties Your Roster
  • If you have 4 NEW USTA players on your roster,
    you qualify for a 100 prize
  • This is for any coach or captain or tennis
  • Email leaguetennis_at_arktennis.com for the entry


Updated Rule!
  • Players 65 and older will no longer see their
    computer rating change when year-end ratings come
  • If a 65 player would like to move up a level,
    they may appeal their rating. If they are within
    the appropriate range, their appeal will be

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • All players who played three (qualifying) matches
    in 2014 will generate a year-end NTRP rating.
  • Your DYNAMIC rating is to the nearest 100th of a
    point (3.42). YOU only see your year-end rating
    to a 10th of a point (3.5)
  • Only Adult League matches count as qualifying
    (not combo, interim, mixed, etc)

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • With each match you play, your dynamic rating
    goes up or down based on how you perform against
    the computers guesstimate.
  • The system considers your LIKELY score based on
    current dynamic ratings of each player in the

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • If you perform better than expected, your rating
    goes up.
  • If you dont perform as well as the computer
    thinks you will, your rating goes down.

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • Is it possible for your rating to go up to the
    next level during a season?
  • YES
  • Is it possible for your rating to drop down to
    the level below during a season?
  • YES

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • Year-end ratings are only based on play during
    the Adult Spring Season (18, 40, 55 and 65)
  • Rating types
  • C computer rated
  • A appeal rated
  • M mixed rated
  • S self rated

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • Mixed Rating? What is that?
  • Players who participate in mixed doubles
    exclusively will receive an M rating at year-end.
  • If they choose to re-enter the Adult League
    season, they must use their latest Computer
    Rating or Self-Rate

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • Self-rated players
  • Must honestly and accurately fill out the
    self-rate questionnaire.
  • If not happy with the rating produced, players
    may file a self-rate appeal
  • If a self-rated player is promoted to a higher
    level during the season, ALL prior matches played
    by that player will be reversed.

NTRP Grievances
  • Only self-rated players can have a rating
    grievance filed on them.
  • No grievance can be filed against a player with a
    valid computer rating
  • Complete the NTRP grievance form and submit to
    the LLC

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • If a captain/team has 2 or more promoted players
    within a 12-month period, they may be subject to
    an NTRP Grievance and subsequent suspension from
    USTA League

Understanding NTRP Ratings
  • Computer-rated players may NOT be disqualified
    during a season.

  • Scheduling

  • PLEASE be sure to send the scheduling info on any
    matches played BEFORE February 20 so that it will
    show accurately in TennisLink
  • Match ID s must be included on submitted
  • You are only responsible for submitting your Home
    matches, but it is very helpful to send your
    complete schedule

  • Visiting teams should not ever be asked to split
    court fees for outdoor courts
  • If Home team chooses to provide indoor courts vs
    outdoor courts, the Visiting team is not required
    to split indoor court fees
  • If Home team and Away team mutually agree to play
    indoors when setting up the match, the Visiting
    team is required to split

  • Once a match has been scheduled, the
    date/time/location/surface CANNOT be changed
    unless MUTUALLY agreed upon
  • You must notify the local league coordinator as
    soon as a match has been rescheduled
  • If you cannot agree on a match schedule, we will
    set the match time and location

Match Play
  • Each team must have a captain or acting captain
    at each match
  • Lineups must be exchanged simultaneously just
    before play begins
  • If the lines are playing at staggered times, the
    entire lineup must still be exchanged

Match Play
  • Use Scorecards from Tennis Link

Match Play
  • If a captain knows in advance that they need to
    forfeit a line, they are to let the other captain
    know as soon as possible
  • Must default from the bottom up

Match Play
  • Substitution Rule
  • Prior to the start of an individual match, if
    injury to, illness of, disqualification of, or a
    no show of a player occurs, a team may
    substitute a player in the affected position
    within the 15 minute default time, using a
    player not already listed on the lineup. If no
    substitution can be made, the affected position
    only will be defaulted.

Match Play
  • If a team defaults an entire match, a grievance
    may be filed against the captain and the team and
    fines may incur

Match Play
  • Confirm scores before leaving the match
  • The WINNING captain is responsible for entering
  • Scores must be entered within 48 hours
  • If you dispute a score please notify LLC
  • Rescheduled matches must be turned into the Local
    League Coordinator ASAP

Match Play
  • Inclement Weather
  • Unless the captains mutually agree BEFORE the
    match to complete the match at a later date, when
    inclement weather hampers a match the match is
  • All completed matches stand
  • All individual matches will use total games won
    to determine winner
  • There is a score-keeping rule in place

Match Play
  • Timed Matches
  • Prior to the start of the match, the home captain
    must notify the opposing captain of the allotted
    time for the match, the end time of the match,
    and the method of timekeeping on each court. Play
    must end on all courts at the designated time
    unless a rollover court is secured prior to the
    beginning of the match

State Selection Process
  • 18, 40 and Mixed Teams are chosen in the
    following manner
  • An NTRP level with fewer than seven teams
    statewide will have four bids.
  • If a local division has
  • 7 teams or less they receive one bid
  • 8 14 teams they will receive two bids
  • 15 21 teams they will receive three bids
  • The State will issue Wildcards as necessary to
    fill the draw

Midseason Bids
  • If the winner of Midseason is already a local
    league winner, then bid will go to the next in
    line at Midseason, not that teams local league.
  • If the Midseason has a semi-final and final, the
    winner of the bid would come from no farther than
    the fourth place team.
  • If there is no semi-final or final at your
    Midseason tournament, the bid would go no further
    down than second place in your group.

Seeding for State
  • First place winners from each local league will
    be placed in separate round robins with, in some
    cases, round robins having more than one
    first-place winner.
  • All other spots will be by random draw. We try
    and keep local league teams from playing each
    other as much as possible.

Of Note.
  • All Mixed Doubles State Tournaments will be held
    all on the same weekend due to the Sectional and
    National Tournament dates. Interim will be on a
    separate weekend.
  • All of Interim will also be played together, but
    on a separate weekend from Mixed.
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