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Pages 112-125


Pages 112-125 Introduction 1. Terrorism an attempt to end the onslaught of Western-dominated popular culture. 2. Culture = values, material artifacts, and ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: Pages 112-125

  • Pages 112-125
  • Introduction
  • 1. Terrorism an attempt to end the onslaught of
    Western-dominated popular culture.
  • 2. Culture values, material artifacts, and
    political institutions.
  • 3. Habit a repetitive act that an individual
  • 4. Custom repetitive act of a group and it
    becomes a characteristic of the group.
  • 5. Folk culture traditionally practiced by a
    small, homogenous group living in isolated rural
  • 6. Popular culture large, heterogeneous
    societies that share certain habits despite
    differences in other personal characteristics.
  • 7. Scale Pop culture is much lager than folk
  • 8. Geographers look at where folk/pop culture are
    located in space
  • 9. Connections pop culture is spread through
    modern transportation, communications, etc.

  • Key Issue 1 Where Do Folk and Popular Cultures
    Originate and Diffuse?
  • Origins
  • 1. Folk anonymous anonymous hearths
  • 2. Popular result of MDCs technology allows
    mass, uniform reproduction CDs, etc.
  • 3. Folk Music tells a story about daily life
    2697 BCE?
  • 4. Pop Music written by individual to be sold
    to many 1900s
  • a. Music Hall UK
  • b. Vaudeville US
  • c. Japan, Russia, Poland write songs in
  • d. Hip Hop folk or pop music?

  • Diffusion of Folk/Pop Cultures
  • 1. Local issues diffused rapidly through music
    and internal diffusion
  • 2. Folk Culture diffuses more slowly from
    location to another, mostly by migration
  • 3. Amish 1600s in Switzerland early 1700s
    moved to Pennsylvania
  • a. Isolation helped retain traditional values
  • b. Every son is given a farm when an adult
    forced to move to KY cheaper
  • 4. Sports hierarchical diffusion folk custom
    then migrated soccer/football
  • a. 11th Century England Kick the Danes Head
  • b. Transfers from folk to pop culture in 1800s
  • c. Clubs form in churches and provide leisure
    activity for workers
  • d. 1863 pro leagues assoc becomes soccer
  • e. Further diffusion through British Empire
  • f. World Cup is most watched event in the world
  • 5. Lacrosse- Iroquois Confederation of Six
    Nations 1636?
  • a. Bump hips to lacrosse bishops crosier or

  • Key Issue 2 Why IS Folk Culture Clustered?
  • Himalayan Art Isolation Promotes Diversity
  • 1. Tibetan Buddhists paint divine figures like
    monks or saints
  • 2. Hindus create scenes of everyday life
  • 3. Muslims paint regions plants and flowers
  • 4. Animists paint designs and symbols from
    their religion
  • 5. Folk customs are influenced by religion and
  • Physical Environment
  • 1. Customs like food, clothing and shelter are
    influenced by climate
  • 2. Reliant on environment due to low level of
  • 3. Different folk societies prefer different
    foods and houses

  • Food
  • 1. People adapt their food preferences to the
  • 2. Northern Europe abundant wood slow cooking
  • 3. Asia quick cooking of rice and bean sprouts
    result from lack of fuel for cooking
  • a. Food habits strongly influenced by tradition
  • b. What is eaten establishes social, religious,
    and ethnic membership
  • 4. Results in terroir grounded or sense of
  • 5. Food habits have become last vestige of folk

  • Food Attractions Taboos
  • 1. People may desire or avoid certain foods based
    on beneficial or harmful traits
  • a. Abipone Indians in Paraguay eat jaguars to
    make them strong, brave, swift
  • 2. Refusal to eat certain plants or animals
    negative forces or taboo
  • a. Japan avoid otters because they are
  • b. Chad avoid chicken or goat help escape
    pain during childbirth
  • 3. Hebrews cannot eat animals who dont chew or
    have cloven feet or fish lacking fins or scales
  • a. Pigs are used for sedentary farming and not
    nomadic Kosher Laws
  • b. Pigs will compete with humans for water,
    cant work, provide milk or wool
  • 4. Social values determine diet different
    income similar climate different food
  • a. Americans avoid insects despite nutritional

  • Houses
  • 1. Influenced by environment and ethnicity.
  • 2. In the US pioneers took their house style w/
    them to new location
  • a. Vary more in time than in place
  • 3. Housing faces south to take advantage of the
    Suns heat
  • a. Smaller windows in hot climates

