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A Brief History of Israel


A Brief History of Israel Ancient Israel 1900 B.C. Jewish ancestors arrive in modern ... By 1939 many Jews fled to Palestine increasing their numbers to over 445,000 ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: A Brief History of Israel

A Brief History of Israel
Ancient Israel
  • 1900 B.C. Jewish ancestors arrive in modern day
  • 1000 B.C. became know as Hebrews
  • 586 B.C. Hebrews were defeated and exiled from
    their lands by the Babylonians.
  • Some remained
  • 70 A.D. Roman Empire destroy city of Jerusalem
  • 614 A.D. Persian Empire captures Jerusalem.
  • Country of Palestine first appears.
  • 1099 A.D. European Crusaders capture Jerusalem
  • 1517 A.D. Ottoman Empire capture Jerusalem

Map of Ancient Israel
Ottoman Empires Effect on Israel
  • Under Ottoman Empire Jews, Christians and Muslims
    could all practice their own religions and
  • By the late 1700s the different religions and
    cultures began to fight.
  • Jews began to leave Israel.
  • Over 10 million Jews were scattered across the
    world prior to 1914.
  • By 1914 almost 85,000 Jews had returned to the
    Ottoman controlled Palestine and Jerusalem.
  • These Jews were called Zionists.
  • They were named after the hill in Jerusalem.
  • Many Palestinian Muslims began to worry they
    would loss their lands.
  • 1917 A.D. British defeat Ottoman Empire during
    WWI and capture Jerusalem.

Map of Ottoman Empire
British Rule of Palestine 1917-1945
  • After WWI all Arabs within Palestine were
    promised they would be granted the right of
  • Self-determination the right to decide their own
    political future.
  • Fighting between Arabs and Jews increased.
  • Arabs boycotted Jewish businesses, burned bridges
    and destroyed crops.
  • Many Jews retaliated against the Arabs. Many
    people died.
  • Britain passed a law restricting the number of
    Jews to Palestine
  • 1933 Adolf Hitler became leader of Nazi Germany
    and began persecuting all Jewish people of
  • By 1939 many Jews fled to Palestine increasing
    their numbers to over 445,000 Jews.

Creation of Israel
  • By the end of WWII in 1945 over 6,000,000 Jews
    had been killed by Nazi Germany.
  • This is called the Holocaust.
  • Creation of Modern Israel
  • Many Jewish organizations demanded that Britain
    allow more Jews into Palestine and help create
    their own state.
  • 1947 The United Nations took control over
    Palestine to the United Nations (UN).
  • British government withdrew its occupation and
  • The UN decided to split Palestine into two
  • Israel Palestine
  • Many Arabs were angry over this and went to war
    with Israel.
  • By 1948 Israel controlled almost all of
  • Both Jordan and Egypt claimed the rest of
  • Palestinians left without a country!

Map of Modern Israel
Israel vs. Arabs
  • 1956 War over control of Suez Canal
  • 1967- Six Day War Israel defeats all neighbors
    and captures Gaza, West Bank and Golan Heights.
  • 1973 - Arabs defeated again by Israel. Middle
    Eastern Nations embargo oil to Israels allies.
  • 1979 President Carter brings Israel and Egypt
    together at Camp David.
  • 1993 Palestinians get Gaza Strip.

Continuing Conflict Between Palestinians and
  • 1949 many Palestinians took refuge in the Gaza
    strip which was controlled by Egypt.
  • Gaza Strip is a narrow strip of land along the
    Mediterranean Sea that is occupied by over
    750,000 Palestinian refugees.
  • 1967 Israel went to war with Egypt, Jordan, Syria
    and Lebanon. Israel won and took control over the
    Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
  • West Bank Located on the eastern border of
    Israel and Jordan. Over one million Palestinian
    refugees remained in the West Bank. Those that
    left could not return to their homes.
  • 1967-1991 the Palestinian Liberation
    Organization (PLO) and the Israeli government
    conducted terrorist and military attacks against
    each other.
  • During this time many Israeli citizens moved to
    both the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.
  • 1991-2000Israel and the PLO met in Madrid, Spain
    to discuss peace talks.
  • Israel handed over political control of Gaza
    Strip and many cities within the West Bank to the
  • Mistrust between the Israeli government towards
    the Palestinians and the peace treaty irrupted
    into a violent conflict. Hundreds died.
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