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Section A Get Your Pronunciation Right


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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Section A Get Your Pronunciation Right

Unit 2
Section A Get Your Pronunciation Right
  • ????25???????????? the ?????????,???ði
    ??????15?????? i i ? ? ? ? ?
    ? e æ ei ai ?u au ?i ,??????

  • 1.I wish to thank you for the incomparable
    hospitality you have extended to us.
  • 2.I am happy to have the opportunity to talk to
    you about major traditional Chinese holidays.
  • 3.We have acquired a keen sense of the progress
    of China under the policies of reform and opening
    to the outside world.
  • 4.The ever-changing information technology has
    updated and revolutionized the structure and
    content of human knowledge.
  • 5.There is an interview between Chinese
    businessmen and the American counterparts.

  • 6.The Asia-Europe Summit has become a strategic
    platform for Asia and Europe to strengthen
    coordination, promote cooperation and pursue
    common development.
  • 7.French Champagne is often called the ultimate
  • 8.The Spring Festival is the occasion for a
    family reunion.
  • 9.The amount of money will be used for the
    building of the expressway.
  • 10.We established our friendly and cooperative
    relations on the understanding that we would
    develop our friendship on the basis of mutual
    respect and equality, and mutual benefit.

  • 11.When we enter the active stage of sleep, the
    brain temperature rises, the amount of blood in
    the brain increases, the eyes begin to move
  • 12.The idea of combining animal genes with plant
    genes, or animal genes with human genes, has
    upset many people for ethical reasons.
  • 13.The WTO should give full regard to the
    interests of the economically disadvantaged
  • 14.That is the easiest way of what we can do.
  • 15.East Asias economic success represents the
    emergence of a new culture.

  • 16.The Internet has made it easy for the general
    public to get information about financial
  • 17.To come to China, one of the early cradles of
    civilization, has long been my dream.
  • 18.I never experienced anything other than the
    utmost courtesy and genuine friendship of Chinese
  • 19.We should find the best way to bring people to
    the awareness of the seriousness of the AIDS
  • 20.The alternative of going or staying is up to
    you to decide.

  • 21.Chinese calligraphy is the artistic style with
    a highly valued Chinese cultural heritage.
  • 22.We are very fortunate tonight to have the
    attendance of the distinguished guests from the
  • 23.The rise in the oil price will contribute to
    the rise in the airfare.
  • 24.Touch the eyes and touch the ears.
  • 25. The AIDS epidemic is the worst plague in
    modern history.

Section D Note-taking Skills
  • ??????????????????!
  • ????????????????????????????????????????????????
  • ??????????????????????????????,???????????????????
  • ???????????????????????,???????????????33?????????
  • ??????????????????????????,??????????????60???????

Section B Translation Skills ???
  • ?????no,not,never,none,un-,-less,im-,in-,ir-??????
  • ??????,?,?,?,?,?,?,??????????
  • ??????????????????,???????????,??????????,????????
  • ??????????,??,?????

  • 1.No man is wise at all times. (??)
  • ????,?????(??)
  • 2.Uncle was a farmer farmers are not gipsies.
    It was wrong to hurt people.(??)
  • ????????????????????????(??)
  • 3.But as soon as he stretched out, he went
    straight to sleep and didnt wake till she
    brought him his morning cup.(??)
  • ????????????,??????????????,????(??)

  • 4.She is just like a man. (??)
  • ??????????(??)
  • 5.He was rowing steadily and it was no effort for
    him since he kept well within his speed.(??)
  • 6.We in Wal-Mart are every bit as passionate
    about offering exceptional value to our customers
    as we are about maintaining high profit
  • ?????????????????????,???????????????(??)

  • 7.I would like to make one thing clear before I
    move on to the next point.(??)
  • ???????,?????????(??)
  • 8.Mutual understanding is the basis for
    state-to-state relations. Without it, it would be
    impossible for countries to build trust and
    promote cooperation with each other.(??)
  • ????,????????????????????,??????,?????(??)

  • 9.Both sides thought that the peace proposal was
    one they could accept with dignity.(??)
  • ????,???????????????????????(??)
  • 10.Hitlers undisguised effort to persecute the
    Jews met with world-wide condem-nation.(??)
  • ???????????????????????(??)

