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The Word of Life


... gospel rock, special costumes ... has been changed to instrumental worship Nine mentions of music in NT always affirms singing: Mt. 26:30; Mk ... – PowerPoint PPT presentation

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Transcript and Presenter's Notes

Title: The Word of Life

Renewing Your Mind
Romans 121-2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be
transformed by the renewing of your mind
Renewed View of Worship
  • Worship is going through a change in America
  • Not unusual to see two services advertised
    Traditional and Contemporary
  • Additionally, worship has taken on all
    appearances of entertainment with big bands,
    gospel rock, special costumes, stage lighting,
  • Many similarities to night clubs, with all the
    bodily movements and gyrations, except they
    include the name of Jesus! Poll the people to see
    what they want!
  • What affects society also affects the church.

How Shallow Is Our Concept of Worship?
  • Do we look around society and imitate what they
    do? I Sam 85 - like the nations
  • Do we look to Gods word to see what pleases
  • Be wise now therefore, O ye kings be
    instructed, ye judges of the earth. Serve
    worship the LORD with fear, and rejoice with
    trembling. Kiss the Son do homage, lest he be
    angry,and ye perish from the way, when his wrath
    is kindled but a little. Blessed are all they
    that put their trust in him. Ps. 210-12

Worship By Definition
  • It has nothing to do with what pleases me or
    deriving pleasure, or being a pal to God!
  • Hebrew shachah to bow down, fall down
    before someone
  • Slave before master, subject before king, or
    worshipper before God
  • Greek to kiss fall down before
  • As in kissing ones hand, kneeling, showing
    reverence, rendering homage

Attitudes of Worship Have Consequences
  • ? If sense of true worship is missing, and
    personal pleasure is the goal ---
  • New avenues of expression will appear
  • Sensual Pleasure will be the goal (idolatry)
  • Type of dress will change (casual, informal)
  • Direction of worship is changed Not God-ward
    but toward man and his pleasure
  • ? In fact, this is what has happened in todays
    world of worship

Example of Modern Worship
  • Nashville, TN - (as the preacher rises on wires
    into ceiling)The abrupt flight of this
    Pentecostal Peter Pan in a gray suit brings gasps
    from many of the 6500 faithful at Phoenix First
    Assembly. Joining the extravaganza are a 500,000
    special-effects system, 200-member choir and a 25
    piece orchestra. (This imitates the show at
    Ballys Casino in Las Vegas)

  • He packs the pews with such special effects as
    his recent flight toward heaven on hidden wires,
    cranking up a chain saw and toppling a tree to
    make a point in another sermon, the biggest
    Fourth of July fireworks display in town and a
    Christmas service with a rented elephant,
    kangaroo and zebra (Wall Street Journal, Dan
    Chambers, Showtime! Worship in the Age of Show
    Business. Nashville, 21st Century Christian,

What Does God Want?
Has anyone read their Bible lately? 1 Sam 1522
- Has God as great delight in burnt-offerings
and sacrifices as in obeying the voice of Jehovah?
Example Singing vs Instrumental Music
  • ? Bible Singing Eph 519 Col 316 has been
    changed to instrumental worship
  • ? Nine mentions of music in NT always affirms
    singing Mt. 2630 Mk 1425 Acts 1625 Rom
    159 1 Cor 1415 Eph 519 Col 316 Heb. 212
    James 513
  • ? Did God mean what he said? Can we understand
    His word? Eph 34
  • What pleases exalts God?

Efforts To Re-Define Worship As An Attitude
  • Direct it toward man and what he wants
  • Worship in all we do
  • when we wash dishes, mow grass
  • every act 24/7 is worship
  • Abraham knew difference Gen 225
  • 2 Sam 1220 David knew the difference
  • Bible describes acts of worship that must
    arise from the heart John 424


  • Has a beginning and an end
  • It can be done in a particular place (in an
    assembly or other place) at a particular time
  • God has assigned 5 acts of public worship
    singing (Eph 519), praying (Acts 242), teaching
    (2 Tim 22), contribution (1 Cor 161-2) and the
    Lords supper (1 Cor 1120-30).
  • Private worship is not just an attitude, but
    similar acts prayer, singing, etc.


Is Worship A Love Affair With Jesus?
  • Several books are popular among our sectarian
    neighbors heralding this theme. Chuck and Nancy
    Missler wrote a book called Faith in the Night
    Seasons which has one section entitled, "The Love
    Affair," with two chapters titled " Further
    Blessings from Intimacy" and "My Own Love Affair
    with Jesus." Michelle McKinney Hammond has a book
    called Get A Love Life How to Have a Love Affair
    With God. The popular use of this terminology
    crosses denominational boundaries.
    (Contd)(Harry Osborne,

  • It is used by Catholics as is evident in God's
    Blue Book II written by a Jesuit wherein he
    portrays Jesus as saying
  • One thing that pleases Me is your union with Me,
    the ardent, longing love you give to Me. To sit
    and tell Me how you long to be with Me and want
    Me so much! I want a love affair with you. I want
    emotion, heartfelt emotion. Oh, little ones,
    listen! Emotion! Action from your heart! Enkindle
    your love affair with this ardent lover. I am a
    furnace on fire for love of you, My beloved
    servant. I need your love affair with
    Me..(excerpt published at www.Shepherds-of-Christ


But Traditional Worship Is Boring
  • We want worship to be exciting, relevant to
    my needs, and uplifting.
  • All this has a basic flaw in misunderstanding
    what worship is! ..what we giveor get?
  • Is worship for me or for God?
  • People confuse worship with the effect of
  • Effect of worship should be relevant and
    uplifting, but pointed toward God, not man.


How Do We Show Our Love For God?
  • John 1415 If you love me, keep my
  • John 1510 If you keep my commandments, you
    will abide in My love, just as I have kept My
    Fathers commandments and abide in His love.
  • 1 John 53 For this is the love of God, that we
    keep His commandments. And His commandments are
    not burdensome.


What is the Difference.
  • Between the idol temple in Corinth that employed
    1000 harlots to draw worshippers..
  • And the church that patterns its worship after
    Las Vegas casinos?
  • Can we not tell the difference between
    self-centered worship and reverent worship of
    Almighty God? Are we looking for entertainment
    (like going to a movie, only better) or a
    worship of God? Heb. 1315


Let Us Renew our View of Worship
  • Read Gods word as an expression of Gods
  • Prepare to worship by thinking of laying your
    treasure before Gods throne
  • Dont compare Gods worship with items of fun,
    games, TV, secular music, etc.
  • Allow the inner man to control the outer man
    concentrate on spiritual matters
  • Dont judge the Lords church by mens.