  • Pages 126-135
  • Key Issue 3 Why Is Popular Culture Widely
  • 1. Diffuses rapidly across earth with a variety
    of physical conditions
  • 2. High level of economic development needed to
    acquire material possessions
  • Housing
  • 1. 1945-60 minimal traditional
  • a. One story, front gable, few decorative
  • 2. 1950-60 ranch
  • a. One story, long side parallel, sprawl of
    urban areas
  • 3. 1950-70 split level
  • a. Attached garage, family room, kitchen in

  • Clothing
  • 1. Pop Culture reflects occupations rather than
    particular environment
  • 2. 2nd influence is income
  • 3. Improved communications fashion tastes
    change quickly
  • 4. Used to be a year to get new styles, now 6
    weeks and cheaper
  • 5. Jeans Levi Strauss image of youthful
  • a. Asians pay 100-1000 for 501 button fly
  • b. Button fly environmental in US?
  • c. Sold on black market in Soviet Union

  • Food
  • 1. Pop culture typified by larger quantities of
    alcoholic beverages and snack foods
  • a. High income and national advertising
  • b. Southerners prefer pork rinds? Northerners
    prefer popcorn chips?
  • c. Texans prefer tortilla chips?
  • 2. Wine needs special soil, climate to grow
  • a. Moderately cold, rainy winters long, hot
  • b. Hillsides to maximize sunlight and drainage
  • c. Taste determined by boron, manganese, or zinc
    in soil
  • 3. Hindus and Muslims dont drink alcohol
  • a. Diffusion determined more on customs and less
    on environment

  • Television Internet
  • 1. TV is the most important mechanism by which
    popular culture is spread
  • 2. TV and Internet followed same pattern of
  • 3. US in 1954 86 of worlds TVs
  • 4. By 1970 ½ of the world didnt have any TVs
  • 5. Internet diffusion in 5 years
  • a. US 9 to 44 world 40 million to 400 million
  • b. World usage doubles from 2000 to 2004
  • c. US at 63 of total population today
  • 6. TV diffusion 50 years, internet diffusion 10

  • Government Control
  • 1. Direct control typical of LDCs like China and
  • 2. Govt. controls TV to block programs critical
    of policies (censorship)
  • a. Allows totalitarian government to control
    daily life
  • 3. Now, w/ satellite disks, TV can be instruments
    of political change.
  • a. China, Saudi Arabia ban dishes
  • b. Dishes may have caused the collapse of
    communism CNN, MTV
  • 4. Now fax, portable video, cell phones, etc. are
    doing the same thing

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  • Pages 135-141
  • Key Issue 4 Why Does Globalization of Popular
    Culture Cause Problems?
  • Loss of Traditional Values
  • 1. Diffusion of pop culture may threaten the
    survival of folk culture environment
  • 2. Diffusion of pop culture from MDCs to LDCs
    spreads Western ideals
  • 3. LDCs adopt/imitate foreign symbols of success
  • 4. Clothing traditional vs. Western suits
    symbol of authority and leadership.
  • a. Muslims strongly oppose Western values
    especially womens rights.

  • Women
  • 1. Subservience of women to men is a folk custom
  • 2. Taliban women couldnt attend school, work
    outside the home, get health care, or drive a car
  • a. Could leave home only if covered completely
    by clothing and escorted
  • b. Beaten or shot if wearing nail polish,
    revealing her face, or walking alone
  • 3. Increase in prostitution? Objects that money
    can buy

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  • Media
  • 1. Some LDCs feel pop culture of MDCs is threat
    to their independence
  • 2. LDCs feel television spreads cultural
    imperialism from MDCs
  • 3. TV shows upward mobility, freedom for women,
    youthfulness, violence, Porky Pig?
  • 4. Costs force dominance of Western news coverage
    AP and Reuters
  • 5. Otherwise, media is dominated by the
  • 6. LDCs claim they dont show progress health
    care, birth control, construction, etc.

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Modifying Nature
  • 1. Pop culture modify he environment for
    leisure or sale of products
  • a. Golf courses
  • 2. Pop culture wants a uniform landscape
    product recognition
  • a. Fast food low costs to attract children
  • b. People who move or travel easy recognition
  • 3. Japan diffused electronics and cars where
    they look like all other products
  • 4. Creates large demand large supply of natural
  • a. Extinction of mink, lynx, kangaroo, whale?
  • b. Demand is smaller in folk cultures
  • c. 22 lbs of grain to produce 2.2 lbs of beef
  • 5. Solid waste more cans, paper, plastic, etc.
  • 6. Only getting worse with the spread of pop

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