1. ????
  • 1.1 ?????
  • ?????????????,????????????????????
  • e.g.
  • No smoking!????
  • No deposit will be refunded unless ticket
  • Dont lose time in posting this letter.

1.2 ??????
  • e. g.
  • We must never stop taking an optimistic view of
  • ??????????????
  • The significance of these incidents wasnt lost
    on us.
  • ????????????
  • Such mistakes couldnt long escape notice.
  • ????????????

2. ????
  • ???????????????,beyond, before, absent,
    stop, fail, bad, avoid, exclude, except, doubt,
    resistant, reluctant, refuse, few, little, thin,
  • e.g.
  • The window refuses to open.??????
  • Children were excluded from getting in the
  • The explanation is pretty thin.?????????
  • I have fallen behind with my correspondence.?????
  • He was 82, but he carried his years

  1. I wouldnt forget the hospitality you extended to
  2. No man can play the fool as well as the wise man.
  3. In the grave the rich and the poor lie equal.
  4. He went into the insecure building.
  5. The first bomb missed the target.
  6. The examination left no doubt that the patient
    died of cancer.
  7. Even so, I still insist that for the individual
    himself nothing is more important than this
    personal, interior sense of right and wrong.
  8. ??????????
  9. ????????????
  10. ????,??????????????

  1. The world today is far from peaceful.
  2. Mr. White has refrained from making any official
    comment on the coup in that country.
  3. Dont make your conclusion before the end of the
  4. The train coming from Moscow will arrive in no
  5. Her husband hates to see her stony face.
  6. Do you know why she is always trying to avoid
  7. Law is no respecter of persons.
  8. His arrival three days in advance is beyond our
  9. The idea that he should become an assistant to
    his boss has never deserted him.

  • 1 Weekly News
  • note-taking, retelling interpretation, E-C
  • 2. Small book
  • Unit 2 Section D E
  • 3. Big book
  • Unit 1- Inquiry, Offer and Counter-offer
  • Interpretation practice Section 3(??)
  • Unit 2 Price and payment
  • Lead-in
  • Listening practice
  • Interpretation practice Section 1(????)

Section C Topic for Interpreting 2-1 The Quality
Is Not Satisfactory
  • A Do you have any questions?
  • B Oh yes. We find that the color and quality of
    your silk scarfs are satisfactory, but the
    quality and design of the silk handkerchiefs are
    not suitable. Im sorry to say that we dont like
    them at all.
  • A As far as I know, there cant be any problem
    with the quality of our silk handkerchiefs. As
    you know, silk products are one of Chinas
    traditional exports. They are highly reputed for
    their quality. In fact, theyre selling well in
    European markets. As regards patterns, could you
    please tell me in detail?

  • B The patterns with animals are not popular with
    Americans and Im afraid that they may not be
  • A Really? Are you joking? Anyway, its easy to
    solve that problem. Here are our latest designs.
    You can choose what you like.
  • B These designs are so lovely that theyll
    appeal to the most selective consumers. Id like
    to order two of them Silk Handkerchief No. 10
    4000 dozens No. 12 2000 dozens.
  • A Im glad that you add your order.
  • ????

  • ????????????????
  • Our cotton goods are of supreme/top quality
    and style.
  • This is a very beautiful/nice fabric, and I
    believe it will be hot this year!
  • ???????????,????????!
  • ?????????????????
  • Our brand itself is the guarantee of the
    quality of our products.
  • ??????????,?????????????
  • This is our best-seller, and we have had the
    largest orders for it during the past three
  • The silk blouse is our classic model, and it has
    no rival in quality in the European market now.
  • ???????????,?????????????????????
  • ?????????,??????????????
  • Sometimes customers will not care what the price
    is if only the quality is guaranteed.
  • ?????????????
  • The goods are inferior in quality to the
    previous two batches.

2-2 Terms of Shipment
  • New words and phrases
  • Osaka ??
  • port of shipment ??? port of destination
  • sailing ?? transship
  • pilferage ?? make delivery
  • make immediate/prompt delivery ????
  • ensure on-time delivery ??????
  • work out the delivery plan ??????
  • make the goods ready ??
  • make out the documents ??
  • book the shipping space ??
  • effect shipment ????
  • advance the shipment ????

