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Fourth Grade Writing Unit


Fourth Grade Writing Unit Writing: Persuasive Essay Shared by: Jennifer Bonamo Indian River Elementary – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Fourth Grade Writing Unit

Fourth Grade Writing Unit
Writing Persuasive Essay Shared by Jennifer
Bonamo Indian River Elementary
Planning Criteria
  • Language Arts Curriculum Map
  • Evaluation of current students and their
    placement in the writing continuum
  • My ESOL student had school uniforms in China

ESOL Strategies Included in Unit Plan
  • Access prior knowledge
  • Choose a familiar topic
  • Write about what you know
  • Share expertise
  • Use technology for research and writing
  • Share information in technology format
  • Work in groups

Planning Materials
  • Language Arts Curriculum Maps
  • Writing Journal
  • Thinking Maps
  • Persuasive Essay Webquest
  • Mini Computer Lab Internet Access

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Identify a topic or organizing concept for the
  • Writing a Persuasive Essay

Include an introduction to the unit
  • Freedom of speech! Know your rights! Speak up!
    Don't stand by and let the world pass you by.
    Educate yourselves about important issues that
    matter to you! Decisions are made by adults
    every day that affect your life and your future.
    With this WebQuest, you have been given the
    opportunity to take an active role.
  • There are people in the school who disagree
    with you. So it's useful to develop skills in
    persuasion. A persuasion task goes beyond a
    simple retelling by requiring you to develop a
    convincing case that is based on what you've

Decide on a culminating activity in which
students will demonstrate understanding of the
unit's concepts
  • Using the Persuasive Essay Webquest, students
    will receive a score on their Power Point
    presentation. This presentation is based on their

List the materials to be used
  • Persuasive Essay WebQuest
  • Writing Journals (Students have a spiral notebook
    for each subject)
  • Computer with Internet and PowerPoint (or similar
    program such Open Office Impress)
  • Thinking Map (Double Bubble Map)

List activities that build on students' prior
knowledge, contextualize the concepts, and teach
students what they need to know to understand the
unit's concepts
  • Prior Knowledge School Uniforms in China
  • Contextualize the concepts Slideshow
  • Teach students what they need to know Internet
    research guided by WebQuest with links to

Identify ESOL students' cultural need to know to
understand the unit's concepts
  • My student's cultural experience with school
    uniforms and life experience with persuasion, is
    used as prior knowledge along with life
    experience to teach the importance of persuasion
    and how it is used in an essay about a topic in a
    school setting.

Objectives that you will be covering in the
unit's concepts
  • Objectives
  • A persuasive essay (also known as the argument
    essay) has one of two objectives
  • 1. To convince your reader to adopt your point
    of view
  • 2. To convince your reader to take a specific
    course of action
  • A good persuasive essay argues one side of a very
    narrow topic. Although the persuasive essay only
    addresses one side of the issue, the topic must
    be debatable. The persuasive essay recognizes
    that there are two sides to every question, but
    only presents one preferred side to the reader.
    Its important for you to understand both sides
    of the debate in order to promote your viewpoint

Goals that you will be covering in the unit's
  • Students will be able to research the pros and
    cons of school uniforms, using the links provided
    in the WebQuest.
  • Students will be able to take notes of the pros
    and cons of using school uniforms.
  • Students will be able to transfer these facts to
    a slideshow as a group.
  • Students will be able to write a persuasive essay
    individually on school uniforms choosing one
    side and try to persuade the audience to agree
    with their position .

Florida Sunshine State Standards
ESOL strategies need to be identified
  • Access prior knowledge
  • Choose a familiar topic
  • Write about what you know
  • Share expertise
  • Use technology for research and writing
  • Share information in technology format
  • Work in groups

Include how students will be assessed throughout
the unit
  • Students will be assessed
  • Through observation
  • As a group working together to achieve one group
  • On their journal notes in their spiral notebooks
  • With the WebQuest slideshow rubric
  • With the WebQuest persuasive essay rubric

What do you want the students to know and be able
to do at the end of this unit?
  • Students will be able to research the debate
    concerning school uniforms, take notes about the
    pros and cons of the topic, share their research
    in a slide show and share their presentation
    orally, and then write a persuasive essay with
    the goal of convincing readers to side with the
    students' opinion about school uniforms.

Is there an alternative assessment for students
who do not master the objectives for each
  • Students in fourth grade are required to complete
    a persuasive essay. However, the expectations and
    given rubrics would be adjusted for ESOL and ESE
    students with IEPs in Language Arts. The score
    would emphasize the concepts acquired through the
    research and presentation, not the grammar,
    spelling, and other items which would be
    problematic for a typical ESOL student.

Are ESOL students' needs recognized in the unit?
If so, how?
  • The ESOL student's needs are recognized by
  • Basing the unit on ESOL student's prior knowledge
    of school uniforms
  • Using a technology-based unit
  • Incorporating buddy and group work
  • Teacher conferences

Is there an alternative assignment/assessment for
students not mastering the goals and/or
objectives the first time?
  • If students did not master the assignment goals
    in the slideshow or essay the first time, I would
    extend the time given so that mastery could be
    obtained even if it took additional time for
    completion of the goals and objectives.

What accommodations would you make for ESOL
  • ESOL and ESE Student Accommodations
  • This activity is geared to accommodate ESOL and
    ESE students, as well as students with varying
    ability levels, as it activates prior knowledge
    to the writing situation and encourages students
    to link writing activities with their own
    personal experiences.

Writing Schedule
  • Day 1
  • Using our document camera, review Persuasion
    Essay Webquest on the internet using the large
  • (My ESOL student will relate to this assignment
    as he used to wear uniforms in school when he
    lived in China. I would share this fact but ask
    that he not give his personal opinion about the
    topic at this time.
  • Cut out and glue webquest into Writing Journal.
    Leave room for notes.

Writing Schedule Continued....
  • Day 2
  • One hour will be scheduled for computer and
    internet use in the Media Center.
  • Using the Smart Board, I will review the webquest
    and students will begin to research uniforms,
    using the given links first.

Writing Schedule Continued....
  • During writing time, students will be working in
    groups researching, taking notes, reviewing,
    discussing, then beginning their slideshow in
    pairs. Groups of four who completed research
    will again divide so that two students are at
    each computer together working on their
  • My ESOL student will always have a buddy to
    research, discuss, and design his slideshow.

Writing Schedule Continued....
  • Students will continue to research and after they
    have created their slideshow in teams using key
    points, they will work individually on their
    persuasive essay.
  • Allowing students to work on their individual
    pace, I will also use this time to work
    individually with my ESOL student, checking for
    understanding and mastery of my expectations.

Writing Schedule Continued....
  • When students have completed their essay or after
    two weeks, whichever comes first, then we will
    begin to share our slideshows, sparking
    discussion within the class.
  • Students who prefer to show their slideshow to
    me, one on one, may do so.