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ISAT by Smarter Balanced and Star Rating Updates


ISAT by Smarter Balanced and Star Rating Updates – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: ISAT by Smarter Balanced and Star Rating Updates

ISAT by Smarter Balanced and Star Rating Updates
  • Review of AYP and Star Rating
  • Overview of ISATs by Smarter Balanced
  • 2014 Survey Results
  • Opportunities for Idaho Involvement

Purpose of NCLB
  • No Child Left Behind (NCLB) seeks to ensure that
    ALL students as well as subgroups are moving
    toward Proficiency (NCLB 1111(b)(2)).
  • These targets vary by content area
  • To evaluate our progress towards proficiency,
    NCLB requires Idaho to test 95 of all students
    and 95 of students in each sub-group (NCLB

SY1415 NCLB Testing Recommendations
  • Grades 3-8 and 10 in Math and ELA
  • This would include a combined score from the
    computer adaptive test (CAT) and the performance
    task (PT)
  • Optional grade 9 and 11 testing
  • Grade 3-8 and 11 for ISAT-Alt
  • Grade 5, 7, for ISAT and ISAT-Alt Science (5,7
    and 10)
  • End of Course Assessments (EOC) in Biology or
    Chemistry for HS Science

Optional Grade 9 ISAT SY1415
  • NCLB requires testing one time in HS (NCLB
  • This years required HS grade for ISAT is Grade
  • While Grade 9 is optional, it is highly
  • This will be the accountability group the
    following year
  • Gives students and test proctors additional
    practice on the summative assessment and testing

Optional Grade 11 ISAT SY1415
  • Optional as these students have met their
    graduation requirements on the prior ISAT
  • College and Career Readiness Measure
  • College Remediation (or not)
  • Peer comparisons across states, not just within
  • Opportunity for schools to evaluate
    implementation of standards and preparation of

College Career Ready Graduation Requirements
Takes ISAT in 11th grade, no passing
requirement Takes ISAT in 11th grade, must pass
with 9th grade level Takes ISAT in 11th grade,
must pass with 10th grade level Takes ISAT in
11th grade, must pass with 11th grade level
Class of 2017 Class of 2018 Class of
2019 Class of 2020
Any student who passes the ISAT any year in high
school at the 11th grade college career ready
level will be exempt from future tests.
Why Smarter Balanced?
  • Balanced assessment system (formative/interim/summ
  • Aligned to Idaho Core Standards
  • Designed to probe student depth and breadth of
  • Adaptive and advanced items
  • Idaho governance
  • Direct benefit to HS students (11th grade test)

The Smarter Balanced Assessment System
  • Not Just a Test!

A Balanced Assessment System
Summative assessments Benchmarked to college
and career readiness
Idaho Core State Standards specify K-12
expectations for college and career readiness
All students leave high school college and
career ready
Teachers and schools have information and tools
they need to improve teaching and learning
Formative Assessment to inform instruction
Teacher resources for formative assessment
practices To improve instruction
Interim assessments Flexible open Can be used
for action feedback
Formative Assessment Process
Digital Library April 2014
Assessment Literacy Modules
  • Commissioned Professional Learning Modules
  • Resources for educators, students and families
  • Frame Formative Assessment within a Balanced
    Assessment System
  • Articulate the Formative Assessment Process
  • Highlight Formative Assessment Practices and

Exemplar Instructional Modules
  • Commissioned Professional Learning Modules
  • Instructional coaching for educators
  • Instructional materials for students
  • Demonstrate/support effective implementation of
    the formative assessment process
  • Focus on key content and practice from the Common
    Core State Standards for Mathematics and English
    Language Arts

Education Resources
  • High-quality vetted instructional resources and
    tools for educators
  • High-quality vetted resources and tools for
    students and families
  • Reflect and support the formative assessment
  • Reflect and support the Core Standards for
    Mathematics and English Language Arts
  • Create Professional Learning Communities

Smarter Balanced Interim Assessment
  • Same platform as summative assessments
  • Same item types as summative assessments
  • Adaptive as available gradual phase in
  • No security expectations
  • Hand scoring by districts
  • Appropriate for administration at various points
    in the year
  • Same/similar reporting features
  • Not to be used for school accountability
  • Due to be released in January 2015

Computer Adaptive Tests
  • The first 65 of the test is ON grade level and
    meets the blueprint
  • Students will receive a score for this on grade
    level portion which will be used in
  • The additional portion of the test will use the
    expanded item pool
  • Allow for additional precision of score
  • Allow for adaptability up/down two grade levels

