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Henry Ford : The Man Who Changed the World By: Claire Introduction Henry Ford was a very important inventor for the world. He had a cramped childhood. – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: Henry%20Ford%20:%20The%20Man%20Who%20Changed%20the%20World

Henry Ford The Man Who Changed the World
  • By Claire

  • Henry Ford was a very important inventor for the
    world. He had a cramped childhood. Then he was
    inspired by something and because of that, Henry
    changed the world.

  • Henry Ford had a crowded childhood. Henry
    was born on July 30th,1863 in what is now
    Dearborn, Michigan. His Father William Ford moved
    to America from Ireland. William met Mary Litogot
    Ohern at her farm. They fell in love and got
    married. Ford had five brothers and sisters,
    John, Margret, Jane, William Jr., and Robert.
    Henry was the oldest. He liked to experiment with
    things especially watches.

  • Henry had a great education. At age seven
    Henrys father sent him to Scotch Settlement
    School. That is the school Henrys mother went
    to. At school he met Edsel Ruddiman. Henry always
    played with Edsel. They became best friends. Then
    he took a trip to Detroit.

  • Henry had a unexpected inspiration. While
    Henry was in Detroit he saw a steam engine loudly
    going across the road. It was the first road
    machine he had ever saw that runs on its own
    power without an animal. That was the day he
    wanted to build road machines that can run on
    there own. In 1879 when Henry was sixteen he
    moved to Detroit with his aunt Rebecca Flaherty.

  • Henry had an interesting line of jobs. His first
    job was an apprentice at the James Flower 3
    Brothers Machine shop. (An apprentice is someone
    who works for someone else and train for
    something.) Then in 1882 Henry had returned to
    Dearborn. At Dearborn Henry met Clara Jane Bryant
    and Henry fell in love and got married. Then he
    met up with some workers (he was their leader)
    and planned things about a new kind of car.

Job, Part 2
  • Ford said, The greatest need today is a light,
    low-priced car with an up-to-date engine of ample
    horsepower and built of the very best material.
    Ford made a new type of steel called the vanadiam
    steel. It was used for the Model T. Henrys dream
    came true that day.

  • He started the Henry Ford company and earned
    28,000. He made the light affordable car
    everyone can have. The Model T was 825. The
    first Model T was sold on October 1, 1908. More
    than 10,000 Model Ts were sold on the first year.
    Henry got a factory called the Highland Park
    plant. The price dropped to 525 and then to 345.

  • Henry Ford changed the world. He worked hard at
    his jobs and created the Model T perfectly. We
    should all respect his work.

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