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Creativity and Enjoying your Teaching


Creativity and Enjoying your Teaching NQT Conference 14 June 2010 Aims Enjoying your teaching What is creativity? Examples of creative teaching and learning ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Creativity and Enjoying your Teaching

Creativity and Enjoying your Teaching
  • NQT Conference 14 June 2010

  • Enjoying your teaching
  • What is creativity?
  • Examples of creative teaching and learning
  • Collaborative Planning

Enjoying your Teaching
  • What have you enjoyed most about your teaching
    this year or what have you enjoyed teaching the
  • NIKE Ad 2010
  • Qui sont les personnages / les vedettes?
  • De quoi sagit-il?
  • Quelle est ta partie préférée?

KS3 National Curriculum
  • Key Concepts
  • 1.3 Creativity
  • Use familiar language for new purposes and in new
  • Use imagination to express thoughts, ideas,
    experiences and feelings
  • 4. Curriculum Opportunities
  • b) Communicate in the TL for a variety of
    purposes (these include real purposes and
    creative and imaginative work)

Other Key Stages
  • KS2 Transition primary school pupils will be
    arriving in Y7 after 4 years of learning a
    language for 1 hour a week
  • KS4 New GCSE Oral component can be customised by
    schools. Content can be more creative,
    imaginative and relevant.

What do we mean by creativity?
  • http//
  • A special class of problem solving characterized
    by novelty
  • Any thinking process in which original patterns
    are formed and expressed.
  • Fluency , flexibility, originality, and sometimes
  • The process of bringing something new into
  • Imagining familiar things in a new light, digging
    below the surface to find previously undetected
    patterns, and finding connections among unrelated
  • ... the ability to use different modes of thought
    to generate new and dynamic ideas and solutions

  • CreatingGenerating new ideas, products, or ways
    of viewing thingsDesigning, constructing,
    planning, producing, inventing. EvaluatingJusti
    fying a decision or course of actionChecking,
    hypothesising, critiquing, experimenting,
    judging  AnalysingBreaking information into
    parts to explore understandings and
    relationshipsComparing, organising,
    deconstructing, interrogating, finding Applying
    Using information in another familiar
    situationImplementing, carrying out, using,
    executing UnderstandingExplaining ideas or
    conceptsInterpreting, summarising, paraphrasing,
    classifying, explaining RememberingRecalling
    informationRecognising, listing, describing,
    retrieving, naming, finding 

Higher order thinking skills
Creativity is central to innovation. Creativity
is central to language learning and hence
language teaching. The creative strategies needed
when learning a new language or trying to
communicate in a foreign language, are
transferable skills which are useful in other
areas of learners' lives and to society as a
  • Why do teachers have to be creative in designing
  • and teaching them?

CATER FOR  different tastes of different types of students
REDUCE stress of both teacher and students
ENLIVEN (ENJOY) the lessons and the activities
ADJUST the lessons to different levels of students
TEACH  students to think creatively as well
INTEREST students in more exciting activities to practice the target language
VARY the classroom situations to teach functional language
ENCOURAGE the students to communicate more in the target language
  • Use of song starter / lhistoire / language
    (writing songs)
  • Poems
  • Adverts
  • Authentic materials
  • Powerful visuals
  • Film trailers

  • Song for storyline / culture /language /
    rewriting lyrics
  • Madeleine Jacques Brel 1.
  • Poetry for storyline / culture /language /
    creating poems
  • Déjeuner du matin - Jacques Prévert 2.
  • Cross-curricular work / CLIL 1. 2.
  • Spanish rainforests Equador 3.
  • KS3 climate change 4.
  • Current Events World Cup, Earthquake, General
    Election, Severe Weather
  • Authentic Resources - Tintin article Journal
    Des Enfants
  • Adverts 5.
  • Good Visuals for inspiration and motivation
  • Films Trailers

Examples of Own Creative Teaching and Learning
Grammar to teach
  • Any Tense
  • Adjectives position and agreement
  • Gender Articles
  • Negatives
  • Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Prepositions

MFL Contexts
  • Relationships with family and friends
  • Free time activities
  • Shopping and money
  • Fashion and Trends
  • Holidays
  • Home town and local area
  • The Environment
  • My School
  • Future Career
  • Intercultural understanding
  • Cross-Curricular Linking

Be creative!
  • Inspire your pupils to be creative - use your own
    ideas, interests, passions - if you are creative
    they will be too
  • Put down your textbook and think
  • Look for ideas through a variety of resources -
    authentic, poetry, song ,literature, ICT
  • Discuss contemporary issues and current events
  • Be creative with language and grammar - let
    pupils elaborate on key structures
  • Give pupils the freedom to be creative and
    develop their own ideas STUDENT LED LEARNING
  • Work with a teacher from another curriculum area
    to see how you can link your subjects

But above all
  • Make your pupils think and respond to teaching
    and learning that is interesting, relevant ,
    challenging and enjoyable.

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