Assessing Deeper Knowledge
Identify Define Memorize
Organize Classify Compare
Multiple Choice
Critique Revise Investigate
Create Evaluate Design
Performance Tasks (Essay)
Short Answer
Assessing Deeper Knowledge
Item Types
Smarter Balanced Practice and Training
Practice Tests include all universal
toolsTraining Tests now available with all
accommodation settings
Smarter Balanced Performance Tasks and In-Class
AYP vs StarAccountability Related to NCLB
Accountability Comparisons
  • AYP (2002-2012)
  • Star Rating (2012-present)
  • Pass/fail rates of statewide assessments and
    graduation rates
  • Proposed proficiency rate goal was 100 for 2014
    or the school would be failing
  • Easy to calculate and to explain
  • Multiple measures including growth
  • Differentiation between elementary and secondary
  • Goal to measure what schools do well in the
    proper proportions
  • More complicated, but more accurate reflection of
    our schools than AYP

Proposed Star Rating and Growth Recommendations
  • No Star Rating Calculation for SY1314
  • No Star Rating Calculation for SY1415
  • Allows for resetting the star rating to align to
    the new standards and new assessments
  • No Star Rating Carryover from SY1213
  • This rating reflects old standards and the old
  • Calculate Biennial Student Growth Percentile
  • Create Student Growth Report

ISAT Science for Grades 5 and 7
  • Required under NCLB (NCLB1111(b)(3))
  • The next science standards review will occur in
  • Grades 5 and 7 will continue to take the Science
    ISAT based on current Idaho science standards.

Science EOCs for Grade 10
  • In 2015, the Grade 10 Science ISAT will be
    replaced with EOCs in Biology and Chemistry.
  • Effective when a student in grades 9-12 completes
    Biology and/or Chemistry.
  • Participation in one test is required for
    graduation (IDAPA
  • EOC Website http//
  • Grade 10 Science-Alt is unchanged

College Entrance Exam
  • Graduation requirement under Idaho Code (IDAPA
  • Effective for all juniors
  • Eligible exams SAT, ACT, or Compass
  • Accuplacer Placement for students who qualify for
    alternate exams
  • SAT and Accuplacer Placement are state-funded for
    juniors who attend an Idaho public school
  • SAT School Day in April each year

Smarter BalancedField Test Survey
Smarter Balanced Field Test Final Participation
  • In Idaho, an estimated 164,660 students
    participated in the Field Test
  • Nearly 640,000 assessments were completed
  • This includes both the performance and
    non-performance tasks in Math and ELA

What did you think about the questions on the
test you took today?
Grade Band
Number of student responses
What did you think about using the computer
(navigating) to take the test today?
Grade Band
Number of student responses
How well do you think the test you took today
matched what you learned in class this year?
Grade Band
Number of student responses
Grades 3-5 Where you able to use the keyboard to
type your answers?
Accommodations are any changes that allow
students with disabilities the same opportunity
as students without disabilities to participate
in, and benefit from the educational program,
activities, and services of the district.
Shall Shall Not
Make educational opportunities more accessible. Provide an unfair advantage.
Be provided during daily instruction. Be assigned only for testing.
Be documented in a students IEP or 504 plan based on students individual needs. Be provided based on the needs of the district, school, teacher or parent.
For All
For Some
For a Few
Smarter BalancedScheduling Considerations
Estimated Testing Time
Times are estimates of test length for most
students. Smarter Balanced assessments are
designed as untimed tests.
Shorter Testing Times
  • Working to create the most efficient computer
    adaptive algorithms
  • Students are exposed to the fewest number of
    items possible to obtain a valid score
  • Fewer passages with more questions
  • Shorter passages

Online Panelfor Achievement Levels
  • Approximately 100 Idahoans participated in the
    online panel in mid-October 2014
  • GOAL To set a Level 3 (Proficiency) cut score
    for the content area and grade level

In-Person Panelfor Achievement Levels
  • 20 Idaho educators and nearly 500 from throughout
    the Consortium states met in Dallas in
    mid-October 2014
  • GOAL To determine achievement levels (aka cut
    scores) for Math/ELA across the grade levels
  • State leads voting on those recommendations
    within 2 weeks

Bias and Sensitivity
  • GOAL To review ALL summative assessment
    questions (SB1396)
  • 120 member panel was selected
  • Represents 110 different cities in 6 regions of
  • Includes educators, administrators, school board
    members and parents
  • Entire group will meet Dec 15-19, 2014
  • 30 panelist will come back in January to review
    items with multiple flags and recommend these
    items to the Board for potential removal from

Contact Information Angela Hemingway Director of
Assessment and Accountability ahemingway_at_sde.idaho
.gov 208-332-6976