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BARK Welcomes You!


Intro to Ham Radio Joe Seibert/Lori Pruitt 2. About Ham Radio Joe Seibert/Lori Pruitt 3. Your ... Current Ham Licenses in Alaska – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Title: BARK Welcomes You!

BARK Welcomes You!
  • Please fill out the registration form!
  • Check out our web site at

Entry-level Amateur Radio Class
  • Five Sessions
  • October 29th 7-10PM
  • November 1,2,8 9th 1-5PM
  • Dont have to attend every class
  • Self study strongly encouraged, especially online
  • Examination for FCC license is administered on
    Sunday 11/9 after class
  • Second test session date to be determined

Ham Radio Activities
  • Talk to the world (8,000 repeaters, EchoLink,
    IRLP, Single Sideband, AM, FM, Morse code, QRP,
    Packet Radio, Radio Teletype, Oscar satellites,
  • Privileges by license-
  • Technician-General-Extra Class
  • Have fun
  • Weather spotters
  • Storm watches
  • Local events YKHCs Influenza Clinic, community
    emergency preparedness drills, K300, BRHS Friday
    Afternoon Club

Lots of Activities and no minimum age for an
Amateur Radio License
How will class be taught?
  • Teach to the test verses learn in-depth
  • Actual pool questions will be used
  • Limited background to understand concepts
  • Element 2- 394 questions for a 35 question
  • Must answer at least 26 correctly
  • Very few formulas to learn
  • Many repeating types of questions

Current Ham Licenses in Alaska
  • Novice 64
  • Technician- 1609
  • Tech Plus- 51
  • General- 745
  • Advanced- 277
  • Extra- 524
  • Alaskan Total 3,270
  • Total USA 660,710
  • Calls signs issued sequentially- Last issued was
    KL2OC. Vanity calls signs available.

Bethel Hams
  • AL1F Joe Seibert Extra
  • KL2IR Angie Whitman General
  • KL2IS Albert Swope Technician
  • KL2IT Paul Rogers Technician
  • KL2IU Michael McIntyre Technician
  • KL2IV Roger Lowe Technician
  • KL2IW Norman Ayagalria General
  • KL2IX Pete Ebertz General
  • KL2IY Bruce Claypool General
  • KL2JJ Daniel Albright Jr. Technician
  • KL2KY Starr Jensen Technician
  • KL2KZ Patrick Oulton Technician
  • KL2LA Mona Jensen General
  • W8PVZ Ron Horvath Extra
  • KL2LC Jody Malus Technician
  • KL2LD Joli Morgan Technician
  • KL2LE Larry Howard Technician

Bethel Hams cont.d
  • KL2LF Lori Pruitt Technician
  • KL2LG Dave McCormick Technician
  • KL2LH Dick Hall Technician
  • KL2LI Lanay Raines Technician
  • KL2ML Pamela Conrad Technician
  • KL7AED Allen DeSousa General
  • KL7NZ Bruce Perry General
  • N5RMJ Mark Jones Extra
  • NL7SB Dave Martens General
  • NL7SP Ken Eggleston Extra
  • WL7BCT Mark Springer General
  • WL7COJ Dean Swope General
  • Total Hams 29
  • Extra 4
  • Advanced 0
  • General 10
  • Technician 15

Question Pool Subjects
  • T1 F.C.C. Rules, Station License
  • T2 Control Operator Duties
  • T3 Operating Practices
  • T4 Radio and Electronic Fundamentals
  • T5 Station Setup and Operation
  • T6 Communications Modes and Methods
  • T7 Special Operations
  • T8 Emergency and Public Service
  • T9 Radio Waves, Propagation, and Antennas
  • T0 Electrical and RF Safety

BARK uses Gordon West/ W5YI Group Teaching Method
rather than the ARRL
  • W5YI Group- requires 18 hours of instruction.
    This method teaches the test and provides a
    limited amount of in depth knowledge. The theory
    is that you will learn more once you get on the
  • ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League)- requires 60
    hours of instruction. Lots of in depth class work.

W5YI Group Syllabus
  • 1. Intro to Ham Radio Joe Seibert/Lori
  • 2. About Ham Radio Joe Seibert/Lori Pruitt
  • 3. Your License Ken Eggleston
  • 4. Your Call Sign Joli Morgan
  • 5. You are in Control Ron Horvath
  • 6. Mind Our Rules Ken Eggleston
  • 7. Tech License Frequencies Joe Seibert
  • 8. Your First Radio Joe Seibert
  • 9. Going On the Air Ron Horvath
  • 10. Fun on Repeaters Joe Seibert
  • 11. Emergency ! Bruce Claypool
  • 12. Weak Signals Norman Ayaglaria
  • 13. Digital Space Ops Mark Springer
  • 14. Bandwidth Interference Joe Seibert
  • 15. Volts Amps Lori
  • 16. Antennas Mark Springer
  • 17. Safety Bruce Claypool

How to study to ensure passing exam
  • Come to class. Participate. Ask questions!
  • Study outside of class
  • The exam will be taken from questions in the pool
  • Questions are discussed in class
  • Take practice exams online
  • How class will be run
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Background material is discussed in class
  • Questions from the pool at end of each section
  • Questions from class
  • There is no such thing as a stupid question.
  • If you dont understand, youre probably not
  • Material is second nature to the instructors
    they may not realize that theyre not speaking
    English and most of the Instructors are not
    professional Educators
  • Additional help is available from Elmers if

Visit the BARK web site at http//
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