  • A It just occurred to me that there is still
    another possibility to ensure a prompt delivery
    of the goods.
  • B Whats that?
  • A How about making Hong Kong the port of
    shipment instead of Shantou?
  • B Im afraid we cant agree to that. We
    concluded the business with you here in Canton,
    and the goods you ordered are manufactured in
    Shantou. We wish to point out that all orders
    accepted by us are shipped from Shantou or
    Huangpu. Hong Kong is out of the question.

  • A Its like this. There are only one or two
    sailings a month from Shantou to Osaka, while
    sailings from Hong Kong are quite frequent. If
    shipment were effected from Hong Kong we could
    receive the goods much earlier.
  • B I see. You want to have your goods shipped
    from Shantou to Osaka via Hong Kong, where they
    can be transshipped. Is that the idea?
  • A Yes, exactly, because I want these goods on
    our market at the earliest possible date.

  • B Your idea may be a good one, but the trouble
    is that there are risks of pilferage or damage to
    the goods during transshipment at Hong Kong. How
    about shipping them from Huangpu instead of
    Shantou? You may choose either one as port of
    shipment. It makes no difference to us. There are
    more sailings from Huangpu than from Shantou.
  • A It sounds all right to me, but I will have to
    think about it. Ill give you a definite answer
    tomorrow. If I choose Huangpu, will it be
    possible for you to ship the goods by the end of
  • B Well try out best. Anyway, we assure you that
    shipment will be made no later than the first
    half of April.

  • ????

  • How long does it usually take you to make
  • ??????????
  • ?????????????????
  • We usually make delivery one month after
    receiving the L/C.
  • Could you possibly effect shipment more promptly?
  • ?????????????
  • You know the midseason for silk products is
  • ????, ???????????????
  • ???????????
  • Im afraid itll be difficult for us to
    advance the shipment.

  • ????????????????,???????,?????????????????????
  • We need to get the goods ready, make out the
    documents and book the shipping space. All the
    things take time, you know. You cant expect us
    to make delivery in less than a month.
  • ????????????????,????????????20??
  • Well work out the delivery plan, and assure
    you that shipment will be made no later than 20th
    this month.
  • ????????????,???????????,?????????
  • Im sorry to tell that we cant ensure
    on-time delivery. One of the machines in the
    factory was down, so the goods will probably
    arrive one week late.
  • ???????????,???????
  • I hope you can contact me in good time if
    you have any problems or changes.

2-3 Asking for the Sole Agency
  • Background information
  • 1. Distribution channels ????
  • -- the specific method a firm uses to sell and
    deliver its products or services to its customers
  • 1.1 In the consumer market
  • direct channel involves no intermediaries
  • one-level channel involves retailers
  • two-level channel involves wholesalers and

(No Transcript)
1.2 In the business/industrial market
  • direct channel involves no intermediaries
  • indirect channel involves distributors or agents
  • What is the difference between a distributor and
    an agent?
  • distributor ??? become the owner of products
    principal vs. principal ????,?????,????
  • agent ??? match the vendor and the end customer
    without becoming the owner principal vs. agent

1.3 Factors affecting the choice of distribution
  • market coverage
  • product characteristics e.g. standardized
    products vs. complex products
  • ease of transportation
  • the firms marketing resources and experience
  • urgency of market entry
  • familiarity of the target market
  • need of added value
  • need of intellectual property protection

2. Intermediaries ???
  • -- institutions or individuals that participate
    in the process of moving products from the
    producer to the customer
  • 2.1 Merchants become owners of products and then
    resell them can be further classified as
  • wholesalers ??? in the consumer market buy
    products from the producer in large quantities
    and resell them to retailers
  • retailers ??? in the consumer market sell
    products to end consumers
  • distributor ??? in the industrial market buy
    products from the producer and resell them to end

  • 2.2 Agents ??? in the consumer/industrial
    market match sellers and buyers (wholesalers,
    retailers, or end consumers) of products without
    becoming owners
  • commonly used by
  • small businesses with unknown brands that may not
    receive orders from wholesalers or retail outlets
  • foreign companies to explore an unfamiliar market
    and test the water

3. Exclusive agents vs. non-exclusive agents
  • Attributes of exclusive agents
  • the only agent appointed for a given territory
  • limited to the selling of the appointed products
  • not allowed to sell other competing products
  • must achieve a given sales target
  • more benefits/profit margins, but more

Selling through exclusive agents
  • To vendors
  • high expectation
  • the agent is highly motivated as it offers
    more profit
  • high risk in case the agent is not performing
  • To sole agents
  • eased competition,
  • only needs to compete with other brands
  • increased sales
  • increased profit

Attributes of non-exclusive agents
  • many non-exclusive agents in a given territory
  • freedom to sell any other products
  • normally no given sales target
  • less profit margins compared to exclusive agents

Selling through non-exclusive agents
  • To agents
  • high competition
  • need to compete with agents of not only other
    brands but also the same brand
  • low sales and low profit margins
  • To vendors
  • low expectation agents are less motivated
    than exclusive
  • low risks some agents may perform well while
    others dont

  • A How are you getting along with your business,
    Mr. Haley?
  • B Not bad, I should say. Our customers are quite
    satisfied with your leather. Ive seen your
    exhibits in the showroom. The styles and colors
    are much to the taste of European markets and Im
    sure your products can find a ready market in
    Europe. So I come to discuss with you the sole
    agency for your leather in our local market.
  • A We appreciate your efforts in pushing the
    sales of our goods. But as it is, we have had
    only several deals between us. We dont think it
    proper to consider the matter of sole agency at

  • BWhy? Do you doubt our ability as an agent? Oh,
    you must be aware that we have a good connection
    for these products. So we tend to think we are
    capable of expanding the sales of your leather in
    the years to come.
  • AWe can still expand business without an agency
    agreement. When we have cooperated successfully
    for a period of time, we may come round and
    discuss the subject of agency.
  • B Well, your suggestion sounds reasonable.
  • ????

Section E Merry Learning
  • 1. Time is a file that wears and makes no noise.
  • ????,?????
  • 2. Time is, time was, and time is past.
  • ?????,?????,????????
  • 3. Time tries friends as fire tries gold.
  • ??????,???????
  • 4. Money makes the mare to go.
  • ????????
  • 5. The frog in the well knows nothing of the
    great ocean.
  • ????,?????

  • 6. A son never thinks his mother ugly, and a dog
    never shuns its owners home however shabby it
  • ?????,??????
  • 7. We widen our views three hundred miles by
    ascending one flight of stairs.
  • ?????,??????
  • 8. The way ahead is long and has no ending yet
    high and low Ill search with my will unbending.
  • ???????,????????
  • 9. The tongue cuts the throat. ?????
  • 10. Great minds think alike. ???????

2-1 ??????
  • A ???????????
  • B ?????????????????????,??????????????????,??????
  • A ????,????????????????????,??????????????,??????
  • B ??????????????,??????????????????
  • A ??????????!????,???????????????????,???????????
  • B ??????????,?????????????????????????????????,?
  • A ????????? ????

2-2? ? ? ?
  • A?????,??????????????
  • B??????
  • A???????????,????
  • B????????????????????,???????????????,???????????
  • A?????? ????????????????,??????????????????????,
  • B????,???????????????,?????,????
  • A????,?????????????????????
  • B????????????????,???????,???????????????????????
  • A????????,???????,???????????????,?????????????
  • B???????!????,????,???????????
  • ????

2-3 ??????
  • A ????,???????
  • B ??,?????????????????????????????????,??????????
  • A ????????????????????,????????????????,?????????
  • B ?????????????????????????????????????,?????????
  • A ????????,????????????????????????????????
  • B ?,???????????? ????

  • 1 Weekly News
  • note-taking, retelling interpretation, E-C
  • 2. Small book
  • Unit 3 Section A B
  • 3. Big book
  • Unit 2 Price and payment
  • Interpretation practice Section 2 (??????),
    Section 3(??)
  • Practice of interpreting skill Sentence(????),
    Paragraph (??????)